Good morning, and welcome back to another edition of Any Given Saturday. A huge slate of games last night, but the most impressive performance of them all came from The Rocky Horror Victor Show himself, Victor Oladipo. Our boy put forth a pristine 38/4/6/1/1 on 13-for-23 FG (2-for-8 3P, 10-for-10 FT) and no TOs, as he led the Pacers to the overtime win over the Nets. Dipo has been a top-10 guy in 9-cat so far and it doesn’t look like he’s going to slow down any time soon. I was higher than most on Dipo coming into the season, but I don’t think anybody predicted a season like this. If you got him near his ADP, you’re laughing. Anyway, here’s what else I saw last night in fantasy basketball:

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Myles Turner: 23/9/1/0/6 on 8-for-10 FG (3-for-4 3P, 4-for-5 FT) and two TOs. Block party! He’s been a bit disappointing this season, especially compared to Dipo, but he’s still putting up respectable numbers, and his league-leading blocks are a big part of that.

Domantas Sabonis: The other Thunder castoff put forth a respectable 9/9/5/3/1 on 4-for-11 FG (1-for-2 FT) with one TO off the bench last night.

Bojan Bogdanovic: Continues to be one of the spicier THRAGNOFs in the league as he went for 17/6/1/1/1 on 7-for-13 FG (2-for-5 3P, 1-for-2 FT) with two TOs.

Thaddeus Young: 3/6/4 on 1-for-4 FG (1-for-1 3P) and one TO in 26 minutes. He’s been in a slump lately and he might be nursing a mild injury. I’d float some buy-lows.

Spencer Dinwiddie: 26/1/8 on 8-for-20 FG (5-for-11 3P, 5-for-5 FT) with only one TO. He’s been one of the bigger surprises of the season, and he’s probably earned court time even when D’Angelo Russell eventually returns.

Rondae Hollis-Jefferson: 18/8/3/1/1 on 7-for-18 FG (4-for-6 FT) and two TOs.

DeMarre Carroll: 20/13/4 on 7-for-17 FG (4-for-10 3P, 2-for-2 FT) and one TO in a huge game. Inconsistency aside, he’s also having a huge season. It’s a shame he couldn’t do this in Toronto.

Caris Levert: 14/4/2/1 on 5-for-10 FG (2-for-3 3P, 2-for-3 FT) and six TOs in 34 minutes off the bench. A really nice game, but those six turnovers are painful. Hopefully you’re in an 8-cat league!

DeMar DeRozan: 29/5/2/1 on 9-for-20 FG (4-for-7 3P, 7-for-8 FT) and three TOs. He’s been on fire from deep in his last three games. If he can keep it up for an extended period of time, he’ll be a force.

Serge Ibaka: 17/6/0/0/1 on 6-for-10 FG (1-for-2 3P, 4-for-4 FT) and three turnovers in 24 minutes. A decent game considering it was against the formidable Sixers frontcourt.

OG Anunoby: Started and got 21 minutes. Put up 0/6/2/1 on 0-for-3 FG (0-3 3P) and two TOs. Growing pains for the talented rookie. He shouldn’t be rostered unless you’re in a very deep league.

Dario Saric: Mediocre games all around from the Sixers tonight, and Dario probably had the best one going for 17/6/5 on 5-for-12 FG (3-for-5 3P, 4-for-6 FT) with three TOs.

Joel Embiid: 14/8/2/0/3 on 5-for-13 FG (1-for-4 3P, 3-for-4 FT) and a yucky five TOs in only 23 minutes.

Robert Covington: 6/3/1/5 on 2-for-5 FG (1-for-4 3P, 1-for-1 FT) and three TOs. The steals are lovely, but he was mostly invisible tonight. Especially surprising considering JJ Redick sat tonight. He’ll bounce back.

Mike Scott: The Wizards routed the Magic and it was a big team effort. Seven guys scored in double digits, but none scored more than 18. The guy who scored 18 was none other than Mike Scott, in 17 minutes off the bench. 18/4 on 7-for-8 FG (1-for-1 3P, 3-for-3 FT) and two TOs. He’s been extremely en fuego recently, so he might be worth a short term pickup as a stream. Just keep in mind his shooting isn’t sustainable.

John Wall: 10/3/13/1/1 on 3-for-9 FG (2-for-4 3P, 2-for-3 FT) and six TOs in a bit of a ticker tease considering the Wizards scored 130.

