Who came up with the names for the forward positions? There’s small and power. Why didn’t they go small and big? Or weak and power? Maybe there was a power struggle within the name manufacturing plant and small/power was the compromise to appease all parties. Politics, man. Anyways, you will find some of the best two-way players in the league here. There are also 3-and-D, 3-without-the-D, and D-without-the-3 players. Enjoy!

To see my per-game value projections for each player, click HERE. In the “Pos” box (which stands for position, not the other thing you were thinking), type in “sf” and the table will sort by just small forwards.


1) LeBron James (Los Angeles Lakers)

LeBron is 34 years old. Bronny is 14 years old. It’s going to be so cool when LeBron owns the Cavs, drafts Bronny with the #1 overall pick, and throws him alley-oops for a season or two. Until then, though, LeBron’s going to want to accumulate as many chips/ships as possible. The window is four years me thinks, and it starts now. With Anthony Davis in tow, and a roster full of defenders and shooters, LeBron could be primed for an epic season, from both a real-life and fantasy perspective. Now for the concerns. The free throw shooting isn’t great, the turnovers are high, and there are injury concerns, so not all is sunny in LA.

2) Kawhi Leonard (Los Angeles Clippers)

LA is the center of the universe! At least until the next big earthquake turns California into Hawaii. I cannot wait for the epic battles between the Kawhi Clippers and the LeBron Lakers. NBA. It’s faaaantastic! Not much needs to be said about Kawhi. He’s the best two-way player in the league right now. The only concerns are how many games will he miss due to load management and will injury strike?

3) Paul George (Los Angeles Clippers)

George is the second-best two-way player in the league and he’s on the same team as the best two-way player in the league? W. T. F. Big Daddy Kane said that pimpin’ ain’t easy. The Clippers are telling BDK to STFU. Now, as with the LeBron and Kawhi blurbs, it’s not always sunny in LA and rain does fall from time to time. For George, he’s still recovering from offseason shoulder surgeries and could miss the entire first month of the season. There’s also the risk of re-injury during the season and the dreaded load management.

4) Jayson Tatum (Boston Celtics)

Dayam, small forward ain’t so deep. I kid. Tatum is only 21 years old and has a ton of unrealized ceiling. The league figured him out last season and he took too many mid-range jumpers, but I’m a believer that he develops. With that said, from a fantasy perspective, he contributes across the board, but doesn’t stand out in any cat.

5) Khris Middleton (Milwaukee Bucks)

Middleton has YMCA game with NBA fame. A professional getter of buckets, the only cat he doesn’t contribute in is blocks.

6) Tobias Harris (Philadelphia 76ers)

There will be plenty of T. H. Threes to keep you high and happy, but the lack of D stats puts a damper on the party. With that said, the percentages are good and he will chip in boards and some dimes. With Al Horford slated to play power forward and Harris moving to small forward, the rebound numbers may take a dip, but nothing to jump off a bridge about.

7) Otto Porter Jr. (Chicago Bulls)

Porter is/has been a wet dream staple among roto players, as he takes care of the ball, shoots efficiently from the field, and contributes in all cats. H2H players often eschewed him because he didn’t excel in any one area. Well, since arriving in Chicago, the usage has increased from 15 to 20, so he has some more snap, crackle, and pop to his game.

8) Kelly Oubre Jr. (Phoenix Suns)

Oubre is one of my favorite 3-and-D players. He’s athletic, grabs boards, shoots tres, and provides a healthy amount of steals and blocks. Over the final month of last season, he was a top 15 player in 9-cat leagues. That may be tough to replicate but top 50? I don’t see why not. FantasyPros has his ADP at 93 right now. You will probably have to draft him in the sixth or seventh round, but even then, the price is nice.

9) Robert Covington (Minnesota Timberwolves)

The Lord giveth and the Lord taketh away. Covington has played over 71 games just once in his career. With that said, he’s finished as a top 40 player for fantasy the last three years. There’s been chatter that he could play more power forward this season, so an uptick in boards perhaps?

10) Gordon Hayward (Boston Celtics)

I’m expecting a bounceback season for Hayward, as he will be more than a year removed from the gruesome leg injury he suffered. He’s a little light in the D cats, but will provide good percentages, points, boards, and a few dimes.

