At long last, the new NBA season is upon us! You’ve finally learned your Adebayos from your Anunobys from your Anigbogus. Now, let’s get our Miltons, Meltons, Okobos, and Okogies straight. The Charlotte Michael-Hyphens (Kidd-Gilchrist and Carter-Williams) and the Miami Derrick Juniors (Jones and Walton) broke up, but I think all three NBA Reggies are still on the Pistons, at least. It’s going to be a great season. We’ll start playing more with numbers next week in this column. But for now, let’s talk drafting!

Fantasy drafts are the best. Snake, auction, slow, in-person. Whatever the format, I’m in. You’re likely a grizzled veteran of fantasy hoops drafts at this point as well, if you’re part of Razzball Nation. But whether you are or not, I’m hoping I can give you a couple advantages you may not have thought of yet. Or maybe, with all the aspects of a draft to consider, something I mention will be a helpful reminder when you’re frantically scrolling through late round players that all look terrible.

Last year, I went pretty in-depth with a two-part draft strategy series (Part 1, Part 2). Some of the names may have changed, but it holds up pretty well (thank goodness I said something positive about Donovan Mitchell). This year, I’ll try to keep it a bit more brief, but no promises.

Scroll Down!

We’ll start with a simple one. Some sites have draftable players WAY too low on their lists. Go find them before someone else does. I’m still kicking myself because of a situation in my dynasty league a few years back. I’m a Bulls fan that had been drooling over Nikola Mirotic for years, awaiting his stateside arrival so I could pick him. However, my friend, who had been more thorough in his ranking prep, realized Niko had been added to the ESPN game the summer before he actually came over to play and he swiped and stashed him late in the draft. The moral: scroll and scroll, because you’ll find even popular sleepers in the 200s or 300s on a couple sites for whatever reason.

Staff Photo by Matt Stone


I completed a short exercise last week regarding NBA rookie performances. Here’s the table again:

It shows the final ranking of the top five rookie finishers in each of the past five seasons (per Basketball Monster, 9-category). Looks pretty promising in a few of those seasons. But, there’s very little overlap among the top rookies picked and the top rookie finishers. In those five seasons, only two rookies that were in that summer’s draft class have been drafted in and finished in the top 100 for the entire season. That’s Karl-Anthony Towns (8) and Andrew Wiggins (88). The five from last year are Ben Simmons, Donovan Mitchell, Jayson Tatum, Lauri Markkanen, and John Collins. Only Simmons was picked in the top 100 in most drafts. There’s a better track record with these “rookies” (though Mitchell would dispute that term) that were drafted at least a year before their debut. Guys like Simmons, Nerlens Noel, Nikola Jokic, and Niko Mirotic make up most of the highest finishers on that chart. This year, Harry Giles, Frank Jackson, and Jonah Bolden are the only players that come to mind when I think of what I guess we can call “redshirt rookies”.

So, my basic advice here is to avoid drafting the rookies with the highest average draft positions. The odds are significantly against them returning the value you’d need to pay in those cases. As much as I love Deandre Ayton and Luka Doncic, everyone else loves them, too. So, you’re going to have to overpay if you want them. If you really want to take a shot on a rookie, though, grabbing one as a late round flyer can work out nicely, especially later in the season. I’d suggest Marvin Bagley III, Mo Bamba or Mitchell Robinson if they make it past 100 and you can afford to stash them.

Don’t Believe the Hype

Speaking of overpaying, please don’t fall for the inflated draft prices of all the hottest sleepers and breakout picks. Aside from the rookies, everybody seems to want sophomores like John Collins and Jarrett Allen. They’ve been creeping up in ADP to the point that you can, instead, just take Nikola Vucevic, for example. That’s a proven player in his prime, coming off a great season with numbers you can only dream of for Collins and Allen.

