Last article, I talked about guys that I’m just so over it with.  It put me in such a bad mood that I couldn’t bear writing an article for an entire week.

To cheer myself up, let’s talk about some fellas that I’m over the moon with after this season.  My “must draft” list of sorts.  Some are highly ranked, others not, but from what I’ve seen/followed this is what it it is to me.

Ayo Dosunmu:  I’m a Bulls fan, so of course I enjoy a second round pick on a great contract breaking out into a legitimate starting quality guard.  He’s single handed making Zach LaVine even more expendable than he was, no mean feat.  The player comparison I’ve landed in for Ayo is Jrue Holliday.  Good but not great shooter, but you have to respect it.  Keeps his minutes up due to great defense.  Maybe Derrick White is more of a comparison.  Neither of them are at all insults;  they’re great values toward the end of drafts.  Ayo will continue to do the same going forward and he’s a big target for me next year.

Chet Holmgren:  I know I should be writing about a certain Martian in San Antonio, but there’s enough about the future number 1 pick for the next 15 years.  Chet is the next best thing.  He has legitimate contributions in points, rebounds, threes, blocks, and doesn’t turn the ball over (1.7 per game).  He won’t be the best rookie going forward, but in most years he’d be up there.  I have him and the Frenchman in a keeper league and I think that’s a good thing!  Future first round stalwart;  get him maybe cheap-ish next year, like second round.

Jalen Johnson:  Motor is a skill (right DeAndre Ayton?) and Johnson is pure motor.  I’m not going to go into all his stats.  Just know that a guy who has had to change his reputation and redeem himself from quitting on my favorite college team and Coach K, and I still roster him, has really done something.  Great mid round pick going forward and depending on roster construction could be the second option for the Hawks.

Rudy Gobert:  Everyone hates Mr. Microphone Cough.  That’s okay, keep letting the perception of his poor offense let him slip.  Yes, he’s only averaging 14 PPG, but at a 65% shooting clip you aren’t going to complain.  What do you want, Nikola Vucevic missing 4 threes and tanking his percentage?  13 boards and 2.1 blocks give you the classic big man profile.  I’ll be happily scooping him up in the mid to later rounds next year.  Rarely misses games, too.

Daniel Gafford:  Every so often, a guy falls into the perfect situation for himself.  This is what happened to Daniel Gafford.  Another C to target if you pass on the bigger names at the position.  And Derrick Lively is a splendid pickup who plays the exact same way if Gafford gets hurt.

Brandon Miller:  I’m thinking of reaching into the 3rd round next year for Brandon Miller.  Massive hit pick for the Hornets who desperately needed that.  He’s going to be what I thought Mikal Bridges was going to be.

Late Round Flyers

Scottie Pippen, Jr.:  He’s really good at some things and if he gets a real role next year he’ll help in deep leagues.

RJ Barrett:  His early reputation is emblazoned in our brains, but he’s been a better player in Toronto, but we don’t notice it because the Canadian border and their customs are crazy strict.  He’s shooting over 50% and over 20 PPG.  That maple syrup man, it hits different up there.

Jaden Ivey:  Since we hit 2024 he’s over 17 PPG.  Now if he spends all summer posting videos of himself shooting and getting that percentage up, we have something.  As of now, he’s a late round pick with upside to be really spicy.


That’s it for now!  Anyone like this on your radar?