11) Miles Bridges (Charlotte Hornets)

Well, if I’m walking 500 Myles for Turner, you best believe I’m walking 500 Miles for Bridges. He’s young, athletic, and will provide the D. He may not score many points or dish out a plethora of dimes, but the boards will be there and he will drain some tres. With the Hornets projected to be turrable, he should get plenty of run.

12) Danilo Gallinari (Oklahoma City Thunder)

Should be the number one scoring option for the Thunder, so there should be plenty of points and tres. He will also grab some boards and is a stud in the free throw category, as he shoots a high percentage at a high volume. It’s all about health, though, for Gallo, as he’s never played more than 71 games in a season and has logged three seasons with fewer than 50 games played.

13) Joe Ingles (Utah Jazz)

Jingles should provide plenty of holiday spirit all season long, as he will provide tres, dimes, and steals. The Jazz should be improved, and with the floor spaced, Jingles should get plenty of open looks from downtown. He’s a career 40% shooter from that distance.

14) Bojan Bogdanovic (Utah Jazz)

Bogdanovic will likely start and play more minutes at small forward for the Jazz, but he’s below Ingles because Jingles provides more dimes and steals. Bogdanovic is a good real life defender and has excellent IQ, so it kind of sucks that the steal and assist numbers aren’t higher for fantasy.

15) Mikal Bridges (Phoenix Suns)

Bridges is an athletic 3-and-D player. Don’t expect much else.

16) T. J. Warren (Indiana Pacers)

Warren isn’t going to regulate in Indiana, as the Pacers have plenty of options on offense, but he should still get his and contribute enough points, tres, and steals to be fantasy viable.

17) Andrew Wiggins (Minnesota Timberwolves)

Y’all know how much I hate Wiggins, but…………….I’m kind of in this year. The draft cost is palatable, as he’s going around pick 100, and he’s one of the better options at that stage of the draft for points. He also chips in some steals. Nothing to write home about, but it’s something. Now, I feel there is some upside because Ryan Saunders has said that he wants Wiggins to drive more to the basket and stop taking so many long twos. Yeah, I know. As the great Lloyd Christmas said, “So you’re telling me there’s a chance”

18) Rudy Gay (San Antonio Spurs)

Gay’s primary contributions are in points and boards, but he does provide a little something something in every other cat. He is 33 years old, though, and Pop does give his players rest, so a full allotment of games is out of the question.

19) Harrison Barnes (Sacramento Kings)

Mehrrison Barnes is….well, meh of course. He will provide points with some tres, but nothing else.

20) De’Andre Hunter (Atlanta Hawks)

I like Hunter a lot. Maybe a little too much, considering he won’t excel in any cat. He will contribute across the board, though, and should soak up most of the small forward minutes on what should be a hyper-fast paced Hawks squad.

21) Jerami Grant (Denver Nuggets)

Versatility is the name of the game for Grant, as he can play both forward positions, get his block on, and drain tres. The Nuggets are stacked, so playing time could be an issue, but I have him down for 25 mpg.

22) Cedi Osman (Cleveland Cavaliers)

Cedi ain’t so Osman. He’s good, don’t get me wrong, but Osman? C’mon now! Tres and points are what he provides with not much else. He should play a ton of minutes, though.

23) Kyle Anderson (Memphis Grizzlies)

Mr. Anderson will provide steals and blocks, so he’s valuable later in drafts. He won’t provide tres or many points, and the free throw shooting is poor, but Mr. Anderson will grab some boards and dish out a few dimes. He needs to go back to the Matrix and get an upgrade.

24) Jae Crowder (Memphis Grizzlies)

Clam Crowder is another 3-and-D player. The shooting efficiency isn’t great, but he will provide tres.

25) DeMarre Carroll (San Antonio Spurs)

The Spurs seem a little light in the front court, so I have Carroll down for 28 mpg. I may be giving him too many, so keep that in mind if you have the sudden urge to sing a Carroll. When he does play, he will provide some tres and possibly some steals, but those have declined over the years.

26) C. J. Miles (Washington Wizards)

Miles is recovering from surgery to repair a stress fracture back in July. He’s out of the walking boot now but will likely miss the start of the season. When he returns, nobody knows, but a lengthy absence doesn’t seem likely. When he’s on the court, Miles will provide tres, points, and some dimes. Someone besides Bradley Beal has to, right? I have his games played projection for 66.