Bradley Beal: Again, mild nights all around for the Wiz. 17/3/3 on 5-for-10 FG (3-for-4 3P, 4-for-4 FT and one TO.

Nikola Vucevic: Fractured his hand in the first quarter and is set to miss 6-8 weeks. Really unfortunate.

Bismack Biyombo: The main beneficiary of the Vucevic injury. Worth a pickup if you need boards/blocks/FG%. Had 8/3/1 on 4-for-4 FG (0-for-1 FT) in 24 minutes last night.

Elfrid Payton: Took advantage of all the Magic injuries and exploded for a career high 30/5/10/4/1 on 11-for-16 FG (8-for-8 FT) and three TOs. Maddeningly inconsistent, but should get extra usage with Vucevic hurt.

Dwight Howard: Was a game time decision and ended up not only playing, but leading the Hornets to a win over the Bucks. 21/16/2/0/2 on 7-for-11 FG (7-for-12 FT) with four TOs.

Nicolas Batum: 12/5/6/1/2 on 5-for-13 FG (0-for-3 3P, 2-for-2 FT) and one TO.

Kemba Walker: 19/1/8/0/1 on 5-for-15 FG (3-for-7 3P, 6-for-9 FT) and four TOs.

Treveon Graham: 14/2 on 5-for-8 FG (4-for-5 3P) and one TO off the bench. Ignore.

Khris Middleton: With Giannis Antetokounmpo out, The Duchess led the way for the Bucks, going off for 31/5/4/1/1 in the loss on 11-for-24 FG (4-for-10 3P, 5-for-5 FT) and three turnovers.

John Henson: My fave went for 16/5/1 on 7-for-10 FG (2-for-4 FT). Where are the blocks??

Kyrie Irving: The Celtics walked all over the Bulls, and Kyrie led the way with 25/3/7/2 on 9-for-15 FG (5-for-7 3P, 2-for-2 FT) and only one TO. He is what he is.

Jaylen Brown: 20/5/3/1 on 7-for-10 FG (4-for-6 3P, 2-for-4 FT) and one TO in his return from a brief absence.

Marcus Smart: 11/1/3/1/2 on 4-for-12 FG (0-for-5 3P, 3-for-5 FT) and one TO. The defensive stats were great, but the efficiency was terrible. It’s hard to expect anything else from Smart.

Daniel Theis: 10/15/2/2 on 1-for-5 FG (0-for-1 3P, 8-for-8 FT). A really interesting line, but it was partly attributed to garbage time minutes. Maybe worth keeping an eye on in very deep leagues.

Bobby Portis: Led the Bulls with 17/8/1/1 on 7-for-13 FG (0-for-2 3P, 3-for-3 FT) in 21 minutes off the bench. He’s been a nice surprise so far and he’s worth riding while he’s doing well.

Kris Dunn: 2/2/7 on 1-for-12 FG (0-for-1 3P) and two TOs. Don’t worry, regression was bound to happen. He’ll be better.

Dennis Schroder: Popped off for 33/3/7/1 on 13-for-22 FG (4-for-8 3P, 3-for-3 FT) and two TOs. It must be the hair.

Ersan Ilyasova: 21/7/2/1/1 on 7-for-9 FG (2-for-3 3P, 5-for-5 FT). He’s been balling on the lowly Hawks. His minutes might go down slightly when Dewayne Dedmon and Mike Muscala are back in the fold, but he’s definitely worth owning until then.

Dirk Nowitzki: 18/6/4/0/1 on 7-for-11 FG (3-for-5 3P, 1-for-1 FT). The germ was dirty, but the Mavericks were sterile.

Harrison Barnes: 22/4/3 on 10-for-21 FG (0-for-5 3P, 2-for-4 FT).

JJ Barea: 15/2/12/3 on 6-for-11 FG (2-for-5 3P, 1-for-1 FT) and two TOs. Another beautiful game off the bench, and JJ continues to provide solid value.

Austin Rivers: 38/3/2/1 on 14-for-20 FG (5-for-8 3P, 5-for-6 FT) and one TO. That’s back-to-back 30-burgers for the kid. Clippers still lost.

Lou Williams: Not to be outdone, LouWill put up 36/2/2/0/1 on 10-for-23 FG (5-for-13 3P, 11-for-12 FT) off the bench.

