All eyes were on the NBA on Tuesday night. Just messing. I’m sure most people were following along to see who would come out on top in the Presidential race. In the end, Donald Trump won.

Whatever your political affiliations, it’ll be different with the Donald in office. Barack Obama is a huge sports fan and loves basketball. It’ll probably be a while until we see another President filling out a bracket during March Madness, playing a game of H-O-R-S-E with Clark Kellogg, or clowning the Warriors when they were in town to celebrate their championship:

If nothing else, let’s be happy it’s over. It’s been a long and drawn out process. Now we can focus on things that really matter…like recapping Tuesday night’s games:

Kent Bazemore – Bazemore was clutch down the stretch knocking down key buckets for the Hawks every time the Cavs inched closer. He sealed the Hawks’ win with a step back jumper with less than 10 seconds to play. Bazemore finished the game with 25 points, 6 rebounds, 3 assists and 4 threes.

Dennis Schroder – Another stellar night for the Hawks’ starting point guard: 28 points, 6 assists, and 3 threes.

Paul Millsap – Not as strong of an all-around game as usual (1 combined assist, steal, and block), but Millsap still posted 21 points, 5 rebounds, and 2 threes.

Dwight Howard – Howard left briefly for a busted lip, but managed to come back in to post 17 rebounds, 3 blocks, and 7 points. He dominated Tristan Thompson (0 points, 2 rebounds) and looks revitalized in Atlanta. He even did the #BazeGaze in the postgame interview.

LeBron James – After getting down double digits, James led a comeback in the 2nd half, before coming a few points short. He finished with 23 points, 9 rebounds, 5 assists, 3 steals, and 2 threes.

Kevin Love – Love didn’t have his stroke from outside (0-4), but made up for it by knocking down 10-11 free throws to finish with 24 points, 12 rebounds, 3 assists, and 2 steals.

Kyrie Irving – Irving scored 29 points to lead the Cavs, but shot just 11-27 from the field and 1-7 from downtown. This follows a 3-17 night on Saturday. Don’t panic. Irving is just in a little slump and should shoot himself out of it Plaxico Burress-style in no time.

Channing Frye – A combination of game flow and Tristan Thompson being manhandled by Howard, allowed Frye to produce off the bench. He chipped in 13 points, 7 rebounds, and 3 threes in 27 minutes.

Brook Lopez – Since when can Lopez hit threes!?!? He only made 3 threes prior to this season and knocked down 3-7 on Tuesday night. He was already a great fantasy center, but adding threes will only make him better. In addition to the threes, Lopez scored 26 points (10-16 FG, 3-7 3PT), grabbed 3 rebounds, and blocked 3 shots. Too bad he still got banged on by Karl-Anthony Towns (21 points, 7 rebounds, 4 assists):

Trevor Booker – A popular pickup recently (up to 57% ownership), Booker posted 15 points, 9 rebounds, 3 steals, and 1 block. He should be owned in all leagues while he’s playing this well.

Sean Kilpatrick – Another popular pickup (up to 53% ownership), Kilpatrick provided 14 points, 5 rebounds, and 3 assists off the bench. Go grab him if he’s available in your league.

Andrew Wiggins – 36 points, 8 rebounds, 2 assists, and a whopping 6-7 from downtown. Nice to see him rebound from the 3-13 shooting performance on Saturday.

Zach LaVine – The reigning slam-dunk winner scored 17 points, but needed 16 shots to get there and contributed little else (2 rebounds, 1 assist, and 1 three). He played 40 minutes so there’s no reason to worry. Kris Dunn, on the other hand, received 16 minutes (0/3/2 line), and was outplayed by Tyus Jones (12 points, 7 assists, 5 rebounds, and 5 steals) off the bench. It might be just one game, but is worth monitoring.

Danilo Gallinari – Gallo did a little bit of everything on Tuesday with 21 points, 7 rebounds, 2 assists, 3 steals, 1 block, and 3 threes.

Emmanuel Mudiay – After scoring 24 in a quarter on Sunday, Mudiay continued his shooting streak with 23 points (7-13 FG, 8-10 FT), along with 7 assists and 4 rebounds. His turnovers and poor shooting will lower his value, but he’s still doing enough in the counting stats to help.

