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In my brief period bringing you the fantasy basketball goods, I feel like I have been steadfast with my picks and decisions as the doings and goings of the NBA facilitate.  Somebody yesterday made an outrageous claim that I wasn’t on Tobias Harris early on with a hokum situation.  Never head back from ya, bro!

But as I responded, I was way wrong on Thomas Robinson and have admitted that numerous times.  Who deals their two biggest-minute PFs at the same time bringing in a PF only not to play him?  C’mon Rockets!  I still think Robinson is a great raw talent and depending on how things shake out in the offseason might be a sleeper for me in 2013-2014.

And that brings me to that other Robinson who I have been down on all year.  Last night, Nate Robinson played 33 minutes off the bench and shot 10-18 (5-11 3PTM 10-10 FT) 35 Pts 3 Rebs 2 Asts and 1 Blk.  Despite the huge burst of points, that’s all Robinson’s big contribution is: points.  Not that that’s a bad thing, but it’s the easiest category to fill.  Then you move to the 3’s and ThrAGNOFF!   I was wrong OK, dude can play well enough to be fantasy usable!  He’s owned in most leagues, so if he burned you at all in the finals, feel free to troll comment. I was watching this game and the Bulls were running isos for him down the stretch.  Shows how much they need his offense.

Here’s what else happened last night in the 2 NBA games:

Jimmy Butler – Way better than Nate Robinson.  Played a whopping 50 minutes to go 9-15 2 3’s 22 Pts 14 Rebs 2 Asts 3 Stls and 3 Blks.  Super rainbow line!  I think his scoring of late goes down next year with Rose returning, but I think he’s going to be a great value pick next season in drafts.

Richard Hamilton – 14 Pts and 8 Asts taking 14 shots in 26 minutes off the bench.  If you need some scoring, Hamilton could be a position filler returning to the Bulls offense.

Carmelo Anthony – First Knick to score 35+ in 6 straight games.  Don’t tell that to my NBA Live 97 memory card with Alan Houston.

Raymond Felton – Playing a little better down the stretch with a 19-5-6 line with 1 Blk and 3 3-balls.  Hasn’t been a consistent or healthy season for Felton, but if he’s still helping you now, you’ll take it.

Kevin Durant – Now making it a habit to barely miss on triple doubles.  Just get two more assists!  And hey, he’s playing.  That will be an interesting argument for pick #1 vs. pick #2 next year with LeBron.

Thabo Sefolosha – I lucked out streaming him in a few leagues and got 3 3’s and 7 boards.  ThrAGNOFF!

Kevin Martin – Been a usually underwhelming season for K-Mart, but went 8-10 (4-5 3 PTM) for 23 Pts in only 19 minutes.  He’ll probably end up on none of my teams next year.

Jarrett Jack – Probably my biggest waffle on the season.  Puts up solid numbers in stretches then disappears.  Last night was the former going 6-12 (2-3 from deep) 19-4-6 and 3 Stls.  His best line since that stretch in February.  I call it anomaly, you call it a hot tomale, let’s call the whole thing off!  Side note, they couldn’t take a better picture with his eyes open?

Klay Thompson – Just when it looked like he was breaking out of his slump… 2-10 FG for a line of  6-0-1-1-1.  Ugh.


If you have any questions for tonight’s action shoot some comments below and have a great weekend!

  1. Prezii says:

    Yo yo yo! Thanks for tellin me to keep Deng.. i was ready to panic! Were lookin good man, up by a nice amount, got two moves left for the week(well, league ends wednesday) and he just picked up Bismack Biyombo… Yeah, i dunno… Hes hittin the panic button i guess.. now, what would be the better idea here?

    Stream lance stephenson for Sunday and Tuesday(full lineups monday and wednesday) to get both starts? Orrr, get Wilson Chandler and roll with him Sunday (and possibly insert him monday in the lineup)?

    Im a sucker for two starts but its just wack lance… Wilson could get more in one start and since taking over hes been hot(i should know, i dropped him the day before gallo broke)..

    Two moves left(last one will be on tuesday) grab Lance for two starts or Chandler for one (and possibly put him in monday and wednesday)?

    Do you view Chandler as a must own now? Thanks buddy! Hope ur weekend is going good!

    • JB Gilpin

      JB Gilpin says:

      @Prezii: No prob! Haha Biyombo is a panic add. Eesh that’s close, definitely like Chandler more 1 for 1. I wouldn’t quite say “must own” in championship week where everyone is streaming hardcore. I think I nab Chandler and maybe he is a replacement should any other guys be a surprise bench. Keep on trucking bro, bring in a title to Razzball nation!

      • Prezii says:

        @JB Gilpin: thats what im tryin to do, JB! Got Chandler for tomorrow, ill have some TOUGH sit/starts on Monday.. hopefully im up by a ton so i can close my eyes and pick! Im pullin away nicely at the moment tho. streamed Harkless tonight and its lookin good so far! But its all about tomorrow… Hes got about 5 more players than me so he needs to gain ground or im looking to kick my feet up! 🙂

        Thanks for your help! P.S. i had to go see what that guy had said about Tobias… You werent even gloating that much….. He must not read Greys articles if he thinks thats self promotion.. hahaha sheesh..

        • JB Gilpin

          JB Gilpin says:

          @Prezii: Thanks for gettin my back man! I’m fine with hate on calls I get wrong, but he’s hating on the call I got right! Hate on me for hating Nate Robinson or loving the Thomas Robinson trade. Basically, I hate all Robinsons.

  2. Prezii says:

    Guess whos back, back again.. Prezi’s back… Tell a friend!

    Soo, bismack went off…. HA!!! And so did markeiff(of course he did but when i stream him, nothing).. and he made a run like i knew he would. Still up but its a lot closer than it was.

    If Drummond does play, you think hes limited at all? I got one spot and its either Drum, AK47 or Deng. I would sit AK cuz he looks to be at less than 100% still, BUT its against Utah and you gotta think he’ll ball on his old team right? Deng didnt look great yesterday and could be limited also, but thats just a guess, as he plays 40 mins a game..

    Who would you play out of those three?

    Also what are your thoughts on Jennings? Think he rests up the last two games?

    Thanks JBriscuit!

    • JB Gilpin

      JB Gilpin says:

      @Prezii: Yooooo! Sorry I’m behind! Dude my scrub front court of Bismarck and McRoberts in one league has me sittin pretty. I’d stick with Deng he’s still playing mid 30 minutes and is the best player out there. If you need Blks rebs then drummond if he plays then ak last. Doubt Drummond will be too limited, no reason to play him at all if he’s gimpy. Looks like Jennings is for sure out tonight, I think he gets a little tune up time wed, in like 20 mins. Hope that helps ya P Rigastroni!

      • Prezii says:

        @JB Gilpin: haha nicee on the stroni! Thanks man! Hope the best for our teams! Except Biyumbo! 😉

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