Advice: Go with old and boring (read: proven and dependable) over young with upside. It’s fun to hit on a breakout candidate, but you’re likely to get a lot more misses than hits when you’re paying that much. Besides, winning with LaMarcus Aldridge, Jeff Teague, and Brook Lopez is still way more fun than losing with Collin Sexton and Jonathan Isaac.

Dynasty/Keeper Leagues

Obviously, here, you want to put some more weight on the future, but why not just take advantage of everyone else’s tendency to let the over-30 crowd slip to you and just win right now? You might be able to win for three years with the established guys at the end of their peaks that no one else wants. Also, pay close attention to real-life contract lengths so you know how long a player’s going to be in their current situation, whether that’s a positive or a negative.


I’m pleasantly surprised to find point guard options I like relatively late in drafts this year. Same with wings. But make sure you’re paying attention to steals and blocks, as many don’t, and then it’s too late. I’m finding that the scarcest thing this year, again, is good centers that get blocks without hurting your free throw percentage. Though, there is hope for the next few seasons in these young centers. If you don’t want to fight it out with the Allen, Collins, Isaac, Ayton, Jaren Jackson Jr., and Wendell Carter Jr. fans that are paying top dollar for the potential to fill this need, I suggest grabbing a couple bigs that fit the description in the top 40 or so. Otherwise, you might have to consider the horrendous free throw-bricking big men and punt FT% (more to come on that). “But”, you say, “just because I picked Andre Drummond or Clint Capela (or DeAndre Jordan, Dwight Howard, Steven Adams, even Ben Simmons if he repeats last year) doesn’t mean I can’t compete in FT%, right?” Well… it’s gonna be really tough, which is why I’m just skipping those guys altogether. How bad are they? Well, the ESPN Player Rater from last season shows that all those players hurt your FT% more than any player would’ve helped it, other than Damian Lillard and  Steph Curry, who could cancel out most of those players. James Harden was close, too. But those three aren’t cheap, and that’s only getting you back around league average, anyway. More likely, you’d be chasing and overpaying for multiple players to help you dig out of that hole, unless you…


Punting can be a great strategy, though it’s probably best to try to avoid it and just build a great team in all facets. But it is fun. Punting is ignoring a category (or two or three or four) in order to be better in the remaining categories. It’s not “trying to be the worst in a category”, but since you can get the biggest discount on the players that are worst in that category, it often does happen. It’s fun, because you’re playing with a totally different set of player values than everyone else. And therefore, you can get a player worth, say, the 30th pick (to your team), with the 60th pick. And you can trade someone valued at more than their worth to you for someone worth more than their trade price. That makes it easier to get trades done, since there are more win/win deals to be made. That said, punting is smartest in Head-to-Head “One Win” leagues, where all you care about is winning more categories than your opponent. In H2H Categories leagues, that’s how the playoffs work, so a lot of people like to try it there, too. It’s less often a good plan in rotisserie leagues (didn’t stop me from trying), but keep the concept in mind, as it can still benefit you later in the season. It’s not only smart when you’re last in a roto category or are never in contention in a H2H category. It’s just as wise if you’re dominating a category so much that you can ignore it completely and not drop much at all. By March in a roto league, you often find yourself stuck in category gaps wide enough that you end up punting/ignoring three categories for the rest of the season.

You can use your league site to see who’s worst at the stat you don’t care about. Personally, though, I like to use Basketball Monster or paste the ESPN Player Rater into excel and run some simple formulas to create an easy way to remove one or more categories to figure out who has the most value to a punting team. Since free throw percentage is the most common category to punt, I’ll mention a quick tip. You should be set in field goal percentage, rebounds, blocks, and turnovers if you have four or five of the centers that can hardly break 60% at the line. So, with the rest of your roster, you want to be focusing on threes, assists, steals, and points. It’s a bit counterintuitive, but a lot of the top point guards that happen to be great free throw shooters are some of the best targets for this strategy because of their contributions toward those other four stats. For example, Russell Westbrook, John Wall, Donovan Mitchell, Trae Young, and Dennis Smith Jr. are a few of the “3+A+S+P” guys whose value to your team increases the most when you’re punting free throws.


