Wassup Razzballers!

No headline player this week, but we do have a fancy graphic that I threw together in a couple minutes… I would not be averse to someone making me a cool graphic to headline this series *hint hint.*  Anyway, lets dive in!  The big change this week revolves around the hawks.  Their wings certainly gain some value with Kyle Korver packing his bags and moving out.  I’d say Tim Hardaway Jr. is borderline must-own, at least, until we see how Mike Dunleavy factors in.

That being said, lets dive in!

*New additions are noted with Asterisks*

Swishers – These are the guys that should be picked up if you need 3s.  They’re all definite buys in the short term, but they could have upside for minutes down the road as well.

  • *Tim Hardaway Jr.* – He’s nailing tres at at a 3.7 per game clip over the past week.  Grab him everywhere now that Kyle Korver is gone.
  • Buddy Hield  – His ownership is ownership is finally up to 46% and he’ll be leaving this list shortly.
  • *Austin Rivers* – He gets a lot of buckets when he plays over 20 mins a game.  He only has a couple games this week though.
  • Marco Belinelli – A slow start off the injury, but he’ll find his groove.
  • Allen Crabbe
  • Terrence Ross – A bit of a roller-coaster, but definite upside.
  • Troy Daniels – Sometimes he makes a lot, and sometimes it’s just a couple on bad percentages.  Bleh.
  • Matt Barnes – Omri Casspi seems to have fallen out of favor, and it looks like Barnes is the beneficiary.  Still a meh option though.

Dishers – These are the guys who are gonna help out your assists.  In my opinion, this is one of the harder categories to get off the wire.

  • T.J. McConnell  – Ironically, the better assist PG on the Sixers.  He is what he is, but the assists are nice.
  • Matthew Dellavedova – Nothing fancy, but chips in a couple 3s, a steal, and 5-7 assists.  No upside, but very little downside.  He’s been in a slump lately, but the assists and 3s are still there.
  • Patty Mills –  Almost put him under Thragnof, but he’s having a career contract year.   He gets you 2 treys, 48% from the field, and 93% at the line.  Plus, his TOs hover around 1.  Low end production, but all of the percentages are great!  He’s a must own this year in all standard leagues.
  •  Tony Parker  –   Add him for assists and not much else.
  •  Brandon Jennings  –  He’s turned into a dime specialist, and it’s probably the best thing for his career.  Grab him for consistent assists, and the occasional shooting outburst. *Grab him now while Rose is having issues.”

Boards and Blocks

  • *Tyson Chandler* – He’s 58% owned, but he led the league in boards this past week, so he’s definitely worth grabbing if he’s on your wire.
  • *Michael Kidd-Gilchrist* – 11 board average over the past 7 days.
  • *Willie Reed* – I missed the boat on this one, but he’s must own when Hassan Whiteside is out.
  • Lucas Nogueira –  He’s slowed down again, but he’s still going to get some blocks.  Barely holdable in 12ers.
  • Jon Leuer  –  Solid scoring and board guy, with the occasional block.  Good for metrics, but not much volume.
  • John Henson –  Slowed down a lot, but still good for blocks.
  • Jerami Grant – He’s gettin’ blocks!  Not much value here, but the defensive stats are there.

Thieves – Self explanatory

  • Tony Allen –  He’s back!  Lower end production, but he should be a consistent source of boards and steals while healthy.  Borderline must own at the moment.
  • Thabo Sefolosha – Top 100 on the season, he has put up a sneaky good line.  Good percentages, over 2 steals per game, some boards, some assists, a trey, and low TO rate.  He’s a must own in my opinion.  Thabo is the perfect kind of guy to have as a back end producer, who will help you in multiple categories.
  • Andre Roberson
  • P.J. Tucker  – He’s getting minutes, and he’s getting steals, with the occasional outburst.  At only 10% ownership, he’s a viable streaming option.


Ask all your waiver questions below!  Make sure to include the format and size of your league.

Have an awesome day and stay razzy!

  1. Dirk says:

    Traded Deron for Redick in a dynasty league. Who wins? Same age.

    • Adam

      Adam says:

      @Dirk: Nobody wins… Haha, ummm I’d say the Redick side, just because his skillset will decline a slower with age.

  2. Wen says:

    Hi Adam, got a question and need your help. I have Darren Collison. Would you drop Ty Lawson or Thabo Sefolosha when Batum comes back?

    • Adam

      Adam says:

      @Wen: Probably Lawson – I’ll the keep the steals and percents

  3. DT says:

    Yo Adam!

    been hit with a few injuries recently (Griffin, Lin, Batum) in 10 team H2H 9 cat… debating picking up tony parker as McConnell was taken right before I swooped on him. Should I drop Lin? Or hold based on my team right now….

    G: Lowry, Curry, KCP, Lin, Harris
    F: Warren, Covington, Batum, Aminu (dropped Baze), Griffin
    C: JV, Monroe, Dieng, Gibson, Drummond

    Any thoughts? not much else on the wire (Thabo, Motiejunas, Nogeuira, Leuer, Allen, JaMychael, Barea, etc)

    • Adam

      Adam says:

      @DT: Yeah, I like that swap – you may be able to swoop Lin back up when he gets closer to returning.

      To be clear – Dropping Lin for Parker. Is Bazemore still out there? I woulda hung onto him.

  4. whatcha think? says:

    in a 12 team h2h daily league we use fg%, ft%, fgm, pts, 3’s, ast. rbd. blk, stl. i’m rally having a hard time figuring who to drop/stream that isn’t a valuable guy that won;t be picked up by another team.

    guards—Lin ( all year long ugh holding him and favors killed me all year long should have traded in week 3 but he info was so vague on both these guys) schrodder, tj mcconell, tyler johnson, nick young,

    forward/center— anthony davis, derrick favors, al horford, luol dang, draymand, mason plume and ersan iiysova

    center– robin lopez

    I dropped gary harris for TJ mcConnell cuz I thought Harris would be out a couple of weeks. should I pick him back up or wait with TJ? plus clint cappella is out there and coming back in a few weeks. i’m in 9th last place for playoffs is 8th. should I tank a couple weeks and hope to get healthy down the stretch pick up cappella drop lopez or someone else you think would be a food drop to sit on him for a couple of weeks. ??? I’m lost thx for the help !!

    • Adam

      Adam says:

      @whatcha think?: I think I’m at the point of dropping Lin for Harris – Lin still doesn’t have a time table, and even when he does come back, hammy injuries tend to reoccur. Once Lin has a close return date, you can probably pick him back up.

      • whatcha think? says:

        @Adam: tristian thompson was just dropped would you drop robin lopez for him? it’s gonna hurt dropping lin after dropping him and to see what he does when he plays. I just dropped harris after being unimpressed at what he has done so far, pretty much avg but I see your point. A guy playing is better than one not. I just know lin will be picked up and stashed as soon as I drop him. Or at least I think. maybe I can try and trade him. Thanks again for the quick response!!

        • Adam

          Adam says:

          @whatcha think?: Caught me at a good time haha. Yeah, I’d definitely drop Rolo for Tristan.

          If you can trade Lin, then definitely do it – I’m personally a huge fan, and he’s a keeper for me in the experts league, but I just don’t have faith in his health this year. In fairness, this is by far the highest minutes average he’s had in his career. I just don’t think he can handle it yet. Fingers crossed though!

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