I usually highlight a player for the lede, but today, it’s all about the playoffs for many of you. You’ve scratched and clawed for 21 weeks. If you heeded my advice, you also likely sacrificed a few virgins as well. Anyways, don’t get complacent now. Utilize all your moves for the week. Send out the scouts and project your opponent. Where is he/she weak? How does your squad match up? Games played, minutes, and opportunities are truly king now. It’s win this week or go home. I wish everyone good fortune and let’s bring home some chips for the Razzball family!

Now, back to your regularly scheduled programming. Here’s what I saw in yesterday’s action:



The Bulls were ole’d in Detroit, 108-131. As a result, no starter played more than 26 minutes.

Lauri Markkanen


Only played 26 minutes. We know Markkanen can shoot, get his board on, and takes care of the ball, but if he can improve in the D cats and shooting efficiency, top 25 player.

Ryan Arcidiacono


Got the start and played 26 minutes because Zach LaVine (knee) did not play.

Wayne Selden


Played 28 minutes off the bench and led the Bulls in both shot attempts and points. He Selden gets significant run, but Wayne does have the ability to put the ball into the basket. Someone to monitor in case of injuries.

Blake Griffin


There’s no D in _lake Griffin. Yo, B! Where’d you go? Top 50-60 player on the season, though, because he provides plenty of points, tres, boards, and dimes.

Andre Drummond


Leads the NBA with 54 dub-dubs on the year. In 62 games! Rudy Gobert is in second with 51 in 65 games. Now, include 1.7 steals and 1.7 blocks, and you got yourself a top 20 player. The only negatives to Dre’s game are the lack of tres and poor free throw shooting.

Reggie Jackson


Reggie has been a top 75 player over the past seven games. 18.1 points, 3 tres, 3.4 dimes, and 0.7 steals are what he’s been providing. He’s been shooting 52% from the field, though. I’d expect some regression in that department, as Jackson is more like a 43% shooter. In addition, the minutes have been all over the place, as he can easily play 20 minutes one night and 33 minutes the next.

Luke Kennard


Luuuuke, I am your father. Ha! I’ve wanted to write that for a while. Actually, Luuuuuuke, I am your Son. He played 31 minutes and has averaged 28.6 over the past seven games. Points and a trifecta of tres, boards, and dimes are what he provides. That ain’t bad. Don’t expect many contributions on D, though.

Langston Galloway


Played 29 minutes. The last three games, Galloway has played 29, 21, and 24 minutes. He’s gone 15-for-15 from downtown over that span! If you think that continues, then I’d like to be your financial adviser.

Pascal Siakam


His offensive game has blossomed so well. And there’s still room for growth! With that said, he still needs to improve the free throw percentage and, with his athleticism, an increase in the D stats would be a welcome development.

Serge Ibaka


Got the start at center and played 22 minutes.

Marc Gasol


Played 22 minutes off the bench.

The depth is great for the Raptors, as they can match up to every kind center. It sucks for fantasy, though, as the minutes will likely be split down the middle.

Kyle Lowry


Played 35 minutes. Kawhi Leonard sat again, so Lowry received some extra usage. Lowry messed around the prior game and almost duplicated the feat yesterday. He is always a trip-dub threat, especially since he rebounds well for a guard, but he’s only notched two this season. Anyways, it’s all about the shooting efficiency for Lowry.

Patrick McCaw 


Got the start for Kawhi and played 26 minutes. Squawk! Squawk! Patrick want a cracker. Squawk! With Kawhi’s load being managed….Pornhub! Please stop with the pop up ads!…..McCaw could see more run as the season winds down.

Jeremy Lin


Went back to a bench role and played 23 minutes. That’s where he can thrive and soak up the usage on the second unit. Those D stats, though. Linsanity!

OG Anunoby


Played 24 minutes. Great real-life player, as he can defend any opposing wing player. He can provide D stats for fantasy, but just doesn’t get enough minutes for significant contributions. Can he develop his offensive game like Siakam? I think so. The Force is strong with him.