I almost always preach patience in an auction, because you can usually get the majority of your players for less than you’d expect to pay if you just wait for the others to overspend on the first few dozen players. And, while I still think that’s the general way to go, in basketball, the top players are currently a significant distance ahead of the pack. So, it might be worth it to pony up for Anthony Davis or KAT in 9-cat and AD or Harden in 8-cat and then sit it out for 40 nominations. Then, you should have the most money, and you might just be able to buy your favorite ten guys ranked in the 40-80 range at a discount.

Head-to-Head Playoff Schedule

Don’t worry about it. I hear analysts crossing guys off their boards because they play 2 games in a week of the fantasy playoffs instead of 3 or 4. I’d maybe use the playoff schedule as a tie-breaker if I had two players I valued equally, but I’m really just ignoring it.

Average Stats by Position

Last year, I figured out the average stats for a fantasy starter (~top 120 player) using 2017 stats and then broke it down by using the 40 top players at each position. With overlapping position eligibility, that came out to 123 players. Keep these in mind at draft time as you build your team, and see if you can stay ahead of these numbers. Look for stats not traditionally associated with these positions, too, as they can really help. Think Draymond Green’s Assists, for example.

Baseline Fantasy Starter:

.478 FG%/.784 FT%/1.3 3PTM/15.9 PTS/6.0 REB/3.7 AST/1.1 ST/0.7 BLK/1.9 TO

Point Guard:

.452 FG%/.829 FT%/1.8 3PTM/17.6 PTS/4.2 REB/5.5 AST/1.3 ST/0.4 BLK/2.4 TO

Shooting Guard:

.454 FG%/.828 FT%/1.9 3PTM/16.9 PTS/4.3 REB/3.7 AST/1.2 ST/0.4 BLK/1.9 TO

Small Forward:

.468 FG%/.798 FT%/1.6 3PTM/16.0 PTS/6.0 REB/3.0 AST/1.2 ST/0.6 BLK/1.7 TO

Power Forward:

.490 FG%/.766 FT%/1.1 3PTM/16.4 PTS/7.6 REB/2.7 AST/1.0 ST/1.0 BLK/1.9 TO


.522 FG%/.724 FT%/0.6 3PTM/14.7 PTS/8.6 REB/2.0 AST/0.8 ST/1.2 BLK/1.7 TO


This week’s classic fantasy line:

Who do you think finished 1st in fantasy in the three seasons from 2005-2007 (9-cat per-game and full season value)? If you didn’t play back then, I’m guessing you’ll be surprised to hear that it was Shawn Marion. Check out his 2005-06 season averages that just dominated. He finished a whole Allen Iverson (#17) ahead of the #2 player, Elton Brand. He was also worth Ray Allen PLUS Gilbert Arenas (#7+#8)!

(David Kadlubowski The Arizona Republic)

  1. daniel says:

    great post Tad
    I just drafted and wanted to get some input on my team
    12 h2h 9 cat

    giannis abc
    jrue holiday
    jimmy butler
    deandre jordan
    al horford
    h barnes
    reggie jackon
    kent bazemore
    d favors
    j lin.

    looks like i am punting 3s and ft%.
    should i pick up markieff morris or avery bradley to bolster some stats in lieu of j lin?

    • Tad

      Tad says:

      @daniel: Thanks for reading. I plugged your team in, and you’re right about 3s and FT%. You’re definitely strongest in assists. Dropping Lin to get some big man stats, specifically FG%, rebs, blks, and low TOs could put you above average in 6 categories. Markieff could be good for that. I’m pretty excited about Alex Len’s opportunity right now. Maybe he’s available. Good luck.

  2. DLOSSS says:


    Im playing in a 11 car league with fgm ftm for the first time this year

    Any general advice?

