Money, money, money, monnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnney. Moooooooonnnnnnnnnnnnnneeeey. Love it or hate it, we need money to survive; to eat, cloth, and find shelter. The more you have, the greater number of times you can put cheese on that Whopper, get bling to accessorize the outfits, and/or accumulate various forms of entertainment. What’s the color of money in the United States? Green. Lots of green is usually a good thing. Well, last night, Troy Brown Jr. was money.


Since Brown was money and money is green, then Brown is the new green. Don’t bother Googling, I’ve done the research. The 26 points and 7 dimes were both career highs! Now, Davis Bertans did not play last night, so Brown’s offense was needed. Don’t expect this kind of performance every night, but Brown can provide some tres, boards, and steals when he plays. On the season, he’s averaging 23.2 minutes per game. Over the past six games, that number has ticked up to 27.6. With all the injuries, Brown will be the main scoring option off the bench, so Brown can be money for as long as he continues getting the opportunities. Beep. Boop. Bop. You know what’s always money? The Stocktonator.

Here’s what else I saw last night:


Ian Mahinmi


Continues to start and played 28 minutes. Will be viable for boards and blocks for as long as the Wizards front court is banged up.

Bradley Beal


The 38 shot attempts were a season high! Just for shits and giggles, I did a query for the most field goal attempts ever in a single game: Wilt Chamberlain with 63. Lol. Anyways, the blocks for Beal were a surprise last night, but that just shows how pathetic the Knicks are.

Gary Payton II


Played 34 minutes off the bench. LOL! That’s how much the Knicks suck. Aaaaand, that’s how banged up the Wizards are.

To further both of the above points, Admiral Schofield and Isaac Bonga were in the starting lineup, while Anzejs Pasecniks played 20 minutes off the bench and scored 14 points.

Julius Randle


In 37 minutes. I spent most of this post writing about how bad the Knicks are. Well, the Wizards are just as bad. They let Julius Randle, who had been outside the top 200 for most of the season, ball out. I kid, as Randle has been much better over the past eight games, as he’s been a top 75 player. He still doesn’t provide the D on the reg, but the shooting efficiency and scoring have increased since David Fizdale was let go.

Mitchell Robinson


Got the start!

Still only played 23 minutes, but that was due to foul trouble. Taj Gibson was a DNP-CD. Hopefully, the Taj Mahl will now be permanently closed so that Mitchell Robinson’s neighborhood can be accessible to the public. And everyone can view the block party.

Elfrid Payton


Continues to start and played 30 minutes. He’s the point guard in New York City now. The shooting has been poor, but the counting stats (especially the dimes) have been plentiful. I won’t be surprised if Elf messes around sooner than later.

LaMarcus Aldridge


LMA with the O!!! His career high is 56 points, so a 40-burger is whatever. Over the past 11 games, LMA has been a top 10 player for fantasy. Who’s laughing? I ain’t.

DeMar DeRozan


The Spurs scored 145 points last night, so I’d hope DeDe did something. DeDe is a high floor, low ceiling player, so he’s good but meh at the same time.

Trey Lyles


Trey with tres tres!!! What a world! He’s been starting, but hasn’t provided much beside boards and some tres. He’s only scored double figures in four games this season, and the minutes are inconsistent. Not someone you can trust.

Jaren Jackson Jr.


Played 32 minutes and wasn’t in foul trouble. That’s considered a win. The boards are very underwhelming for a big man. Hopefully, that’s something he can improve on as he develops, because he does everything else. Top 35 player over the past 17 games.

Jonas Valanciunas


In 25 minutes. Too bad the game was such a blowout. JV ran into the varsity. Over the past 14 games, he’s been a top 50 player. JV provides points, boards, blocks and excellent field goal percentage.

Joe Ingles


In 38 minutes. In 10 games as a starter this season, Jingles has been a top 75 player. 33.7 minutes, 13.4 points, 2.7 tres, 4.4 boards, 5.6 dimes, and 1.2 steals. And he’s shooting 52% from the field and 92% from the line. Keep in mind that things could change when Mike Conley returns, but deal with that when it happens.

Rudy Gobert


Rudy! Rudy! Rudy! Top 20 player over the past six games. The blocks have returned. Did you doubt? I didn’t doubt. On the glass, Rudy has not been an underdog. He’s been a goliath, gobbling up 17 over the past six games. On the season, he’s averaging 14.3 boards per game. Prior to this season, he had never averaged more than 13.

Meyers Leonard


Continues to start but only played 22 minutes. Leonard can provide boards and tres, but he only averages 18.5 of run per game. Maybe he should change his name to Kawhi.

Bam Adebayo


In 38 minutes. Top 20 player over the past seven games. Has he figured out this free throw thing? Because he’s upped the percentage to 75% on seven attempts. If so…..BAM! The only left to do is learn how to shoot from downtown. At this point, anything is possible.

