Razzball Nation!  As you may or may not have read in my final “real” post, I have retired from fantasy writing and Razzball, and this is the final stop for me as we part ways.  This feels so much like a breakup!  But it’s just closing the book on our 3-year run of launching and running the Razzball Basketball Pod.  It will be missed!  We look back on 3 years of memories, jokes, and our tenure at Razzball for one last time, and hopefully you have a few drinks with us.  It’s like The Last Supper!  So for one last time, catch up with Slim & I on the airwaves as we sign off from Razzball Basketball.  Will miss you all!

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Well, the somber day has come where I have decided to hang up the sneaks (I keep getting kankles!) from Razzball, and focus on one thing more important and one thing less important in my life – my family, and my career.  Haha, if anyone at my job stumbles onto this, I’m only kidding!  When you work full time along with giving Razzball Hoops the love and tender care it needs, it can stretch you a little thin.

Man, 4.5 years leading the Razzball Basketball charge.  I thought it was only 3.5.  Can’t believe I took this over at the tail end of the 2012-13 season, had my first articles get maybe 2-3 comments and sometimes none, and the community here grew to what it is today.  Still getting all you guys visiting after the season just ended!  It’s awesome.  I know when people leave they get sappy, and blahty-blah they say emo things, but it’s 100% true that the biggest thing I’m going to miss will be the comments and you commenters.  Just having people spend their time dropping by to chat hoops meant the world.  In that vein, hit me up any time on Twitter (@jbgilpin) to keep talking some hoops, and I’m sure Razzball Basketball is going to continue to be the best spot on the interwebs for fantasy hoops content.

Can’t believe this is going to be my final post…  It’s so weird!  Almost 6 years at Razzball, 8 writing for fantasy sports, and it’s just become my time to retire.  Blabby run-on intro, JB, what else is new?!  Hah, so for my final post, I decided to take it on Daily Notes style, since that was my favorite part of basketball writing.  I thought it’d be the most fun to review everything from my tenure notes style, for a look back and the laughs and the cries (F you Andrew Wiggins!) over the years.  Slim and I are going to do a sign-off Podcast this week, then I am setting sail around the world (aka, going to spend more time with the family and my new dog).  So for the last time, here’s what went down over the last 4.5 years of Razzball Fantasy Basketball:

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Playoff basketball – yes spelled “basketball” – is underway, got some great games to kick it off, including from our boy PBev!  While I’m coming around and trying to watch more playoff hoops (baseball is still fresh and new, sue me!), I’m still more excited for the hopes and dreams of 2017-18 fantasy titles.

In case you’re still catching up, here’s my Way Too Early Top 10 ranks, which hopefully mostly hold up (they mostly come out at night…) for the 2017-18 season.  Of course my boldest call of Rudy #10 gets greeted by a first quarter knee injury in game 1 of the playoffs, hooray!  C’mon Rudy, just stay healthy, no one in fantasy cares how you play in the playoffs!  Hah!  So let’s all hope none of these guys in my 11-25 get injuries their next postseason game…  Here’s my Way Too Early Top 25 for the 2017-18 Fantasy Basketball Season:

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The season is officially over!  Turn the page on 2016-17!  Well, except for those – ya know – 4-month long playoffs…  But the regular season has concluded, and on today’s show we talk some finale day performances like Aaron Gordon and Kris Dunn, then recap our 2016-17 ranks and picks!  My 2016-17 Ranks, our 2016-17 Razzball Staff Picks, and a final look at our 30-point challenge picks.  Thanks again to everyone for listening through this season, and here’s to a big 2017-18 offseason and an ever better year next season!

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Whoa, how weird is that?!  “2017-18 Fantasy Basketball”?!?!  Already?!  Well, as what typically happens with postseason fantasy hoops disappointments for me, I’m ready to again turn the page.  Gonna get nothing but titles next year, wooooo!  I’m gonna be like UCLA in the 60s-70s.  Plenty of white players on those teams, right LaVar Ball!?  Oh shizz, yeah let’s get straight to the inappropriate right off the bat for 2017-18!

