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Memphis Grizzlies Injury Report

NamePosStatusBody PartNotes
Dillon BrooksSFQuestionableToBrooks is nursing a sore left groin, and it is up in the air if he will play when the league returns.
Jaren Jackson Jr.PFQuestionableToJackson Jr. is out of action due to left knee sprain, and it remains to be seen if he will return to the fold when the league deems it is safe to come back.
Jontay PorterCOutKneePorter is on the mend from surgery to repair a torn ACL and MCL in his right knee. He is likely to miss the remainder of the season.
Justise WinslowSFQuestionableToWinslow is sidelined with a bone bruise in his lower back, and it is uncertain if he will return to the lineup when the league ends its hiatus.
Grayson AllenSGOutHipAllen is expected to miss the remainder of the season due to left hip displacement.
Brandon ClarkePFQuestionableToClarke is idle due to a right quadriceps strain. It has yet to be determined if he will be ready when the league commences game action.

Memphis Grizzlies Season Per Game Stats

Jonas ValanciunasC62622615112012690.614110.367230.7323+1353421.731.9
Jaren Jackson Jr.PF5454281751122470.535360.397230.7414-2313024.129.2
Ja MorantPG59593018471036110.517120.367450.7702+0353326.128.3
Jae CrowderPF5846291063101130.532260.318220.7852-2262515.827.5
Dillon BrooksSF6565291632102490.425260.368230.80940262524.923.1
Brandon ClarkePF503221261111570.658010.404220.7852+0252418.822.3
De'Anthony MeltonPG52819843102250.470120.316220.8212+4212019.719.5
Josh JacksonSF180201032111350.542140.319220.6592+1212023.518.9
Tyus JonesPG65619724101250.492120.379110.7411-1181817.118.3
Kyle AndersonSF592019642111240.560010.258110.6521-2171713.316.6
Solomon HillSF54418532101120.446130.381110.7141-1141313.214.6
Grayson AllenSG30017721001230.541130.363110.8571-2131218.612.2
John KoncharPG15011331100120.731010.444000.5001+611118.911.7
Marko GuduricPG42011421001120.493120.309110.9201-29817.98.1
Bruno CabocloSF2708320010120.571010.143000.800108816.17.9
Yuta WatanabePG1606210000110.429010.375010.3751-14413.14.5

Memphis Grizzlies Last 2 Weeks Per Game Stats


Memphis Grizzlies Last 4 Weeks Per Game Stats

Jonas ValanciunasC7730181710127100.676010.400450.7812+10444220.040.6
Ja MorantPG773219581035100.500240.480350.7191+3393625.234.9
Josh JacksonSF70211423111350.553260.350230.6003+6252528.024.5
De'Anthony MeltonPG7724843111140.320240.407110.8001+7222216.123.8
Tyus JonesPG70201024201260.436140.360120.8181+8232322.323.7
Dillon BrooksSF773019311024100.443270.333340.8004+4272528.420.9
Gorgui DiengC7020681111230.625020.091120.5291+4212114.519.8
Kyle AndersonSF7727753011240.519120.357110.6251+3191812.918.4
John KoncharPG7014542101120.625110.667000.0001+11141411.516.0
Yuta WatanabePG606210100110.667010.333010.2501-25514.54.3
Marko GuduricPG504210000001.000010.500000.0000+33317.33.7

Memphis Grizzlies Rest of Season Projections - Per Game Stats

Jonas ValanciunasC2916.412.
Ja MorantPG3218.
Jaren Jackson Jr.PF2816.
Brandon ClarkePF2212.
Dillon BrooksSF3016.
De'Anthony MeltonPG228.
Kyle AndersonSF237.
Gorgui DiengC177.
Tyus JonesPG197.
Josh JacksonSF188.
Justise WinslowSF166.
Grayson AllenSG146.
John KoncharPG83.
Marko GuduricPG31.
Yuta WatanabePG31.
Jontay PorterC10.

Memphis Grizzlies Rest of Season Projections - Per 36 Minutes Stats

Jonas ValanciunasC2920.315.
Gorgui DiengC1716.
Brandon ClarkePF2219.
Jontay PorterC115.811.
Jaren Jackson Jr.PF2820.
John KoncharPG815.
De'Anthony MeltonPG2214.
Tyus JonesPG1915.
Josh JacksonSF1817.
Ja MorantPG3220.
Kyle AndersonSF2312.
Justise WinslowSF1614.
Dillon BrooksSF3019.
Marko GuduricPG314.
Grayson AllenSG1416.
Yuta WatanabePG313.

Memphis Grizzlies Team Defense - Opponent Averages (Last 30 Days)

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