20 years ago, UPS had an ad campaign with the slogan, “What can Brown do for you?”

Brown says: Make your life easier

Brown tells me that you have all the choices you want

Brown says to me: Get your shipments to your customers, when they need it and where they need it

Brown says: Relax, we’ll get it done

Brown says: How about some more pie?

Brown didn’t say that

What a stupid ass commercial but it serves our purpose today because Jaylen Brown freaking delivered the goods on Sunday.


Jayson Tatum didn’t play due to a hip contusion so Brown garnered a whopping 42% usage rate while the Spurs were mental masturbating to Victor Wembanyama. How many Fat Heads do think are plastered on the walls at Spurs HQ?

Here’s what else I saw yesterday:


The Spurs won 93-137 in Boston on Sunday. They are three games worse than the Pistons and one game behind the Rockets for the best Wembanyama odds. Usually, getting smoked by 47 points cues up the, “NO BLURBS FOR YOU!!!” but I’m a benevolent blogger.

Zach Collins


In 31 minutes. Collins has been fantastic of late. The only issue is that we have no idea when he’s going to play and when he’s going to sit and pay homage to Wembanyama. Or is he plotting his demise, Tonya Harding style? Hmmmm.

Malcolm Brogdon


This Malcolm was not in the middle, as he came off the bench and played only 26 minutes. Yet, he put up one helluva performance. The backcourt and wings in Boston are so potent and deep that….phrasing, Son, phrasing. I have a sneaky suspicion that PornHub is going to want to start sponsoring us. Let’s goooo!

Jalen Williams


Damn, Williams is so freaking good. While Paolo is likely going to win ROY, I think Williams is a worthy candidate. That Sam Presti guy has a pretty good eye for talent. Anyways, I read an article a week or so ago about how Presti looks for players who are able to play scheme-free basketball. In that, they have tremendous IQ, can score and pass while being able to just flow and play hoops; sort of like improvisational jazz. This Thunder squad is going to be a problem for the league very soon, if they aren’t already.

Josh Giddey


Giddey doesn’t usually contribute much in the defensive cats, so a stuffed stat sheet is always a welcome one. That said, the rebounds and dimes will always be plentiful and he’s going to mess around a ton in his career. The shooting has always been the Achilles heel for Giddey, but he’s now converting 48% of his attempts this season, a huge spike up from the 41% last season.

Isaiah Joe


In 28 minutes off the bench. It took time for Joe to be staple in the rotation but he’s been just that since December. The minutes have bounced around from the teens to 28 minutes, though, but his ability to make it rain from downtown is a valuable role for this Thunder squad.

Gi Joe Yo Joe GIFs | Tenor

Shaedon Sharpe


Got the start and played 35 minutes. It was his third straight start and there’s a chance that he starts for the rest of the season. Portland hinted that they may sit Damian Lillard. If so, they would likely sit Anfernee Simons as well. Sharpe has scored 29, 24 and 24 minutes in the last three starts and should garner a ton of usage and put up many, many fantasy goodies down the stretch.

Nassir Little


Played 31 minutes off the bench because Trendon Watford suffered an injury. With Lillard and Simons likely getting shut down, Jerami Grant would likely suffer the same fate. If Watford is out for a while with the ankle injury, Little could get plenty of run.

Deni Avdija


Over the last four games, Avdija has been a top 100 player, garnering a 20% usgae rate and pulling down 6.4 boards per game. On the glass is where he’s made most of his hay this season, but he has shown development in his offensive game. The playmaking has been a nice surprise.

Johnny Davis


In 30 minutes off the bench. Davis was down in the G League for much of the season, but he’s been with the big squad since mid-March. Over the last six games, he’s played 19, 19, 13, 4, 24, and 15 minutes. He averaged 5 points, 2 rebounds, 0.3 dimes, 0.2 steals and 0.2 blocks while shooting 40% from the field. The shooting efficiency has always been a concern. The Wizards are 3.5 games back of the play-in slot, so Davis could see significant run down the stretch.

OG Anunoby


OG is an interesting player to me. He rarely jumps off the stat sheet and often seems like one of the best 3-and-D players. The 2.0 steals per game leads the league. But then Masai and many in the league view him as much more than that, despite the 19% usage rate on the season. But, but, but….then he has games like on Sunday, showing off the entire repertoire. Go to Basketball Monster, and he’s a top 35 player on a per-game basis! The Force is strong in this one.

Fred VanVleet


There are times when you wish you had no hair to pull out when VanVleet is playing. Instead, you’d need a helmet to shield you from all the bricks. When FVV has the guidance chips calibrated properly, though….

thats-hot-hot.gif | Ford Tremor Forum | Ford Super Duty

FVV is third in the league with 1.7 steals per game, 11th in treys, and 13th in dimes.

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Mikal Bridges


Under most bridges, it is water that flows. Under the Mikal Bridges, it is nothing but fantasy goodies. He’s been a top 20 player since arriving in Brooklyn. Sure, it hasn’t been smooth sailing as the production hasn’t been consistent, but that’s to be expected with a new role. All of these reps will be beneficial for next season. I wonder where he gets drafted next season. I’m ready to draft now. Let’s goooo!!!

Spencer Dinwiddie


Good times.

Cam Thomas


Speaking of good times, do you remember when people were dropping legitimate fantasy assets for Thomas not too long ago? Want more good times? Go to Basketball Monster and he is outside the top 300 on a per-game basis. Doubting Thomas.