27) Joe Harris (Brooklyn Nets)

Not your average Joe shot 47% from downtown last season! Impressive. Unfortunately, I have his minutes projection going from 30 down to 24, as the Nets are stiggidy stacked in the backcourt and wings.

28) Taurean Prince (Brooklyn Nets)

I have Prince and not your average Joe projected almost identically. The only differences being that Prince should provide more steals but shoot a lower percentage from the field.

29) Royce O’Neale (Utah Jazz)

O’Neale should play an important role for the Jazz this season, as he’s an athletic wing who can play defense and get out in transition. He will provide some tres and contribute some D, but don’t expect many points.

30) Norman Powell (Toronto Raptors)

Stormin’ Norman has an opportunity with Kawhi Leonard no longer in Toronto. I have him down for 25 minutes and he should provide points and tres.

31) Alfonzo McKinnie (Golden State Warriors)

Projected starter at small forward for the Warriors, so I have him down for 28 mpg. He will drain some tres and grab boards, but turns into hollow man when it comes to the other cats.

32) Davis Bertans (Washington Wizards)

Bertans is a big man who can shoot from downtown. I only have him down for 18 mpg, but there’s been chatter that he starts and plays a significant amount. If so, then I’m way off.

33) Trevor Ariza (Sacramento Kings)

I thought he retired. Well, the Kings are stacked on the wings, so Ariza shouldn’t get more than 18 mpg.

34) Dwayne Bacon (Charlotte Hornets)

Mmmmmm, bacon. There could be plenty of sizzling Bacon in the pan for the Hornets this season because who else is going to do it. Well, Terry Rozier will be the guy, but James Borrego said either Rozier or Bacon will lead the team in scoring this season.

35) Justise Winslow (Miami Heat)

Winslow can contribute in every cat but blocks, but the shooting efficiency, from both the field and line, are poor. In addition, Goran Dragic is healthy and the Heat acquired Jimmy Butler, so the usage should plummet this season.

36) Reggie Bullock (New York Knicks)

Bullock is a sharp shooter from downtown, as he’s converted 39% from that range over his career. At most, I see him getting 24 minutes of run each game, but there is risk that the Knicks go with their Heavy PF lineup.

37) O. G. Anunoby (Toronto Raptors)

There’s a ton of potential here with O. G., as his length and athleticism conjur up a breakout season akin to teammate Pascal Siakam. O. G. can hit from downtown and is a versatile defender, able to guard one through four. The free throw shooting is bad and the ball handling/playmaking needs improvement. With that said, there is an opportunity for playing time with Kawhi Leonard leaving town and the competition being Stanley Johnson and Rondae Hollis-Jefferson.

38) Brandon Ingram (New Orleans Pelicans)

I’ve had a bumpy relationship with Ingram over the years. I was intrigued when the Lakers selected him in the draft, primarily due to his length. Then I started to despise him during his rookie season. He seemed so soft and couldn’t shoot. But, he was so young and had room to grow physically. What I saw during the following Summer League got me back on board. He was aggressive on offensive and had a swagger announcing that he had arrived. Now he’s off the squad so, out of sight/out of mind. Naw, I kid. I still think he has potential, but I worry about his health and shot. New Orleans will play at a fast pace, so the environment is friendly, but there are a ton of guys on that team who will have the ball in their hands. Spot up shooter he is not. Defensive maven he is not. Bad free throw shooter he is. From a fantasy perspective, you will get points, some boards, and a contribution in dimes. Not much else.

39) R. J. Barrett (New York Knicks)

The new King of New York, Barrett will dominate the ball. Like Ingram above, though, the percentages will be bad and won’t contribute many tres or defensive stats.

40) Dorian Finney-Smith (Dallas Mavericks)

I may be too low on my minutes projection for DFS, as I have him down for 18 currently. Rick Carlisle has said that he loves his versatility, especially on defense, and he could see time at SF, PF, and C. If so, he could see mid-to-upper 20s in minutes. DFS will grab boards and get his 211 on, while chipping in a bit of tres. Definitely an interesting option later in drafts, as there’s upside.

41) Stanley Johnson (Toronto Raptors)

Not sure how elevated this Johnson gets on the depth chart, but he has a chance to carve out a role…..I guess. My main issue with this Johnson is that he fires too many blanks. That’s good if you have two kids and no longer wish to have more, but for a 3-and-D player in the NBA, not so good.

