We did it!  YES WE CAN!!  Make rankings great again!  Oh man, I’m ready for election season to be over…  But I’m even more ready to have my top 200 out into the world!

So I don’t really have a sound philosophy for these final ranks…  We do all of our rankings for 12-team, 9-cat H2H, since that’s how we play our Razzball Commenter Leagues.  Shameless promo time!  We need more RCL Players out there in Razzball Nation!  Just follow that link and either start up or join an open league today!  Anywho, in a 12-team RCL league (13 roster spots), you’re only drafting 156 players, so most of these ranks are guys you’re not drafting.  Do I rank guys all as sleepers for your final pick?  I’m not sure that really helps anyone.  So the final ranks here are a blend of sleeper potential, and possible last-roster-spot-usability for a specific build.  Is Arron Afflalo REALLY going to be your last pick?  Meh, probably not, but maybe he has a hot month and it could be the first month!  You never know…  If you’re still catching up, check out all our ranks in the Top-10, Top-25, Top-50, Top-75, Top-100 & Top 150 which you can also find linked above in the 2016-17 Ranks menu.  Here’s our final big rankings post, the Top 200 for the 2016-17 Fantasy Basketball Season:

151. Tim Frazier, New Orleans Pelicans

This rank is a little more procedural than anything, as I think I’ll move him into about the 120 range.  If you haven’t seen the awful news regarding Jrue Holiday, all I can say is that I’ve been a pretty big fan of his game since going to Nawleans and I’m a bigger fan now.  But it’s rough on us for fantasy.  For these backend guys, I get extremely short-sighted if there’s immediate upside: Frazier is penciled in as your PG starter for opening night, and was must-own to end last year going 13.1/4.4/7.5/1.4/0.1 over the final 16 games.  Even if he’s only like 12/3/6, it’ll be must own while he’s starting.  Then when Jrue seems to be consistently back, you cut and move on.

152. Cody Zeller, Charlotte Hornets

Sure, you take out a usable Al Jefferson as the backup and replace him with a worthless Roy Hibbert, and I can see the argument for upside.  But I still don’t think we quite see 30 MPG, and even though he finished 103 in per-game last year, I feel like he’s so low volume and steady that he didn’t feel close to must-own most of that time.  0.8 STL and 0.9 BLK is nice and all going 8.7/6.2 a night, but bleh.  Feels stream-worthy or a nice deep league guy.

153. Marcus Smart, Boston Celtics

You could do worse with your last pick, but I’m not much of a buyer any higher than that.  It remains a mystery why the Celtics continually force him to only shoot 3s, when it was his slashing game that made him elite in college.  Not surprisingly, his career FG% thus far is 35.7%.  Ouch!  The FT did get better last year in % and volume, and the 1.5 STL in the bank is what you draft him for, but I don’t see a ton of upside.

154. Omri Casspi, Sacramento Kings

It’s looking more and more likely that Gay is out (talked more in depth in the SAC preview), and even I initially forgot about Casspi.  The Israelli just feels like a Joerger guy, doesn’t he?!  From 11/06-01/02 last season before an injury cost him a few games, Casspi was a “meh” 13.7/6.8/1.6/0.8/0.3, but hit 2.1 treys and shot 52.5%!  He somehow only made 61.4% of FT in that span too, despite low volume…  FT punt superstar!  Either way, he’s a last round target of mine, with upside to go up a few rounds if Gay is gone and it looks like he’s starting.

155. John Henson, Milwaukee Bucks

Fool me once, shame on you…  Fool me twice, shame on me…

FOOL ME EIGHT F***ING TIMES, and you’re the Bucks management!  Look, I know we’re not going to get that dream Henson season I envisioned back in the day, when I saw him playing 30 MPG and going 15/10 with 2.5 blocks.  But he still finished 166th in per-game last year, playing under 17 MPG.  Albeit in extremely low volume, he had a career best in FT% and per-minute stats all went up last year.  Hard to believe he averaged 1.9 BLK in only 16:50!  So you get the blocks, and maybe you luck into 22-23 MPG this year if Greg Monroe is shipped off sooner than later.

156. JaMychal Green, Memphis Grizzlies

I think this one will surprise a lot of people – I bet he’s outside most rankers top-200 if he makes anyone’s ranks at all.  But I look at this roster, and I see Marc Gasol missing time either by missing the beginning of the season or sitting on back to backs, Brandon Wright can’t stay healthy either and can’t play big minutes either way, and T Bone playing starting PF at age 73.  Then it’s…  Second rounder Deyonta Davis?!  I actually like Davis for deep dyno upside, but he ain’t ready for the show.  So all this thrown in a blender, and you get a pretty big gap of PT that could be there for the taking.  During all the injuries last year, he had a 16 game stretch in March of 12.6/7.4/2.3/0.9/0.8.  The %s weren’t great, but that’s some gnarly D stats, bruh!  He did that damage in under 29 MPG, so even a 25 MPG role if everyone is healthy might turn into something, with some upside early if Gasol misses opening night.

157. Bojan Bogdanovic, Brooklyn Nets

Ultimate ThrAGNOF!  Bobo is such a clown with all the other stats, but he hit 1.6 treys and scored 11.2 Pts last year in a wildly inconsistent 26:46 MPG role.  Until Caris LeVert is playing a ton – which might be never this upcoming season – there is absolutely NOTHING on the Brooklyn wing for the perimeter.  Easily should get 30+ MPG and maybe you sneak into a backend roster ThrAGNOF who can nab 5 boards and be usable enough to hold.

