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Phoenix Suns Injury Report

NamePosStatusBody PartNotes
Ricky RubioPGQuestionableFingerRubio sustained a right finger injury in the previous game, leaving his status for the league's hiatus unclear.
Kelly Oubre Jr.SFQuestionableKneeOubre Jr. had arthroscopic surgery to repair a torn meniscus in his right knee, and he is likely to miss at least four weeks. His return is unknown for when the league starts back up.
Devin BookerSGQuestionableHipBooker is managing a sore right hip in the last game, and it is yet to be determined if he will play when the league gets back into full swing.
Deandre AytonCQuestionableAnkleAyton is nursing a left ankle sprain, and it is uncertain if he will return to the lineup when the league resumes.
Frank KaminskyPFQuestionableKneeKaminsky is sidelined with a right patella stress fracture. It is unclear if he will be good to go when the league returns.

Phoenix Suns Season Per Game Stats

Deandre AytonC302533191221229150.552000.000230.7693+1424124.635.3
Devin BookerSG61613626471047120.542260.357670.9143+0434029.835.0
Ricky RubioPG5656311359203370.438130.355340.8533+3353420.333.9
Kelly Oubre Jr.SF5554341962112590.518260.353440.78630343322.530.6
Dario SaricPF5749251062101340.560140.346120.83020232216.922.2
Aron BaynesC4228221262011350.579140.351120.74730232221.121.7
Mikal BridgesSF642427942211240.615130.348120.8482+1212212.321.4
Frank KaminskyPF3112221152001350.536140.339230.65520222119.920.7
Cameron JohnsonPG49120831101120.457250.394110.7611-1161515.816.5
Jevon CarterPG50215521101120.409120.393010.8402-1111113.512.3
Elie OkoboPG53313422101120.427110.352110.68710111014.610.3
Cheick DialloPF43211531001230.647000.500110.8491-3101017.98.5
Ty JeromePG27011412001120.421120.283000.7501-59916.78.3
Tariq OwensC305110000010.333010.000111.0000-73313.42.8
Jalen LecquePG407301000120.667010.000111.0001-64320.61.7
Jared HarperPG303100000010.500010.000000.0000-41120.10.1

Phoenix Suns Last 2 Weeks Per Game Stats


Phoenix Suns Last 4 Weeks Per Game Stats

Ricky RubioPG333620811202480.478240.462661.0003+9504820.551.1
Devin BookerSG3338295101147130.525370.409670.90540535032.048.3
Aron BaynesC33352381112370.4295110.438330.8893+5403725.941.1
Dario SaricPF33342081111470.546350.643340.7273-2383617.639.0
Mikal BridgesSF33421673112560.778140.364221.0002+6333212.732.2
Jevon CarterPG3023941111120.600250.313221.0002-8191817.519.6
Cheick DialloPF3014541001240.539000.000111.0001+3121217.210.0
Ty JeromePG3014311000010.333120.286000.0001-36510.05.9
Elie OkoboPG207012001010.000010.000000.0002-16337.32.1

Phoenix Suns Rest of Season Projections - Per Game Stats

Deandre AytonC3420.812.
Ricky RubioPG3313.
Devin BookerSG3625.
Kelly Oubre Jr.SF3619.
Mikal BridgesSF3712.
Aron BaynesC2612.
Dario SaricPF2912.
Frank KaminskyPF2210.
Jevon CarterPG186.
Cameron JohnsonPG187.
Cheick DialloPF115.
Ty JeromePG103.
Elie OkoboPG93.
Tariq OwensC20.
Jalen LecquePG10.
Jared HarperPG10.

Phoenix Suns Rest of Season Projections - Per 36 Minutes Stats

Deandre AytonC3422.
Ricky RubioPG3315.05.310.
Devin BookerSG3625.
Tariq OwensC215.411.
Cheick DialloPF1118.311.
Aron BaynesC2617.
Frank KaminskyPF2217.
Kelly Oubre Jr.SF3619.
Dario SaricPF2915.
Jevon CarterPG1813.
Jared HarperPG115.
Cameron JohnsonPG1815.
Jalen LecquePG115.
Ty JeromePG1013.
Mikal BridgesSF3712.
Elie OkoboPG912.

Phoenix Suns Team Defense - Opponent Averages (Last 30 Days)

DPV = Average Fantasy Points given up at that position by the opposing team adjusted based on opposing player. 100=League Average at position. 150=Opponents score 50% fantasy points than expected performance for a player at that position.

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