What a night for the Bearded One, and its not even Christmas yet! 6-51-4-8-3-0-8. Back-to-back 50-burgers, both coming in losses. The last guy to do that was Wilt Chamberlain. He’s probably the frontrunner for MVP, and he added to his case last night. CP3 was out again, and the Rockets are just not the same without him. There were a lot of games last night, and a lot of big lines so let’s jump right in! Here’s what went down last night in fantasy hoops:

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Kristaps Porzingis– 3-29-9-2-1-1-3. The Unicorn had a nice night in the Motor City, but the Knicks once again faltered on the road.

Frank Ntilikina– 1-5-2-3-0-0-1. Frank the Ntank has shown slight improvement lately, but he has been difficult to own in 12ers.

Michael Beasley– After a great game on Thursday, Beas Mode frizzled on Friday with only six points.

Reggie Bullock– 2-14-6-0-1-1-1. He’s been decent and has been logging minutes, so may be worth your consideration. Underrated Christmas song, “Bollocks to Christmas” by The Business.

Jrue Holiday– 3-24-2-2-3-1-2. It’s the Holiday season! Whoop-de-do and dickory-dock don’t forget to hang up your sock!

DeMarcus Cousins– 26-11-6-3-0-4. Having probably the best year of his career, but the Pels are still only a .500 team on the year… This can’t last much longer.

Jonathon Simmons– 1-22-8-2-1-0-1. Nice shooting night for ‘thon Legacy, but the Magic have fallen off a cliff since the first three weeks of the season. Hopefully, if you owned him, you held on.

Bradley Beal– If you own him, you got a raw Beal tonight, 4-2-5-1-0-1 as the Nets absolutely annihilated the Wizards. I haven’t seen a beat down of Wizards this bad since Gryffindor beat Slythetin in Quidditch.

Caris LeVert– 2-17-6-3-0-0-2 in just 24 minutes. Young Caris is really coming into his own in his second year. His main caveat is his poor free throw shooting. If he can improve that, look out.

Rondae Hollis-Jefferson– 21-11-6-0-1-2. Could have been an even bigger line, but the game got out of hand in the second half so he only played 24 minutes. He has vastly improved since last year, hopefully you took the gamble on draft day. PPG up by six.

Dirk Nowitzki– 6-20-4-3-0-0-2. Was on fire from deep, but it wasn’t enough to beat the Heat. Should have bought a fan, or perhaps a beach umbrella.

Yogi Ferrell– 5-23-2-2-2-0-1. Hot Yogi!

Josh Richardson– 2-24-4-5-1-2-2. Another guy who has really made the jump this year, shooting 45% FG, up from 39.4% last year. His FTs are also up: .809 compared to .779 last year.

Tyler Johnson– 2-19-7-4-0-0-3 on 8-of-12 shooting. He’s enjoying life sans-Dragic, but he’s probably a few games away from an 0-for-11 from the field.

Wayne Ellington– 8-28-3-0-0-0-0. It was Wayne’s World last night for the Heat. I think the last three Friday’s he’s had a nice game. This week Dallas took the Ell-ington. Party on Wayne!

Austin Rivers– 6-36-2-7-1-1-4. Austin had his mojo working last night, with the shagadellic line. Set a career-high in points. Very grrr baby!

Lou Williams– 7-32-2-7-3-0-1. Sweet Lou and Austin Rivers led the Clips to a W over the Rockets.

Eric Gordon– 6-28-4-2-0-0-2. How many guys made 6+ three’s last night? It’s not even impressive anymore. Call Wayne Ellington when you make 8, Eric!

Kemba Walker- 4-32-4-2-2-1-2. Had a nice game, but it wasn’t enough to beat the Bucks, and I’m starting to feel bad for Kemba. I just don’t see how he ever gets close to a ring on this team.

Dwight Howard– Left with a dislocated finger after only six minutes. He’s questionable for tonight so Kaminsky might be a nice stream or DFS pick.

Khris Middleton– 3-28-3-1-1-1-0. Merry Khris-mas! Currently ranked 23rd on Yahoo! So underrated. Greek Freak had his normal nice line: 26 points and did hit 7-of-8 FTs which is nice.

Eric Bledsoe– 1-24-5-10-2-3-4. E.B. giving you that extra bang for your Bucks! If you’ve never read me before, you might think that was pretty creative.

Ersan Ilyasova– 4-22-3-1-1-0-1. Has still held some value even with the return of John Collins.

John Collins– Speaking of… 16-9-1-1-1-1 on 7-for-8 shooting. He’s floating around 27 minutes a night his last two games, and that should only go up if he can stay out of foul trouble.

Marco Belinelli– 5-27-1-5-1-1-3. He’s been better than expected this year and is taking advantage of his minutes on a bad Atlanta team. Definitely ownable in 12ers.

Carmelo Anthony- 7-24-1-1-1-1-2. Got hot from deep and decided he didn’t need to do anything else. Thunder got the win over the Hawks so I guess that’s something…

Russell Westbrook– 1-30-7-15-2-1-3. Russ gave you the dimebag and threw in a nick as an early Christmas present. This is the kind of line he needs for the Thunder to beat the Hawks by three? Something’s not working.

Wilson Chandler– 21 and 11 with not much else, but not bad for a waiver add. Had a team-high 42 minutes so hopefully you held on to him.

Nikola Jokic– 2-27-9-6-0-2-4. What can you say about this guy? He’s a great all around player and probably the best passer at his position in the league.

Gary Harris– 17-2-2-3-1-2 on 7-for-12 shooting. This is about an average night for him. If you can pry him away from his owner, I would try.

Portland Trailblazers- They kind of rolled over against the Nuggets without Pillars. Not much worth mentioning in this one. C.J. McCollum had a team high 15. Way to step it up…probably burned a lot of DFS players.

Lonzo Ball– 5-24-5-5-0-1-5 on 9-of-16 shooting! Still 1-of-4 FTs, but that’s just the way the Ball bounces.

Kyle Kuzma– 3-27-14-1-2-1-3. Three games in a row with at least 25 points, but the real surprise is the D stats. Kuzma Daddy!

Kentavious Caldwell-Pope– Can only play games in California for the next 25 days due to a probation violation, in what is truly one of the odder fantasy basketball situations I’ve ever seen. Luckily, for owners the Lakers played in Oakland last night and their next four games are at home.

Jordan Bell- 20-10-3-1-1-1. They’re calling him a poor man’s Draymond Green, and I’m apt to agree! Baby Green! My favorite poo-swatch. Got 25 minutes even with Draymond back in the lineup.

Draymond Green- 1-13-11-7-2-0-6 with 4-for-4 FTs. The Warriors kept winning without him, and now have 11 straight wins, but they never forgot about Dray.

Kevin Durant 3-33-7-7-2-4-1. In the monster rainbow line. You wish you owned him, if you’re in the 90% group like me.

That’s about it for Friday, hopefully it was a great one for your fantasy teams. As always, don’t be afraid to leave a comment or question. Thanks for reading!

  1. Tony C says:

    Please pick 2 for ROS: WCS, Trey Lyles and J-Bell.

  2. 2rule says:

    Middleton vs Mgasol?

    • Joel

      Joel says:

      @2rule: Middleton for me by a hair. Depends on Team needs

  3. Joel

    Joel says:

    @Tony C: I think Bell has the most upside, but his playing time is unclear right now. That said, I’d go Lyles and WCS ROS, but I’d add Bell to see if he sticks.

  4. imjuiced says:

    Gasol, Lowry or Myles, Gary Harris?
    Standard 9cat H2H

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