The latest game between Toronto and Orlando was not very interesting from a standings or performances standpoint and was clearly overshadowed by the jersey swap and commemorative photo between Gradey Dick and Anthony Black. And no, the order they chose to sit for the photo did not spell Dick Black…

Those kids couldn’t keep their smirks in check as they were very aware of what they were doing. Looking forward to the upcoming jersey swaps of Gradey Dick with Derrick White and more importantly with Nassir Little or even De’Andre Hunter…

Before diving into the fantasy stuff, we have the weekly obligatory Anthony Edwards mention, not only because he is slowly becoming my favorite player, but also because the man is a highlight machine.

John Collins will never be the same man after this.

Regarding last week’s suggestions, I hope you followed the Jock Landale one, since his 7 blocks yesterday might win you the category on their own. On the other hand, Corey Kispert has been underwhelming despite the fact that the Wizards have less and less healthy players. Use him if you need the triples but have him on a tight leash. Finally, the Charlotte guys were all productive with 4 games since the last article, but they only have one game remaining this week so if they are not named Miles Bridges they can be safely dropped.



Keon Ellis: Kevin Huerter went down with a shoulder dislocation and with Malik Monk operating as a sixth man, the Kings will start Keon Ellis for the foreseeable future. They play 3 more games this week so Ellis can be utilized as a defensive streamer, as he is averaging 2.3 steals and 0.8 blocks as a starter. He is not going to score many points and his assist rate is average, but he can be a game changer for those defensive stats (10% owned). Harrison Barnes (43% owned) is another option due to the friendly schedule, but his non fantasy friendly statistical profile makes Ellis the priority add in my book. Barnes can be better for points and triples, so he remains an option.

Taylor Hendricks: A big toe sprain cut short the momentum Taylor Hendricks was gathering 2 weeks ago and forced him to miss 3 games, but he has returned and was productive this past week. His development will be prioritized by Utah as the season draws to a close so I can safely suggest him moving forward. The Jazz have 3 more games this week and Hendricks’ rebounding is valuable, as he has shown the ability to contribute both defensively and with some triples, so he makes a lot of sense as an add today (22% owned).

Trayce Jackson-Davis: It is very rare that a player picked in the last 5 spots of the draft is fantasy relevant in his first season, but this is exactly what TJD has accomplished this year. He is an old rookie at 24 years old but he has earned a steady place in the Warriors’ rotation with 23 minutes during the last 2 weeks. He is a very positive contributor in fg% and blocks, with 84.8% and 1.9 respectively and if you combine these with 6.7 rebounds and 3 more games this week you have all the ingredients of a good streamer for the rest of your matchup (34% owned).


Bojan Bogdanovic: The trade to New York has been a disaster for Bojan Bogdanovic’ fantasy value, as his playing time has plummeted to 21 minutes after the move. Obviously those are not enough to sustain standard league value and this has indeed been the case, as he is outside the top300 in per game value when wearing a Knicks uniform. You can safely move on, especially with the fantasy playoffs underway (53% owned).