    For example, have an efficiency punt team, (FT%, TO, and FG%). I get the high volume/usage shooters, then the drummonds deandres of the league to rack up blocks reb etc.
    Just an idea

    Any help would be appreciated!

    • Tad

      Tad says:

      @DLOSSS: Interesting! I haven’t played in a league like that, but I love your punt suggestion. I could see that working out (And being entertaining). The FT punt bigs do still make plenty of FTs since they’re getting hacked. And you can just grab all the trigger-happy 43% shooters. I checked basketball monster’s projections for these 11 categories and with those 3 categories punted, and here are some of the players that get the biggest boosts in value (compared to the 11cat values, not 9cat): Harden, Westbrook, Giannis, LeBron, Embiid, George, Wall, Booker, Oladipo, Mitchell, Simmons, Drummond, Griffin… the punt centers are good, and poor-shooting pgs like Russell, DSJ, trae, fox shoot way up, too. Guys to avoid are KAT, LMA, Otto, kanter. Anyone that’s normally ranked highly based on their %s, of course. Hope it goes well and that you can structure it so you get tins of the players you need.

      • DLOSSS says:

        @Tad: WOW DUDE amazing advice I really appreciate

  3. Daniel says:

    Good Post Tad!
    Thanks for this. I just drafted and wanted to see get some inputs on my squad
    H2H 12 league 9 cat

    Giannis ABC
    Jrue holiday
    Jimmy butler
    al horford
    deandre Jordan
    Harrison barnes
    kent bazemore
    c levert
    d favors
    reggie Jackson
    j lin

    Looks like I am punting 3s and ft%.
    should I drop lin for markieff morris or avery Bradley to bolster other stats?

  4. Joel says:

    Damn! to those Marion numbers. There just isn’t a guy like that anymore… Wish I played back then.

    • Tad

      Tad says:

      @Joel: He was so great to own. Just for fun, two other names that might be unexpected in that top 10 in per-game rankings: Elton Brand and Marcus Camby.

  5. Yong says:

    Hi Tad!

    I’d like your thoughts on my team.
    Just completed my auction draft with punt assist build in mind.
    ESPN, 10teams, 11players ea, no IR, 13cat(9cat+FTM+3P%+PF+OREB+DREB minus TREB)
    Irving Teague
    Oladipo GHarris
    Middleton Covington Prince
    Aldridge Mirotic
    Towns Gobert

    Do you think I need more REB? The league is shallow, so the waiver wire is good. Jarrett Allen, Cousins and Jaren Jackson Jr are available.
    Thank you!

    • Tad

      Tad says:

      @Yong: That’s a cool setup. I’m going to have to plug this in to see how everybody shakes out… I don’t have PF, but you’re only below avg in ast, dreb, and oreb out of the other 12. Your team looks great, but I think you’re right about adding some boards. When I punt assists for your team, basketball monster has teague as by far the least valuable to you. If you can make it work position-wise, I’d swap him for Jarrett Allen. Have fun with that league.

      • Yong says:

        @Tad: Position-wise, I’m going to be down to only 1 PG with Teague dropped. Would it work by dropping either Covington or Prince for Allen?
        Or, should I just stay put? Though Allen might not be available anymore. Thanks for being patient! Much appreciated!

        • Tad

          Tad says:

          @Yong: Yes, Prince and Covington would be the next ones to go for a big man. As much as I love him, I’d say Covington, because you’re strongest in steals, and that’s his main contribution. But you’re fine where you are if there’s no big that looks great to you.

  6. Michael Pan says:

    Hey I just drafted last week and hope you could provide some input on my squad.
    I am not in H2H, I am in 9 cat roto with 12 teams

    PG: Ricky Rubio, Jeff Teague, D’aaron Fox
    PG-SG: Goran Dragic
    SG-SF: Kris Middleton, Gary Haris, Tim Hardaway Jr., Rodney Hood
    SF-PF: Jabari Parker
    PF-C: Anthony Davis, Alex Len, Cody Zeller, Nerlns Noel
    C: Jonas Valanciunus, Marcin Gortat

    • Tad

      Tad says:

      @Michael Pan: Alright, Roto! Looks like you’re very low in just 3s and blocks. I’d cut my losses there and try to load up on the other categories. I love Len for at least the beginning of the season. I’d suggest dropping Gortat and Noel. You could compete in all 7 other categories with a little boost in points/rebounds/assists. Nice work and good luck.