Derrick Jones Jr.


In 32 minutes off the bench. And that’s the key, as it looks like he’s carved out a significant role on the squad. Over the past seven games, Airplane Mode has averaged 30.3 minutes. He will provide tres, boards, and defensive stats.

Goran Dragic


Played 30 minutes off the bench. Dragic averages around 29 minutes of run per game and provides points, tres, boards, and dimes.

Serge Ibaka


Played 42 minutes, as the game went to OT. He’s a must play guy right now, but will be relegated back to the bench when Marc Gasol returns.

O. G. Anunoby


He’s been more aggressive at the offensive end, yet he’s still not going to put up a ton of points. O. G. is all about the boards and defensive stats.

Kyle Lowry


44 minutes! I’ll be shocked if he can last playing all these minutes. If he can, you’re going to get a shit ton of points, tres, boards, dimes, and steals through sheer force and will.

Fred VanVleet


The Numerology Society just mentally combusted over this stat line. Our Chinese fans also approve. Like Lowry, FVV will provide counting stats through brute force, but they come at a price, as the shooting efficiency is usually poor. He’s shooting sub-40% on the season.

Rondae Hollis-Jefferson


Played 38 minutes off the bench. Rondae is the main guy off the bench for the Raptors. He will provide boards and defensive stats with good percentages. Don’t expect much else. When the Raptors get healthy, he won’t be of much use.

Domantas Sabonis


A dub-dub machine, Domantas is just one behind Giannis for the lead.

T. J. Warren


Warren sure did regulate last night. The six dimes tied a career high. Not something to expect on the reg, as he’s averaging 1.2 on the season. Warren provides points, boards, steals, and good percentages. I just worry about him holding up all season.

Myles Turner


Only the second time that Myles has scored at least 20 points on the year. The blocks have been the one constant for Myles, but the scoring and tres have improved recently. Over the past seven games, he’s been a top 40 player. He and Jaren Jackson Jr. are such similar players.

Aaron Holiday


Got the start and played 31 minutes because Malcolm Brogdon did not play. He has infringed upon Lamb’s playing time, so Holiday has a role on this squad. Things will get interesting when Victor Oladipo returns.

Nikola Jokic


Just a Jokic messing around. Fitting. Jokic now has 39 career trip-dubs. For fantasy, he’s been a Top 10 player over the past 15 games. Hopefully, many of you got a good bargain on him earlier this season.

Jamal Murray


Still boggles my mind that Murray is only 22 years old. Man….For fantasy, he’s kind of like DeMar DeRozan with tres.

Ricky Rubio


Is he in the conversation for fantasy MVP? Gotta be, right? I guess it depends on how you define MVP, but for me, it factors in draft cost. He and Devonte’ Graham stick out the most to me. Who else is on the list?

Zach LaVine


LaVine has been a top 25 player over the past 16 games. This is what we all mental masturbated about. It all comes down to the efficiency. He’s pretty consistent in the tres, boards, dimes, and steals cats. And the usage rate is always in the low-30s. The field goal percentage, though, vacillates between mid-30% and mid-40%.

Tomas Satoransky


Continues to start and played 33 minutes. It still baffles my mind that he was only playing minutes in the mid-20s earlier in the season. Crazy. Anyways, I feel a Sato trip-dub coming soon.

Aaron Gordon


Image result for nodding gif"

Now, he just needs to do more than once a Halley’s Comet. On the season, Gordon is outside the top 150. Over the past seven games, he’s been outside the top 200!

Jonathan Isaac


Trade Aaron Gordon away. I don’t want him infecting Isaac. Over the past four games, Isaac is AVERAGING 2 steals and 2 blocks! Once he gets the offensive thing figured out….

Image result for after sex gif"

Terrence Ross


In 31 minutes off the bench. Ross is a tres specialist of the discount store variety. The quality won’t always be the best, but he will satisfy your needs on most days. Just realize that you’re walking out of the store empty handed a good amount of times.

Tobias Harris


Tobias is such a solid real life and fantasy player. Top 40 on the season and rarely ventures outside his lane. The most encouraging aspect of his season so far has been the uptick in both steals and blocks.

Ben Simmons


It was a good day. For shits and giggles, I queried if there have ever been any 20/20/20 games. There have been two such games. Of course Wilt Chamberlain has one: 22 points, 25 boards, and 21 dimes in 1968. The other game was by Russell Westbrook: 20 points, 20 boards, and 21 dimes in April of 2019.

Furkan Korkmaz


In 22 minutes off the bench. Matisse Thybulle did not play, so Furkan got some extended run. He’s a tres specialist so don’t Furkan think about it unless you need tres that badly.

Andre Drummond


Came off the bench because he missed the morning shoot around. Still played 32 minutes. Over the past five games, Dre has averaged 3.4 steals per game. Lol. A smooth criminal.