DeAndre Jordan: 4/18/2/0/1 on 1-for-3 FG (2-for-4 FT) and two TOs. Aside from LouWill and Rivers, nobody else on the Clippers scored more than 9 points.

Marc Gasol: 17/15/4/1/1 on 7-for-16 FG (1-for-3 3P, 2-for-3 FT) and one TO.

Tyreke Evans: 30/7/11/3 on 10-for-20 FG (6-for-11 3P, 4-for-4 FT) and two TOs. He’s on another level this year and he and Marc were able to pull out the win. On most nights however, that’s not the case and it just feels like such a waste.

Anthony Davis: 17/6/3/1/4 on 5-for-11 FG (1-for-1 3P, 6-for-8 FT).

DeMarcus Cousins: 16/7/8/2/3 on 5-for-7 FG (1-for-2 3P, 5-for-6 FT) and five TOs. Ignoring the five TOs, it was a super efficient rainbow from Cousins. Gotta love it!

Ian Clark: 19/2/1 on 7-for-11 FG (5-for-7 3P) off the bench in only 22 minutes. Ignore him.

Josh Richardson: Cooled off a bit for 12/4/2/1 on 5-for-14 FG (1-for-5 3P, 1-for-1 FT) and one turnover. Hold strong, J-Rich has the potential to a great value the rest of the way.

Tyler Johnson: 20/3/1/2 on 9-for-17 FG (2-for-6 3P) and two TOs.

Goran Dragic: 13/4/2/0/1 on 5-for-15 FG (0-for-3 3P, 3-for-4 FT) and one TO. in his return from injury. He’ll probably still be playing hurt, so just don’t expect the elite efficiency that he’s usually known for.

Wayne Ellington: 13/3/1 on 4-for-12 FG (3-for-10 3P, 2-for-2 FT). THRAGNOF!

Russell Westbrook: 27/10/10/1/1 on 11-for-24 FG (2-for-3 3P, 3-for-4 FT) and only two TOs. A surprisingly well-rounded and efficient game from the reigning MVP.

Paul George: 26/5/1/6/2 on 10-for-17 FG (4-for-7 3P, 2-for-2 FT) and two TOs as he also had a stellar game. Couldn’t get one more assist for a rainbow though? Alas.

Carmelo Anthony: Of course it was Melo that put up the (relative) dud. 16/6/3 on 6-for-18 FG (4-for-10 3P) and one TO.

Steven Adams: 12/9/0/1/1 on 5-for-9 FG (2-for-4 FT).

Rodney Hood: 9/1/1/1 on 3-for-14 FG (2-for-8 3P, 1-for-1 FT) and a TO. Yikes.

Donovan Mitchell: 29/5/1/1/1 on 12-for-16 FG (1-for-3 FG, 4-for-4 FT) and three TOs. Oh baby!

Ricky Rubio: 6/3/5 on 3-for-10 FG (0-for-3 3P) and one TO. I miss old Rubio.

Nikola Jokic: The Joker helped the Nuggets slap the Warriors in their own arena as he went for 18/9/4/1/1 on 9-for-16 FG (0-for-3 3P) and two TOs. He might not be living up to preseason hype, but he’s still a stud.

Gary Harris: 19/0/3/2/1 on 6-for-14 FG (2-for-6 3P, 5-for-6 FT) but an ugly four TOs.

Trey Lyles: 15/6/1/1 on 7-for-14 FG (1-for-5 3P) as he puts together another solid game. He’s definitely worth owning while Paul Millsap is out as Kenneth Faried is once again completely out of the rotation and Mason Plumlee (2/8/2/1, six TOs) sucks.

Kevin Durant: Uncharacteristically bad games for most of the Warriors squad. 18/6/1/2/2 on 6-for-17 FG (0-for-5 3P, 6-for-7 FT) and three TOs.

Klay Thompson: 15/5/4/3 on 6-for-21 FG (1-for-10 3P, 2-for-2 FT) and three TOs.

Jordan Bell: 7/10/2/2/2 on 3-for-5 FG (1-for-2 FT) and four TOs in only 22 minutes. Another rainbow for the kid. This guy is pretty fantastic and I was really surprised when he fell so far in the NBA draft. It just doesn’t seem fair that the Warriors got him. He’s mostly just a deep league guy for now though.