As tradition, we’re kicking off our Way Too Early Ranks for 17-18 on the last day of the 16-17 season, passing the torch to next year on a hot handoff, but not hot enough to knock the baton out of someone’s hands.  Ish ain’t allowed!  Also, I should be disallowed from ranking Chandler Parsons, amiright?!  Thanks again to everyone reading through the season, and let’s get some early rankings on!  Here’s my Way Too Early Top 10 for the 2017-18 Fantasy Basketball Season:

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Razzball Nation!  For most of us H2Hers the season is over, but we’ve still got Roto wrapping up and some ill-conceived H2H finals pressing through, so I wanted to take a quick look at some Daily Notes over the last stretch of action.  Really the only reason it would be fun to still have games matter is if you own superstars on teams vying for the 7th or 8th seed.  Enter Omen, stage left!

Damian Lillard showed Utah why he really hates jazz music, going 59/6/5/1/0, and somehow dropping that kind of line without a TO.  Hit 9 triples and 14-16 FT, on his way to a career and franchise high…  It’s a horror film watching him slice up oppo D’s!  Career-highs in FG%, FT%, scoring, and he’s dropped his TO rate from 3.2 last year back down to 2.6.  Funny how no one complains about his sub-1.0 STL rate though, unlike Dennis Schroder!  But when you’re hitting 3 treys a game at almost 45% from the field, you get a pass!  What a year from “Baby”, as he plays his way into a clear early-to-mid second rounder for drafts in 2017-18.  Can’t wait to unveil some ranks!  Tomorrow we’ll have the Razzies Presentation (if you haven’t voted yet – vote now!), then Wednesday my 2017-18 Top 10.  Fantasy never sleeps over here on hoops!  Here’s what else went down over the past week in fantasy basketball action:

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The Razzies are back!  Man, JB almost gets the Razzie for “Tardiness of the Year”!  Hey, better late than never!

Hard to believe this our fourth year awarding Razzies to the worst of the worst.  Screw all the “season’s best” awards everyone else likes to give out!  That’s trash!  Fantasy is more frustrating than it is rewarding, we all know that!  Let’s take a moment to look back at some of our former winners; so in your head, sing some dramatic music while looking back at our infamous acceptance speeches from our previous seasons:

2013-14 Razzies

2014-15 Razzies

2015-16 Razzies

And for our nominees below, they only need your vote to get their very own awards!  We’ve got Kevin Durant looking at his second “worst injury” award, the Lakers going for back-to-back worst fantasy team wins…  They’re getting repeats like the Kobe Bryant glory years!

So we call on you – yes, you Razzball Nation – to again vote for the worst of the worst of the 2016-17 Fantasy Basketball Season, by voting on which players, teams, and coaches spurned you the hardest.  We’ll be having our Awards Ceremony (winners awards solely off of your votes) and acceptance speeches on Tuesday, so get your votes in over the weekend!  Vote once!  Vote often!  Have your voice be heard, and let’s award some Razzies!

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March Madness Razzball Logo

Most were busted, but some were bested, it’s time to announce our Razzball Basketball Bracket Pool winner!  All hail Anthony and his “Is this real?” bracket!  At least I’m assuming it’s a he…  I don’t think Casey Anthony is doing Razzball Bracket Challenges!  With 142 points, they crushed the bracket, getting 12 of the sweet 16 teams, including all 8 from the right side of the bracket.  Then as several did, had the final game correct, and “bah bah bah bah, bum bum bum, bah bah bah…!” [Chapel hill fight song] of course got the Tar Heels right winning it all.  So did I!  But my bracket was pure Scheiße otherwise, still got 6th out of our 57 entries though!

Congrats to Anthony, and to claim your $50 Amazon Gift Card, shoot me a dime – [email protected].  Thanks to everyone for playing in the Bracket Challenge this year, and let’s keep growing our Razzball Pool for years to come!

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Well, despite my best efforts and a dominant regular season, I fell short in the semis in my run to finally get one of these golden things…  Stupid Clippers and their 5 games!  I had a huge Finals week as well to win 3rd place in the consolation game, but it was little…  consolation.