Marc Gasol – 19 points, 6 assists, and 1 block, but no basket was as important as the game winner:

Mike Conley – Conley shot poorly (4-15 FG, 2-4 FT, and 0-3 3PT), but contributed 10 points, 7 assists, 3 rebounds, and 5 steals. Backup Andrew Harrison played 26 minutes, adding 10 points, 6 assists, and 4 steals off the bench, but don’t overreact to one game.

Vince Carter – Father Time turned back the clocks, dropping 20 points, 5 assists, 3 rebounds, and 3 threes off the bench. He’s been usable in very deep leagues, but he’s 39. Leave him on the wire in standard leagues.

Zach Randolph – Z-Bo also had a nice game off the bench, posting 16 points and 8 rebounds, but per usual, did little else (0 assists, steals, blocks).

Damian Lillard and C.J. McCollum – One of the top backcourts in the league, Lillard and McCollum didn’t disappoint. Lillard dropped 38 (12-23 FG, 11-12 FT, and 3-8 3PT) along with 5 rebounds and 3 assists, while McCollum posted 33/6/7 with 4 threes.

Maurice Harkless – Harkless had his best game of the season with 20 points, 6 rebounds, 2 threes, and 1 block and steal each. Al-Farouq Aminu left the game early in the first quarter with a left calf strain and is unlikely to play on Wednesday. Harkless will be asked to shoulder some of the load with Aminu out. Noah Vonleh (5 points, 8 rebounds) and Mason Plumlee (10/5/5 line) will also see increased playing time at the power forward spot as well.

Eric Bledsoe – Bledsoe was an efficient 9-13 from the field and 11-12 from the line on his way to 31 points, 4 rebounds, 4 assists, and 2 threes.

Devin Booker – Well he didn’t score 38+ like he did in the previous two games, but 23 points on 8-18 shooting is still nice. He added 2 threes and 1 steal as well.

P.J. Tucker – Coming off the bench, Tucker had his best game of the season with 11 points, 9 rebounds, 4 assists, and 5 steals. He has the ability to be a contributor in all leagues, but I will need to see a few more games like this before I recommend a pickup. T.J. Warren (12 points, 3 rebounds) is locked in as the starting small forward.

Marquese Chriss – The 8th overall pick in the 2016 draft made his first career start. In 20 minutes, Chriss scored 7 points, grabbed 4 rebounds, and blocked 1 shot. The Suns are rebuilding so there’s no reason why Chriss shouldn’t start or receive heavy minutes here on out. He’s not a must own right now, but is a flier/stash in standard leagues for his ability to rack up defensive stats.

Harrison Barnes – Barnes carried the Mavericks over the Lakers, scoring 31 points on 11-18 FGs and 8-9 FT.

J.J. Barea – The diminutive point guard is off to a good start for the Mavericks this season. On Tuesday, he posted 18 points, 8 assists, 7 rebounds, and 2 threes. Deron Williams (calf) was ruled out earlier, allowing Barea and Seth Curry (23 points, 4 rebounds, 4 assists, 4 threes, and 3 steals) to dominate the backcourt minutes.

Dwight Powell – A preseason deep sleeper, Powell has been up and down to start the season, but managed 10 points, 5 steals, and 4 rebounds in 27 minutes on Tuesday. It helped having Dirk Nowitzki out again on Tuesday.

Julius Randle – Another double-double for Randle (15 points, 10 rebounds), but he was careless with the ball, turning it over 6 times.

D’Angelo Russell – Russell continues to start, posting 12 points, 7 assists, 5 rebounds, and 2 threes. Coming off the bench, Jordan Clarkson (22 points, 3 steals, and 2 threes) and Lou Williams (15 points, 3 assists, 4 rebounds) contributed as well. It’s a crowded backcourt, but each should have enough value to help your team.

Nick Young – Luke Walton has liked what Young has done so far this season and has rewarded him with a starting position. In 29 minutes, Young knocked down 7-12 from the field to post 20 points, 3 threes, and 2 rebounds. Those needing threes could do worse.

Rudy Gay – Gay did a little of everything: 21 points, 6 rebounds, 6 assists, 2 steals, 1 block, and 2 threes.