158. Bobby Portis, Chicago Bulls

Shooting for the stars here!  After an enticing skillset he showed in 15-16’s Summer League, Portis mostly disappointed last year, but it was mainly due to PT inconsistency.  We got a decent taste to end last year with a 5-game run of 9.2/9.8/1.2/0.4/0.4 closing out 15-16 (meh), but the purdyness is 85.7% FT and 0.4 treys in that stretch.  Robin Lopez isn’t exactly a 40 MPG guy, Taj isn’t either and can’t stay healthy, and all that’s left is Mirotic, who has his own issues being a defensive liability.  Maybe Portis can surprise with the playing time even when there’s the full house.

159. Dragan Bender, Phoenix Suns

Let’s just clear the air: Summer League was a disaster.  Bender shot 27.5% (!!!!!) in 5 games, hit only half his FT, only nabbed 5.6 REB in 32 MPG despite being 7’1, and he averaged 3.8 TO.  Buzz’s girlfriend, WOOF!  And the Suns have no reason to rush the Futurama of their franchise, so it might be a few months before we start seeing more and more Bender.  He’s a very unique player with his size and ball handling ability, I’m not going to say he’s Giannis out there, but he could surprise down the stretch and maybe, just maybe, he surprises earlier than not.  They’ve already talked about playing him at SF, and with PJ Tucker missing at least a month of the regular season with back surgery, the door just got cracked open a little wider.  With the ability to hit treys, get boards and blocks, and sneak in a few dimes, there might be enough here.

160. Arron Afflalo, Sacramento Kings

A-R-Ron!  I have to drum up this blurb with SOME sort of excitement!  Afflalo is super blah, but scored 12.8 PPG last year, shot 44.3% with 1.3 treys, and doesn’t turn it over.  Maybe a smidge of upside could have him scoring 14 points a game with the Kings, and he’s definitely getting his run as a wing defender on a Joerger team.

161. Stanley Johnson, Detroit Pistons

I don’t really have what you would call “stats” to “back this up”, but there is still upside here.  StanJo was horrific as a rookie – I also may have bought a little too much into the hype – shooting 37.5% and turning it over an obscene 1.6/game in only 23 minutes.  As a D-first wing, he should be protecting the ball, and doing better than 0.8/0.2 STL/BLK.  I guess the steals are OK…  But with StanVan saying he wants to limit KCP and Marcus’s minutes, it could mean a nice uptick for StanJo, who can conceivably play the 2-4.  We’ll just need to see a big FG% boost and better ball control.

162. Willie Cauley-Stein, Sacramento Kings

A lot of pieces moving around up front for the Kings, giving WCS a nice kick in the SAC.  0.7/1.0 STL/BLK was AWESOME in 21:23 MPG last year, but 5.3 REB?  7.0 PTS?  It’s just all so low volume, that it’s hard to place him above the streaming class, especially without a clear expansion of role.  There’s upside if Gay is moved and Matt Barnes plays some SF, but it’s murky.

163. Terrence Jones, New Orleans Pelicans

Do me a favor, and don’t look up where we had him ranked last year…  Wait, why’d I call myself out?!  Former Razzball lovechild, T-Jones now moves to the Pels on a one-year deal to hopefully put together a breakout season and get dat cash monay!  The move reunites Jones and Brow from their Kentucky title days, and even though the Pels are shielding Brow from the C position due to his health, a Brow/Tjones front line is way sexier than Brow/Asik.  Jones has to get minutes and stay healthy though, two giant caveats keeping him only a last-round flier pick.

164. Tristan Thompson, Cleveland Cavaliers

In a 12-team sense, I would rather a rolling stream spot than setting and forgetting Thompson in my line-up.  He’s much more valuable for his reliability in deeper leagues.  His inability to hit FT or provide nearly anything defensively is laughable, but he did give you 9.0 REB and 58.8% FG shooting, albeit in a low volume.  Bleh.  He has played all 82 4 in a row though!

165. Matthew Dellavedova, Milwaukee Bucks

I mean, he’s a starting PG, right?!  In 24:34 MPG last year, Della D hit 1.3 treys and had a surprising 4.4 dimes.  That’s about all he did though, but in 30 MPG if they stick him at “PG” while Giannis runs the team, maybe he can surprise and get to 1.7-1.8 treys with 3 dimes and a steal.  Meh…

166. Cameron Payne, Oklahoma City Thunder

If not for a broken foot this Summer, I would be all about some Payne as my final pick!  Lanky and rangy, Payne could fit next to either OKC pillar G in a combo set.  But I hate drafting injured guys going into the season, and if you put Jones fracture and OKC in the same sentence, it evokes a horrific reaction kinda like when the Android freaks out in Alien.

167. Trey Lyles, Utah Jazz

Lyles absolutely killed it in Summer Ball, scoring 29.0 PPG in 2 games in Vegas to lead scoring in that league, overall scoring 23.8 PTS a game in 5 total Summer contests.  He nabbed 9.0 boards, and most impressively, shot 89.4% at the FT line on an absurd 43 attempts.  Unfortunately, that’s where the magic really ends, with anemic 1.4/0.4/0.2 AST/STL/BLK in that run.  Even in 33 games a starter last year, 1.1/0.5/0.3 AST/STL/BLK, so the upshot here is really only instant O off the bench.  He did hit 15 treys for 3/per in Summer Ball, so maybe you get a Teletovic-ish output if he gets enough run, and he gets boosted to this rank with my fears on Favors’ back.

