As we prepare for the 2016-17 Fantasy Basketball Season, I’ll be taking a look at each NBA team with their major adds and drops to see if we can pan for any surprise rotational gold.  This open is especially witty for the Nuggets.  We’ll be counting down from worst NBA regular season to the best, mainly because I’m still figuring out how to rank the Warriors…

Sacramento Kings (33-49)


Key Acquisitions:

Arron Afflalo

Matt Barnes

G Ty Lawson

F Anthony Tolliver

C Georgios Papagiannis (Rookie)

Garrett Temple

G Malachi Richardson (Rookie)

F/C Skal Labissiere (Rookie)

G Isaiah Cousins (Rookie)

Key Losses:

G Rajon Rondo

Marco Belinelli

G Seth Curry

G James Anderson

F Quincy Acy

The last remaining semblance that this organization had anything under control…

Man, hard to believe the laughing stock of the West had at least a bearable record.  I thought they were a sub-30 win team!  I guess Rondo is worth a few wins above replacement…  Dammit, I’m still in baseball mode!

Let’s not cut corners – this still looks like a pretty brutal squad.  Especially when you factor in a suspension to one of your key guys, his backup has bad suspension issues of his own, and your option B scorer is just trying to burn bridges on the way out, hoping and praying for a trade before the season.  Lord give me strength!  Here’s how the Kings roster is coming together (or falling apart…):

PG – Projected Starter – Ty Lawson then Darren Collison

Wow, first time I’ve done this!  We got into a much deeper discussion on Collison and his off-the-court stuff in the comments which you can read here.  His court date is Sept 8, then the league has to hand down their decision, and I’m pretty sure the league can suspend him regardless of the trial outcome.  What a mess.  Par for the course for the Kings.

Production wise, I was primed to be all about some Colly.  Slim and I loved him game despite Rondo coming in and kinking it all up, but he still had a pretty usable 15-16.  I certainly think we can expect him to be right at his 13-14 numbers when he last started, which was a top-50 per-game PG.

For whatever stretch of time Colly is likely missing, vet Ty Lawson should be able to carry the torch at starting PG, that is if he can walk in a straight line.  Great work, Kings!  Bring in a vet with DUI issues to be your stopgap for a PG with domestic violence issues!  Sheesh.  Lawson was dreadful for the Rockets as he played his way from big minutes to out of the rotation to out of the door, then finally a final run of nothing that meaningful in IND.  At least with the Pacers he had a 4.4:1.0 AST:TO in only 18 MPG, but that was a 13 game sample.  Deep leagues might wanna take a flier on Lawson and maybe you stream him the first week or two when needed, but blah.

Key Reserves – Isaiah Cousins

PG depth when/if Collison is suspended is a REAL issue for this team.  From what I’ve seen, I don’t think Isaiah is related to Boogie, but I dunno.  I did learn he has a nickname of DJ Fragga Benz, so there’s that…  He was a running mate of Buddy Hield at Oklahoma, but he’s not ready to play a big role.  If the Collison suspension is lengthy, expect the Kings to nab another PG off the scrap heap.  Hopefully one without issues.  Bring back Jimmer, he can The Book or Mormon the shit out of this team and fix everything!

SG – Projected Starter – Arron Afflalo

A-R-Ron!  Everyone’s favorite empty scorer kept it nice and empty with 12.8 Pts, 1.3 treys, and absolutely nothing else of value.  As they told Michael Clayton – “you have a niche!”  Man I love that movie…  So underrated.

Key Reserves – Ben McLemore, Garrett Temple, Malachi Richardson

Behind Afflalo’s 28-30 MPG probably, the Kings will continue to subdue any sort of development for Ben McLemore.  I’ve never been a fan of his, but I like him better than the Kings apparently do!  Although if Gay is traded, maybe McLemore can start if they wanna go small and play Barnes at the 4.  Then there’s McLemore as a trade chip himself, so who knows…  Temple is a nice little player to backup PG, SG, and SF as need be.  Nice roster filler.  Lastly, Malachi I bet has some D-League in his future.  Fortune telling 101!

SF – Projected Starter – Rudy Gay?

I’m Ron Burgundy?  Yeah, things haven’t looked this bad for a player/front office relationship in a while.  After saying he had no idea who his new teammates were, the Kings are reported by Basketball Insiders to “not want a lot for him” in the trade market.  Ha!  Basically saying, “F it, we’ll take whatever!”.  But for now, pencil him in for his usual high-scoring season with usable-enough peripheral stats to be useful.