DeMarcus Cousins – Likewise, Cousins contributed across the board as well: 28 points, 4 rebounds, 4 assists, 2 steals, and 2 blocks. Since the Kings have slowed down their pace of play, his rebound totals may continue to be a little lower than previous years.

Darren Collison – Collison returned from his 8 game suspension to post 9 points, 4 assists, and 2 steals. Ty Lawson (0/2/2 line) started, but played 21 minutes to Collison’s 28. I expect Collison to overtake the starting point guard position before long. Lawson will still see minutes off the bench, but can be safely dropped in most leagues.

Anthony Davis – Still looking for the Pelicans’ first win of the season, there’s only so much that Davis can do: 34 points, 8 rebounds, 2 steals, and 4 blocks. Hopefully the high minutes (37 on Tuesday) doesn’t burn him out.

Buddy Hield –Hield will continue to see offensive opportunities for the Pelicans while Jrue Holiday and Tyreke Evans are out. Hield shot just 6-16 from the field to post 14 points and 2 rebounds. He won’t shot less than 30% from three all season. Better shooting days are ahead.

  1. Slim

    Slim says:

    So I have a few players in the REL that are Muslim. Should I be unloading them with an impending moratorium on Muslims entering the country? Will they be going to Canada when they play the Raptors and risk leaving the country and not being let back in? Will they play internationally over the summer and risk not being allowed back in? I joked about this a year ago and now I’m dead serious.

    • DanTheMetsFan says:


      From a Canadian’s perspective, I didn’t think Americans where that stupid to vote for Trump. I don’t think most Americans know what they just did.

      Plenty of room here in Canada, we welcome all, no matter race, color, religious creed, national origin, ancestry, sex, sexual orientation, age, genetic information, military service, or disability.

      I didn’t think you could make the same mistake as you did in 2000 by electing Bush, but I really shouldn’t be surprised by American’s anymore.

      • Slim

        Slim says:

        @DanTheMetsFan: Yeah 2000 was bonkers.

        I’m having a lot of trouble with this today, I just wasn’t raised with all this hate and I have to question if what I used to consider “American Morality” was really just my own personal morality all along. I understand the white nationalism to a degree and obviously the insane amount of hate for our current presidents skin color, that crap is everywhere, but I never believed that the amount of people who prescribed to this was so high. I am legitmately questioning whether I share the same moral center as the majority of my “fellow americans”. I’ve just lost a lot of faith in humanity today, although I should just say in americans, as being inherently good.

        • Bye Felica says:

          @Slim: Dude, I watched lifelong friends change in the blink of an eye. Now that Trump has won theres people I respected and thought of as friends posting a bunch of wacked out messages online. I can’t believe this happened and I am truly shaken at the prospect of an Alt-right government.

        • Scott says:

          @Slim: Don’t get caught up with all the negative emotions swirling around. You can’t fight hate with hate, it only makes it stronger. Only love can beat hate.

  2. J says:

    Hey Peter,

    1) Would you rather own KCP or Sweet Lou going forward?

    2) Different league. Should I lose Covington for Mudiay on a punt FT squad?


    • Bye Felica says:

      KCP/ I like Covington for his D-stats & 3’s
      but either or I guess.

      • Peter Kap

        Peter Kap says:

        @Bye Felica: I’d prefer to have KCP in your first league. And that’s fine to go for Mudiay. Though he’ll hurt you in 3pt, shooting, and TOs more than in FTs so you’ll have to absorb those negatives as well. Covington needs to turn it around soon.

    • Peter Kap

      Peter Kap says:

      @J:Just wanted to copy my comment to make sure you saw it, J:

      I’d prefer to have KCP in your first league. And that’s fine to go for Mudiay. Though he’ll hurt you in 3pt, shooting, and TOs more than in FTs so you’ll have to absorb those negatives as well. Covington needs to turn it around soon.

  3. Bye Felica says:

    Hate & apathy won last night. Get ready to see more of the same over the course of Trumps presidency. I don’t find any humor in what is happening in this country.
    I am genuinely scared for people coming from different color/religious affiliation backgrounds.

    • Scott says:

      @Bye Felica: I approach this election result the same as with all previous ones, with guarded optimism. And it has never turned out as bad as everyone thinks.

