Working in a school, I’ve noticed that the younger you are, the more value a band-aid has.  I have no idea why.  A Band-Aid is good for just a little cut.  (I also don’t know if you are supposed to capitalize band-Aid so I will continue to be inconsistent with that)  But give a small child one of these and its like the Red Badge of Courage.  Put one on the face (no, not for the gang sign it used to be) and man, that kid is a bad mamma jamma.

There’s just been an unfortunate rash of injuries, and not the rash you can put an ointment on.  I guess there could be, but that hasn’t made the injury report.  So what to make of these, and right when the fantasy playoffs start no less?  Let’s dive in, and hopefully you all are rash free.

Kawhi Leonard left his last game with a back issue and then just left the arena.  Aside from being kinda funny that he peaced out, it’s concerning to say the least that a guy with that injury history has a back thing that makes it uncomfortable to sit down.  If you need someone, Terrance Mann would be my guess to increase minutes.  Probably this is just better for James Harden and Paul George owners, though.

Coby White last night, and I won’t post a video because it would probably not pass content filters, had a guy fall on top of him and he almost did the splits.  Coby White has had the most minutes played in the NBA this year.  That will probably drop after this since I doubt he plays tonight in their back to back.  If your league counts minutes played, he’s been your huckleberry, but after seeing it I can’t imagine he comes back within a week.  Ayo Dosunmu and Alex Caruso will be the starting backcourt.  The rest of the bench is really full of bad basketball players, so I’d just stay away here and hope Coby is okay.

The Hawks:  Trae Young is out.  Saddiq Bey tore the ACL, he’s out.  Jalen Johonson out.  Onkyeka Okongwu in a walking boot.  I’m guessing that they don’t really care about the ten seed and are about to shut this thing down like Public Enemy did in 1991.  Dejounte Murray scored 40 last night, so those owners are happy, unless of course they go full tank mode and he sits.  Ditto for Clint Capela.  Ditto for DeAndre Hunter.  Bad situation for any Hawks owners, and I wouldn’t be counting on any of them.  And to make bad matters worse, their bench isn’t exactly chock full of good players to pick up.  Sorry, Hawks fan, all 1 of you!

Steph Curry hurt his ankle but should be back soon if you can survive the week without him.  Probably back this weekend.

The Rockets are another team on tank watch.  Alperen Sengun was lucky to evade major injury, but he’s done.  With the Rockets four games out of the play-in race, there’s no need to rush any of their injured homies back.  Jock Landale is an obvious pickup here, with a well rounded 11-5-4 line against the Spurs.  Can I get an Amen from the congregation here!  Amen Thompson is in line for all the work he can handle as well and would be my number two target in all leagues.  He has the well rounded game that could explode at any time, especially in category H2H.

Mitchell Robinson on the Knicks is now running and jumping.  I am not sure why, but I’m guessing it’s to get ready for basketball and that he’s not just happily skipping around the Knicks practice facility.  Keep an eye on him, although if it’s just random running and jumping then look away.  Or record it and put it online if it’s funny enough.

Joel Embiid is returning soon!  He’s at 100% in the weight room.  Keep that max going, buddy!   Another one to watch.





Fantasy playoffs are just a bear right now, and I hope your team has avoided being bitten by the injury bug.  If so, there’s a rash cream for that.  Have a good one, y’all.