Key Reserves – Omri Casspi, Anthony Tolliver

It seems light, but the Kings have a lot of multi-position wings with McLemore/Temple/Afflalo all able to play the 3 if they really had to.  Tolliver is a low minute ThrAGNOF, aka unusable in probably all leagues.

[edit] Oops, forgot about the Hebrew Hammer!  My bad, I got crossed up trying to figure out how this team would handle Gay/no Gay. Man I didn’t realize how solid he was in a deep league sense last year!  Seems like a good fit for a Joerger team too…  If Gay gets moved, I would make Casspi a deep league target for me across the board, but I dunno if he’ll project as draftable in standards…

PF – Projected Starter – Matt Barnes

Right now Rotoworld has him starting at the 3, but a ton will be in flux if they dump Gay.  Former Grizzlies coach and apparently money-savvy, Shark Tank-guru Dave Joerger (look out Cuban!) loves Barnes as much as a new tattoo, and plans to utilize Barnes a lot like he did last year as a stretch-4.  As I’m writing this, I’m like “damn I need to rank Barnes pretty well!”  Great situation, regardless of which F position he finds himself playing more minutes.

Key Reserves – Willie Cauley-Stein, Skal Labissiere

WCS is like, “wtf is my team doing with all these centers!”  Of course he can backup some 5 minutes, but now it seems like they’re forcing his great defensive game to the stretch-4.  And since he can’t shoot, teams won’t see him as a center when he hits free agency due to PF mins, and his career is ruined.  RUINED!  Skal apparently got some love from Joerger, but I dunno if there’s much there for redraft.  Deep, deep dyno flier though, given his pedigree.

C – Projected Starter – DeMarcus Cousins

After several years of being ranked as a late first-rounder, I’m all out on Boogie, moving him down to 16.  Well, that’s not “quite” all out, but you get the gist.  His FT% has DRAMATICALLY regressed to 71.8% on 10.2 attempts, which pretty much makes him a punt-only kinda pick.  Yes, his TO went down a smidge, but as I’ve mentioned several times, Rondo is a TO-vortex who just absorbs extra TO and keeps them from others.  I bet Boogie goes to 4+ again.  And of course the worst thing: the games played.  Can’t stay woogie with Boogie if the Boogie ain’t der!

Key Reserves – Kosta Koufos, Georgios Papagiannis

Pretty much half the Kings roster is Cs…  It’s annoying too, because Koufos is a pretty good player.  Just never gotten a full-time ride.  And even with 2 or 3 injuries, STILL WOULDN’T for the Kings!  Haha.  But he should play most of the backup 5, even if his name has been thrown into the trade rumor mill as well.  Playing whatever scrap heap run he can get (if he’s not in the D-League), Georgios Papa John’s Giannis will get garbage time work.  The 19-year-old 7’2er has long term upside, but isn’t ready.


JB’s 2016-17 Projection: 27-55

Collison suspension… Gay hates it here…  They want to trade anyone with a pulse except for Boogie…  This team is in disarray, and I don’t see how they can replicate 15-16’s record with the very blah group of additions.

  1. A Hill O' Beans says:

    Hahaha, love the take on Willie Cayley Stein! Ruined!

  2. Ryan says:

    I want no part of this team on draft day. None.

    Seems like Colly will be drafted before I’d be comfortable taking him. I’m a fan of WCS and Kouf as well, but I wouldn’t be surprised if I’m able to snag them off the wire in most leagues. Cousins is a 1st rd talent in my book, but is not even worth a mid-2nd to me this year..

    I’m very sympathetic to Boogie btw. Gets a bad rap for his on-court antics, but it seems like he does a lot of good things in the community, and tries to keep it quiet as well. I can’t even blame him for his temper, because I would be going fucking insane if I had to play for this organization.

    They are doing NOTHING to help him out. WTF Kings! He NEEDS spacing. Go out and get another legit shooter and tell him to stop taking 3+ 3PA pg. The treys and the same crazy-high usage made his FG% drop so low last year, that I don’t even think he’s a good punt-FT pick because he won’t give you a solid FG%. He only shot .451 last year and was barely inside the top-50 in per-game overall value IIRC.

    • JB Gilpin

      JB Gilpin says:

      @Ryan: Yeah me either… Colly I would’ve been all about, but we’ll see how the legal stuff happens. I don’t really know about his outreach stuff, but yeah, he’s silly on the court at times haha. I would go insane too!