Franz Wagner


I’m a big time believer of Wagner for the future. Not many players can do what he does at his height. Granted, one of those players just happens to be on his squad but whatever. The usage rate will probably never be close to 30%, but he’s such a good all-around player that he could be a top 50 player at some point. More than likely, somewhere between top 50 and top 100 is where he will land for the short term.

Cole Anthony


In 31 minutes off the bench. Cole has been fantastic as the microwave off the bench. He has pedigree, high draft capital, and skills. There are concerns about his defense and size, but Cole can get buckets. Over the last seven games, he’s been a top 60 player.

Bol Bol – DNP. Talk about good times.

Jalen Green


Are we about to see a Green explosion that causes us to overdraft him for next season? I don’t know what to make of Green. He’s still only 21 years old, so there could be tons of improvement. His athleticism is off the charts, he can definitely get buckets, and he was drafted with the number two overall pick for a reason. There are just things that give me pessimism, though. He takes some horrid shots, doesn’t seem like a team player and his IQ and effort on defense are things that I could see get him into the doghouse of coaches. We shall see. I’m not totally giving up hope but I certainly have my doubts.

Jarrett Allen


The Cavs went to Jarrett. Aren’t they closed on Sundays? I guess not. This is the ceiling for Allen and I think something we all think should happen on the regular. It just doesn’t.

Evan Mobley


There are certain inevitable things in life. If you put yeast into the oven, it will rise. If I drink coffee, the toilet is getting sprayed at least three times in the next hour. The more Evan Mobley plays, the closer he gets to becoming one of the best players in the NBA.

Jaren Jackson Jr.


Xavier Tillman


Ja Morant


Since returning from his suspension, Morant had played 24 and 20 minutes off the bench. On Sunday, he returned to the starting lineup and received 29 minutes of run. Is that a good turn of events? Ja.

Desmond Bane


Desmond is the Bane of existence for many opponents. He’s built like a linebacker yet makes it rain from downtown like one of those stick-looking kickers. The impressive thing about Bane’s game has been the shooting efficiency. It was 46% two seasons ago, 46% last season and is at 47% this season.

Luke Kennard


In 23 minutes off the bench. Kennard has become an intergral part of the rotation. While he can make it rain from downtown, he does have the ability to navigate pick-and-roll action, setting up teammates. He has scored double figures in now seven straight and is playing around 24 minutes per contest.

Clint Capela


In 29 minutes. Over the last seven games, Capela has been a top 15 player. He’s even been shooting close to 70% from the line. Man, I really undersold Capela coming into this season and oversold Okongwu. Lesson learned for next season. While teams can sing the praises of a player all they want, if the depth chart isn’t cleared ahead of them, then it really doesn’t matter.

Trae Young


This is the Trae we want; efficient scoring with tons of dimes and excellent free throw shooting. Unfortunately, this is likely an outlier performance, but it’s one that we can dream about since it really did happen and wasn’t a figment of our imaginations.

Luka Doncic


The Mavericks have now lost four in a row, with two at the hands of the Hornets.

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PJ Washington


I love Washington cuz I’m patriotic. USA! USA! USA! I kid. I love that Washington can play 3 to 5 and make it rain from downtown. At 6-foot-7, he has a ridiculous 7-foot-3 wingspan. And he’s only 24 years old. Now, the shooting efficiency can be bad and is only 43% on the season. But Washington can be a 1/1/1 player and stuff the stat sheet.

Mark Williams


Williams returned from a six-game absence on Friday and played 21 minutes off the bench. On Sunday, he got the start and played 32 minutes. Nick Richards, who had been playing well and starting for him, was a DNP. Good times!

Dennis Smith Jr.


Made his second straight start and played 28 minutes. It’s highly likely that Terry Rozier gets shut down for the remainder of the season. Even if he doesn’t, Smith should still see somewhere in the low-20s, so the floor/ceiling combo is a favorable one.

Nikola Vucevic only played 15 minutes due to getting ejected for being assessed two technical fouls. He wasn’t happy with the first technical foul, vented to the bench, then cursed in Serbian, getting his second tech.

Coby White


In 26 minutes off the bench. White has been getting consistent minutes as the microwave off the bench but the production was sporadic. Over the last four games, though, White put up 18, 11, 19 and 19 points. On Friday, he went for 19 points, 4 rebounds, 9 assists, and 2 steals so this makes back-to-back good all-around performances. Could be something. Could be nothing.

LeBron James


Returned to the lineup after a 13-game absence. James did not start but played 30 minutes off the bench. Despite LeBron’s return, the Lakers lost, 118-108 to the Bulls. They are now tied with the Thunder at 37-38, tying up the 9th and 10th slots in the Western Conference. The Mavericks are only 1 game back while the Jazz are 1.5 games back.

Jordan Poole


The Splash Brothers had the faucets turned off, as Curry went 8-of-23 from the field while Klay shot 5-of-17. Instead, it was a Poole party. Unfortunately, the Warriors could only muster 96 points as they lost to Minnesota by 3.

Rudy Gobert


Gobert has been good, but not great this season. He’s a top 50-ish player for fantasy, 4th in rebounds per game, but only 11th in blocks.

Karl-Anthony Towns


Played 32 minutes. After missing 52 games, Towns played 26 minutes in his return on Wednesday. Looks like he’s ramped up and good to go now. Minnesota is 8th in the Western Conference.

Kyle Anderson


Mr. Anderson has conquered the Matrix with his performances this season. The usage rate has only been around 15%, yet he’s been able to stuff the stat sheet on a nightly basis.

Naz Reid


In 21 minutes off the bench. With Gobert starting, Naz plays around 20 minutes per night. Despite the limited playing time, he’s scored double figures in 12 of the last 13 games, with four of those over 20 points.