For the one woman reader out there, if you got excited because you thought this post would correlate to The Full Monty, I have three things to say to you. First, thank you for being the lone woman reader. Second, I apologize. Third, get your mind out of the gutter. Pervert. This post is about Monte Morris of the Denver Nuggets. He’s been a solid player all season for the Nuggets, but last night? Well, we got the Full Monte as he received his second start of the season because Jamal Murray is still recovering from an ankle injury.


Played a team-high and whopping 40 minutes! I wasn’t joking about the Full Monte bit. Now, Murray is the entrenched starter, so Morris won’t be surpassing him on the depth chart, but he’s still a valuable backup and will get run on a nightly basis. Coming into last night’s game, Morris had been averaging a tick under 25 minutes, 10.2 points, 1.2 threeecolas, 2.5 boards, 3.7 dimes, and 0.9 steals. He was shooting 48% from the field and 79% from the line. The key number for Morris is the assist-to-turnover ratio (5.45), which is second in the NBA. 180 assists to 33 turnovers in 49 games. That’s an endearing quality to have when it comes to NBA coaches. Almost as captivating as asian parents seeing their daughter date a man with a PhD in medicine. Bottom line, Morris is going to get run, which gives him a high floor. As evidenced last night, though, when he starts, you get the Full Monte.

Here’s what else I saw last night:


Dennis Smith Jr.


Who’s he think he is? Luka Doncic? The uptick in boards, dimes, and field goal percentage have been lovely to see. Maybe the Stevie Franchise comps weren’t so o…..SLAP!!! Ok, my bad Mr. Francis. Still, no D stats and the free throw shooting, while improving, often languishes in the high-60s. As a result, he’s just outside top 150 value. Lately, he’s been receiving over five more minutes than his season average. Showcase Showdown for sure. I’d expect him to be on another team sooner than later.

Harrison Barnes


Led the team in scoring. woo. hoo. Meeeeeeeeeeehrison Barnes has been a top 275 player over the past six games.

Dirk Nowitzki


Ha! What an awesome line. No clowning from me, though. Nothing but respect for a legend.

The Mavs took the K from the _nicks, 114-90. As a result, no starter played more than 29 minutes.

_evin _nox led the _nicks in scoring with 17 points on 6-of-16 shooting. No one else did much of anything except…..

Ha! Enes Kanter played 9 minutes.

Have we decided yet? Are the _nicks “Tryin'” or “Not Tryin'” for Zion? Because both make sense.

Tim Hardaway Jr.


7 out!

Nikola Jokic


Top 10 player on the season. Over the past three games, he’s been the #3 player. No Jokic!

Malik Beasley


Played 29 minutes off the bench. Top 100 player over the past seven games despite playing only 24 minutes per game.

The Nuggets are going to be a problem come playoff time. They are very deep in the backcourt and play good D.

Darius Miller


Miller has started three of the last four games and has been a top 40 player. The shooting efficiency hasn’t been pretty (37%), but he’s jacking up a ton of shots and draining 3.5 threeecolas per game. We call this the spray and pray approach to basketball.

Jahlil Okafor


These are indeed very strange times.

Jrue Holiday


He’s the “Man” now and has been producing. I thought the usage rate would be higher, though, as it’s only increased from 25 to 27. James Harden has tainted my perspective of basketball.

Kenrich Williams


That’s back-to-back impressive games for Williams. He has the ability to contribute across the board and has received 30 and 38 minutes the past two games. Now, he’s likely getting most of this run because Julius Randle and Nikola Mirotic are down with injuries, but the Pelicans could be sellers and start the rebuilding process, which would make Williams an intriguing player. As Monte Morris endears himself to the coaching staff by taking care of the ball, Williams is on the same level due to his hustle.

Jaren Jackson Jr.


Played only 22 minutes because…..he fouled out again! Shocker. JJJ leads the league in fouls per game at 3.78. He has 193 on the season, which has him on pace for 310. The all-time record for fouls in a season is 386 by Darryl Dawkins back in 1983.

Image result for the office stanley

Justin Holiday


Remember when Holiday was shooting 40% from downtown? Those were good times.

Mike Conley


Top 20 player over the past eight games.

Ivan Rabb


Played 23 minutes. Rabb has received over 20 minutes of run twice this season. He dub-dubbed in both games. The future texted and wrote that it’s arriving shortly. ETA TBD.

Bruno Caboclo


Played 32 minutes off the bench. Has played 32, 23, and 29 minutes the past three games. The future texted again and wrote that ETA could be in a few minutes. Caboclo is 23 years old, 6′ 9″ 205 pounds, and hails from Brazil. The Raptors selected him with the 20th overall pick back in 2014.

Karl-Anthony Towns


Played 26 minutes due to foul trouble. meeeeeeeeeow.

