First of all, Joel Embiid is ok and it is probable that he makes it back for the game in Atlanta on Friday. Now, the second most important thing out of Philadelphia is Dario Saric’s huge game. Super Dario went off for 2/26/14/5/2/0 with only 2 turnovers in 36 minutes. The 76ers are rolling right now and I would not want to play this team in the Eastern Conference playoffs.

Sorry for the quick open but it is getting late here in Arizona. So here is what else I saw last night:

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Rudy has been hard at work in the lab. His latest creation? DAILY LINEUPS PAGE. So good. So smooth. So helpful. He decided to go with the Sonny Bono red tint, while I prefer the blue tint. What say you?


76ers over the Knicks: 118 – 101

JJ Redick: 3/21/6/5/1/0 – Redick attempted 10 threes in this one and his career season keeps going. Congratulations if you drafted this reformed THRAGNOF superstar.

Markelle Fultz: 0/3/5/7/1/1 – 1-5 from the floor, 1-2 from the line, but out on the court. I don’t think Fultz is going to help any fantasy teams this year, and frankly, I am not convinced he will ever help fantasy teams – and I’m an optimist! He can’t shoot, but he is contributing everywhere else at least. So I guess he is like a not well-adjusted Lonzo Ball. Let that sink in for a minute.

Ben Simmons: 0/13/8/10/0/1 – Only 1-4 from the free throw, so if you punted free throws and drafted wisely, you should be looking at a shot at the championship this year. If you didn’t draft a punt free throw team and you have Ben Simmons, then better luck next season.

Robert Covington: 2/17/4/1/3/1 – It would be nice to see a little more consistency from this 3 and D stud.

Richaun Holmes: 0/15/7/1/0/0 – If for some reason Embiid cannot go on Friday, grab Holmes in DFS.

Michael Beasley: 1/22/8/3/0/2 – Another guy that would be winning leagues right now if only he could be consistent.

Trey Burke: 2/18/2/6/1/0 – Saving the number one waiver priority really paid off for me in a big money league because I spent it a few days ago on Trey Cool. Some owner in my league is up on a ledge right now. Hopefully you did the same thing in your leagues.

Enes Kanter: 0/17/14/1/0/1 – Double/Double and a block. That’s your standard Enes.

Emmanuel Mudiay: 1/22/4/2/1/2 – What are these point guards eating in New York? Whatever it is, Frank Ntilikina (1/3/6/1/0/0) must be allergic.

Nets over the Magic: 111 – 104

D’Angelo Russell: 2/16/5/12/1/1 – Who…I hope patient fantasy owners had a solid enough team to stay in the race while D’Angelo was out because now they can ride that pony all the way to the finish.

Jarrett Allen: 0/15/8/1/1/1 – Just cannot seem to double/double, but his future is bright.

DeMarre Carroll: 2/14/12/2/1/1 – The king of the double letter name will show the youngster how it’s done!

Caris LeVert: 2/16/3/6/1/0 – Getting minutes over Spencer Dinwiddie (1/3/1/0/0/0) right now.

Nikola Vucevic: 1/24/15/5/0/0 – If not for the injury shortened season, he would be battling for the title of best Nikola right now.

Mario Henzonja: 2/23/7/3/1/0 – It’s a shame Mario hit the waivers in almost every league about a week ago.

Shelvin Mack: 2/13/4/6/1/0 – The frustrating battle for best point guard in Orlando with DJ Augustin (3/14/1/3/1/0) continues, but I still prefer DJ.

Cavaliers over the Hornets: 118 – 105

Lebron James: 4/41/10/8/1/0 – James tied another Michael Jordan record in this one by continuing his streak of 866 consecutive double-digit scoring games. I have a feeling that this record is going down. I know this is “Harden’s year” but give The King a close second in the MVP race.

J.R. Smith: 1/19/5/3/3/0 – Shout out to JR for showing up.

Jeff Green: 1/18/1/1/1/0 – I thought Larry Nance Jr (0/4/9/0/4/1) would benefit most from Mr. Glass, I mean Kevin Love going down, but Mr. Green looks like he did it in the library with the candlestick.

Kemba Walker: 2/21/2/4/0/0 – The best player on a crappy team.

Dwight Howard: 0/19/10/1/0/1 – I guess Dwight decided to play in this one. Probably because of LeBron.