Norman Powell


Played 24 minutes. Man, the Raptors are so freaking deep. They have pieces to match up to anyone and anything. Powell is the O to Anunoby’s D.

Kelly Olynyk


Continues to start and played 24 minutes. He was playing at a top 20 value over the past seven games before yesterday’s debacle. Not to fret, though, as the Raptors pose a difficult matchup for Kelly O. While he was hot, it was, “Oh! Kelly O!” Last night, it was, “Oh no. Kelly without the O.”

Bam Adebayo


Continues to start and played 27 minutes, even with Hassan Whiteside back. That makes me so happy, as I love Bam’s game. With that said, Spoelstra can change things up in an instance, so I wouldn’t get too gassed.

Hassan Whiteside


Only played 18 minutes. Shrug emoji. A Mt. Whiteside explosion is going to happen. We just have no idea when.

Goran Dragic


Played 21 minutes. With the playoffs starting for most fantasy leagues, Dragic isn’t a must hold or play. I’d keep an eye on him, though, because there is a chance he enters the starting lineup and gets the minutes ramped up at some point.

Dion Waiters


Continues to start and played 25 minutes. The shooting efficiency is often poor and he doesn’t contribute D stats, but he’s starting, getting minutes, and provides points, tres, boards, and dimes.

Dwyane Wade


Played 21 minutes. T minus 14 games. As the season winds down, I’m more optimistic about Wade for fantasy. He’s currently averaging 25.8 minutes per game, but I can see that number increasing, as this is the final hurrah.

Bojan Bogdanovic


Paced Indiana with a team-high 16 shot attempts. BojBog has provided a high floor all season, but he’s been accessing ceiling lately. Over the past seven games, the usage rate has spiked to 29 and he’s been averaging 24.4 points, 2.3 tres, 4.9 boards, 1.9 dimes, and 1.1 steals. That’s been good for top 50 value.

The Pacers were outclassed by the Embiid-led Sixers, 89-106. You know what that means? No more blurbs for them!!!

Joel Embiid


Returned to action after an eight-game absence and played 28 minutes. Embiid had a usage rate of 44! He must’ve been watching plenty of James Harden highlights while chilling at home.

Tobias Harris


Tobias is a very good player. He contributes a little something something across the board and provides good percentages, yet he doesn’t excel in anything. He’s like the upgraded version of Khris Middleton. With that said, he’s a top 25 player on the season and languishes in the top 25-50 range. Is he worthy of a max contract?

Anthony Davis


Got the start and played 21 minutes. Over the past six games, despite averaging only 21.2 minutes per game, AD has been a top 20 player. Ha! Well, on one hand, at least he’s providing something. On the other hand, there is a tatoo that says, “What could have been.” Too bad we don’t have any more hands.

Elfrid Payton


With Jrue Holiday out for a week, Elf could be messing around more. He must be bored out of his mind with no Christmas responsibilities to tend to.

Frank Jackson


Got the start and played 33 minutes. Jackson has been the direct beneficiary of the Holiday injury. He’s played 33 and 37 minutes, jacked up 18 and 20 shots respectively, and scored at least 20 points in each game.

Kenrich Williams


Continues to start and played 30 minutes. I guess the Pelicans are going to ride or die with Kenrich. If you can stomach the awful shooting percentage, Williams can provide across-the-board production.

John Collins


Oh baby! Those blocks. We know he can score and grab boards, but if he can start producing D stats then…..Phil Collins is definitely in trouble of getting knocked off the Collins throne. I have a feeling it’s going to be difficult ranking Collins and Markkanen over the summer.

Alex Len


Got another start and played 29 minutes. The Forrest Gump of fantasy, as you never know what you’re gonna get. Dewayne Dedmon returned from injury and played 20 minutes off the bench. He will likely return to the starting lineup soon, which will push Len back to a reserve role.

