Much like a fire (THE FIRE RISES), or even the ancient legend of the Phoenix (not the Suns), the Brow has taken the season and pretty much flipped the normal script and risen again as something new. During the preseason, the 2023-24 Lakers were pretty much like any other Lakers teams since the bubble; they could only go as far as LeBron’s and Anthony Davis‘ health would take them.

Well, based on the season so far, we have an answer: there’s not much of a difference. But that’s more of a meta-topic for the Lakers in general, perhaps teetering on existential crisis, I mean how do you end up the same as last season’s play-in push with the pretty much healthy AND productive season from both? Regardless, in the Lakers big win against the KAT-less Timberwolves, Anthony Davis did many great things, going 27/25/5/7/3 with 10 offensive rebounds, carrying the night where Lebron’s streak of scoring 10+ points (29 points, 8 rebounds, 9 assists) also continued for, checks notes, checks calendar, checks reality… 19 straight years? I feel old. And non-athletic.

Obviously this year’s Davis has been nearly-vintage, even matching with his tendency to be a production roller coaster and while health will always be a concern, it’s clear that when he’s in the lineup, everything we expect from this big is provided. Well, maybe not the three-point shot, but he hasn’t play this many games since 2019-20, an easy trade-off for me.

In other news, the 76ers and Knicks stepped in the time machine and gave us old heads some 90’s NBA PTSD as the Sixers got passed the Knicks with the league’s lowest scoring game of the season; 79-73. I mean, Luka, KAT and Embiid has gotten close to that output this year, no? There were twice as many turnovers as threes made and was 37-31 at the half. I’m not sure who’s fault this is, but I’m fine blaming Tobias Harris.

Despite the schedule loss yesterday for the Clippers, it was James Harden‘s 57th straight game at almost 35mpg. Damian Lillard chimed in with 35 points, 11 assists and 7 rebounds to go with Giannis’ 34 points and 10 assists (on a still somewhat hampered achilles). Still, if the Bucks have this much trouble against the Clippers “load management” lineup, not sure what to expect when they take on the Celtics or Wolves. At least they have a coach with plenty of playoff experience…

The Wizards somehow beat the Heat, putting the “Zombie Heat” moniker in a slight panic-mode. Corey Kispert and Kyle Kuzma combined for 54 points… I would split it up, but I don’t think anyone cares. Jordan Poole did get six points, so there is confirmation that he is alive.

Rising big-man Alperen Sengun (silent “h”) will undergo an MRI later today on his left knee and ankle after being carted off the floor. Just coming off that 45-point game against Wemby and the Spurs, any time missed would be a huge blow to the Rockets and anyone who enjoy’s interior scoring.

And I know you’ll all be in shambles, but the Detroit Pistons were officially eliminated from playoff contention this weekend. I actually thought this happened over a month ago.

Is it just me, or is Cam Thomas actually becoming a well-rounded playmaker? With a team high +27, he scored 29 points on 9/19 shooting and 5/7 from three, adding 7 rebounds and 5 assists on just one turnover. I’m more used to the 30 points with zeroes in everything else, but the numbers show it, in the last 20 games he’s average 3.6 assists. Something definitly to look into as the season winds down…




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