  7. Jm says:

    Hi bro. Thanks for this valuable tips!

    However, I have already drafted my roster and just wanted to hear your thoughts or comments esp. to the trades I had.

    10- team H2H 9-Cat league: not in order of draft

    1. Love (traded AD & Olynyk)
    2. Lillard
    3. Butler
    4. Porter
    5. Capela (traded Lowry & Howard)
    6. Jordan (traded AD & Olynyk)
    7. Harris (traded Lowry & Howard)
    8. Collins
    9. Prince
    10. Bledsoe
    11. Schroder
    12. Richardson
    13. Collison

    Thanks in advance man! More powers to you!

    • Tad

      Tad says:

      @Jm: Excellent team. I’ve got you only weak in blocks, and average in rebounds and assists. You’d very good in everything else, and dominating steals. So, if you want to try to swap steals for blocks somehow, that could round you out well. Or you could just win somewhere between 6 and 8 categories each week the way you’ve got it!

  8. CV says:

    Quick question – play in a differently formatted league: 12 team, weekly head to head. 7 categories: Assists, Rebounds, Blocks, Steals, TO’s, 3′ s and Points, but Points are worth 2 categories. The tiebreaker is FT%, Here is the twist – you have 11 roster spots, but each week you only start 5 players, at any position (start your best 5). With this in mind, would you go top heavy and spend 80%+ of your auction budget on 2 studs, or instead get a balanced team that you can rotate week to week, gaining the advantage in games played?

    • Tad

      Tad says:

      @CV: Hi, sorry for the delayed reply. Yeah, I’d definitely go heavy on the studs with only that many to start. Maybe 3 top type players and then steam 4-game guys for your other spots?

  9. Hoffa says:


    What do you think of my draft. What stats should I build/acquire?
    16team 9cat h2h

    1. (5) Stephen Curry (GS – PG,SG)
    2. (28) Draymond Green (GS – PF,C)
    3. (37) Marc Gasol (Mem – C)
    4. (60) Will Barton (Den – SG,SF)
    5. (69) Nikola Mirotic (NO – SF,PF)
    6. (92) Nicolas Batum (Cha – SG,SF)
    7. (101) Jaren Jackson Jr. (Mem – PF)
    8. (124) Jonathan Isaac (Orl – PF)
    9. (133) Rudy Gay (SA – SF,PF)
    10. (156) Mitchell Robinson (NY – C)
    11. (165) Derrick White (SA – PG)
    12. (188) Jerian Grant (Orl – PG,SG)
    13. (197) Andre Iguodala (GS – SG,SF)

    Notable Waivers: Bam, Lin, DRose, Delon Wright, PJ tucker

    • Hoffa says:

      Just dropped white, grant and iggy for Bam, Lin and wright

      • Kostas

        Kostas says:

        @Hoffa: You may want to pick White back after the news about the injury to Murray… He will almost certainly outplay Wright due to the fact he will get more minutes…

      • Tad

        Tad says:

        @Hoffa: Hi. Good-looking 16-teamer team. You’re only low in points and FG%. Probably good categories to punt. You’ve lapped the field in blocks, so if you wanted to either get back in it in those two categories, you could trade your popular sleeper guys like Isaac, Jackson, and/or robinson. Or you could look to swap them for 3s/assists/steals, and dominate 6 or 7 categories.

  10. RICE says:

    Awesome work Tad! This is my favorite pre-draft article every year.

    Can you drop a couple PG names you like that you’re finding relatively late?