168. Tony Allen, Memphis Grizzlies

Hey, he got 1.7 steals last year! But he took a step back in FG%, couldn’t make his FT, and is otherwise a very blah piece.  A staple in my streaming game on weekends though!

169. Brandon Ingram, Los Angeles Lakers

I just don’t think he’s ready, and as I mentioned in my 2016 NBA Draft Recap, I think his perimeter game needs work.  Unsurprisingly, he shot 25% from downtown in Summer Ball.  And well, everything was a mess for him there, until a nice finale against the Jazz going 22/5/4.  While there’s no question he will be in the rotation, I just don’t see a great role until the Lakers tank.  Even then, I think his weakness on 3s, low volume of D stats and TO will make him iffy even if he was starting.  No Chapel Hill bias here!

170. Michael Beasley, Houston Rockets

I know, I know, this one is a little weird.  But without looking, guess how old he is?!  Answer at the end of this blurb, I don’t want you skimming!  In only 18 MPG, Beasley went 12.8/4.9 with a usable-enough 0.6/0.5 STL/BLK and found his way to 138th in per-game stats.  The Rockets brought him back, and besides the injury-proneness of Ryan Anderson, nothing else is set in stone at PF.  Apparently Donatas Motiejunas is the last restricted free agent on the market and no lock to make it back, especially after back issues the past two seasons.  And I could see the Houston D’Antonis going small at times as well, playing Ryno at the 5 and giving Beasley some PF run.  If there’s a system for a pure-scorer to be fantasy-relevant off the bench, it’s a D’Antoni system…  Oh, and he’s only twenty seven!

171. Joel Embiid, Philadelphia 76ers

To pretend to have any sort of expectation here would be ridiculous.  I have no clue what’s going to happen!  Although, I can guarantee he won’t play 25 MPG, so at least there’s that…  It’s been so long since we’ve seen him on the court that it feels meaningless to pull in stats, but we know he was a great low scorer – especially efficiency wise – with a ton of blocks in college.  Maybe enough swats to have 12-team league relevance if he gets enough run.

172. Dion Waiters, Miami Heat

With the recent offseason injury to Josh Richardson, which sounds like it will almost positively cost him opening night, Waiters is your new starting SG, hate it or not.  He doesn’t hit a ton of 3s given his bad FG%, and his FT% isn’t what it should be, but he could easily find his was to say 13 PPG and 1.2 STL.  Look, we’re dragging the lake here, but I could see some early-season value until J-Rich is back to full strength.

173. Mario Hezonja, Orlando Magic

I get to bang my chest on this one!  After Rotoworld shot their wad on Hezonja in Summer League, he was barely ownable in even the deepest of leagues most of the season.  He did end 15-16 with a little something, but it was yawnstipating wing stats in huge minutes.  The only reason he gets a usable rank is the Magic have NOTHING at SG behind Fournier, and even less at SF behind Aaron Gordon.  If Gordon filters in some stretch-PF minutes as well, there’s a huge gap for wing playing time for the sophomore.  Playing time is a big factor for making this stretch of the ranks!

174. Brandon Jennings, New York Knicks

Backup to D-Rose, need I say more?!  Last year, he did his usual Jennings-thangs by shooting well under 40%, making 3s, and having a great AST:TO.  Good thing bad shots don’t count as TO!  With not much at SG behind yawnfest Courtney Lee, maybe we even see some combo guard sets while Rose is healthy.  But I’m not investing much in a NY BJ…

175. Dario Saric, Philadelphia 76ers

Another Sixers toolsy prospect, where we just don’t know what we’re going to get.  I think Forrest Gump might be their GM…  In Euro ball, it looks like he was an efficient scorer that can mix in some treys, he boards really well, and can get to the stripe.  His AST:TO ratio is awful though – more TO than AST – so I’m not as sold as him being a major ball handler at the NBA level.  But maybe he can find his way into 25 MPG and give you wing stats + REB, but there would have to be some Philly moving parts.

176. Solomon Hill, New Orleans Pelicans

The Pelicans remain a DNP-abyss, with Tyreke out a good bit into the season as he recovers from knee issues.  Welcome in your shiny new SF starter!  Yup, Solomon Hill time…  Over the final 5 games of 15-16, Hill went 15/7.2/2.2/2.0/0.2 on the Pacers, hitting 2.6 treys.  I don’t think we can expect anything like  THAT, but he could be a gem of a find in deep leagues until Evans is back.  I would rank him a little higher, if he didn’t have to fend off Nawleans favorite The Lone Ranger for the job…

177. Dwight Powell, Dallas Mavericks

Of course ON TOP of flip-flopping the Powells pretty much every time they come up in comments, I have both the Powells mad close in my ranks.  Someone go to Ellis Island and change their name!  But I’m leaning Dwight first since he’s playing behind the Ol’ German vs. Norman Powell fighting for PT behind prime wings. Anyway, the comp between the two is merely coincidental…  Dwight had a very solid showing in his first major run of his career, going 14.5/9.9/1.6/1.3/0.9 in per-36 minutes, with only 1.5 TO and shooting 49.3% last season.  Fresh off a new contract, Rick Carlisle said Powell will play big minutes as a backup 4 and 5.  He had a Summer League outburst last year where he hit treys, but that didn’t happen in the NBA last year…  So that stifles a little upside – even though it would change this year – but otherwise I’m intrigued.