42) Troy Brown Jr. (Washinton Wizards)

Brown is currently dealing with a calf strain, so he may miss the start of the season. The injury doesn’t seem too serious and Brown should start at small forward when he’s ready to go. Brown is a good finisher at the rim, but struggles to shoot from distance. He’s more efficient with the ball in his hands and is able to dish out dimes, but Bradley Beal is THE guy for Washington, so that’s obviously an issue.

43) Mario Hezonja (Portland Trail Blazers)

Mario didn’t land in a super spot from a fantasy perspective, as the playing time will be sparse. I have him down for 15 mpg. When he’s on the court, Super Mario is a 3-and-D player who will provide the occasional poster.

44) Evan Turner (Atlanta Hawks)

The environment is amazing, as the Hawks will play at a hyper-fast pace on offense. Turner was brought in to back up Trae Young and provide another facilitator for the squad. He can’t shoot though, so how many minutes will he actually get? I have him down for 15 mpg, but acknowledge that number can be much higher.

45) Kevin Knox (New York Knicks)

Well, there are two good things to take away from Knox’s rookie season. He can’t shoot any worse and we know that he has mental fortitude. Or maybe he’s just oblivious like Forrest Gump. Whatever the case may be, it’s comes out to the same thing in the end. Knox is a hucker, a chucker, and brick maker. If you need tres that badly, God bless your soul. Now, Knox is very young, so there’s some potential I guess. Enjoy the ride.

46) Jarrett Culver (Minnesota Timberwolves)

Culver is athletic and a proficient play maker. He should provide steals and some dimes, but I have concerns about his shot and playing time.

47) Michael Kidd-Gilchrist (Charlotte Hornets)

MKG is only 25 years old, but it feels like he’s been in the league forever ever. I don’t see him getting much run for what will be a terrible Hornets squad. There is some hope that he gets traded, though.

48) Cameron Johnson (Phoenix Suns)

Johnson has been getting high praise from the coaching staff, so there’s reason for optimism. He is an older rookie, so the transition to the NBA may not be as severe compared to others. Johnson can shoot and he will likely be a part of the rotation. How much, though? I don’t think much and have him down for 10 mpg.

49) Derrick Jones Jr. (Miami Heat)

Jones is probably one of my favorite late-round targets. He will provide D stats and he could get more minutes than I have him projected for. He’s uber-athletic so highlight dunks and rebounds will be the norm. What could give him access to ceiling is if he improves the shot from downtown and the free throw line. Word is that he worked like crazy over the offseason on his shot and the coaching staff took notice.

50) Maurice Harkless (Los Angeles Clippers)

I always have a special spot in my heart for Mo, as I used to always draft him in NBA 2K. He’s tall, long, athletic, and can shoot from downtown. Yahtzee! On the Clippers, the playing time will be sparse, but he could carve out a role alongside Kawhi and PG.

51) Dylan Windler (Cleveland Cavaliers)

Windler balled out during the Summer League and displayed a lethal shot. He probably won’t get much run, especially during the early parts of the season, but could get more run later as the Cavs will likely be turrable.

52) Justin Jackson (Dallas Mavericks)

I only have Jackson down for 10 mpg, but acknowledge that could be too low. He was able to show last season that he was a competent spot up shooter. I think Finny-Smith is the preferred option at small forward but Jackson is certainly in the mix.

53) Jake Layman (Minnesota Timberwolves)

Layman has the size and some athleticism to play both the three and four. In addition, he can shoot from downtown, but he is streaky. His greatest asset is his ability to move and cut off the ball. He’s not a great defender so minutes will likely be an issue.

54) Rondae Hollis-Jefferson (Toronto Raptors)

Calendar and schedule makers all over the world are ecstatic that they don’t have to add Rondae to the mix. For a short while there, I thought it was possible, but alas, here we are. RHJ isn’t a good shooter and the Raptors aren’t committed to him, so he’s behind Anunoby on the depth chart. If the Raptors utilize RHJ near the rim and he is able to improve on his defense, then he could be someone to look at. I’m not holding my breath, though.