    12-team H2H with the 3rd overall pick and it looks like I’ll be getting Anthony Davis.

    Looking to pair him up with a PG in round 2 or 3 with pick number 22 or 27, but it’s a weird spot for PGs.

    CP3 would be automatic if he was there, but I doubt he makes it to me. Mitchell is a keeper for someone so he’s out too. I’m guessing I’m looking at Holiday or maybe Kemba.

    Other option would be to skip the PG’s (if you think I can fill it out later) and load up on those hard to find FT shooting / shot blocking bigs like Love and Gasol.

    Any thoughts would help!

    • Tad

      Tad says:

      @RICE: Thanks for the kind words. I love Jrue and Kemba, but some of the guys I’m seeing later than expected are Tyreke (PG numbers at SG is extra nice), his teammate Collison, D’Angelo Russell, Dragic, Trae, Hill, Payton, DSJ, Fox and even Burke, Augustin, and Reggie Jackson super late. I know they’re more flawed late, usually terrible FG% guys, but I think the difference between those early bigs and late bigs is bigger than with the PGs. Best of luck.

      • Rice says:

        @Tad: Hey Tad! Thanks for the advice. Unfortunately, I didn’t see this response before my draft last night and I missed out on every PG you listed. I took Lowery in round 2 but still managed to load up on those nice FT% shooting big men.

        Waiting on SF until late (strategy) so obviously that spot is a little weak. I think I’m a bit weak on assists too.

        Your Thoughts on this team?

        1. (3) Anthony Davis (NO – PF,C)
        2. (22) Kyle Lowry (Tor – PG)
        3. (27) Marc Gasol (Mem – C)
        4. (46) Nikola Vucevic (Orl – PF,C)
        5. (51) Jeff Teague (Min – PG)
        6. (70) Serge Ibaka (Tor – PF,C)
        7. (75) JJ Redick (Phi – SG)
        8. (94) Rudy Gay (SA – SF,PF)
        9. (99) Danilo Gallinari (LAC – SF,PF)
        10. (118) Bobby Portis (Chi – PF,C)
        11. (123) Willy Hernangomez (Cha – C)
        12. (142) Jeremy Lamb (Cha – SG,SF)
        13. (147) Jamal Murray  (Den – PG,SG) <— keeper

        • Tad

          Tad says:

          @Rice: Sorry I didn’t get back to you in time, but great job. Tons of guys there that I’ve drafted lately. I loaded the team into Basketball Monster and I only see you below average in three categories: assists, FG%, and worst in steals. You’re dominant in FT%. I wouldn’t worry about steals, but you could see about trading Gallo if he gets off to a hot start (like it seems he might) to get someone with great FG% regardless of their FT%. Just a thought. Otherwise, you should be able to win 5 or 6 categories almost each week.

          • Rice says:

            @Tad: Awesome! Thanks man!

  11. Tony C says:

    Tad your article has great advice. Based on this article you’ll probably hate my team which I drafted before the Derrick White injury: I drafted from the 10th position in a 10 team league with 9 cats:

    PG Lillard, Rubio, Fox, D.White
    SG Richardson, Hield
    SF Middleton, LeVert, Gallinari
    PF Jokic, Collins
    C Ayton, J.Allen

    Once I place D. White on my IR who should I pickup among Sexton, Hart, Gilgeous-Alexander, Beverley, Markieff, Siakam, Pau, Favors, Smart, Mitchell Robinson, James Johnson, or Hezonja. Evan Fournier was dropped today so he’s on waivers. Also, should I pickup any of the above players to replace Gallinari or Levert?


    • Tad

      Tad says:

      @Tony C: Thanks, Tony. I’ve got you with a team that could use a big, so I’d probably say Favors, or if you like Markieff or feel like gambling on Mitchell (I have been everywhere), they’d be great replacements. I think you’d then be above average in every category aside from TOs. Nice draft.

  12. Jon says:

    10 team H2H 9 Cat – 8th pick. Rate my team!