      Yeah that’s a great point for Cousins – FG% doesn’t back the huge volume FT drain that well. You’d think Rondo would help him get better shots, but guess not… I haven’t owned Cousins in years now and I expect that to continue.

  3. Jay says:

    Don’t know if it makes sense for OKC but they could use some reliable production from the SF position. Just not sure Gay is right type of SF for them. Of course the combo of Ilyasova/Single doesn’t seem like that combo can hold for a whole season.

    A Gay to OKC would hurt Dipo production no?

    • JB Gilpin

      JB Gilpin says:

      @Jay: Yeah that would be a good fit, definitely makes them a big team. Might see some small ball lineups run em out of the gym in the frontcourt. But yeah, it would scare me on Dipo for sure

  4. Moshe says:

    Hi JB.

    1Q, what about omri casspi at the SP position ?

    he was good last season with 11.8/5.9/1.4/0.8 with 1.6 treys and only 1.4 TO, 48.1% FG.
    he was even better as a starter when Rudy was out, 14/7/1.7/0.7 with 2.3 treys 1.8 TO and 50.5% FG.

    it seems that every year ppl forget about him being one of the only kings to play good basketball.

    • Wook says:

      @Moshe: Good question.

      • JB Gilpin

        JB Gilpin says:

        @Moshe: @Wook: Yeahhhhh, that was a fubar on me haha. I kept editing the forwards and I accidentally forgot to paste his name over bc I had Barnes at SF at first, then saw more and more it looks like he’s playing more PF. But yeah, his numbers were really surprising. I thought he just had a Babbitt-esque spike here and there, but it was consistent. As I just edited in the article above, if Gay gets moved, Casspi will be a prime target in deepers, and even 12er sleeper if it looks like they’ll start him. But they may just put McLemore at SF at first for trade value or something…

        • Moshe says:

          @JB Gilpin: if gay is moved my money is on Casspi to start at the SF spot. he is the best 3pt shooter in the team and made a huge change in the way he go for rebounds that made him to be a good rebunder for long range rebounds.

          • JB Gilpin

            JB Gilpin says:

            @Moshe: I can’t disagree with any of this. But it is the Kings who do illogical stuff all the time haha. I could totally see them playing McLemore and trying to deadline dump him haha

  5. Lasandro says:

    I LOL’s at the burgundy quote. “The Human Torch was denied a bank loan.” Vivek WOULD prob deny anyone a bank loan, that douche.

    Dude, Barnes!! I damn near forgot that a) he’s in a great position for mins and b) his coach effing loves him! How is he not in your top 100? No way in hayl I’m picking Winslow over Neck-Tat.

    • JB Gilpin

      JB Gilpin says:

      @Lasandro: Haha thanks man!

      Yeah he’s in the 100-110 range. I just dunno if he plays 30 MPG while Winslow might get 34 so that sold me on it. Plus Barnes is mad old, despite being pretty durable his career I believe… Barnes is def in a great situation though!

  6. Foreign Affairs says:

    I forget how much of a trainwreck this team is until I look at it again I think its a defense mechanism. Collison plead guilty, so from the sounds of it he’ll be suspended for awhile to start the year atleast….can’t say im rushing to draft Lawson given his recent history but if he’s passable I think this becomes a timeshare.

    I think Mclemore is worth keeping an eye on in deeper leagues, from what I heard going into his draft he really needed a nurturing environment to develop…so not the Knigs but if Joeger is a supportive and good coach for this team he has potential, otherwise hes a guy I hope gets traded.

    ps. By God, Is the Smoothie King Center built on an Indian Burial Ground or something, with the todays sad news for Jrue Holidays pregnant wife it looks like hes going to be in the 65 games range again and definitely not in regular season shape since I really doubt he’ll be spending much time in the gym. I just want to abduct all those players and send them to other teams before anything else happens.

    • Lasandro says:

      @Foreign Affairs: it really is out of the blue. For fantasy, it bloody sucks. In reality, the operation sounds like it’ll be a standard one, but the poor girl needs to give birth to their child first smh..

      Guess Frazier will be running point. At least on the days reke isn’t out there.

      • JB Gilpin

        JB Gilpin says:

        @Foreign Affairs: @Lasandro: Well good for Collison admitting it I guess… Ugh what a nightmare. But yeah, Lawson has one last shot to be OK… I just never thought McLemore was that great, I think he needs a change of environement too though.

        Ugh yeah the Jrue thing sucks, but good for him putting fam first. Agree on the Pels though, it’s just a voodoo nightmare!