178. Trevor Booker, Brooklyn Nets

One of the most enigmatic positions to figure out this year will be the Nets starting PF spot.  Right now my money would actually be on Luis Scola starting, but playing only like 15-18 MPG.  Then you have Chris McCullough and if you can milk anything out of Anthony Bennett in the mix…  But the Bookworm got the most skrilla coming his way at $18 mil over two years, and I think they try to milk him for what he’s got in the udders.  If he got to 28-29 MPG, he could easily get to 10/7 and 0.8/0.8 STL/BLK, but I’m not sure he gets unleashed quite like that.  I could see him getting some sleeper appeal, but for me it’s only for deeper leagues.

179. Ed Davis, Portland Trailblazers

If I wasn’t a fan of Mason Plumlee, I’d probably vault a little higher for Big Ed, another popular streamer of mine during weekend pushes in H2H leagues.  He came out all the way at 129th in per-game last year, bolstered by 0.7/0.9 STL/BLK and 7.4 boards.  Plumlee’s MPG actually went down after playing a ton in Nov. last season, then vaulted way back up in the playoffs. So I think they get Plumlee out there enough to feature him a little more, and get Davis closer to the 18 MPG mark (20:47 last year).

180. Gerald Henderson, Philadelphia 76ers

Hey, he’s starting!  The balded wonder also set a career mark in 3PTM with the Curry-esque mark of 0.7 a game last year!  But seriously, he did reach that feat playing sub-20 MPG after being 30+ MPG over the previous 4-year span.  So maybe those Blazer shooters helped him a tad, and we know minutes are coming.  Is anything else about his game exciting?  Of course not!

181. Brandan Wright, Memphis Grizzlies

Ew, he played only 12 games last year?!  Yeesh, those knee injuries…  Only reason Wright makes the ranks is for some PT opportunities while Marky Marc’s footy foot gets better.  Wright is like a mini-Henson, with elite FG% in a small volume and blocks in bunches.  But who knows how much he’ll be able to play….

182. Ty Lawson, Sacramento Kings

I know, I know, I bet a lot of commenters think he should be much higher.  I might move him up a little depending on the final Collison suspension verdict, but for now, I’m not paying for a few spot starts with a vet who was a DISASTER last year.  The Rockets gave him a shot, and to say he fell flat on his face would be a massive insult to both his face and the floor.  Shot 37% as a starter in 13 games, 5.5:2.7 AST:TO in a whopping 35:20 MPG, 1.1 steals is meh, and 67.6% from the stripe.  13 games of that, then lost on the bench?!  Yeah, I ain’t investing there.  And call me crazy, but Joerger has crazy loyalty to “his guys” and they just brought in Jordan Farmar, who went 9.2/2.1/3.1/1.3/0.2 in 12 games with the Grizz in 15-16 with Joergens, with 1.3 treys and a 3.1:1.5 AST:TO & 1.3 steals in only 24:16 MPG.  They might split time sans-Collison more than you’d think.

183. Ian Mahinmi, Washington Wizards

A nice streamer/back-end guy for long stretches last year with the Pacers, Ian gets paid, and Ian gets to sit!  Sure Marcin Gortat isn’t exactly a spring chicken out there anymore, but The Ten Foot Pole can still ball, and still go 30ish MPG.  So that leave 18-20 minutes for Mahinmi while Gortat is healthy – which is pretty poopy – but he gets to go against second units which should bolster his D-stats on a per-minute basis.  Deep league swattage!

184. Norman Powell, Toronto Raptors

The other Powell!  Welcome to the party!  Surely becoming a sleeper darling after his HUGE finish to last season, going 14.8/4.5/2.2/1.2/0.3 with 2.2 treys in 12 games.  But with DeMarre Carroll back and “theoretically” at full strength, it’s just impossible to project much in the ways of minutes.  That stretch was in 31.6 MPG, so a lot of it seems minutes-based; nothing screams off the page if you dilute that down to 15 or even 20 minutes.  I could see some streaming value if he plays ALL the wing backup minutes and they really limit the failed experiment of Terrence Ross, but we’ll see how much run they actually give these two guys.

185. Eric Gordon, Houston Rockets

Like I said with Beasley, if there was ever a team that could have usable backup behind an elite SG like James Harden, it would be a D’Antoni team.  But I don’t think Gordon will be locked into pure SG run, as Rockets GM Daryl Morey said he’ll be a “super sub”.  Mmmmmm, I could go for a super sub right now from Jersey Mike’s!  The Rockets really do lack PG depth, so maybe we see more Harden/Gordon combos than you’d think.  I’m not looking for much here, but he did score 15.2 a game last year with 2.5 treys.  Some sneaky deep ThrAGNOF.

186. Jerami Grant, Philadelphia 76ers

Yuck, another player I ranked in the Sixers big man mess…  But hey, I’m going for some shot in the dark upside here, and Grant put up 0.7/1.6 STL/BLK in only 26:50 last year.  There were stretches where he was ABOSLUTELY must-own, and if either Embiid has another setback or they move Okafor, a similar MPG role should open up.  I’m not totally forgetting about him.

187. CJ Miles, Indiana Pacers

This one blew my mind…  Miles averaged 2.2 treys last year.  2.2!!!  In only 22:52 MPG…  Instant ThrAGNOF offense off the bench!  He doesn’t really do much else though, and maybe I should rank him a little higher given we know the one thing he brings to the table…  But I don’t see him getting to even 20 minutes this year, as the Pacers played Paul George a ton as the stretch-4 in 15-16.  With Thaddeus Young now your PF, it squeezes out Miles’ run.

