Ah, the Tuesday game report.  Love the relaxing feeling of watching the scores in a slow night with…


Eleven games!  What in the play in tournament is going on here!  Got me feeling like this:

Or this:

Well, I guess there’s nothing left to do but to get cracking.

Wolves win 7th in a row over Warriors

If you were ever wondering what a box score would look like when Draymond Green, Klay Thompson, and Jaden McDaniels get ejected after one minute, this games for you!  I linked the scuffle up there already and the memes from Draymond choking Rudy Gobert despite Rudy really not doing anything are quite entertaining on the Tweeter machine.

Karl Anthony-Towns did really well, 33 points, 11 boards but 5 turnovers.  He’s having a bit of a resurgent season if you can handle 3 TO per game from a big guy.

Rudy Gobert cannot score but continues to rebound and do good big man blocking things.  He’s actually blocking 2.3 shots per game as teams apparently forgot that he blocks shots easily and with ease.

Brandin Podziemski made his case to enter the rotation with a 39 minute stint.  23-7-5 will play, and this team sorely needs offense and bodies, especially after Draymond sits for 5 games or so.  He’s been impressive in limited minutes and worth a pickup in case of suspension.  The kid might just stick in the rotation.

Thunder and Spurs on Different Levels

Got to watch the battle of two guys who weigh less than I do despite being over a foot taller than me.  Kinda depressing and motivating, honestly.  This game was a blowout, so the minutes were wonky in the fourth.  I hate blowouts for analysis, people.

For the Spurs I’m continuing to watch the Jeremy Sochan experiment at point guard.  It doesn’t seem natural, and I would put Tre Jones in there, but I’m not an all-time great coach or anything, so it is what it is.

Nothing really newsworthy except for Shai Gilgeous-Alexander is really good and I wish I had drafted him in the first round somewhere.

Heat over Hornets

The Heat keep finding talented players to replace their talented players who leave.  Highlighting a couple:

Jaime Jacquez is a really fun player to watch and is in the rotation with over 30 minutes in each of the past 3.  He seems to have carved out a role even when the team is at full strength and will continue to flash numbers.  He’s for sure a pickup for low end starter numbers as a guard.

Duncan Robinson has found his groove.  Well, he probably never lost it, he just lost his playing time.  The playing time is back and he’s hitting threes at a rate to make him the 25th ranked SF.  Get him if he’s still there.

Hornets, please just play Mark Williams 30 minutes every game.  Make the coaches adjust to you.  Don’t react to other coaches!  5-5 shooting, 7 boards, but only 23 minutes.  I’m holding but he can be frustrating.  Big games are still coming.

Hawks Claw the Pistons

Ausar Thompson is so good for fantasy.  12 points, 10 boards, and 3.7 assists for the season.  Congrats on your late flier.

Just keep monitoring the point guard situation for the Pistons.  Jaden Ivey, Killian Hayes, and Marcus Sasser are all battling for minutes beside Cade Cunningham.  It’s frustrating at the moment; if one guy gets to 30 minutes then rush out to get them.  No consistency here for right now, though.

Hawks played without Trae Young so Dejounte Murray got to go off for 32 and 10 assists.  Should be a short-term thing, Trae had a baby, so he’ll be back.  Well, not Trae, you know.  Wondering though, if you’ve ever had a baby in your house, it’s so bad and tiring and maybe will affect Trae for the year.  Man, you try not sleeping for 3 months!

Pacers over Sixers (!!!!!!!!!)

Pacers go as Tyrese Haliburton goes.  33-7-15 and just controls everything.  He’s going to be a top 5 pick for years and I don’t know how he lasted so long in his draft.  See, real GM aren’t all smart people!

Pacers tend to rotate big games.  Tonight was Obi Toppin’s turn with 27 points and 6 boards.  Just keep in mind that nobody is really featured except Hali so keep expectations in check.

There you go DeAnthony Melton!  I thought he would be the big winner after the Bearded One got sent off to lose games for the Clippers.  His minutes have been consistently high; his shooting percentage has been consistently low.  He does get steals over 1 per game and is a low turnover guy, so he’s probably someone to keep rolling out there even if this was a fluke (30 points!!!!!!!!!!)

Pelicans over Mavs

Apparently, Herb Jones coming back was all the Pels needed.  19 points and 5 steals for the defensive maven.  Another blowout game, just notice Herb is back so roll him out there for the injury prone Pels.

9 boards for Derrick Lively in only 21 minutes.  Keep him in the lineup; the activity is for real.  He is a lively athlete.  Just don’t look for a lot of big points because he only dunks.

Nets Bust a Move on Magic

Jalen Suggs came crashing to earth with only 4-13 shooting in this one and I think he’s losing minutes when they get healthy in the Mouse House.  Only 1 steal.  He’s a good real-life player but he’s getting close to my chopping block.

Spencer Dinwiddie has games like these sometimes.  29 points and 9 dimes, but zero nickels or pennies.  Enjoy!

Jazz Play Sweet Music over Blazers

Nothing major except it’s time to pay attention to Keyonte George.  The shooting isn’t anything to write home about at 4-9 last night and that was his best shooting game as a starter.  His assists are what you’re chasing:  9, 11, 7 in the three games where he starts out the game on the court waiting for jump balls.  I’d look for shooting to improve also.  Definite go get guy.

LOL Clippers lose again

It’s almost like James Harden is bad for team chemistry, amirite?

Reggie Jackson continues to be worth a start until the Nuggets get healthy.  19 points again, the assists are lower because apparently the Nuggets have a big guy who passes nice passes to teammates.

It was Paul George’s turn last night with 35 points.  Next game, who knows?  I’m only watching the Clippers for morbid entertainment.

Lakers Destroy Grizzlies Like Everyone does but the Clippers

Nobody got over 31 minutes this game but David Roddy and that’s how weird this game got.

Luke Kennard is completely out of the rotation.  Sorry about that recommendation!

Same with Cam Reddish, but he did start and get 24 minutes in this blowout.

No real takeaway except that the Grizzlies are really bad.

I’m tired everyone.  Over 1000 words.  Next week only five games for the recap and I’m happy about that!  I hope you found some juicy tender nuggets of goodness out of this morass of words!