        • Foreign Affairs says:

          @JB Gilpin: Yeah i’ve never been convinced on McLemore but given how terrible the kings have been his whole time there he atleast has a chance to show something we haven’t seen in a new environment…then again people did say that for Stauskas…Thomas Robinson…Jimmer…so not a great track record.

          Im glad it looks like besides waiting to have the baby to be born everything should go okay for the Jrue’s family.

          But so many voodoo things going on with that team, is it a curse from the “Basketball reasons” trade veto, and because it can’t be mentioned enough this is the team Terrance Jones thought he should go to prove his value for a better contract..with his history…jeez.

          While I’ve soured on Buddy I think he’s a solid draftable thargnof at worst now since last I heard Reke wouldn’t be ready to start the season and with that “quality” guard depth and wing depth theres alot of minutes for him to get even if he might not be ready for all of them.

          ps. im in a 14 team standard 5 keepers redraft league with 2 first and 2 second round picks, no 3rd or 4th picks since I traded up. The Guys im trying to pick between to hold onto are
          Kyle Lowry, Giannas, Bledsoe, Mike Conley, Derozan, Reggie Jackson, Elfrid Payton, my passable Bigs got traded away in me moving up in the draft. Im thinking Lowry,Giannas, Bledsoe, Reggie and Derozan right now.

          • JB Gilpin

            JB Gilpin says:

            @Foreign Affairs: Hah yeah the Kings haven’t developed much internally, that’s for sure.

            Hah yup I said the same in the Pels preview re: Jones haha.

            Yeah minutes will be there for Hield, but I’m still not too convinced he will do much beyond score and treys. So very very ThrAGNOF for sure.

            So keeping 5, yeah your first 3 are locks. I think I like the 5 you picked, the only close ones are the 3 PG. I like Reggie for the upside, maybe he can become a 4th rounder by 17-18

  7. Philzilla says:

    I like Barnes more than any other player on this team. Should be good value on the later rounds. Collison will get 20 games and Lawson is worth a late round flyer. Never again on Cousins. It’s not just the fts, it’s the sitting in the playoffs that kills it for me.

    • JB Gilpin

      JB Gilpin says:

      @Philzilla: I don’t disagree with any of this. Still wanna see what the final Colly suspension will be. I hope Silver is harsh.

  8. kai says:

    listened to zach lowe with joerger, sounds like dave is going to try a buncha different lineup combos. didn’t talk about the PG problem at all.

    • JB Gilpin

      JB Gilpin says:

      @kai: With Barnes able to play 3 and 4 and a few SG who could play SF, and Gay maybe traded… Yeah a lot could happen. But yeah not getting to PG just shows what a mess this team is haha

  9. DORIAN says:

    I’m a die-hard KINGS fan, so take my comments with a grain of salt, but also know that I know a heck of a lot about this team.

    Right now the team is definitely going to be one of those “better in real life than fantasy” teams. Joeger isn’t just a cranky inflexible husk of a formerly good coach like Karl was, and the front office has really tightened itself up in the last year following the debacles that have made them the Cleveland Browns of the NBA the last few years.

    This team is much deeper in winning talent than last year, but not so much in fantasy pop, as mentioned.

    Pg: Lawson and Collison are going to amount to a net upgrade at the position, but don’t be surprised if Temple sees a decent amount of time backing up Lawson to start the season.

    Sg: yes afflalo is meh fantasy-wise, but he’s a big upgrade over a terrible Bellineli, and Ben can’t be trusted. I still think Ben could pop under Joeger’s a teaching influence. Finally Garret Temple might be a fantasy non factor, but he’s the kind of two way player that good teams need in the backcourt.

    Sf/pf/c: yes too many options, but most of them can contribute to a winning team.

    Overall I like this team to finish at .500 for the first time in a decade if they play to expectations. If they play above, they could really surprise some people.

    • JB Gilpin

      JB Gilpin says:

      @DORIAN: Wow, I think this is the first time I’ve heard someone say they’re a Kings fan. Glad you like the way the team is going!

      “cranky inflexible husk of a formerly good coach” hahaha wow!

      Totally agree on Temple. I wasn’t too in-depth, but I did mention he could backup PG as well. That was a good get for a team needing 1-3 depth.

      Wow, .500?! I just think that’s gonna be so tough, Lawson was miserable when given minutes last year. Young big men. Gay in disarray with the team direction. I think maybe next year as Joerger figures out his guys, but I think this will be a bumpy one 🙁

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