We’re back with an all new Razzball Hoops Pod, and on today’s show we talk changed in the top 200 ranks from spots 1-100 including Karl-Anthony Towns and C.J. McCollum, then review commenters teams from the past week with thoughts on their rosters.  We also discover Slim’s Robin Lopez of the NBA!

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[Updated as of October 13th!  We’ll be frequently updating through the remainder of preseason, and be sure to put these ranks to the test in the Razzball Basketball Commenter Leagues!   Sign up and start a league today!]

We’re back with the Razzball Hoops’ all-in-one, frequently updated, hopefully mostly right, let’s do this Rubio!, is this a run on sentence?, fantasy basketball ranks!

Below is our official Razzball Basketball top 200, which we’ll be updating all through the offseason, training camp, preseason, and up until the final night before 2015-16 tips off.  With each player, I give a small blurb on my thoughts, list Yahoo position eligibility (since this is where we’ll be playing our RCL leagues), and Slim gives his 9-cat projection along with projected minutes played.  Alas, Slim and I don’t agree on everything!  So if you see a projection that seems out-of-whack with where a player is ranked, we’ve probably argued the point on the Podcast…  But we also love all of your questions/comments/disbelief at ranks.  We answer any and all of your comments, so if you play in different formats, have keeper questions, salary cap quandaries, or want to be the one to break a piece of news, the comment thread on this running post will be our hub for all fantasy hoops thoughts!

So without any further [James Michael Mc]Adoo, here’s our one stop shop for the 2015-16 Fantasy Basketball Rankings:

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I pounded the coffee, we live-podcasted the draft, and my hopes at the 15-16 REL title now dance in my dreams like sugarplums and Ricky Rubio’s face!  My favorite basketball league, I brought my limited chips to the table then went all-in on a rookie I have to stash…  Wahhhhh!  Hopefully other teams like their backend roster more than I do, and with an added IL spot this year, we have some early FAAB money getting spent on the wire.  Here’s how the draft and first round of FAAB went down in the REL:


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Taken #1 overall in the 2008 draft by the Bulls, Derrick Rose came into the league with high expectations. And in the first three years of his career, it looked like he would not only meet those lofty expectations, but surpass them.

Rose led the Bulls to the Eastern Conference Finals in 2010 and then was voted the MVP in the 2010-11 season. That year, he averaged 25 ppg, 7.7 apg, 4.1 rpg, 1 spg, and 1.6 3PTFGM, while shooting 45% from the field and 85% from the line. Numbers that made him a first round draft pick in fantasy drafts. And on top of those stats, Rose was averaging 80 games played in his first three seasons.

After the shortened post-lockout 2011-12 season, Rose tore the ACL in his left knee in the first round of the playoffs against the 76ers. Since then, Rose has not been the same player, spending large chunks of the last two seasons on the sidelines with multiple knee injuries.

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[Re-posting to the top to keep the comments open and the RCL blood flowin’!  We have spots open and need more leagues, sign up and start up a league today!]

Chug some Pepto-Bismol, down some glasses of milk, and be sure there’s a lot of toilet paper because we’re back with the Razzball Commenter Leagues!  That’s right, after embarrassingly not coming close to the RCL title last year, I burned out my insides beating a hot wings challenge for reigning champion Akron Lebrons.  At least it was only a day of pain, not a month-long shaming of having High as Greg Kite shaved in my head.  Well, now that I’m married, that latter one is definitely out…

And now it’s your turn to beat the best fantasy basketball community around in the RCL leagues, and immortalize your 2015-16 season with a spot in the RCL Hall of Fame!  Not only does your banner fly forever, but 1st place will win a $50 Amazon gift card, along with the JB YouTube shaming video.  I think the eating challenge went really well last year – after, well – the head shaving wasn’t too legible…  So this time I’ll do a volume eating challenge of the winner’s choice somewhere in the NC area, but nothing disgusting!  I’m not chugging a jar of mayonnaise, aight!  I’m thinking 5-pound burrito, 72-oz steak, 30 happy meals… whatever you’d like!  2nd place gets a prize this year as well, with a $20 Amazon gift card.