Draymond Green: 10/5/6/2/2 on 4-for-10 FG (1-for-4 3P, 1-for-1 FT) and two TOs as Dray got a rainbow of his own.

Jimmy Butler: 32/6/3/0/1 on 10-for-19 FG (0-for-3 3P, 12-for-13 FT) and one TO. As long as Thibs continues to play his guys huge minutes, they’ll produce.

Karl-Anthony Towns: 16/14/1/1/2 on 6-for-10 FG (1-for-2 3P, 3-for-4 FT) and three TOs.

Andrew Wiggins: 17/4/0/1 on 8-for-17 FG (1-for-2 3P) and two TOs.

Taj Gibson: 9/8/0/1/1 on 4-for-8 FG (0-for-1 3P, 1-for-2 FT) and one TO. Taj is definitely a Thibodeau favourite, and he’ll be worth owning.

Isaiah Canaan: 15/0/9/1 on 4-for-10 FG (2-for-5 3P, 5-for-5 FT) and one TO. That latest on the frustrating Phoenix PG merry-go-round. Worth a flier since it’s not like Tyler Ulis (4/2/3/1, four TOs) is any better.

TJ Warren: 24/9/2/2/1 on 12-for-25 FG (0-for-2 3P) and two TOs.

Tyson Chandler: 4/15/2 on 2-for-4 FG and a TO. The old man can still board! And that’s about all he can do.

Troy Daniels: 18/0/1 on 6-for-14 FG (6-for-12 3P) and a TO. THRAGNOF!

LaMarcus Aldridge: 29/10/2 on 13-for-22 FG (2-for-3 3P, 1-for-1 FT) and two TOs as he led the Spurs over the lowly Kings.

Kyle Anderson: 6/5/2 on 1-for-4 FG (4-for-4 FT) and one TO. Not a great game, especially with Kawhi Leonard out, but Kyle usually does a bit of everything. Definitely worth keeping an eye on, even when Kawhi is healthy.

Pau Gasol: 14/11/10 on 5-for-8 FG (2-for-3 3P, 2-for-3 FT) and one TO. Wow. The Gasols are definitely aging gracefully.

Buddy Hield: 24/8/1/0/1 on 9-for-17 FG (4-for-7 3P, 2-for-2 FT). THRAGNOF!

Willie Cauley-Stein: 22/11/3 on 10-for-18 FG (2-for-3 FT). WCS feels very underrated this season, and if he can continue getting this kind of playing time he should provide solid value.

Shabazz Napier: Surprisingly paced the Blazers in a close win over the Lakers in a game where Damian Lillard didn’t play. Naps went for 21/3/5/3 on 8-for-18 FG (4-for-7 3P, 1-for-2 FT). He’s more of a deep league guy when Dame plays, but is definitely worth holding when he sits.

CJ McCollum: 17/5/3/2/1 on 7-for-23 FG (2-for-6 3P, 1-for-2 FT) and three TOs.

Jusuf Nurkic: 4/5/2/1 on 2-for-11 FG (0-for-1 3P). It’s getting ugly. You really just have to hold and hope for the best.

Maurice Harkless: 22/6/1/0/2 on 9-for-16 FG (2-for-3 3P, 2-for-3 FT) and two TOs in 25 minutes off the bench. He put up great value last year, but he’s pretty much out of the rotation this year. Ignore this game.

Jordan Clarkson: Showcased some of his real-life trade value by going for 18/3/1/1 on 7-for-14 FG (2-for-4 3P, 2-for-2 FT) and one TO in 21 minutes off the bench. If he does get traded, keep an eye on Josh Hart, who went for 11/10/3/1 on 5-for-11 FG (1-for-3 3P) with one TO in 34 minutes on Saturday.

Lonzo Ball: 10/8/11/2/1 on 4-for-13 FG (2-for-6 3P) and five TOs. He’s started to shoot more efficiently and is developing into a very fantasy-friendly player.

Julius Randle: Also showing some of his trade value, going for 16/9/1 on 6-for-9 FG (4-for-7 FT) off the bench in 23 minutes.

Kyle Kuzma: The Lakers’ star rookie went for 18/7/3/1 on 6-for-19 FG (2-for-6 3P, 4-for-5 FT) and three TOs.


Well that about does it for this edition of Any Given Saturday. As always, leave comments/questions/concerns down in the comments below. Cheers guys, and Merry Christmas!