Jeremy Lamb: 1/11/3/2/1/0 – Still playing well with Nicolas Batum (0/6/2/5/0/0) and the Hornets will only start playing him more with the season getting away from them.

Grizzlies over the Trailblazers: 108 – 103

MarShon Brooks: 5/21/1/2/1/1 – 5-5 from three and easily the biggest surprise line of the entire season.

Dillon Brooks: 1/18/6/2/2/0 – This is the Brooks I thought would go off and he actually did. Seeing those steals and boards is really easy on the eyes.

Jarell Martin: 0/7/14/2/0/0 – Usually Jar-ell’s Kryptonite is rebounds, not points.

Chandler Parsons: 3/15/3/2/1/0 – The second biggest surprise line of the entire season.

CJ McCollum: 3/42/3/5/1/0 – No Dame (home for the birth of his child, and right in the most crucial point in the fantasy season, I have no words) and CJ will play. Couldn’t help them get the win over the Grizzlies though…shame…..shame…

Jusuf Nurkic: 0/12/8/2/3/3 – Those defensive stats are Juicufy.

Timberwolves over the Hawks: 126 – 114

Karl-Anthony Towns: 6/56/15/4/0/1 – Franchise record 56 points on 19-32 from the floor, 12-15 from the line, and 6-8 from three. Oh, and he’s 7 feet tall. Unicorn. *Yes, he should have gotten the lead, but I started writing this before his game was over. But don’t worry, KAT will get plenty of leads.

Andrew Wiggins: 2/17/2/3/2/0 – No, you ain’t Wiggin’, he put up some defensive stats and threes.

Nemanja Bjelica: 2/14/6/3/1/0 – Felt like he was about to get dropped all over fantasy land and showed back up. Like that guy at work that knows he is about to get fired so he starts speaking up in the staff meetings. But he always ends up getting fired a week later anyway.

Taurean Waller-Prince: 4/21/4/7/1/0 – Has really redeemed himself here at the end of the season, hopefully his owners held tough during the rough times.

Isaiah Taylor: 0/20/2/8/2/0 – As long as Schroder is out with his ankle injury, Taylor makes a nice point guard grab. The Hawks have no reason to rush Schroder back, but there is nothing indicating his ankle injury is super serious. I would grab Taylor if you have someone to cut.

DeWayne Dedmon: 1/13/12/0/0/0 – No blocks hurts, but he has outplayed John Collins (1/10/5/0/1/1) down the stretch, which I didn’t see coming.

Mike Muscala: 4/24/2/0/1/0 – THRAGNOF! There are some other three-point specialists out there in most leagues, but his occasional blocks and nice rebounding nights make M&M a tasty treat. (ok, that sounds really bad, but I am not changing it and just writing this disclaimer, so what does that say about me? Best not read too deeply into this one and just go with the tasty comment and move because who is really going to notice that anyway at this point in the article. Most people have probably already skipped to the comment section so I doubt anyone will even notice this comment about Mike Muscala being a tasty treat. Yeah, I’m not going to sweat it and just move on quickly because nobody is going to notice a tiny blurb like that in a long article. Ok, cool, I feel better. I’ll cancel that counseling appointment and that long talk with my girlfriend I had planned for tomorrow).

Celtics over the Jazz: 97 – 94

Jaylen Brown: 3/21/5/3/2/0 – Brown made a three with 0.1 seconds on the clock to give the Celtics the win in this preview of the 2020 NBA Championship Game. Since Adam Silver is making some radical changes to the league (most of which I love), let me propose that the buzzer sounds at 0.2 seconds so we can have some buzzer-beaters again. Anything under 0.3 and there isn’t even time for a tip-in really, right? Come on Adam, you wanna get nuts? Let’s get nuts!

Jayson Tatum: 2/16/2/3/2/2 – Tatum got a little frustrating to own there for a bit, but with Kyrie Irving out he has stepped up and you can’t hate on his across-the-board production.

Shane Larkin: 2/10/9/4/0/0 – If you are desperate for assists in a deep league, Shane’s your man!

Donovan Mitchell: 3/22/0/6/1/0 – What can I say about Mitchell that hasn’t already been said? Donovan Mitchell smells like an angel dipped in rose petals floating in a bath of Drakkar Noir. Has that been said about him?