188. Jeremy Lamb, Charlotte Hornets

There were some stretches where Lamb actually had some standard league usability in 15-16, and his metrics-friendly stats ranked out at 179th per-game.  With Jeremy Lin going back to the Boroughs, there might be some backup SG run available depending on how Marco Belinelli works out and if there’s any MKG issues with his shoulder.  They signed Lamb for a few years, so I assume he’ll be in the rotation, and he averaged 0.8/0.6/0.5 3s/STL/BLK in only 18:35 MPG in 15-16.  He could repeat that with some nice outbursts here and there.

189. Lou Williams, Los Angeles Lakers

Sweet Lou still has a sweet $14 mil coming his way the next two seasons, so I think the Lakers still plan on playing him a good bit behind the young guards.  He’s not going to score 15.3 Pts or play 28:27 MPG like he did last season I don’t think, but in whatever run he gets, Lou brings a very unique skillset to the table – 3s and heavy FT volume.  5.3-6.3 was a career mark for him last year at the stripe, and I could see him going at least 4-4.5 in 16-17 in a reserve role.

190. Joe Johnson, Utah Jazz

Ewwww, I know Joe Johnson isn’t exactly the sleeper we were hoping for in the 190s…  But I think he can provide the Jazz second unit a spark, and have some fantasy utility in the deeper leagues.  Their subs will be lead by Dante Exum at the point, who didn’t really show much playmaking or facilitating in his rookie season.  So I could see the O running a lot through Johnson, who could pick up minutes both at SG and SF, really only contending with Alec Burks for PT in those backup roles.

191. Jaylen Brown, Boston Celtics

Wooooo, sexy upside time!  After not showing a ton in a disappointing college season, the 1-and-doner didn’t project to do much defensively with only 0.8/0.6 STL/BLK in college…  But in Summer Ball, give him first-team defensive honors!   2.3 STL and 0.8 BLK in 6 games, and he took 61 FT!  AVERAGED over 10 FT attempts a game!  Unfortunately he shot only 30.7% from the field, but showed a lot more potential upside than I thought.  He could easily slot in at backup SF or even PF minutes if they go small, so I might take a gamble in the deep leagues.

192. Meyers Leonard, Portland Trailblazers

Another commenter favorite I squashed in my ranks last year, and got right!  Yeah that’s right, I care just as much about the Meyers Leonard calls as the MCW calls…  It’s all even to me!  Haha.  Some nagging injuries cost him some run and effectiveness, but in a reserve role, he’s like a stretch version of Enes Kanter.  1.5/0.1/0.3 AST/STL/BLK last year…  Ugh!  1.4 treys going 8.4/5.1 is fine, but I don’t see enough upside for minutes for the big fellah.

193. Langston Galloway, New Orleans Pelicans

Oh man, I’m bummed!  The Harlem Renaissance moved away from New York!  No more Langston Hughes literary nickname quips…  Well, we’ll think of something if he can emerge into a sizable role in Nawleans…  I love his defensive-minded, low-TO game for fantasy, as he had 0.9 STL and only 0.7 TO as a backup in New York last season, playing all 82 games.  With all the injuries, there might be a nice combo guard role out of the gate; it’ll be boring, but with such low TO, he could be a staple in the deepest of leagues, especially in Roto.

194. Shaun Livingston, Golden State Warriors

The backup to the NBA’s best player shouldn’t be getting much street cred, but the Warriors are actually REALLY light on backup guards, especially if you count Andre Iguodala as a SF.  Livingston can obviously play both the 1 and the 2, and has such a fantasy-friendly game – high FG%, low TO, and can ship in dimes, steals, and a rogue block or two.

195. Allen Crabbe, Portland Trailblazers

…Or as Slim would say, “Crabby”!  Fresh off a preposterous deal (dude, I’ve talked about liking Crabbe since being impressed with him at Cal – but is he really worth $78+ mil?!), the Blazers then rewarded him with a bench spot by bringing in Evan Turner.  Wow, thanks Blazers!  I’m not quite sure I buy his 45.9 FG%, and everything else is just very bleh.  His stats last year in 26 MPG probably correlate down to a 22 MPG role…

196. Jarrett Jack, Atlanta Hawks

When I told him he wasn’t going to be ranked, he was like, “But wahhhhhhh!  I’m Jarrett Jack!

He’s come out and said he’ll be ready to go by opening night off his ACL last year, and a vet behind a newly-starting Dennis Schroder could get some run when the youngun makes dumb plays.  Plus I could see a few combo guard sets.  Pretty low upside, but maybe some minutes and cheap dimes come his way.

197.  E’Twuan Moore, New Orleans Pelicans

Another Pel I’m ranking due to all the minutes uncertainty, Moore has a chance to play both the PG and SG spots if given the chance.  He showed some big improvements last year with the Bulls, going 12/3.0/3.0/0.9/0.6 in 22 starts, hitting 1.4 treys on an overall 48.5% FG clip.  Dem fighting numbers!  But I have a tough time seeing him get the 31:04 MPG he needed for that stretch, even with an opportunity there. 

198. Mirza Teletovic, Milwaukee Bucks

Wow, the Bucks were last in the NBA in 3PTM last year…  I guess that’s not too surprising, with no real shooters except The Duchess.  The Bucks are fairly blah at backup SF (I know Teletovic is more a PF), and he’ll only have to fend off the overdrafted Thon Maker for backup 4 run.  I think he gets it – especially out of the gate – and he only needed 21:20 MPG to get 2.3 treys last season.  He’s useless everywhere else, and if the Bucks don’t catch fire quick, I could see them dump Telet or just phase him out for The Baby Maker (Thon’s new nickname, no one better take that!).

