Obviously I don’t get a ballot for the real thing (maybe a good idea), so unfortunately there will be no discourse dance when it comes to the official NBA awards, only because who doesn’t like dancing? It’s 90% effort anyways, so if you got the goods, make those moves. Totally a saying. Anyways, as many of you have noticed, we are just about halfway through the play-ins with the Warriors and Hawks already eliminated, so while the NBA playoff bracket takes shape with the Bulls versus Heat and Pelicans versus the Kings tonight, the fantasy season has been wrapped for a couple weeks now, so let’s take a look back at the best of the best of the best of the 2023-24 Fantasy Basketball Season (SEO achievement unlocked) through the lens of the NBA awards…

2023-24 Most Valuable Fantasy Player of the Year

Okay, so obviously there might be a negligible difference with this category between fantasy and real life, but hey, it allows me the space to zig and zag with the consensus. Discourse dance time!

  1. Nikola Jokić
  2. Luka Dončić
  3. Shai Gilgeous-Alexander
  4. Giannis Antetokounmpo
  5. Jalen Brunson

How can you not? Real life or fantasy, Joker reigns supreme in every facet. But here comes the discourse! I think you have to go Luka number two here, and while SGA and Giannis both have strong cases to make for the spot, I just really thought he had the slight edge. I think if you rearranged the two through four spots, I wouldn’t mind too much. The fifth spot has been generally going to Jayson Tatum, and I think he has a great case, especially when you take a look at the Celtics year, but I think Jalen gets the edge since not only was it a statistically “just as good” as Tatum, but I think the fact that Brunson put all the doubters to shame gives him the slight edge. It wasn’t that he was getting more shots, dude can just play.

2023-24 Fantasy Defensive Player of the Year

  1. Victor Wembanyama
  2. Rudy Gobert
  3. Anthony Davis
  4. Bam Adebayo
  5. Herb Jones

Honestly, I’m not really into the fight between Rudy and Victor… I can see both sides, but I love the argument that when you look at Rudy, as great as he is defensively, he’s also surrounded by some of the best defensive wings in the West with ANT and Bane and, you know, Wembanyama has… checks notes… who are these guys? Davis has had an incredible year, and while he’s shooting has kinda gone by the wayside, his defense is what held the Lakers together the entire year and he played in more games in about eight seasons.

2023-24 Most Improved Fantasy Player of the Year

  1. Coby White
  2. Tyrese Maxey
  3. Jalen Williams
  4. Deni Avdija
  5. Isaiah Hartenstein

Speaking of volume guys, I think that’s basically what happened to Maxey here, which isn’t bad, I like his talent and ability. But I think most of his uptick was essentially only from getting more shots, but I think he’s still great option in the back-court on a fully healthy Sixers team. It may look like Jalen Williams is gonna be someone! Rockets staff gets full credit here for being patient and getting Williams to play to his strengths. Same could be said with Deni, one of the bright spots of a rebuilding Wizards team. He basically turned into an emotional and hesitant 7/3 guy into a more assertive three-level attacker that rests around 15/6. I honestly think he could be a 20-point a night scorer, but that would require teammates not named Jordan Poole…

2023-24 Fantasy Rookie of the Year

  1. Victor Wembanyama
  2. Chet Holmgren
  3. Brandon Miller
  4. Dereck Lively II
  5. Amen Thompson

No surprises here I think. If you want to talk about it, I don’t think Scoot Henderson is as bad as we might have seen this year, and has actually had a decent end of the season, but his two -50 games really are a thing. Dereck Lively II has tapered off a bit the last month, but it’s more the Mavs implementing a new rotation that involves Gafford getting primary minutes. This has led to a top defense the last two weeks for the Mavs for what it’s worth, though I don’t think Lively was the reason they struggled there previously. Regardless, Lively was sorta this year’s Kessler Lite.

2023-24 Fantasy Sixth Man of the Year

  1. Naz Reid
  2. Malik Monk
  3. Russell Westbrook
  4. Bobby Portis
  5. Norm Powell

I think Monk may eek this out for the real NBA awards, but I’m just so impressed with Reid this season. Not only did he solidify himself as an amazing bench option last season, but this year he improved his three-point shooting and in the games he started, he essentially replaced KAT’s production during his injury. Westbrook and Powell could count as homer picks (THEY ARE) but I think I would argue that both brought different kinds of production for their roles and starting season value.

Tune in soon for our All Fantasy NBA Teams!