Oh man, things are going to get saucy in the second round!  After Slim and I (and most of you commenters) seemed to more-or-less agree on most of my top-10, here’s where I gotta get my defending pants on.  They kinda look like waders, but they’re decked out in OKC branded colors and logos.  I call them my “Dion Waiters”!  BOOM!  Offseason jokes are in in-season form!

While we’re all watching StanVan complain about the LeBron calls and crossing our fingers Steph is healthy enough to come back for game 3, there’s no better time to dive into the deep end of hoops rankings a good 5 months too early.  Can I put Ben Simmons in the top-25 yet?!  Pssshhh, thing be gettin’ crazy outside the top 10, but not dat crazy!  Here’s my Way Too Early Top 25 for the 2016-17 Fantasy Basketball Season:

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The 2015-16 NBA Season is now over! Well, the regular season that is, the playoffs still have another 3 months of basketball going on, but that’s another issue… On today’s show we of course recap the Warriors breaking the record and winning 73 behind Curry’s 402 3PTM on the season, Kobe Bryant’s 60 Pts in his final NBA game, and the biggest storyline of all – Jordan McRae scoring 36 Pts! Hah, I keed… We also take a look at final rankings numbers with the book closed on the regular season, and interestingly have very little debate on my Top 10 Way Too Early Rankings. As we wrap, we preview the upcoming offseason content we’ll be posting, then of course thank everyone that helped make this year at Razzball Basketball our biggest year yet in comments, page views, etc. Thanks so much Razzball Nation for an amazing season!

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Woooo, bring on the 2016-17 Fantasy Basketball Season, baby! I know what you’re thinking… “The 15-16 season isn’t even over yet, why are you putting out rankings today?!” Well, the early bird gets the Worm! Which I guess means I’m drafting Dennis Rodman next year… Sleeper alert!

As we do every off-season, we’ll be ranking 1-50 right as the previous season ends for some Way Too Early Rankings. Getting much past that opens Pandora’s Box to free agency, the NBA draft, the ever-important Summer League… Hey, I keed, but look what happened with Myles Turner! Gus Ayonin’! We’ll be getting through the top 50 by next week, and until then, let’s see some 73rd W history, Golden State! Here’s my Way Too Early Top 10 for the 2016-17 Fantasy Basketball Season:

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Getting through a fantasy basketball season can sometimes feel like everyone in the building is against you. Like you’re John McClane. Once you get into April, you finally have a bajillion options helping you, but your feet are bleeding and your shirt is burnt off! Perils of April basketball. If you’re in a H2H league and your championship stretches until game 82, it’s time to change your league settings! Maybe it’s just sour grapes since it’s looking like we’re gonna come up short in the Yahoo Friends & Family championship. Slim could blame me too, because he wanted to welcome Norman Powell to the Razzball party. Welcome to the party, Powell!

As with a lot of these April guys, Powell is putting up some surprising stats. But he’s been getting better and better when given the opportunity, with an absolutely crazy Friday night with the Raps regulars DNPed going 27/6/4/1/0, but on only 11 shots and 5 – FIVE! – field goals made. He hit 3 treys, and apparently bought all the refs dinner before the game, going 14-19 from the FT line. 19 free throws, after 0 trips to the stripe the two games before it. WTF, mate?! Then promptly left the party last night, playing only 21 minutes for 2/1/1/1/0 in a scrubby game as the starting SF, and you guessed it, yet again 0 FTA. What in the wide world of sports?!

I’ve seen a few comments asking about Powell’s keepability for 16-17, and I just don’t know. He’s 6’4 and definitely a SG (even though he was listed as a SF last night), so you’d imagine they’d have to push DeMar DeRozan to the 3. That wouldn’t be outlandish or anything, but remember we saw a couple huge flashes from Terrence Ross before he turned into a Holiday Armadillo. And I’m lazy and didn’t want to rewrite those last couple sentences – I totally forgot about DeMarre Carroll! He’s signed through 2018-19, so it’s really hard seeing much happen for Powell out of the gate next year. And even for the final two Raps games tomorrow and Wednesday, it’s hard to give him a starting nod unless we know the Raps are resting peeps. With Toronto still alive to sneak into the #1 spot, I don’t see that happening if the Cavs beat Atlanta tonight and lock the first seed. Here’s what else went down in fantasy hoops action over the weekend:

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JB – The 3rd Annual Razzies are here! With the growing success from the 2013-14 Razzies and the 2014-15 Razzies, all of Hollywood is here for the event, traffic is blocked off in all directions, this is the ONLY place to be if you’re any sort of famous, isn’t that right Slim?!

Slim – …You’re not famous.

JB – Oh OK, just because you’re a national treasure in Australia and all I do is run this fubar Razzball Basketball outfit it makes you more famous than me?!

Slim just subtly shakes his head, with just enough of a menacing look…

JB – Anyyyyyyyyyyyway, all of the NBA world is here tonight, because even though the season is still going on, no one important is still playing isn’t that right Slim?!

Slim – Warriors are still rollin’ em out there!

JB starts stroking Slim’s beard again

JB – You’re smart…

Slim – Dammit, are you gonna do this EVERY friggin’ time at these things?!

