Team Assessor

I often lose track of where I’m at in certain categories when drafting. Maybe it’s all the trees I smoked or the magic mushrooms I ate in the past. Whatever the case may be, I’m a dummy and can’t remember things too well. Therefore, I made a very basic draft tool on Google Sheets which keeps track of everything and lets me know how close/far I am away from certain benchmarks. This can also be helpful post-draft, as you can see how your team stacks up in each category. Please click HERE to read about how I ascertained said benchmarks. So, the data compiled over two years gave me an average for what it took to win each category on a weekly basis. From there, I divided that number by 3.15 (the average number of games each team plays per week) which gave me a per game target number. Then, I submitted the sheet to Rudy (who is a real life wizard by the way) and he did his magic. Rudy was able to link all the players from my projections sheet so that the data wouldn’t have to be inputted manually. Rudy! Rudy! Rudy! The sheet is pretty self explanatory. The row with the colors will show you how far away you are from the target number. Keep in mind that the projections are based off my numbers. Modify them to suit your needs. Hopefully this helps you guys out pre and post draft.

Click HERE to make a copy of the sheet.