55) Deandre Bembry (Atlanta Hawks)

Bembry is one of the elder statesmen on the Hawks. Crazy. As a result, he may have a role, especially since he’s a good defender. The issues, though, are that De’Andre Hunter and Cam Reddish are the future at the position and both have the potential to play good defense and shoot better from the perimeter than Bembry. We shall see how things play out, but me thinks Bembry doen’t get too much run.

56) Josh Jackson (Memphis Grizzlies)

Starting the season in the G-League. Y’all know how I feel about JJ, but for the new folk….He sucks and throws up some of the worst shots I’ve ever seen in my life. With that said, he is long and athletic and has shown flashes. Because of that, I didn’t erase him, Thanos style.

57) James Ennis (Philadelphia 76ers)

Ennis is a career 35% shooter from downtown. He just won’t get too much run on a stacked Sixers squad.

58) Wilson Chandler (Brooklyn Nets)

Chandler was never a league winner in any cat, but he would provide across-the-board production. He’s older now, so the production has slipped, and he probably won’t get much run on a Nets team that has plenty of wings.

59) Wesley Iwundu (Orlando Magic)

Iwundu is young and impressed with his play last season. He’s a good wing defender and competent three-point shooter. He just may not get much run this season.

60) Jared Dudley (Los Angeles Lakers)

Dudley could be out of the rotation so the floor is literally zero. With that said, I do think he will have a role, albeit a small one. He can shoot from downtown, has a high IQ at both ends of the floor, and is a willing distributer.

61) E’twaun Moore (New Orleans Pelicans)

Moore is an excellent shooter from downtown. Just don’t see how he gets much run.

62) Denzel Valentine (Chicago Bulls)

Injuries have really hampered his career, but when healthy, he’s shown flashes shooting, distributing, and even stealing. With that said, playing time is going to be tough to come by.

63) Cam Reddish (Atlanta Hawks)

Reddish is athletic and could be a good 3-and-D player. The shot is suspect, though. Form is good and he can light it up, but just inconsistent. I’m thinking Reddish is more of a long-term prospect with Hunter and Bembry ahead of him on the depth chart.

64) Abdel Nader (Oklahoma City Thunder)

Nader is a competent shooter from distance and big enough to play both the two and three. The depth chart is stacked ahead of him, though.

65) Darius Miller (New Orleans Pelicans)

Miller ruptured his Achilles over the summer so his season is done. I was too lazy to take him out the projections, so I just decided to write a few sentences instead. I’m the worst.

66) Torrey Craig (Denver Nuggets)

Craig played great at the end of last season and is a valuable 3-and-D player. I’m having trouble finding the minutes for him, though, but acknowledge I could be way too low on his projection.

67) Dillon Brooks (Memphis Grizzlies)

Brooks could provide tres and steals, but the shooting efficiency is low. With that said, it probably doesn’t matter because playing time will be tough to come by.

68) Kenrich Williams (New Orleans Pelicans)

Williams is athletic and can fill the stat sheet. Unfortunatley, he’s buried on a deep Pelicans roster.

69) Keita Bates-Diop (Minnesota Timberwolves)

KBD has the ability to be a 1/1/1 player and grab boards. He’s just buried on the depth chart.

70) Chandler Hutchison (Chicago Bulls)

He could get a token 6 mpg. My momma told me that if you don’t have anything nice to say, then don’t say anything. Thanks, mom!

71) Sviatoslav Mykhailhuk (Detroit Pistons)

Svi for Three!!!! I was kind of amped when the Lakers drafted him. He has size, has some athleticism, and can shoot from downtown. With that said, he shot 33% from the field last season. Ha! Svi Can’t Hit the Sea!!!

72) Georges Niang (Utah Jazz)

Niang could be the ultimate sleeper, as he has size at 6′ 8″, can shoot from downtown (41% last season), handle the rock, and distribute. The Jazz do want to space the floor. With that said, I do think he’s buried on the depth chart, but Niang is someone to keep an eye on.

73) Bruno Caboclo (Memphis Grizzlies)

Bruno can shoot and grab boards, but he’s buried on the depth chart.

74) Malcolm Miller (Toronto Raptors)

Miller is a 3-without-anything-else player, especially the minutes.

75) Nassir Little (Portland Trail Blazers)

Little didn’t perform well over the summer, so we likely won’t see much of him during the season.

76) Yuta Watanabe (Memphis Grizzlies)

Watanabe played very well over the summer, but he still has a long way to go before cracking the rotation.