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New York Knicks Injury Report

NamePosStatusBody PartNotes

New York Knicks Season Per Game Stats

Julius RandlePF636333201031036120.518140.281460.7363-3393731.0
Elfrid PaytonPG4436281057202480.484020.203120.5702-1313129.0
Marcus MorrisPF7474311651101370.469250.422330.8293+2282614.626.1
Mitchell RobinsonC607231071121460.742000.000120.5643-1252724.9
RJ BarrettPF55543114531024100.431140.323350.6142-5272621.0
Bobby PortisPF655211052101360.491130.364110.7612-2212019.0
Frank NtilikinaPG562521623101240.446120.308110.8643-1161615.7
Reggie BullockSF291924821101240.469140.333110.8102-2161515.4
Taj GibsonPF615517641011340.596000.308110.7322-3151513.0
Damyean DotsonSG47018721100130.480130.358110.6671-2131213.0
Wayne EllingtonSG34116521001010.345240.352000.8461+1111012.3
Kevin KnoxSF64418631001130.394130.323120.6542-3141312.3
Dennis Smith Jr.PG33316623102250.362120.308120.5102-6151411.9
Ignas BrazdeikisPF906210000110.385010.111010.8000-3332.5

New York Knicks Last 2 Weeks Per Game Stats


New York Knicks Last 4 Weeks Per Game Stats


New York Knicks Rest of Season Projections - Per Game Stats

Mitchell RobinsonC2810.
Elfrid PaytonPG3010.
Dennis Smith Jr.PG3411.
Julius RandlePF3010.
Maurice HarklessSF298.
RJ BarrettPF3210.
Taj GibsonPF289.
Reggie BullockSF247.
Kevin KnoxSF205.
Bobby PortisPF103.
Wayne EllingtonSG103.
Frank NtilikinaPG51.
Ignas BrazdeikisPF10.
Kenny WootenPF10.
Theo PinsonPG10.
Jared HarperPG10.
Damyean DotsonSG10.

New York Knicks Rest of Season Projections - Per 36 Minutes Stats

Mitchell RobinsonC2813.311.
Elfrid PaytonPG3012.
Bobby PortisPF1011.411.
Julius RandlePF3012.
Jared HarperPG112.
Theo PinsonPG112.
Maurice HarklessSF2910.
Dennis Smith Jr.PG3411.
Frank NtilikinaPG511.
Taj GibsonPF2812.
Kenny WootenPF111.
Ignas BrazdeikisPF111.
RJ BarrettPF3211.
Damyean DotsonSG111.
Wayne EllingtonSG1011.
Reggie BullockSF2410.
Kevin KnoxSF2010.

New York Knicks Team Defense - Opponent Averages (Last 30 Days)

DPV = Average Fantasy Points given up at that position by the opposing team adjusted based on opposing player. 100=League Average at position. 150=Opponents score 50% fantasy points than expected performance for a player at that position.

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