UPDATED: 10/16/2017

Man, you guys don’t even know. There’s been a mob outside my house every night for the past two weeks carrying tiki torches and screaming, “We want the Top 200 with stats!” Or at least I think that’s what they were saying. Anyways, big shout out to Rudy who waved his magic wand and created the beautiful looking spreadsheet below. It even sorts. Here is Rudy in his lab:

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Before I continue, RCLs are up and running, so come one come all. See if you are truly the best of the best. Sign up HERE.

Just a few bullet points regarding the updated rankings.

  • I moved KAT from #4 to #2. The more I thought about it and the more I participated in drafts, that center eligibility, combined with the across-the-board stats he puts up puts him ahead of Kevin Durant and Stephen Curry. By the time your second round pick comes around, potentially eight centers are off the board.
  • I moved Isaiah Thomas way down. I wanted to punt him out of the Top 200, but I love him too much. Here’s the thing, while the headlines are saying he could be back in January, I have some serious doubts. Take a look at these quotes: “Thomas was advised by the Celtics to take three months off following the Eastern Conference finals to heal the hip, and the inactive recovery plan did not bear many improvements.” That’s not good. But wait, it gets even better. “Since adopting the Cavs’ plan – which includes a nutritional approach – Thomas has made gains both physically and mentally, sources said, as he has experienced positive results.” What?! That’s some good ass food they got in Cleveland. It’s not done, though. “Thomas’ rehab has gone so well the Cavs have had to urge him to be patient with his eventual return date…The team is also ruling out surgery as an option…However, they could explore a more radical treatment option such as a platelet-rich plasma injection into the hip as time goes on.” I don’t know about you but my BS antenna just bugged the F out. Of course, the risk/reward is worth it at some point in the draft. Unfortunately, I’ve been seeing him go as high as the third round. There is no way I’m spending that high-draft capital for a, in my opinion, huge risk.
  • With Alan Williams done for the year due to knee surgery, I replaced him with Alex Len.
  • Markieff Morris had sports hernia surgery and will most likely miss 15 games. I knocked him down from #81 to #163.

Alright, let me know if I missed anything. Here you guys go:

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