Trae Young


The shooting efficiency is always a question mark for Trae, as he’s launching shots from 28 feet out at times. That obviously holds his value down and makes him an inconsistent fantasy player. With that said, he rebounds the ball so well for a player his size and is a wizard passing the ball, which provides some semblance of floor when the tsunami of bricks appear.

Kevin Huerter


I was beginning to lose some faith in Huerter, as the minutes were down and the production was lacking. I’m a weak, weak man.

Kent Bazemore


Played 22 minutes off the bench. The minutes won’t be there, outside of injuries, but Bazemore produces when he’s on the court. Tough to trust because of the lack of minutes, but I’d be okay streaming him in plus matchups.

Nikola Vucevic


Those of you who drafted Vucevic in the third or fourth rounds of draft….congrats. You win all the $$$.

Evan Fournier


Only played 14 minutes because he got ejected from the game. Wes Iwundu replaced Fournier and played 32 minutes, producing 7 points, 7 boards, and 1 steal.

Terrence Ross


Yesterday was a good day, as we found stocks at Ross. You don’t find those there often.

Mike Conley


Made the Magic disappear. Almost single-handedly. Over the past six games, he’s been a top 15 player.

Avery Bradley


Top 60 player over the past seven games. The usage rate is up 4 and he’s averaging five more minutes than his time in Los Angeles. Memphis, the resurrection capital of the USA. Elvis lives!!!

C. J. Miles


I would not walk 500 Miles. The 29 minutes were a high since arriving in Memphis and he had attempted more than 10 shots in a game just one other time.

Joakim Noah and Delon Wright played 23 and 26 minutes. Both scored 10 points. Injuries would need to surface for either to be fantasy starters, but there are worse options if you need to break glass in case of emergency.

Clint Capela


He’s back and ready for the stretch run. The only bugaboo is the poor free throw shooting. Other than that, C & C Music Factory makes you wanna dance.

Chris Paul


Not playing like a good neighbor. The shooting efficiency has been a problem this season. Over the past seven games, it’s been at 33%. Zoom in tighter, and it’s been 17% over the past three games. The contributions across the board provide a floor though.

James Harden


Definitely does not get me Harden excited. Even with the two stars struggling, the Rockets prevailed in Dallas, 94-93.

Eric Gordon


If option 1 doesn’t work, go to plan b. If that doesn’t work, third time’s a charm. See, third wheels are good for something. Over the past six games, Gordon is averaging 4.2 tres per game and shooting 50% from the field!

Austin Rivers played 28 minutes but contributed 2 points, 1 board, and 1 dime. He sucks. Gerald Green played 22 minutes, but he put up 11 points, 7 boards, 1 dimes, and 1 steal.

Luka Doncic


Aaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaalmost messed around. Like manna from the heavens, as prophesized. Gotta love those stocks as well. If he can contribute the D, which would make both the ladies and fellas happy, and improve the efficiency, then I think he’d break basketball. One thing to keep an eye on is that he was limping at the end of the game.

Jalen Brunson


Continues to start and played 35 minutes. Top 125 player over the past four games, as he’s averaged over 30 minutes and provided some tres, boards, and 5.5 dimes. Don’t expect D stats, but the percentages have been good and he’s playing alongside Doncic.

Maxi Kleber


Played 31 minutes off the bench, as he returned from a two-game absence due to injury.

Dwight Powell


Got the start and plaeyd 26 minutes.

Powell and Kleber will likely split the center minutes and neuter any upside.

DeAndre Jordan


Got the start but only played 15 minutes.

Mitchell Robinson


Played 33 minutes off the bench. Fifth in total blocks, despite playing nine fewer games than the leader, Myles Turner, and 16 games fewer than Brook Lopez, number three on the list. On a per-game basis, he’s #3. He’s a blocking machine, yet his own coach blocks him from being able to block. Go figure. Over the past five games, he’s played 33, 22, 22, 19, and 23 minutes. Shrug emoji.