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We’re back with a mid-April Podcast, and on today’s Pod we go through in detail every single DNP that has befallen the NBA! Hah, of course kidding, on today’s show we go over news and notes from the past week including Giannis playing PG and late-season streaming options if your league is still going on, play another edition of Can We Make Slim Look Stupid, preview the 2015-16 Razzies which will be announced tomorrow morning, take a look at tonight’s games with our last 30-Point Challenge picks of the season, then wrap up at the movies including a look at our Fantasy Movie League.

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rcl-basketball-logoCongratulations to Nick is Razzy! Our RCL Overlord! Your name will forever live in infamy in the RCL Hall of Fame!

Now before we all bow down to Mr. Razzy, Nick, you 100% owe me for this honor. ONE HUNDRED PERCENT! As I mentioned in the regular season wrap, in the JB’s surprise RCL league, I put all my eggs into the streaming against Heat Apologist basket in the final regular season week, winning 7-2 and bringing Heat Apologist down from #1 to #4 in the overall standings. Apologist would go on to win the league, so he would’ve been the champ! Alas, my altruism to the field resulted in Nick is Razzy – the #2 overall seed – winning the overall title after picking up the championship in Khang’s RCL.

As promised in the RCL Signup post, Nick is Razzy picks up a $50 Amazon gift card, plus a JB shaming video (previous shaming videos for the 2013-14 RCL winner and 2014-15 RCL winner)! So hit me up at [email protected] and we’ll find a volume eating challenge that will almost certainly have me yack somewhere near where I live. This should be fun! Heat Apologist doesn’t go home empty handed at least, getting a $20 gift card. And well, I know you Heat Apologist, so I’ll get up with ya.

You can check out how your teams stacked up in our final 2015-16 RCL Master Standings Table table which is now finalized with league champions in bold/yellow highlight, and here’s how things wrapped up across our 22 RCL Leagues:

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[Reposting to the top as polls close tonight! Be sure and submit your votes, and if you’ve already voted – hell, submit em one more time, two more times, a million more times while voting is up! Let’s win us some Razzies!]

The 3rd Annual Razzies are upon us! The 2013-14 Razzies and the 2014-15 Razzies were such big successes that we’re in negotiations with TNT for broadcast rights to the 4th Annual Razzies next year. It’s a flat out bidding war!

Sometimes our only outlet to absolutely-crushing injuries and inept misery in fantasy basketball is to look forward to an award ceremony celebrating the worst of the worst. The scrubbiest of the scrubs. The schlubbiest of the schlubs. This has quickly started to sound like a Yiddish vocal exercise. You know what they say – the Jews run Hollywood! Where’s Slim’s pronunciation of C.J. McCollum when you need it!

Our decorated panel has painstakingly put together their nominations for our Razzie categories below, and we went out and interviewed every last one of the nominees for their reactions. Hey, if we can interview Nick Van Exel, we can do anything! We rely on YOU Razzball Nation, to vote for each of the categories to lay claim to the most frustrating players/coaches/teams of 2015-16. Polls will be open until Tuesday night (April 4), so vent your catharsis into the voting booth, which we all know you’re going to have to do for the Presidential election later this year… There’s another worst of the worst! So vote once, vote several times, vote as much as you’d like, and let’s get pumped to hand out some Razzies next Thursday morning!

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REL BasketballBIG

None of this “wait until the home opener next season” ish, we hang the gold jersey on the rafters right away in the REL!  Congrats to I Ain’t No Jok(ic), winning their first REL title after not making the playoffs and rebuilding the first two seasons.  Playoff experience is overrated!  3 years are now in the books, and we have 3 different champions.  No “dynasty” team yet!  Good luck to everyone in their offseason dynasty prep, as we all look forward to competing for 16-17 titles in our dynasty leagues.  I want that golden jersey dammit!  Here’s how the finals went down in the REL:


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The H2H season is over! Hopefully you triumphed over your leagues with Ws in the final week, and kept from being rocked by the DNP-obsessed NBA. NBA coaches and GMs are just trolling us fantasy players! Ya know what Dwane Casey? You’re flat out dumb, your mom is ugly, and you’re a n00b coach!

Erstwhile all these benchings, we got a big return yesterday afternoon with Blake Griffin rejoining the Clip. On top of Doc saying he was mad out of shape, we also got news his quad is still bothering him and he’ll be playing through the pain. Oh, wahhhhhhhh Blake! What about the pain of getting slugged in the face by one of the most jacked NBA players in the league!? Or as you see it, sorry his skull caused your hand such pain! Hopefully you were only stashing Blake in IL leagues, as he only put up 6/5/4/0/0 with a TO in 22 minutes. He shot 2-7 from the field, and looked more gassed than Zoolander’s Balls Models friends… Did anyone even see the 2nd one? Looked awful… Anyway, Doc said he was going to be really careful with Blake, so if your league continues on until the bitter end, be prepared for continual low-minutes and Doc to hop in on the DNP obsession. Hopefully it’s just a fad, like Angry Birds or those skinny rubber wristbands… Oh wait! Here’s what else went down over the championship weekend in fantasy basketball:

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