UPDATED: 10/16/2017

Man, you guys don’t even know. There’s been a mob outside my house every night for the past two weeks carrying tiki torches and screaming, “We want the Top 200 with stats!” Or at least I think that’s what they were saying. Anyways, big shout out to Rudy who waved his magic wand and created the beautiful looking spreadsheet below. It even sorts. Here is Rudy in his lab:

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Before I continue, RCLs are up and running, so come one come all. See if you are truly the best of the best. Sign up HERE.

Just a few bullet points regarding the updated rankings.

  • I moved KAT from #4 to #2. The more I thought about it and the more I participated in drafts, that center eligibility, combined with the across-the-board stats he puts up puts him ahead of Kevin Durant and Stephen Curry. By the time your second round pick comes around, potentially eight centers are off the board.
  • I moved Isaiah Thomas way down. I wanted to punt him out of the Top 200, but I love him too much. Here’s the thing, while the headlines are saying he could be back in January, I have some serious doubts. Take a look at these quotes: “Thomas was advised by the Celtics to take three months off following the Eastern Conference finals to heal the hip, and the inactive recovery plan did not bear many improvements.” That’s not good. But wait, it gets even better. “Since adopting the Cavs’ plan – which includes a nutritional approach – Thomas has made gains both physically and mentally, sources said, as he has experienced positive results.” What?! That’s some good ass food they got in Cleveland. It’s not done, though. “Thomas’ rehab has gone so well the Cavs have had to urge him to be patient with his eventual return date…The team is also ruling out surgery as an option…However, they could explore a more radical treatment option such as a platelet-rich plasma injection into the hip as time goes on.” I don’t know about you but my BS antenna just bugged the F out. Of course, the risk/reward is worth it at some point in the draft. Unfortunately, I’ve been seeing him go as high as the third round. There is no way I’m spending that high-draft capital for a, in my opinion, huge risk.
  • With Alan Williams done for the year due to knee surgery, I replaced him with Alex Len.
  • Markieff Morris had sports hernia surgery and will most likely miss 15 games. I knocked him down from #81 to #163.

Alright, let me know if I missed anything. Here you guys go:

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Note: Filters and sorting in the table below apply to the output!