Damyean Dotson


Played a team-high 41 minutes. So crazy that Dotson has been the most reliable Knick over the past five games. He’s received 41, 33, 34, 30, and 29 minutes. In addition, he’s jacked up over 10 shots in each of those games.

Taj Gibson


Got the start and played 30 minutes because Karl-Anthony Towns was out. The Taj Mahal will live on forever.

Keita Bates-Diop


Got the start and played 35 minutes because Andrew Wiggins was out. Bates-Diop has the ability to stuff the stat sheet, but he’s buried behind Wiggins on the depth chart.

Jeff Teague


Teague is usually a low usage player who provides dimes and D stats. With KAT and Wiggins out, though, he naturally had to step up. In a small sample size of 44 minutes, Teague’s usage rate has increased 12.6% when both KAT and Wiggins have been off the court. Both should be back soon, so don’t expect this kind of production going forward on a steady basis.

Derrick Rose


Only played 8 minutes. Shrug emoji. The dreaded load management?

Giannis Antetokounmpo


Ain’t nuthin’ but a G thang.

Brook Lopez


Only the third time all season that Lopez has grabbed 10 boards in a game. 3! Tres! Madness! Whatever, though, because he’s been a top 15 player over the past eight games on the heels of 1.9 tres and 3 blocks.

Eric Bledsoe


He Bledsoe we could experience fantasy nirvana.

Malcolm Brogdon


Only played 23 minutes, as Brogdon struggled. I guess Malcolm isn’t always in the middle. It happens, as he’s scored single digits in seven games this season.

Nikola Mirotic


Played 22 minutes off the bench. He’s just not getting the minutes to be a difference maker. Over the past eight games, Mirotic has averaged 23.4 minutes and been a top 100 player.

Pat Connaughton


Played 25 minutes off the bench. A perfect storm for Connaughton, as Brogdon had an off game and he just couldn’t miss. Don’t expect that to happen often.

Jakob Poeltl


Got the start and played 27 minutes. He’s started four of the last five games for the Spurs. My preseason prognostication came true! Granted, it only took 60 games and required a Pau Gasol trade, but whatever. Poeltl will provide boards and blocks. That’s it.

LaMarcus Aldridge


Played a team-high 38 minutes. LMA with the O to lead SA to an impressive victory over MIL. Top 10 player over the past six games. I ain’t laughing.

DeMar DeRozan


DeRozan is the comfort food of fantasy. You know what to expect and order the same dish every time you go out. The last time DeRozan stepped out of this comfort zone, he shot more tres, then got traded out of Toronto. He ain’t making that mistake again.

Marco Belinelli


Played 30 minutes off the bench.

Patty Mills


Played 23 minutes off the bench.

Both Belinelli and Mills are like home alarm systems. They won’t necessarily stop a burglar from stealing stuff from your home. If a thief wants something, they will get in and out before the cops get there. With that said, the alarm can be a deterrent and will scare off a few.

Kelly Oubre Jr.


Continues to start and played 33 minutes. Top 45 player over the past seven games, providing across-the-board production.

Devin Booker


Played a team-high 41 minutes and led the Suns to a 115-111 victory in Oakland. I keep writing it, but Booker continues to impress me, as he’s developed and improved his overall game. He’s not just a runner and gunner. The #5 player for fantasy over the past four games.

Draymond Green


Played 32 minutes. Are the Warriors going to pay him after next season? He’ll be 30 years old and will likely want a max contract. He’s not a max player, yet he may be one of the most valuable pieces on the Warriors. Will be fascinating to see how that situation unfolds.

Klay Thompson


How will Klay be without Steph and KD? I know most think he can be the alpha on a team, but I have some doubts. I’m probably just a stupid, stupid man.

Kevin Durant sprained his ankle. He landed on Deandre Ayton’s foot so it doesn’t sound too serious, but it’s something to monitor.