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Denver Nuggets Injury Report

NamePosStatusBody PartNotes
Vlatko CancarSFQuestionableAnkleCancar is dealing with an ankle injury, and it is uncertain if he will play Wednesday against the Trail Blazers.
Bol BolCOutFootBol is sidelined with a navicular bone fracture in his left foot, and there is no timetable for recovery.

Denver Nuggets Season Per Game Stats

Nikola JokicC949433211171137120.564140.322450.8263+5504827.646.5
Jamal MurrayPG89883319451025100.474260.362330.8602+4353325.031.0
Paul MillsapPF8479281372111480.519120.355340.7363+5292919.826.5
Gary HarrisSG7162301332101370.487140.341230.8132+4242320.121.5
Will BartonSG5741271153011360.436140.327120.75020232220.321.3
Mason PlumleeC961720763111350.597000.167120.5623+0222216.520.7
Monte MorrisPG966231024101360.520130.392110.7871+3202017.519.8
Malik BeasleySG9518231131101240.536250.403110.8041+2191718.418.4
Torrey CraigSG894821641111120.556130.348110.6742+2151513.615.1
Trey LylesPF66217841101250.525130.254120.6981+1171623.614.9
Juan HernangomezPF752518641001120.541120.366110.7671+2131211.013.3
Isaiah ThomasPG12015812102250.393140.279120.6301-1141328.210.2
Thomas WelshC904201000010.667010.429000.5000+14317.73.7
Jarred VanderbiltPF1904110000110.500000.000010.6000+14421.63.3
Brandon GoodwinPG1504201000010.235000.333110.8181+23319.42.6
Tyler LydonPF2504110000000.625000.400000.3330+0228.12.3

Denver Nuggets Last 2 Weeks Per Game Stats


Denver Nuggets Last 4 Weeks Per Game Stats


Denver Nuggets Rest of Season Projections - Per Game Stats

Nikola JokicC3119.310.
Jamal MurrayPG3116.
Paul MillsapPF2812.
Jerami GrantSF3314.
Mason PlumleeC239.
Will BartonSG2711.
Monte MorrisPG2410.
Malik BeasleySG2311.
Gary HarrisSG2611.
Torrey CraigSG206.
Tyler ZellerC146.
Juan HernangomezPF82.
Jarred VanderbiltPF21.
Vlatko CancarSF10.
Michael Porter Jr.PF10.
Bol BolC10.
P.J. DozierPG00.

Denver Nuggets Rest of Season Projections - Per 36 Minutes Stats

Nikola JokicC3122.612.
Mason PlumleeC2314.510.
Bol BolC116.
Paul MillsapPF2816.
Tyler ZellerC1417.
Jamal MurrayPG3120.
Michael Porter Jr.PF115.
P.J. DozierPG016.
Jarred VanderbiltPF215.
Monte MorrisPG2416.
Malik BeasleySG2318.
Vlatko CancarSF114.
Jerami GrantSF3315.
Will BartonSG2715.
Torrey CraigSG2011.
Juan HernangomezPF812.
Gary HarrisSG2615.

Denver Nuggets Team Defense - Opponent Averages (Last 30 Days)

DPV = Average Fantasy Points given up at that position by the opposing team adjusted based on opposing player. 100=League Average at position. 150=Opponents score 50% fantasy points than expected performance for a player at that position.