199. Wesley Johnson, Los Angeles Clippers

The tools are there!  And by “tools” I don’t mean Blake Griffin and “there” I don’t mean also on the Clippers…  But WesJo went 0.7/1.1 STL/BLK last year, after going 1.1/0.8 in 14-15.  He did it in a lot less run last season too, while also chipping in 1.3 treys.  It’s a low-end Swiss Army Knife, but the Clip brought him back on a $18 mil deal, with only the ghost of Paul Pierce really looming over the playing time.  Well, Luc Richard Mbah a Moute just got signed too…  What a black hole, that Clippers SF position!  It’s been this way too long!

200. Patrick Patterson, Toronto Raptors

Mr. Irrelevant!  Hahahaha, I just had to end this on PitPat.  An even lower end Swiss Army knife, at least PitPat hits all the cats with low volume, while also never turning it over.  He’s going to lose further run to Jared Sullinger, but 1.3 treys with half a block and a steal and some boards can be usable to someone?  Right?!  RIGHT?!?!?


Drop the confetti!  Wooooo!  Ranks are done!  Quibbles on anyone I may have left out?

Of course these just complete our baseline ranks, next week we’ll be putting these all together in the Master Rankings post, make a few tweaks, include Slim’s projections in there, and start putting together our Positional Tiers and Auction Values.  I hope everyone has a great weekend, and happy offseason prep, Razzball Nation!

  1. DORIAN says:

    Fantastic. Can’t really quibble with rankings this low as it’s all just a crapshoot at this point, but I will say that I’m going to be gobbling up Henson in keeper. I think Monroe is gone-roe sooner than later.

    • JB Gilpin

      JB Gilpin says:

      @DORIAN: oh for sure! I like Henson too, for maybe post trade deadline 24-26 mpg. I think the re-signing of Plumlee shows They don’t think Henson can be like a 30 mpg guy though…

  2. kai says:

    awesome! I hate all of these guys! ugh!

    hmm…who is missing…Stanley Johnson end up earlier than this? He should be able to edge out Marcus by the end of the year.

    also can post now or on the master rankin’, but i decided that the Oladipo rankin is really ranklin me, and have a pretty good defense for why Middleton should be higher than him. Just gotta.

    • kai says:

      oh wait, i see stanjo on there now.

      • JB Gilpin

        JB Gilpin says:

        @kai: hahaha well at least that means I ranked all the RIGHT guys 1-150! I dunno if StanJo can really take that role, Marcus is still really solid and fairly young. He’d need to really fix the fg% and to as I mentioned.

        Sounds like an interesting call! Put it on the main ranks post! I’ll be republishing that early next week with all the top 200 on there

  3. Drez1 says:

    Sup fellas, got a quick one for ya. I just grabbed Skal, J.Hernangomez, and T.Luwawu in a 20 team dynasty rookie draft. Probably gonna flip one or two of them for immediate production, but I’m not who’s worth holding onto. Any opinions on these 3? Thanks.

    • Slim

      Slim says:

      @Drez1: Let’s see… in redraft I’ll go with an order of Luwawu cause the sixers have nothing long term at the 2, Hernangomez cause Denver doesn’t really have a stretch 4 but I expect more wins this year from them so I’m not really expecting Hernangomez to get off the bench, then Skal cause he is so raw and offers no offense yet. Long term… I think I might keep it the same order. Honestly I was surprised how far Luwawu fell in the real draft. I like his 3-and-D upside quite a bit and I’m not sure Hernangomez ever turns into much outside of a 3pt specialist. Skal has upside but it’s real hard to trust that comes to fruition on the Kings.

      • JB Gilpin

        JB Gilpin says:

        @Drez1: @Slim: I am 10000000% with Slim’s list. Lovvvvve the upside of Luwawu. amazing athlete, and he already has a good % shot in the time he’s played overseas.

  4. dan-o1 says:

    5 spots still need to be filled in the “WE-GOT-A-TROPHY” league. draft is in 2 days,so let’s do eeet!!!.

    JB has top 200 done,so no excuses…join,please!

    • JB Gilpin

      JB Gilpin says:

      @dan-o1: I’m gonna put this on Twitter, let’s get this filled up!

    • JB Gilpin

      JB Gilpin says:

      @dan-o1: Got it filled woooooo!

  5. Lasandro says:

    Thank you so much for including a David Cross standup ref.. he’s honestly one of my all time fav comedians. Must’ve listened to his four albums 20 times over!

    • JB Gilpin

      JB Gilpin says:

      @Lasandro: HELL YES! Love David Cross standup! Probably my favorite as well. The special with the joke that starts “I was watching something the other day, where this guy stands in the middle of an audience, and like, pretends he can talk to loved ones who passed away” [audience starts shouting “Crossing over with Jon Edward”!] “Crossing over with – – no no, it was church!” Haha. Love that one.

  6. Quaz says:

    amazing work this far in guys. Really helpful !

    Looking for your thoughts on something – drafting at 9 in a 12 team H2H snake draft. I’ve been looking at “pairing” the first 2 picks. Who would go well with who…

    Starting to look into just picking the 2 best players available regardless of position, guys who i think will finish the season highest, THEN building around those 2.