Anywho, congrats to our new REL Champion – Hard-N-Tha-Paint!  A well-deserved victory from the the 4 seed entering the playoffs – topping a strong year from (former RCL championHigh as Greg Kite – assembling a strong, deep team to bring home the gold jersey.  I fell to Paint in my semis loss in a bad 8-1 defeat, but it would’ve been a neck-and-neck 5-4 loss to them in the Finals, only losing by 2 treys.  And I had someone injured I would’ve streamed, just needed one extra ThrAGNOF and a different opp in the semis, and it coulda happened…  Well, woudla-coulda-shoulda for me, but didda-gotta-golden jersey for Tha-Paint!  Great season from both of these owners to make it through the grueling season to get the title, and without further ado, here’s our new graphic immortalizing their season!

Here’s how the Finals went down in the REL:

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Champions have been crowned!  Congrats to all the winners of standard H2H leagues that wrapped up on Sunday, and on today’s show we cover the heroes of the championship including Rajon Rondo, Jonas Valanciunas, and Aaron Gordon.  We also hit some guys we think will be popular sleepers in 2017-18, make our final 30-point challenge picks of the 2016-17 season, then wrap up the week at the movies.

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1617-rcl-logoIt’s time to hand out some hardware!  Drop the confetti, grab your Star Wars gold medallions, polish off R2D2, and queue the trumpets, because…  The UNC Tar Heels are National Champions!  Wooooooo!  Man, what a season from the Heels… My terrible bracket in the Razzball Pool had the final game right, so I still ended respectable!  More on that later…

Anywho (as my ADD takes over and buries the lead), the 2016-17 RCL Champion is…  The Doc is In!  Besting the WE-GOT-A-TROPHY! with a 117-52-2 regular season record, the Doc got a trophy indeed!  Led by the all-around superstars of Kawhi Leonard, Otto Porter, and of course the tripdub machine Elfrid Payton, the Doc will forever live in infamy, and is our newest member of the RCL Hall of Fame!  Long live The Doc!

With the first place finish (as detailed in the Sign-Ups post), The Doc will get a $50 Amazon gift card, plus an amazing Shaming Video that we’ll work out.  Ugh, I dunno if I’m ready for this again!  And not to be overlooked, 2nd overall finisher A Very Solid Team in the Philzilla’s Pac Coast Razzer league has secured a $20 Amazon gift card.  Both you guys reach out to me at [email protected] to claim your prizes, and Doc, go easy on me with the eating challenge ideas!

Be sure and check back with us in September, for your shot to join legends High as Greg Kite, Akron LebronsNick is Razzy, and now The Doc is In for your shot at RCL infamy in 2017-18!

You can take a final look at the RCL standings updated on our Standings Page, and here’s a breakdown of all of our 23 RCL Champs, in order of how they finished by reg. season record:

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The H2H season is in the books!  Well, at least if you did a standard format, ain’t no reason to play out games the final week-and-a-half!  People getting sat with hangnails!  Even James Harden missed a game…  Say it ain’t so!

Quick scheduling note for this week.  Tomorrow we’ll announce the RCL winner, then Wednesday unveil the REL champ with their gold jersey.  We’ll catch up with the Pod either Wednesday or Thursday and some daily notes by the end of the week for you Roto-ers still trucking through to the finish line, and then start up the Way Too Early Ranks for 2017-18!  That’s what I’m excited about.  Mostly just to never see Chandler Parsons in my ranks ever again…

So who were some unlikely heroes over the championship week?  How about stupid, no good, can’t-take-a-shower-without-breaking-his-wrist Rajon Rondo just running game, and knocking me out of my one title-contending RCL.  What a joke….  10/9/9/3/0 last night against the Pels, giving him a 42/29/30/8/1 line over the Thur/Sat/Sun 3-games-in-4 nights stream if you used him in the Finals.  Who woulda thought my death knell would’ve been made by Rondo…  Eh well, baseball is here at least!  Here’s what else went down over the weekend in fantasy basketball action:

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