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Indiana Pacers Injury Report

NamePosStatusBody PartNotes
Victor OladipoSGOutQuadricepOladipo has informed the organization that he will not report to the team when the league restarts and is expected to sit out the remainder of the season.
Jeremy LambSGOutKneeLamb is expected to miss the remainder of the season due to surgery to fix a torn left ACL, a torn lateral meniscus and a lateral femoral condylar fracture.

Indiana Pacers Season Per Game Stats

Domantas SabonisC626235191251137130.565010.254450.7233+3444223.637.8
Malcolm BrogdonPG48483116571025100.490140.313330.8952+2353325.331.5
Myles TurnerC5555301271121350.542140.336230.7503+0292917.828.8
T.J. WarrenSF61613319411016110.571130.375330.8123+2302922.724.7
Jeremy LambSG4642281342111470.508130.335220.8362+1252520.123.4
Justin HolidaySG65225831111120.476240.424110.7802+1191913.621.1
Victor OladipoSG1310261433102370.457250.304330.7812+1252327.620.5
Aaron HolidayPG582624923101250.416140.394110.8612+2201920.019.1
T.J. McConnellPG63319735101360.523000.333110.8331+1191917.517.7
Doug McDermottSF620201031001240.544240.445110.8272+2171520.517.0
Nazareth Mitrou-LongSG3014522001120.800140.182000.0000+12131217.012.0
Edmond SumnerPG25214512101230.507020.263010.6671-2111119.79.9
Jakarr SampsonSF261013420000230.677010.154010.5502+29911.57.9
Goga BitadzeC4928320011120.591010.167110.7271+38817.17.0
TJ LeafPF2518330000120.455010.357010.5831+17717.86.7
Alize JohnsonPF1304120000110.467000.000010.6671+13317.42.9
Brian BowenPF516110000010.286000.000000.0000+33316.82.3

Indiana Pacers Last 2 Weeks Per Game Stats


Indiana Pacers Last 4 Weeks Per Game Stats


Indiana Pacers Rest of Season Projections - Per Game Stats

Myles TurnerC3411.
Victor OladipoSG3410.
Domantas SabonisC289.
Malcolm BrogdonPG329.
T.J. WarrenSF309.
TJ LeafPF247.
T.J. McConnellPG185.
T.J. McConnellPG185.
Aaron HolidayPG154.
Goga BitadzeC103.
Justin HolidaySG51.
Alize JohnsonPF10.
Brian BowenPF10.
Doug McDermottSF10.
Jakarr SampsonSF10.
Edmond SumnerPG10.
Nazareth Mitrou-LongSG10.

Indiana Pacers Rest of Season Projections - Per 36 Minutes Stats

Myles TurnerC3412.
Domantas SabonisC2811.812.
Victor OladipoSG3411.
Jeremy LambSG2810.
T.J. McConnellPG1810.
T.J. McConnellPG1810.
Goga BitadzeC1011.
TJ LeafPF2411.
Edmond SumnerPG110.
Malcolm BrogdonPG3210.
Aaron HolidayPG1510.
Justin HolidaySG510.
Brian BowenPF111.
Alize JohnsonPF111.
Jakarr SampsonSF110.
Doug McDermottSF110.
T.J. WarrenSF3011.
Nazareth Mitrou-LongSG110.

Indiana Pacers Team Defense - Opponent Averages (Last 30 Days)

DPV = Average Fantasy Points given up at that position by the opposing team adjusted based on opposing player. 100=League Average at position. 150=Opponents score 50% fantasy points than expected performance for a player at that position.

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