Giannis Antetokounmpo0.5150.7550.621.
Karl-Anthony Towns0.5450.8251.425.
Kevin Durant0.5300.8801.925.
Stephen Curry0.4750.9004.
Anthony Davis0.5100.8000.727.
Chris Paul0.4700.8901.918.54.810.
Russell Westbrook0.4300.8302.
James Harden0.4450.8603.329.
Nikola Jokic0.5500.8200.717.
Kawhi Leonard0.4800.8752.
Demarcus Cousins0.4550.7701.823.511.
Rudy Gobert0.6500.6650.
Jimmy Butler0.4550.8601.422.
John Wall0.4450.8001.222.54.410.
Lebron James0.5300.6901.525.
Damian Lillard0.4400.9003.
Myles Turner0.4950.8000.817.
Kristaps Porzingis0.4600.8101.920.
Draymond Green0.4450.7101.
Kyrie Irving0.4650.8902.
Hassan Whiteside0.5750.6400.
Paul George0.4500.8852.921.
Kyle Lowry0.4300.8152.820.
Paul Millsap0.4700.7601.
Kevin Love0.4250.8302.318.510.
C.J. McCollum0.4700.8802.523.
Bradley Beal0.4650.7952.621.
Klay Thompson0.4700.8703.422.
Marc Gasol0.4600.8301.520.
Kemba Walker0.4400.8502.922.
Mike Conley0.4500.8402.
Al Horford0.4800.8001.314.
Gordon Hayward0.4650.8302.
Joel Embiid0.4700.7801.
Eric Bledsoe0.4400.8151.519.
Ricky Rubio0.4100.8601.013.54.311.
Brook Lopez0.4800.8001.
Blake Griffin0.4900.7500.723.
Victor Oladipo0.4400.8001.518.
Goran Dragic0.4800.7751.
Lonzo Ball0.4100.7201.
Jusuf Nurkic0.5000.6500.
Jeff Teague0.4400.8601.416.
Dennis Smith Jr.0.4500.7001.
Nikola Vucevic0.4800.7250.215.510.
Khris Middleton0.4450.8801.816.
Avery Bradley0.4550.7702.
Gary Harris0.5000.7902.
D’Angelo Russell0.4100.7702.418.
Aaron Gordon0.4550.7001.
Jrue Holiday0.4500.7751.515.
Robert Covington0.4000.8152.413.
Otto Porter0.5000.8252.
Ben Simmons0.4800.6700.
DeMar DeRozan0.4550.8400.523.
DeAndre Jordan0.6750.4500.
Serge Ibaka0.4700.8601.714.
Jamal Murray0.4000.8801.713.
Andre Drummond0.5250.3800.013.513.
Trevor Ariza0.4100.7502.412.
Devin Booker0.4230.8352.
Markelle Fultz0.4500.6501.
James Johnson0.4750.7001.
Julius Randle0.4700.7150.315.
Carmelo Anthony0.4350.8302.
Brandon Ingram0.4250.6751.
Guillermo Hernangomez0.5250.7250.114.510.
Marquese Chriss0.4450.6251.
Lamarcus Aldridge0.4800.8200.
Harrison Barnes0.4650.8501.
Clint Capela0.6500.5000.
Tobias Harris0.4750.8451.316.
Nerlens Noel0.5800.7000.
Andrew Wiggins0.4500.7601.
Elfrid Payton0.4500.6900.312.
Jeremy Lin0.4300.8101.816.
Dennis Schroder0.4350.8251.
Jae Crowder0.4500.8151.512.
Taurean Prince0.4250.7001.
Marcin Gortat0.5600.6800.
Dewayne Dedmon0.5750.7000.
Tim Hardaway Jr.0.4300.8002.
Danilo Gallinari0.4250.8751.716.
Patrick Beverley0.4200.7601.
T.J. Warren0.5000.7550.413.
Kentavious Caldwell-Pope0.4100.8002.
Josh Richardson0.4200.7401.
Rodney Hood0.4100.8002.
Thaddeus Young0.5000.6500.513.
Marvin Williams0.4400.8451.511.
George Hill0.4500.8001.514.
Wilson Chandler0.4450.7601.614.
Evan Fournier0.4400.8002.
Willie Cauley-Stein0.5000.7000.
J.J. Redick0.4600.8902.616.
Dwight Howard0.6000.5300.
Maurice Harkless0.4800.6201.
Malcolm Brogdon0.4400.8501.313.
Derrick Favors0.5000.6550.
Steven Adams0.5700.5800.
Allen Crabbe0.4600.8452.
Justise Winslow0.4000.6600.411.
Michael Kidd-Gilchrist0.4700.7500.
Marcus Smart0.3600.7801.
Rondae Hollis-Jefferson0.4350.7450.
Yogi Ferrell0.4100.8301.511.
Buddy Hield0.4400.8402.
Dwyane Wade0.4400.7900.718.
Wesley Matthews0.4400.8252.516.
Taj Gibson0.4950.7000.
Richaun Holmes0.5500.6950.310.
Terrence Ross0.4350.8252.
Kent Bazemore0.4250.7001.411.
Joe Ingles0.4400.7301.
Andre Iguodala0.4800.7200.
Ryan Anderson0.4200.8603.
Reggie Jackson0.4250.8601.314.
Eric Gordon0.4100.8453.516.
Lou Williams0.4150.8701.815.
Rajon Rondo0.4250.6000.510.
Darren Collison0.4700.8501.
Jaylen Brown0.4400.6800.910.
Will Barton0.4400.7701.413.
Jordan Clarkson0.4400.8001.314.
Dirk Nowitzki0.4500.8801.715.
Gorgui Dieng0.5100.8100.
Dario Saric0.4100.7801.
Dion Waiters0.4100.6751.
Robin Lopez0.5000.7500.
Thon Maker0.4450.6601.
Derrick Rose0.4300.8250.314.
Malik Monk0.4200.8201.510.
DeMarre Carroll0.4100.7201.
Jonas Valanciunas0.5550.7850.
Norman Powell0.4450.7951.
Jayson Tatum0.4400.8400.
Pau Gasol0.5000.7250.712.
John Collins0.5500.7250.
Greg Monroe0.5200.7400.
Bojan Bogdanovic0.4400.8901.813.
Rudy Gay0.4500.8001.
Tyler Johnson0.4400.7700.
Tyreke Evans0.4050.7251.
Patty Mills0.4400.8251.811.
De’Aaron Fox0.4300.6750.
Jameer Nelson0.4400.8001.
Austin Rivers0.4200.6901.
Tristan Thompson0.5900.6000.
Al-Farouq Aminu0.4100.7201.
Frank Kaminsky0.4000.7451.511.
P.J. Tucker0.4350.7501.
Larry Nance Jr.0.5250.7200.
Marcus Morris0.4350.7501.513.
JaMychal Green0.4850.8000.
Donovan Mitchell0.4250.7800.
Lauri Markkanen0.4400.8251.511.
Jon Leuer0.4800.8000.710.
Kyle Kuzma0.4800.7001.312.
Nikola Mirotic0.4100.7801.710.
Milos Teodosic0.4200.8601.
Enes Kanter0.5400.7800.
Skal Labissiere0.5250.7000.
Ersan Ilyasova0.4200.7751.
Tony Snell0.4400.8501.
Chandler Parsons0.4250.7501.
Nicolas Batum0.4250.8401.815.
Markieff Morris0.4550.8001.
Boban Marjanovic0.5500.7800.
J.R. Smith0.4100.7002.
Mason Plumlee0.5400.5900.
Cody Zeller0.5300.7250.
Dejounte Murray0.4300.7000.
Juan Hernangomez0.4400.7501.
Courtney Lee0.4500.8600.
Jahlil Okafor0.5100.6750.
Kelly Olynyk0.4750.7401.
Patrick Patterson0.4400.7501.
Kris Dunn0.3750.6100.
Jonathon Simmons0.4400.7500.
Josh Jackson0.4750.6000.
Caris LeVert0.4400.7201.
Mike Muscala0.5000.8000.
Jarrett Allen0.5500.5600.
Ish Smith0.4150.6700.
Ramon Sessions0.4200.7700.410.
T.J. McConnell0.4600.7750.
Matthew Dellavedova0.3900.8501.
Kyle Korver0.4800.9202.810.
Danny Green0.4000.8101.
Isaiah Thomas0.4450.8802.825.
C.J. Miles0.4250.8502.
Evan Turner0.4250.8250.
Kenneth Faried0.5500.6750.
Kelly Oubre Jr.0.4200.7100.
Tim Frazier0.4000.7600.
Ian Mahinmi0.5800.5800.
Bismack Biyombo0.5300.5600.
Marco Belinelli0.4250.8501.
Joe Johnson0.4350.8001.
Aron Baynes0.5100.8100.