Ricky Rubio: 1/14/8/10/3/0 – Other than the 4-14 shooting, great game.

Rudy Gobert: 0/10/11/2/1/2 – I am looking at the stats for the Jazz players and the stats for the Celtics players and I honestly cannot figure out how the Celtics won this game. Brad Stevens is definitely a wizard (and not the kind from Washington).

Joe Ingles: 2/11/6/5/0/0 – I guess the stat lines look nice everywhere but in the points category and that is somewhat important when deciding who will win the actual game…I’ve heard.

Clippers over the Suns: 111 – 99

Tobias Harris: 5/27/2/3/0/0 – Beautiful shooting but zero defense, like if the New England Patriots were a basketball player.

DeAndre Jordan: 0/13/15/4/0/1 – Now that’s how you double/double/block. Ok commenters, let’s a get a good name for guys like DeAndre who get double/doubles and block or 2 consistently.

Austin Rivers: 1/18/2/8/3/0 – Rivers is being everything we wanted Teodosic to be.

Tyrone Wallace: 0/12/7/1/3/1 – Keep an eye on Tyrone.

Tyler Ulis: 3/23/3/2/0/0 – Just like last season, Ulis is ending the season on a tear. He is starting and should be owned.

Josh Jackson: 1/18/3/5/2/2 – I didn’t think J-Jack would finish this strong, but boy was I wrong. He is going to go early in drafts next season.

Marquese Chriss: 0/12/13/1/4/1 – I want to pick up Chriss so bad. He should be owned everywhere, but I just can’t put him on my team.

Shaquille Harrison: 0/17/4/2/4/0 – Career-high in points, keep any eye on him.

Troy Daniels: 4/15/4/0/1/0 – THRAGNOF to the max, especially when Devin Booker is out (he is day-to-day and getting closer, I think).

Lakers over the Mavericks: 103 – 93

Julius Randle: 0/20/10/2/1/0 – I cannot wait to see what happens with Randle in the off-season. It will be hard to let him go. Well, if it means getting LeBron James and Paul George, then maybe “hard” is a strong word. Unless you’re talking about Mike Muscala…man, this again? What is going on here…

Brook Lopez: 2/22/7/4/1/1 – 7-feet tall, shooting threes, filling up stat sheets, Bro-Lo was one of the O-G’s and I don’t mean Anunoby.

Brandon Ingram: 1/13/6/4/1/0 – More points would be nice, but pretty nice for his first game back after missing 12 games.

Lonzo Ball: 1/8/4/5/0/0 – Ingram comes back and Ball bangs his knee. Getting a precautionary MRI. I feel like I need one of those every morning.

Kyle Kuzma: 3/18/4/3/0/1 – Kooooooz!

Harrison Barnes: 2/17/4/0/2/0 – Coming the end of another blah season on someone else’s fantasy team.

Dennis Smith Jr.: 4/14/1/9/0/0 – Once his shooting gets more consistent he is going to be a fantasy beast. (Yay – Winner of the Most Obvious Statement of the Recap! You win a Mike Muscala signed poster!)

Yogi Ferrell: 1/12/2/3/0/0 – Was hoping for more with JJ Barea out, but at least he got that picnic basket.

Nerlens Noel: 0/5/6/0/1/0 – Consistently putting up great numbers in the games he plays in, until I pick him up. Sorry everyone.

  1. YO says:

    Championship dilemma – he’s the situation, Chief. I’m going think out loud for a minute and would love your feedback.

    I’m down and need to make up some ground. I have 2 moves left that I can make, one of those moves will be dropping Corey Brewer tomorrow for someone who plays on Saturday. I currently have a full lineup on Sunday without him.

    SO. My only other streaming option is to drop Myles Turner, he has really been awful and after tonight he doesn’t play until Sunday.

    My thought is to drop him for someone who plays Friday and Sunday, thinking two games from anyone is better than 1 from Turner. What say you? I could pick up Dedmond as he plays Friday and Sunday.

    My concern with doing this is the Warriors play a back to back on Saturday Sunday and I own both Durant and Draymond, can you look in your crystal ball and tell me if either or both will miss Sunday’s game and if I should hold on to my last available move to try and replace them?

    Thanks for listening, I’ll hang up now and listen to your response.

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