    • JB Gilpin

      JB Gilpin says:

      @Quaz: Thanks so much for stopping by! Cool, yeah that’s what I typically do too, I let the draft come to me. Any of Kawhi/Giannis/Whiteside I would love at 9. Whiteside and Wall is a fun combo. Giannis and Millsap would be AWESOME. And Kawhi really goes with anyone, probably would go Lowry or Wall

  7. Russell MacDougall says:

    In an 8 cat redraft, lets assume I can go Durant(4th)/Whiteside(13th)/B.Lopez(28th) is that a hot start or maybe explore a different direction? Say KD and K.Lowry? I worry about the very real pg arms race in my league and might just throw assts stls but wanted to see if you thought kd mixes better with a Lowry. Lastly it seems like my league mates are low on poison-goose and I could maybe snag him in 4. Would he gel with the first 3 mentioned or should I go back to solidifying 3s and points with a McCollum type pick? This was long for how strangely hypothetical…. Oh well Thanks!

    • JB Gilpin

      JB Gilpin says:

      @Russell MacDougall: In 8 cat, yeah I don’t love it because 8 cat usually puts a premium on AST sources. Yeah pretty much as you said too. I don’t love the Goose in the 4th with that team since you don’t really need his BLK and FG% drain from a big doesn’t fit too well, that said, in the 4th the value would be too good and you could always trade. i like KD/Lowry/Brolo more in 8 cat indeed. Hah, no question is ever too long!

  8. jay says:

    So finally done with my draft on a 12T, 9cat, H2H, keeper league. Here’s the order. 1st pick.

    Dipo (Kristaps and LA got picked ahead)
    Gary Harris
    Danny Green
    Marcus Smart

    Few things..

    Yes I have 3 Nuggets players and in hindsight I should have skipped over Gary Harris and maybe gotten Avery Bradley or Marvin Williams instead. Nevertheless, since I have 3 Nuggets players, I named my team Turd Nuggets.

    Nurk was obviously a semi handcuff to Jokic but he does hurt my FT% a bit.

    Team basically dominates stls, above avg on 3s, FT, FG and TOs. Avg on the rebs and slightly below avg on the blks and the reason being is that the FT punt team has Kawhi/Whiteside/DJ/ADr/Nerlens. If that team ever trades away a couple of his blockers, I’d be weak on blks and below avg on rebs too. Pts is also below avg. Assists is a punt cat.

    So I have 2 really strong cats (stls and 3s). 3 above avg but not going to beat every team with it like 3s and stls (ft, fg, TOs). 3 weak cats in assists, pts and blocks. and 1 avg cat- reb that can go to below avg in a heartbeat on a trade with that ft punt team.

    Was thinking of offering this– Steph/Jokic/Nurk for Kawhi/DJ/ADr and another trade (securing this first I think is key as a back up in case one of the ft punt boys gets in) of Capela for Dieng or some combo.

    Was thinking that I’d go from strong 3s to avg 3s (will try to stream). i’d basically dominate blks stls, and fg at this point. Above avg in Rebs. TOs should be top tier as well. FT and assists will be punting. Pts is a wash but i was low on that anyway.

    Would love to get both JB and Slim’s thought on this.

    • jay says:

      @jay: i guess it could also be Kanter for Capela but for some reason, i’m not as confident that Thibs will play Dieng/KAT as many minutes together as last month or so last season. Have a feeling we might see more KAT/Aldrich than most are expecting.

      • JB Gilpin

        JB Gilpin says:

        @jay: Hahaha Turd Nuggets it is! Yeah I’m not on the Gary Harris hype train, def woulda liked Bradley, but the team still looks good! Not worried at all on the minimal impact Nurk will have on your Ft% and I love his stroke, it might come around as soon as this season. I actually think your Pts are fine, I’m huge on Fournier’s upside for scoring this year. Yeahhhhh, that FT punt team will beat you in the REB/BLK, but sheesh they went overboard. Can’t see them being strong anywhere else.

        Mannnn, yeah I would have a tough time not doing that deal if it was offered to you. Sooooo much value for the risk of the young Denver bigs. I would do it if he accepts.

        Def wouldn’t move Dieng for Capela though! Even though Dieng wouldn’t fit your new build, I would shop around for muchhhhh higher. Nah I don’t see KAT Aldrich at all, both are pretty pure-C onlies to me

        • jay says:

          @JB Gilpin: thanks JB!! Yeah, maybe I can keep Dieng and look to see if Kanter for Capela will work. I still think we see some KAT Aldrich mins together but probably more situational and opposing lineups. Would allow KAT to breath against some beating from opposing centers.

          • JB Gilpin

            JB Gilpin says:

            @jay: Maybe, and don’t get me wrong, I REALLY lie Aldrich. I feel like he’s shined every chance he’s gotten to play big minutes. And KAT can shoot, with Aldrich playing post… I dunno though, I feel like it would be odd for them to run the pair together a lot, unless maybe against the biggest of front lines

            • jay says:

              @JB Gilpin: yeah i think you’re right. well at this point, i might need a new battle plan…Middleton out for 6m–pretty much whole of fantasy regular season. thank goodness for IR slot.

              • Jay says:

                @jay: don’t want to get to excited who replace him with from w/in the bucks as reports saying they’re looking for a trade. Gay maybe?

                But if no trade, id take a flyer on Brogdon. ACC baby!

                Yahoo slow to put him on INJ so not in a rush.

                Also eyeing Kyle Anderson of the Spurs.

                End of the day, tough to replace a 3rd/early 4th rd pick. Fortunately, I’m stacked on the stls dept. So really just help on the 3s w/o killing FG would likely be enough to buy me time.

                • JB Gilpin

                  JB Gilpin says:

                  @Jay: Uggggghhhhh, yeah this one hurts. Gay would be a great get at a low price for them. Hah I love Brogdon too! I think they’d play Vaughn more though, for the 3pt shooting. Yahoo usually doesn’t put INJ on until right when the season starts, sadly…

                  • jay says:

                    @JB Gilpin: Brogdon had a pretty nice 39% shooting 3s in his senior yr. Although, it is NCAA dimensions. Not the sweetest strokes out there either.

