Every year, there are guys in the league who we own who ruin the entire experience for ourselves and others.  Like, I’m just so over it.  The All-Star break, and that game that happened on Sunday night that nobody I know of watched, is a perfect time to explore some of these guys who will be on my do not draft list.

Joel Embiid:  His career, actually, has been a miracle.  He’s battled health problems since high school, then in college, then missed years in the NBA.  The run he had has been spectacular, but I think the injuries are going to continue to pile up.  Instead, I’ll be drafting an athletic center with upside later, like Mark Williams, nicknamed “I can’t quit you,” Jalen Duren, or Daniel Gafford, instead of spending a top 3 round pick on Embiid.  Find an athletic low usage center, help the percentages and blocks and boards, draft high scoring wings instead of Embiid.

Zach LaVine:  He’s close to 30, his lower leg injuries are starting to pile up, and he asked for a trade from my favorite team.  No, I don’t want to draft an injury prone possible malcontent on the downside of his career.  Give me a younger guy with upside, like his teammate Coby White, and Brandon Miller is the real thing.  He’s going to be a prime target of mine on draft day next year.

Jimmy Butler:  Ah, Jimmy.  Jimm-ay.  Himmy Buckets.  He’s in his mid 30s, and just doesn’t care about pushing through any discomfort to play until the playoffs start.  Too many missed games and there’ll be a sucker every draft who only pays attention to the playoffs.  Jimmy is good, but Jalen Johnson will be producing the same rate stats next year in 25 more games.  Volume matters, even if I don’t like Jalen Johnson for quitting on Duke just because he got benched in college.

Cade Cunningham:  Finally, one that’s not based on injuries or rest.  The guy can’t shoot and isn’t an elite passer.  If he’s in a points league, his 43% on 18 shots doesn’t hurt as much.  If he’s not shooting, he’s turning it over on a 3.6 per game clip.  It’s not his fault, totally.  The Pistons are just pretty bad.  But going forward give me OG Anunoby or Brandon Miller as better players and values.  Now remind me not to talk about Miller anymore. He’s my helium doggone it!

Walker Kessler:  I don’t care about his per-36 block rate.  I did, actually.  But then I watched the Jazz and realized he’s not good at anything besides blocks.  Not a scorer at all, and his lack of offensive skills really affects his playing time, which makes for a lack of volume.  He’s not an athlete, and needs to work on a lot of ball handling skills to get his minutes higher.  Not sure he has that in him.

Jalen Green/G-League Ignite Players:  Green is a good test case for this G-League project.  I have noticed that none of them really have fit in well to their new teams.  Shockingly, a group of guys who’s only goal is to develop their games and skills to be NBA players, but don’t want to buy into a college system, then go and play in a nonexistent system for a year, well they don’t fit in to their new team for years.  It can happen.  I don’t see it happening with Green, however.  Give me the guy who’s proved his ability to play a role, not a guy who’s entire motivation is to make the money of the NBA.





That’s my take, and thanks for stopping by.  Let me know who you now will never own in the comments!