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The Razzball Elite League is back!  In season 3’s draft, we bring the Podcast to the mayhem for Slim and I’s favorite league…  Slim has a championship and I don’t!  It makes me about as angry as Slim bidding me up for Kelly Oubre!  In this special edition, we chronicle the first hour-and-a-half of the draft, with look-ins from Peter Kap and his Wizard fandom guiding his Bradley Beal buy, Adam and his value rookie buy followed by Kevin Love, and Slim’s brother Tim (Slim & Tim!) with his Al Jefferson purchase.  Tim is our medical expert soon to appear with injury analysis on the Pod; let’s hope our contract negotiations prove fruitful!  Here’s our special edition Podcast recapping the REL draft:

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REL Draft Results

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Jump Ball A Matty Series PNG

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Minnesota Timberwolves Team Utah Jazz
SG, SF Position (Y! Eligibility) SG, SF
2014 Results
T-87th 9-Cat Rank (Total Value) T-29th
T-130th 9-Cat Rank (Per Game) T-36th
82 Games Played 76
36.2 Minutes Per Game 34.4
21.1 (T-101st) Usage Rate (Rank) 25.4 (T-32nd)
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Slim and I are back with a brand new edition of the Razzball Hoops Pod, and on today’s show we talk preseason action including a season-ending injury, Slim’s RCL draft, and review commenters’ drafted teams.  Remember if you’d like your team reviewed on the Pod, comment below!  Then we wrap up with what we’ve been watching at the movies.

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Wooo, preseason is here!  We finally get to see players on the court, thennnn, pretty much immediately we have season-ending injuries…  Just let athletes take steroids again, eesh!  Tired of this nonsense!

In literally the second game of the preseason, Michael Kidd-Gilchrist slipped on just a routine perimeter dribble and dislocated his shoulder.  It looked like he might’ve slipped on some sweat, those are some slacking Magic ball boys!  Then after an MRI yesterday, it revealed a torn labrum (true story, it had a red underline underneath “labrum” which had me being sure I spelled it right, and the suggested fix was labium) and he’ll likely need season-ending surgery.  Yikes.  Tough shakes for the Hornets who just invested $52 mil over 4 years in the guy (THAT’S MORE THAN MONTA ELLIS!), and have nothing great to fill-in SF minutes.  Well, I guess technically SG minutes, as Nicolas Batum should slot back to SF as the Hornets hodgepodge their SG.  Jeremy Lin had a nice 17/2/7 debut in that first game on Saturday, but followed it up with 10/3/1 and 4 TO on Sunday.  Jeremy Lamb scored 16 in the debut and got the start Sunday, only to shoot 2-11 in 25 yawnstipating minutes.  P.J. Hairston also got a start Sunday as Batum got that game off, and shot 1-7 missing all 5 treys.  Then there’s also Marvin Williams, who has reportedly lost weight and was rumored to get SF minutes back in July, but he figures to be more of a Batum backup or a small stretch-4 like last year.  I really don’t like any of these guys, and none of them vault into the draftable range for me in 12ers.  I guess in deepers I’d grab Lin first, but meh.  The only actionable impact for me is MKG’s 15-16 death.  “This guy here is dead!”  “Well cross him off then!”  Here’s what else has happened through the first few nights of preseason as we prepare for the 2015-16 Fantasy Basketball season:

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Razzball Hoops’ ultimate draft day tool is here!  Well, actually whoever sniped Myles Turner before I could get him in my first RCL draft is the ultimate draft day tool!  Slim’s projections in a sortable spreadsheet is back, and a huge thanks to Slim for all of his statistical Nostradamus-ing and Rudy for all of the… um… Excel-lent sort-ing…  See what I did there?!  These guys should’ve been the stars of CBS’s Numb3rs!  I actually have no clue what that show was about, but if it was about fantasy basketball I’ll sure feel dumb…  Rudy helped us get all of Slim’s projections in the Official Top 200 back into interactive mode, and he’s probably ready for a month off from math with baseball wrapping up.  I can’t wait to see his charcoal drawings from his month away in Amish country!  Anyway, here’s Slim’s 15-16 projections to utilize on draft day, and be sure to put them to test in the 2015-16 Razzball Basketball Commenter Leagues.  Plenty of leagues open with October drafts, so sign up today!

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