Greetings from November Madness, AKA the NBA final play in tournament pool night!  Now that I read it, November Madness doesn’t work. No alliteration.  There were a few exciting games, though.

Boston over Chicago

This, however, was not one of the exciting games.  Wow is Chicago bad.  Like, they gave up a putback dunk to Sam Hauser bad.  Hauser is a solid pickup/streamer until the Celtics get fully healthy and had 9 points and 10 boards.   But that’s not the story here.

The Bulls are bad. This season has gone off of the rails quickly.  Zach LaVine, he of recent trade request fame, will be missing many games with vague injuries like foot soreness, back tightness, and bruised ego.  Demar DeRozan isn’t going to re-sign and probably will be traded; look for some rest for him too.  Nikola Vucevic went for 8 and 8 and we know you can’t block shots if you can’t jump or even be bothered to raise your hand up.  That’s three straight sub 10-point games for the washed-up center.

Basically, if you were counting on a Bull, this has backfired completely.

Going forward, Patrick Williams is teasing us again with 4 straight games over 10 points.  I’m not excited about him; if his three isn’t falling there’s not enough rebounds or anything else to fall back on.  He will probably get a lot of minutes going forward, though, as the Bulls will need to make a decision on an extension.

Coby White’s on a bit of a heater from long range (4, 4, 7, 4, 5, 3 in past six games) and is worth a pickup as the Bulls shift away from LaVine and look toward the future.  Well, maybe they will, who knows with this group.

TNT Heat and Bucks

That was a great one!

As per usual with the Bucks, they have a stable rotation and there’s really no takeaways unless injury strikes.  I will say Khris Middleton is looking healthier and would be a great guy to get long term.  17 points and 8 boards in only 23 minutes.  The exciting thing is the bounce seems to be returning.  Time to Warm it up Khris!  (He’s about to, that’s what he was born to do!)

If I were a wing who was about 6-8 and neglected by the rest of the league, I would go to the Heat.  Last night was Jaime Jacquez’s turn.  He was getting playmaking reps, had a nice 14-4-6 line and looks like he’s going to get 30 minutes a night for the forseeable future.  Which is really not that far, so maybe I should just say it’s a prediction.  I don’t know, grab Jaime though.  I feel like his role is safe.

Speaking of safe, it’s not safe to play against Bam Adebayo.  31-10-5 last night to add to his season averages of 23-10-4.  Bam is what you wanted Jaren Jackson Jr to do.  He’s added a mid-range jumper, well, not so much added since he was shooting long distance in high school (he’s from my area and went to the same high school my kid will go to next year).  He’s simply an outstanding player who doesn’t miss many games.

Cavs ground the Hawks

Sheesh Trae Young, I talk you up last week and now you go 3-14 on me?  What’s that all about?

The big news is the rotation after the unfortunate busted wrist of Jalen JohnsonSaddiq Bey got the starting nod and totalled 14-4-3 with 2 treys.  That’s about what to expect from Bey going forward.  AJ Griffin got some bonus minutes and missed all 9 of his shots.  I’m kinda sad and maybe he’ll bounce back but there’s nothing to pick up here.

Ah, there you are Donovan Mitchell!  He shook off some lingering health issues and finally bagged a 40 pointer.  Hamstrings are a nasty business but maybe he isn’t going to hate hate hate and shake that off.

Keep an eye on Jarrett Allen’s minutes.  29 isn’t going to cut it for where you picked him with 11 points and 8 boards.  But the blocks, man, the blocks!  Where are the blocks?

Knicks run up on the Lamelo Ball-less Hornets

NBA teams be running up scores like middle schoolers against their archrivals, amirite?

I can’t wait until Immanuel Quickley gets his own starting gig.  23 points on 20 shots in 25 minutes.  Obviously needs to work on passing skills but he’s electric.  Let’s be Quickley to the point no faking, he’s cooking PG like a pound of bacon.  Burning them, feels quick and nimble.

Mitchell Robinson isn’t really part of the offense except for rebounding.  You’ll gladly take 6 points though if it comes with 10 boards and 6 blocks.  Be happy guys, come on.  Sheesh.

Sheesh, Julius Randle, 20 rebounds?  Save some for Robinson, would ya?

Terry Rozier took over PG duties for Melo’s busted right ankle, and we’re officially concerned about long term health, right?  At least it’s not like his brother and his knee ligaments that came from a corpse.  Yet.  Rozier shot only 5-16 with 5 assists.  He’s not really a guy to target IMO as he loses efficiency with more touches.  Or maybe it’s that weird tattoo on the top of his head.  Well, he’s worth a flier just don’t think he’s a league winner or anything.

If the Hornets are smart (LOL) Brandon Miller will get all the reps he can handle.  If not, 18 points and nothing else might just be in his future, much like they were in his past game of last night.

Wolves over Thunder

I see ya Minnesota!

Naz Reid and Troy Brown had hot shooting nights (15 and 17 points) but I wouldn’t run after either unless there’s an injury.  Reid particularly is good in a crunch.

Speaking of injuries, Anthony Edwards took a bad fall and may miss time with a hurt hip, right along my elderly in-laws and their walkers.

Bad shooting night overall for the Thunder.  6-20 for Chet Holmgren and I’m wondering if he’s a good guy to sell.  He’s not exactly bulky and could conceivably hit a wall soon.  Could be nothing, just a concern.

Nets over Raptors

No real news here.  I really enjoy watching Day’Ron Sharpe play and I think he’s a rotation piece for deep leagues for a long time.  Another deep bench piece for the Nets is Trendon Watford.  He’s a mobile combo wing and is getting 10-20 minutes per game.  I’d watch and see if he pops into more minutes here.  Neither of these guys have huge numbers; more like an eye test thing.  They can play just need opportunities.

Rockets downed by the Mavericks

At this point, if Alperon Sengun could block shots would he be a for sure first round pick?  Is he already close?  31-9-6 and I’m calling him baby Joker.

I’m starting to wonder if Fred Van Vleet is not a great shooter…….under 40% for 3 of last 4 seasons.  On 16 per game.  He’s killing me in a league where he got auto-drafted overnight.  Never want this guy.  Nonononono enough!

Luca Doncic did not triple double, so he sucks.  41-9-9 will have to do it.

I’m watching the center position in Dallas.  Derrick Liveley (8-5 with 2 blocks) is still my favorite but watch for Richaun Holmes if he gets enough traction/minutes/Lively’s back acts up.

Kings down Warriors in a Play in Tournament Classic:  One Shining Moment Plays all Through the Night

Domantis Sabonis struggles sometimes win a fast pace game.  9 points and 8 boards qualifes, although he did get 10 assists.  He’s just fine but have to say it.

Dario Saric and Kevon Looney are gonna annoy me all year.  Coach has commitment issues.  Like he should commit to Looney because I stanned him all last year!