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Philadelphia 76ers Injury Report

NamePosStatusBody PartNotes
Zhaire SmithSGOutKneeSmith has been shut down for the remainder of the season due to a bone bruise in his left knee.

Philadelphia 76ers Season Per Game Stats

Joel EmbiidC434330231231136120.509140.346790.8153+3474632.740.8
Ben SimmonsPG53533617882147110.583000.333350.6323+1444321.238.7
Tobias HarrisSF64643519731126110.522250.362230.8022+2363423.632.9
Al HorfordPF5956311274111370.514240.332110.7532+2323117.632.1
Josh RichardsonSF4846311433112480.489250.327230.7893+3272621.023.5
Furkan KorkmazSG6311221021101230.485250.396110.7361+2171618.617.1
Shake MiltonSG3216191022101240.541230.453120.7652+1181620.317.1
Matisse ThybullePG561319521111120.495130.353010.6102+2131413.013.9
Mike ScottPF621018641000120.500130.361010.8331+2131214.513.7
James EnnisSF601017631101130.523120.338110.8032+0141315.813.1
Kyle O'QuinnC27110341011120.571010.304010.5261+1121215.212.0
Norvel PelleC2009230011120.514000.000010.5002-29911.78.8
Raul NetoPG48312412101120.490110.373110.8391+19917.88.5
Marial ShayokPG205221001010.000120.333000.0000-54425.73.9
Zhaire SmithSG705100000010.375000.000010.5001-33316.21.8

Philadelphia 76ers Last 2 Weeks Per Game Stats


Philadelphia 76ers Last 4 Weeks Per Game Stats


Philadelphia 76ers Rest of Season Projections - Per Game Stats

Al HorfordPF3210.
Ben SimmonsPG288.
Joel EmbiidC289.
Tobias HarrisSF329.
Josh RichardsonSF287.
Glenn Robinson IIISG205.
Kyle O'QuinnC103.
Kyle O'QuinnC103.
Alec BurksSG154.
Raul NetoPG144.
Zhaire SmithSG144.
Matisse ThybullePG102.
Mike ScottPF103.
Norvel PelleC10.
Furkan KorkmazSG10.
Shake MiltonSG10.
Marial ShayokPG10.

Philadelphia 76ers Rest of Season Projections - Per 36 Minutes Stats

Ben SimmonsPG2811.
Kyle O'QuinnC1011.811.
Kyle O'QuinnC1011.811.
Joel EmbiidC2811.912.
Al HorfordPF3211.
Tobias HarrisSF3210.
Marial ShayokPG110.
Norvel PelleC111.
Josh RichardsonSF2810.
Raul NetoPG1410.
Alec BurksSG1510.
Zhaire SmithSG1410.
Glenn Robinson IIISG2010.
Shake MiltonSG110.
Furkan KorkmazSG110.
Matisse ThybullePG1010.
Mike ScottPF1011.

Philadelphia 76ers Team Defense - Opponent Averages (Last 30 Days)

DPV = Average Fantasy Points given up at that position by the opposing team adjusted based on opposing player. 100=League Average at position. 150=Opponents score 50% fantasy points than expected performance for a player at that position.

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