The Player Rater is a tool to evaluate the performance of a player with only one number. This is not a perfect tool and will not guarantee victory in fantasy, but this is useful to help improve and evaluate your team.

In each category of scoring, a number is calculated to represent the average total in that category. If a player has the average, his rating in that category is 0.00. The numbers represent how much a player is above or below the average.

If the rating is positive, that player is an above-average fantasy player in that category. If the rating is negative that player is below-average. The sum of all ratings in each category gives us a number (the PR), and then we rank the players accordingly.

I have not included turnovers, as the evaluation in PR is very controversial in my opinion, so if you’re in a league with turnovers, you must keep in mind this.

If you have any question let me know.

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Week 11


  Name Team PR
1 James Harden HOU 15.72
2 Russell Westbrook OKC 15.02
3 Kyrie Irving BOS 9.98
4 Terry Rozier BOS 9.07
5 John Wall WSH 7.63
6 T.J. McConnell PHI 7.08
7 Lou Williams LAC 6.86
8 Jamal Murray DEN 6.67
9 Kris Dunn CHI 6.45
10 Eric Bledsoe MIL 5.45



  Name Team PR
1 Jimmy Butler MIN 13.50
2 Tyreke Evans MEM 11.56
3 Bradley Beal WSH 9.08
4 Caris LeVert BKN 7.64
5 JJ Redick PHI 6.68
6 Donovan Mitchell UTAH 6.33
7 Klay Thompson GS 5.29
8 Devin Booker PHO 5.27
9 Bogdan Bogdanovic SAC 5.12
10 Courtney Lee NY 5.09



  Name Team PR
1 Kevin Durant GS 15.47
2 Dario Saric PHI 12.11
3 Otto Porter Jr. WSH 10.13
4 Paul George OKC 9.32
5 Giannis Antetokounmpo MIL 6.69
6 Rondae Hollis-Jefferson BKN 6.36
7 LeBron James CLE 6.28
8 Kelly Oubre Jr. WSH 6.02
9 Trevor Ariza HOU 5.98
10 Taurean Prince ATL 5.98



  Name Team PR
1 Anthony Davis NOR 12.17
2 Kristaps Porzingis NY 10.40
3 Draymond Green GS 7.74
4 Nikola Jokic DEN 7.55
5 Kevin Love CLE 7.35
6 Dirk Nowitzki DAL 6.94
7 Nikola Mirotic CHI 6.69
8 Taj Gibson MIN 6.19
9 Jarell Martin MEM 5.24
10 Tobias Harris DET 4.44



  Name Team PR
1 Karl-Anthony Towns MIN 17.38
2 DeMarcus Cousins NOR 14.30
3 Marc Gasol MEM 8.90
4 Al Horford BOS 8.22
5 Andre Drummond DET 8.02
6 Joel Embiid PHI 7.69
7 Steven Adams OKC 7.51
8 Willie Cauley-Stein SAC 5.88
9 Jordan Bell GS 4.98
10 Bismack Biyombo ORL 4.63


Year-to-date Top 30 (updated 2 January)

Name Team PR
1 LeBron James CLE 20.97
2 James Harden HOU 20.26
3 Kevin Durant GS 17.33
4 DeMarcus Cousins NOR 17.23
5 Karl-Anthony Towns MIN 16.78
6 Giannis Antetokounmpo MIL 15.97
7 Anthony Davis NOR 15.05
8 Kyrie Irving BOS 14.40
9 Victor Oladipo IND 12.93
10 Jimmy Butler MIN 12.85
11 Russell Westbrook OKC 12.75
12 Paul George OKC 11.35
13 Damian Lillard POR 11.28
14 Stephen Curry GS 11.14
15 Marc Gasol MEM 10.99
16 Kevin Love CLE 10.86
17 Kyle Lowry TOR 10.66
18 Nikola Vucevic ORL 10.54
19 Jrue Holiday NOR 10.47
20 Klay Thompson GS 10.45
21 Al Horford BOS 10.43
22 LaMarcus Aldridge SA 10.21
23 DeMar DeRozan TOR 10.02
24 Andre Drummond DET 9.91
25 Khris Middleton MIL 9.89
26 Nikola Jokic DEN 9.65
27 Tyreke Evans MEM 9.58
28 Kristaps Porzingis NY 9.50
29 Joel Embiid PHI 9.49
30 Jayson Tatum BOS 9.28
  1. Des87 says:

    Hello Tony, marquese chriss or john collins? Thanks

    • @Des87: After an extremely frustrating start, Chriss is showing his true potential. His physical condition is a lot better now and the sky’s the limit. Go for him, he is a potential top 50 player.

  2. Dan81 says:

    Hello, please Tony, round value for Embiid, i thomas, rubio, turner

    • @Dan81: Embiid top 15; Isaiah Thomas top 15; Rubio top 50; Turner top 20

  3. Eddie Rooskie says:

    Quick question;

    After Harden’s injury and his TBD recovery time, I’ve received a few trade offers for him.

    Although my team is leaning towards a punt AST/PTS build, I think given my current ranking I could hold him for a few weeks and still be playoff bound.

    In a 12 Team / 9 CAT / H2H league which side do you prefer?



    • @Eddie Rooskie: Harden and Towns have a similar value. The value of those trades depend on the rest of the team you have. But given the brutal season so far by Harden, I would keep him.

  4. AZ Ramirez says:

    Hey Tony, I have a dynasty question, if you had to pick: Ntilikina or De’Aaron Fox, I think they’ll both have the full time starting job sooner rather than later, and I want to see what they can do with the minutes. I can probably hang on to both but may have to cut one as my team comes back from injuries.

  5. Two players with high upside. In steals and assits they are similar but in scoring categories Fox is slighly better. Go with him.

  6. Willy says:

    Hello Tony,

    G: teague,conley,DSJ,gary harris
    F; durant,draymond,marvin,middleton
    C: m.turner,horford,WCS,nurkic

    need advice would you drop anyone of my squad for moore,vucevic,favors,wade,chandler,reg jack,carroll ??

    my league H2H,11cat (9cat+TO+PF),no IR spot

    thanks tony

    • @Willy: The only player who can improve your team is Vucevic. Yes, he is injuried for at lest four weeks since now but he has been a top 15 value healthy. I would wait one or two weeks and then drop WCS or MWilliams for him.

      • Willy says:

        @Tony RP: and would you trade my durant + nurkic/turner for curry + porter ??

        thanks a lot tony

        • @Willy: Durant and Nurkic for Curry and Porter, yes. Durant and Curry have roughly the same fantasy value, but Porter is higher than Nurkic. Nurkic hurts your team compare with Poter in FT% and TO. And Turner this season has fallen to a top 90 player but in the second half he can be a top 20 guy.

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