  4. choosediy says:

    Thoughts on Brandon Knight? His minutes have dropped in the last few games, and the stats have been subpar. Should I hold and stash, hope he turns it around? Gary Harris is currently on waivers, and he was someone I was looking to swap with Knight.

    • Peter Kap

      Peter Kap says:

      @choosediy: I’d still hold onto Knight over Harris, but agree there are some red flags. It’s a small sample size, but totally understand if you’re ready to move on.


    i’m new to daily league. I’m in a 12 team h2h daily 9 cat league we don’t use T.O. we use FG% instead. I’m guessing it’s smart to stream as often as you can to get as many counting stats as you can and we have 4 add/drops a week to use so My question to you is it smart to try and use all 4 add/drops a week… I would guess yes?? so with that said can you help me out and tell me who you would consider the person i should slot out to try and stream as often as I can so my weakest link I guess. Here is my team and thank you for the help !!! Like I said I’m new to this !!

    Guards:…. are Schrodder, Lin, Frazier, sergio rodriguez, nick young, D. Collison
    Forwards/ centers….. .are Draymond, Rob covington, Z Bo, Anthony Davis, terrance jones, Al horford and zack randolph….

    so who is droppable so that spot could be a streamer 4 times a week.. thank yo again !!
    centers …are Al horford,

    • Peter Kap

      Peter Kap says:

      @POINS POINTS POINTS: I would use streaming to gain a few stats in categories that you’re lacking, like grabbing a three point specialist to catch up on threes, rather than just trying to add stats across the board. But remember, just like TOs, streaming could hurt your FG%. Another good idea is to look at how many games teams play each week. If you can pick up a guy who plays 4 games, then that’s better than having a comparable guy only play 2 or 3 games.

      Do you have a IL spot? If so, you might be able to put Al Horford in there, without sacrificing one of your players. If you can’t do that, I would consider using Terrance Jones as a streamer. Nick Young is another one you could use, but he’s playing really well so you might be better holding onto him. Robert Covington is probably the other option, but I have a feeling he’ll pick things up. He had 23 points tonight.

  6. SR says:

    Would you trade Monroe, Rubio, and Mudiay for Jimmy Butler? This is my team (standard 9 cat h2h 10 teams)

    PG: Bledsoe
    SG: Dragic
    G: Mudiay
    SF: Giannis
    PF: Porzingis
    F: Horford
    C: Anthony Davis
    C: Gorgui Dieng
    Util: Greg Monroe
    Util: TJ Warren
    BN: Chandler Parsons
    BN: Nikola Jokic
    BN: Darren Collison
    IL: Ricky Rubio
    IL: Jeremy Lin

    • Peter Kap

      Peter Kap says:

      @SR: Yes, I would love that trade, if I was getting Butler. Might have to offer something a little more, but doesn’t hurt to start there.

      • SR says:

        @Peter Kap: That’s a good trade for me too right? I can probably get Sergio off of waivers to make up for the PG loss of Mudiay/Rubio and I think I have enough bigs to be fine with losing Monroe

        • Peter Kap

          Peter Kap says:

          @SR: Yup, if you can pull that off, then you’ve definitely improved your team.

  7. Tyler says:

    Hey Kap, what do you think of dropping Harkless for either Justin Hamilton, ZBo, Sabonis, Carroll, Chriss, Nance?
    I could also drop Capela perhaps?

    My Team looks like this:
    Gobert, Nurkic, Capela

    • Peter Kap

      Peter Kap says:

      @Tyler: I would hold onto Capela. A lot of upside for him and no one really in risk of taking his minutes. Nene is an injury waiting to happen.

      I’m fine dropping Harkless for one of those guys. I like Carroll, Nance, and Sabonis the most of those guys. Carroll should turn things around soon.

  8. Jerry says:

    Love your guys work! Will be frequenting this site more often.
    Serge or elfrid ROS?

    • Peter Kap

      Peter Kap says:

      @Jerry: Glad to hear it! We will be posting content all season long.

      Despite Ibaka’s slow start, especially in the rebounding department, I would prefer Ibaka ROS. Though the difference in values between the two players has definitely closed.

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