Jerryd Bayless


Got another start because Jeff Teague (foot) and Derrick Rose (ankle) were out and played a team-high 43 minutes. He’s been a top 100 player over the past four games. The efficiency has been bad (39%), but he’s been contributing points, threeecolas, boards, dimes, and steals. Remember what I wrote in the Okafor blurb? That.

The Pacers lost to the Wizards, 89-107. No starter played more than 27 minutes and the leading scorer was Thaddeus Young with 13 points. Three starters (Myles Turner, Darren Collison, and Edmond Sumner) scored in single-digits. NO BLURBS FOR YOU!!!

Otto Porter Jr.


Got the start but only played 16 minutes because….he sprained his left toe. Good times.

Thomas Bryant


Played only 19 minutes. Over the last seven games, he’s averaging 22.2 minutes per game. Good times part deux.

Bradley Beal


Now the murmurs of we don’t need no stinking Wall are being heard again. Typical D. C.

Jeff Green


Played 29 minutes. Could be up for a minutes boost if OPJ is out for any period of time. Time to make good on those LeBron comps.

Jordan McRae


Played 26 minutes after going a perfect 5-for-5 from the field the prior game, good for 15 points in 8 minutes. Shrug emoji. It’s D. C. after all, where a reality tv star is President of the United States.

Lauri Markkanen


Over the past three games, Markkanen has grabbed 13, 19, and 15 boards. He is Brook Lopez’s Anti-Christ.

Kris Dunn


If you need dimes and poor field goal percentage, you Dunn come to the right place.

Wayne Selden


Got the start because Zach LaVine (ankle) was out and played 35 minutes. Hmmm, I saw the stat line without looking at the name and was prepared to give props to LaVine for dishing out the dimes. Well, what do you know.

Bobby Portis


Played 24 minutes off the bench. Top 125 player over the past eight games. Portis has been averaging 25.6 minutes but been garnering a 25.4 usage rate. Serious question. Who would win in a fight between Portis and James Johnson? Conventional wisdow has to swing the pendulum to JJ because he’s a black belt and all, and comes from a family of fighters buuuuuuuut you can never count out crazy.

James Johnson


Played 18 minutes. I’m taking crazy.

Hassan Whiteside


Only played 15 minutes because Robin Lopez was giving him the business. Good times part tres.

Bam Adebayo


Played 33 minutes. Whatever the opposite of symbiotic is, that’s the relationship Whiteside and Bam have.

Tyler Johnson


Played 28 minutes off the bench after missing a game due to injury. Dwayne Wade (knee) did not play, so that afforded more minutes for Johnson.

Nicolas Batum


He scored in double-figures!

The Hornets got trounced in Boston, 94-126. Only four players scored in double figures. NO MORE BLURBS FOR YOU!

Jayson Tatum


Only played 27 minutes due to the blowout but led the Celtics in scoring. That made Channing very happy as he would accidentally get some Google hits.

Terry Rozier


Got the start because Kyrie Irving (hip) was out. The Celtics need to hire a hypnotist so that, even when Rozier comes off the bench, he thinks he’s starting.

Jaylen Brown


Played 30 minutes in blowout run, but…..Can I resurrect the Kawhi 2.0? SLAP!!!

Trae Young


Young has stayed the course all season long and is now putting up….checks numbers….top 70 value over the past six games but top 20 value over the past three games! It’s all about the shooting efficiency and turnovers for Trae. 62% over the past three games? Unsustainable but good to see nonetheless.

Hawks got spanked, 113-135 by the Kings so…..NO MORE BLURBS FOR YOU!!!

Marvin Bagley III


Played 28 minutes. Blowout run plus going against the fastest-paced team in the league equals fantasy money.

Harry Giles


Only played 21 minutes, and it was mostly blowout run, but….Damn! Someone check on Craig to make sure he’s alright.

Man, the night was full of blowouts. And another one, as the Jazz got thumped by the Blazers, 105-132. NO BLURBS FOR YOU!!!

Fine, I won’t be that lazy. At least all the Jazz starters scored in double figures: Derrick Favors (12), Joe Ingles (14), Rudy Gobert (15), Ricky Rubio (12), and Donovan Mitchell (22). It got so bad that Grayson Allen played 17 minutes.

Myers Leonard


Got the start because Jusuf Nurkic (knee) was out and played 25 minutes. Leonard looks like he was created in a top secret military facility. Maybe he was created as a hedge for Ivan Drago, in case Rocky wasn’t successful. When that plan failed to materialize, he was sent back to the lab and given a jump shot from downtown.

Damian Lillard


#13 player on the season and #6 over the past two weeks. Y’all know what time it is….

C. J. McCollum


I dog McCollum plenty, but I have to give him his due when he balls out, as he’s been a top 20 player over the past six games.