                    As for my team, Yahoo finally got him on INJ status. Now time to move on.

                    I had an overload in Stls so while no Duchess reduces the margin, I’m still atop my league with RHJ, Dipo, Curry and tack ons from wings+ bigs. Pts was a semi weak spot so that’s going down the drain as I’d rather stream that vs get a scorer that would kill me in FG so I’ll hold off on that for now. FT still good and now TOs will be good too. 3s are going to be more avg so I’d welcome somewhat of a comeback from Danny Green.

                    I ended up going for Aldrich (vs E. Gordon). 2 reasons: I wasn’t going to battle for pts anyway and I’d likely be streaming a lot more than not for this final slot. Aldrich slightly improves my FG. Won’t hurt my FT, helps pad the stls up again. AND with that one team hoarding Whiteside/Adr/DJ/Nerlens, it’s so much easier to be a top tier team in blocks and to a lesser extent rebs vs other teams that only have 2-3 bigs.

                    Eric Gordon is appealing though. He’s labeled as a constant inj risk and he DOES get inj a lot but the last couple of yrs it hasn’t been a repeat of the knees. I like his role in Houston even if he’s likely coming off the bench.

                    • JB Gilpin

                      JB Gilpin says:

                      @jay: Def love his shot! But I think he can flourish more in mid-range, but we’ll see how the added sitance impacts him.

                      As long as the plan is to stream Aldrich by the first weekend, I don’t mind it 🙂 But I don’t see him being a hold really…

                      Yeah I thought I would be more interested on Gordon, but for rankings-terms for a full season, I just can’t get over the injuries. Def like him as a roster filler – could backup both Pbev and Harden

  9. Peaniece says:

    JB my maaaan!!!! A new journey has began. I have to defend my fantasy king throne but this time theres gonna be moooore people… Look forward to a long series of questions that I’ll be asking starting october LOL. For now I wanna ask what is the most optimal draft pick number if you’re playing for a 9cat h2h league with 20 people? I’m currently on pick 15 and according to the espn projections, it’s gonna land me whiteside (might not be though). Should I plead to trade with another guy’s draft order or what single draft pick trades can I make. For example (just an example) 2nd and 3rd pick (26, 55 overall) for curry. Thanks in advance!!

    • Peaniece says:

      @Peaniece: Also may I add, what are your thoughts on espn’s rankings? It’s wayyy different from yours. How confident are you that you have the better projection 😛 :D?

      • JB Gilpin

        JB Gilpin says:

        @Peaniece: Yoooo, what is good my man?! Hah sounds like a plan! Whoa, I would LOVE Whiteside at 15. I would say I would like pick 1 and get Curry to destroy 3s, pick 4 or 5 to land one of the top 4 or KAT and get a decent swing pick in the 2nd, or pick 20. I would ABSOLUTELY trade those two picks for Curry, even in a deep league.

        Well, I have only really looked at Yahoo’s, and haven’t even touched ESPN yet. I’m confident in that I did pretty well last year! Yeah a few whiffs, but that’ll always happen

  10. Moshe says:

    WTF kris middleton is out for 6 months !!! what would be the impact on the other milwaukee players ranking?

    • Peaniece says:

      @Moshe: Just adding to his question JB, with this, will you take Dellavedova over zubac?

      • JB Gilpin

        JB Gilpin says:

        @Moshe: @Peaniece: Yeah man… Killer! I’m working on my ranks right now, I’m moving Parker and Teletovic up. They say they wanna trade, so I don’t think I’m moving any of the SG backups they have yet. If I was draftign a deep league today, might take a flier on Vaughn.

        Ummmm, I think it’s team need at that point, I’m not moving Della up any if at all, I don’t think it impacts him too much. Maybe an added 0.5 3PTA a game depending on who they bring in

  11. patrickindo says:

    whats going on guys. check my draft and let me know 16 team h2h 9cat

    1. (3) James Harden (Hou – SG,SF)
    2. (30) Isaiah Thomas (Bos – PG)
    3. (35) Brook Lopez (Bkn – C)
    4. (62) Jrue Holiday (NO – PG)
    5. (67) Chandler Parsons (Mem – SF,PF)
    6. (94) Evan Fournier (Orl – SG,SF)
    7. (99) Jusuf Nurkic (Den – C)
    8. (126) Markieff Morris (Was – PF,C)
    9. (131) Jared Sullinger (Tor – PF,C)
    10. (158) Tim Frazier (NO – PG)
    11. (163) Matt Barnes (Sac – SG,SF)
    12. (190) John Henson (Mil – PF,C)
    13. (195) Ivica Zubac (LAL – C)

    anybody I should try trade? i’m low on big man stats and steals.. thinking trading thomas for gobert and RHJ

    • JB Gilpin

      JB Gilpin says:

      @patrickindo: Yeah same thought here, looks a little light at big. Damnnnnnn Parsons at 67 and Fournier at 94! Love those values. Yeah I think that trade would be great for you, your FG% is decent, but it really gets shored up with IT2 gone and a big man there. Holiday will be the huge X factor for this team

      • patrickindo says:

        @JB Gilpin: ya i suspect the other managers got greedy thanks to the yahoo ranks. gobert was taken in the 50s range, hopefully he takes the offer

        • JB Gilpin

          JB Gilpin says:

          @patrickindo: Damn, yeah that’s good value for Gobert!

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