I know, I tried to predict trades.   That didn’t work out.  I tried to predict stuff.  That’s like, really-really hard guys.  So here’s some final takeaways as the NBA enters silly season….


They signed Spencer Dinwiddie, and last night he logged 31 minutes with 7 Ast.  The shot volume wasn’t there, but this guy will shoot often once he gets comfortable.  It’s a slight downgrade for him in the end, but I do think once he gets settled, we’re looking at 12 points and 6 assists on average.  You weren’t hurt by this move.


Bradley Beal injury alert!  Fire up all the Grayson Allen that you have.  Royce O’Neal though fits the theme of this article, so forget that last sentence.  O’Neal went 9-4-5 in 30 minutes, and those minutes will be stable.  I’d consider an add in any league if you have room.  He’s a valuable glue guy.


Now this is a juicy segment right here.  They made a bunch of moves, all positive.  Here’s how they breakdown.

Miles Bridges:  Didn’t want to be traded, he’s a solid source of production for the rest of the year.  No changes, just solidified.

Tre Mann:  33 minutes as he looks to lock down a guard spot long term.  11 points, 9 boards, 7 dimes, and a 3 per game should make you happy.  Look for the shot volume to increase when/if LaMelo Ball comes back.  Great add.

Grant Williams:  Looks like he’s going to get 30 minutes per game and is a nice addition.  He’s a unique combination of rebounds and 3s.  Not as unique as cheese in your ice cream or anything.  If he’s available, I’d pick him up in any league.

Seth Curry:  Caught a heater with 18 points off the bench, but he’s only a deep league guy at this point.


Daniel Gafford is the perfect center for this team.  He’s not a sell high; he’s a cornerstone for the rest of the season.  Don’t sweat Derrick Lively coming back.  He’s a valuable long-term piece but for this year it’s Gafford season.

PJ Washington is in a better situation, but he’s got to be a massive downgrade for fantasy.  He’s not going to get the touches that he had in Charlotte; he’s more of a floor spacer for them.  Sell off the guy if you get the chance to.


They finally put the ball in Tyus Jones’ hands.  And like a good neighbor, Tyus is there!  I’m waiting for the Jones brothers to have a commercial instead of the Lopez twins.  Have you noticed how abnormally deep their voices are?  Seriously, like these larger humans are just different.  The Jones brothers would be much better.  Oh, and fire Tyus up, it’s happening.

Speaking of Duke one and done players, Marvin Bagley is the last man standing at center for this squad.  Unfortunately, he’s always hurt.  If he can stay healthy, you can expect mid-teens scoring and double-digit rebounds and the occasional stock, but not much else.  As long as he’s healthy he’s worth starting even in a ten team.  Yes, I realize that I’m wishy washy.

Richaun Holmes is squarely in the discount backup rack.  If you’re getting 13 minutes for the Wizards, what are you, really?





That’s it for the major changes.  Any minor ones you can do a search yourself, k?  Have a good one, everyone.