    1 (8th pick): Steph Curry

    2 (13th pick): Victor Oladipo

    3 (28th pick): Russell Westbrook

    4 (33rd pick): Marc Gasol

    5 (48th pick): Otto Porter Jr

    6 (53rd pick): Gary Harris

    7 (68th pick): Robert Covington

    8 (73rd pick): Enes Kanter

    9 (88th pick): Nikola Mirotic

    10 (93rd pick): Josh Richarson

    11 (109th pick): Jaren Jackson Jr

    12 (113rd pick): Jordan Bell

    Notable waivers; Ball, K Anderson, Crabbe, Dedmon, Cauley-Stein, B Bogdanovic, Brogdon, Bazemore, D Fox

    • Tad

      Tad says:

      @Jon: Nice draft. I only see you slightly negative in FG5 and TOs. Otherwise, you’re pretty balanced except a lot of 3s and good FT% and a huge surplus of steals. If you can part with a guys whose value comes mainly from steals (Harris, Covington, Richardson) for a more traditional Points/Rebounds/Assists guy, you could be in a great situation. Good luck.

  13. Andrew says:

    12 team H2H 9 Categories – FG%, FT%, 3PM, PTS, REBS, AST, STLS, BLKS, A/TO. Rate my team please.

    G – Kyle Lowry (26)
    G – Mike Conley (50)
    G – Luka Doncic (47)
    G – Kris Dunn (74)
    F – Giannis Antetokounmpo (2)
    F – Khris Middleton (23)
    F – Bobby Portis (122)
    F – Alex Len (143)
    C – Steven Adams (71)
    C – Serge Ibaka (95)
    UTIL – Malcolm Brogdon (98)
    B – Jakob Poeltl (119)
    B – James Johnson (146)
    B – Al Farouq Aminu (167)
    B – Cody Zeller (170)

    • Tad

      Tad says:

      @Andrew: Alright, I’ve to that TO switched to A/TO. Looks like you’re low enough in 3s and FT% that you might be best off punting those. Like, you could shop Middleton for… looks like points and assists (Wall? Beal? Mitchell) are spots you could shore up and then be looking good or great in 6 or 7 other categories. Otherwise, you’re still in contention the way you are. Just trying to balance it out if possible.

  14. Natha says:

    Love that basketball is here. Problem is I now need to read razzball basketball, football, and hockey. What a great time of year.
    Sort of forgot about Point Guard this year.
    12 team weekly category
    Kyrie Irving – PG
    Gary Harris – SG
    Will Barton – SF
    Jonathan Isaac – PF
    Marc Gasol – C
    Rudy Gobert – C
    Elfrid Peyton – G
    Otto Porter – F
    Nick Batum – U
    Covington – U
    Ibaka – Bench
    Jaren Jackson JR – bench
    Dinwindle – Bench
    Mo Bamba – Bench
    Malik Monk – Bench

    See any glaring issues? I feel very confident in this team across the board. Little panic about the PG situation. I can trade Batum for Dennis Smith. Seems like an obvious yes to the trade?

    Thoughts on overall team and the Batum for Smith trade?

    • Tad

      Tad says:

      @Natha: Oh man. I’m lucky I never got into hockey and that fantasy baseball is over. I’m so ready for basketball, too.
      I actually really like Batum as a guy that gets PG stats at a different position, so I’d probably just keep him (I like Smith, but I’d prefer Batum this season). You’re lowest in points and highest in blocks. I swapped in JJJ for Payton (with Batum at G). You’re pretty balanced, but if you wanted to even things out more, you could try to move blocks/steals for points/rebounds/assists. I know that’s like going from a fantasy vet to a rookie, stat-wise, but you’re set with blocks, especially. I wouldn’t want to lose the Gobert boards, so maybe see if you’ve got other people in your league that love the exciting Isaac and Jaren Jackson type if they start out with a good couple games. Best of luck.

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