Derrick Rose


In 25 minutes off the bench. Rose has been solid this season. He’s only averaging around 25 minutes per game, but he’s been a reliable source of points and dimes. Top 100-ish player on the season.

John Collins


Returned from suspension and played 35 minutes. The improvement in the defensive cats has been a boon for his value, as we know he’s going to get his on the offensive end. Collins also played some center, which could be a thing going forward.

De’Andre Hunter


Played 39 minutes. Hunter plays a shit ton of minutes and, with Collins back in the mix, should get plenty of open looks. He just doesn’t contribute much outside of points and tres, though. If he can contribute in the defensive cats, then he could be a top 100 player.

Trae Young


Yawn, just another Trae Day. #11 player for fantasy over the past 16 games. The turnovers are high and the blocks are low, but everything else is magnifique. The return of Collins should open up the floor for him.

Kevin Huerter


Played 32 minutes. Over the past four games, Huerter has averaged 33 minutes per game. He’s baaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaack. With Trae and Collins being the main cogs on offense, defenses will focus on them, which will provide plenty of open looks for Huerter. He also has some creation ability of his own, so the dimes are a nice bonus.

Alex Len only played six minutes because of an ankle injury. Damian Jones should get some run, but Collins will likely soak up more center minutes.

Jordan Clarkson was traded to the Utah Jazz for Dante Exum.

Kevin Porter Jr.


Played 23 minutes off the bench, but Porter Jr. was the main beneficiary of the Clarkson trade. He will provide some points, boards, tres, and steals. Unlike the other hucker and chuckers on the squad, the field goal percentage could actually be decent.

Collin Sexton


If you need points, Sexton is attempting over 15 shots per game. Most won’t go in, but at least the opportunites will be there.

Clint Capela


James Harden


Russell Westbrook


The Rockets are a fantasy wet dream. Only eight players are in the rotation and most of the starters play close to 40 minutes per game. In addition, the Rockets are tied for second in offensive pace.

Richaun Holmes


Continues to start and played 31 minutes. He played alongside Marvin Bagley, so that’s a good sign for his value going forward. Orale, Holmes!

Marvin Bagley III


Got the start but only played 23 minutes. He’s primarily a points, boards, and blocks player.

De’Aaron Fox


Also got the start and played 36 minutes. Looks like he’s up to speed and all systems are go. Fox should provide points, tres, boards, those precious dimes, and steals. The free throw shooting is still an issue, though, as he shoots in the high-60% range.

Buddy Hield


With the squad getting healthy, the usage and shot attempts have inevitably decreased. He was a limited fantasy player to begin with. With that said, he’s still a good source of points, tres, and some boards, but I’d only acquire if at a discount.

Derrick Favors


Played 30 minutes! The trend is your friend. Since returning from injury, Favors has played 15, 20, 20, 21, 27, and 3o minutes. Boards and blocks should be plentiful.

Brandon Ingram


Played 37 minutes. Ingram is the captain now.

Jrue Holiday


Played 38 minutes. Over the past seven games, Holiday has been….on a Holiday, as he’s been outside the top 100 for fantasy. The points, tres, boards, and dimes have been fine, but the steals have been way down and the percentages have been poor (39% from the field and 70% from the line). Last season, Holiday shot 47% from the field and 76% from the line.

Carmelo Anthony


Melo, Most Improved Player? That would be hilarious if you got it. Anyways, he’s been #good. Over the past six games, he’s been a top 25 player for fantasy, providing points, tres, boards, and steals. The percentages have been good as well. <insert shrug emoji>

Hassan Whiteside


Mt. Whiteside has been oozing out so much fantasy goodies that new continents have been forming.

No Karl-Anthony Towns, so Gorgui Dieng got another start. Dieng it!

Jordan McLaughlin


In 22 minutes off the bench. Got run because Shabazz Napier did not play. McLaughlin is a two-way player, so only break glass in case of emergency.

Jeff Teague


Only played 19 minutes off the bench. Probably because of…..

Draymond Green


Played 33 minutes. I’m thinking about the all-time great players who didn’t shoot. Dray has to be up there. Dennis Rodman and Ben Wallace are the other two? Who else?

D’Angelo Russell


Still loading….but the buffering is almost done. Russell has a usage rate of 32 and is going to score plenty of points and drain tres. The dimes are nice and he even gets his 211 on. The shooting efficiency is an issue though. A pure volume play, as he will jack up close to 20 shots per game.

Alec Burks


Got the start and played 34 minutes. Top 25 player over the past six games. On the season, he’s a top 70 player. Burks has been really, really good, providing points, tres, boards, dimes, and steals. The shooting efficiency has been the biggest surprise, as he’s often been shooting in the high-40s. He’s more like a low-40% shooter. With that said, the free throw percentage is excellent and the turnovers are low. Who would’ve thunk it?