Here’s tonight’s slate:

Detroit Pistons (18-15) at indiana Pacers (18-14)

Spread: Ind  -4 ½ O/U 201 ½

Oklahoma City Thunder (23-10) at Charlotte Hornets (17-15)

Spread: OKC -6 ½ O/U 208

Orlando Magic (19-14) at Cleveland Cavaliers (21-9)

Spread: Cle -9 O/U 194 ½

Milwaukee Bucks (13-21) at Minnesota Timberwolves (12-21)

Spread: Min -1  O/U 201 ½

New Orleans Pelicans (10-22) at Dallas Mavericks (19-14)

Spread: Dal -3 O/U 207 ½

Houston Rockets (16-18) at San Antonio Spurs (28-6)

Spread: SAS -11 200 ½

Memphis Grizzlies (18-16)  at Utah Jazz (14-17)

Spread: Mem -1 186

Denver Nuggets (12-21) at Golden St. Warriors (30-2)

Spread: GS -14 213 1/2

Philadelphia 76ers (3-31) at L.A. Clippers (21-13)

Spread: LAC -12 ½ 210


Point Guard

Russell Westbrook (10,700) is always a good way to start off your lineup.  He’s the most expensive player on the slate for a reason.  He has had over 50 DK points in 7 out of his last 10 games.  

To afford a few high end studs we gotta find some value.  With Ish Smith priced up to (7,300) and going up against Chris Paul, the value is gone.  Trey Burke (4,600) is taking full advantage of Alec Burks broken fibula.  Posting B2B 35.75 fantasy pt. games.  He’s getting FGA’s and minutes.  That usually equals to production.  

Shaun Livingston (4,300) is only in play if Steph Curry is again out for this game.  Wouldn’t surprise me if Curry sits because the Warriors can win this game without him.  


Shooting Guard

SG looks like a spot to save a little money by not spending on James Harden (10,100).  I have a rule that I don’t roster players verse San Antonio.  The Spurs are just too good on defense.

Klay Thompson (7,700) – same as Shaun Livingston applies here

Khris Middleton (6,800) is on fire right now.  Averaging 40.3 DK points in the last 5 games and B2B 50+ DK points.  At this price his floor is around 34 DK points.  So there is still some meat left on the bone.

J.J. Redick (5,500) is about fully priced on DK right now.  He was around 5k and that left us some value.  He’s still not a bad cash game target because you pretty much know what you’re getting and they play the 76ers.


Small Forward

Paul George (8,800) is kinda of in no man’s land for me Saturday night.  He’s in a bit of a slump for Paul George standards.  I would rather have Kawhi Leonard (8,500) in a great match up vs Houston or spend up for the matchup proof LBJ (9,700) or KD (9,900).

Evan Fournier (6,000) has had some good games as of late.  I would let someone else pay his rising price.  He was $4,700 four games ago.  Then he get’s to go up against the stingy Cavs defense which held him to 11.25 DK points back on 12/11.

If you want to save some coin take a look at Jeff Green (5,700) with Matt Barnes suspended for his run in with Knick coach Derek Fisher banging his estranged wife.


Power Forward

Anthony Davis (10,300) gets a plus matchup vs the Mavs.  Dirk Nowitzki  is too old to guard him and Zaza Pachulia is too slow to guard him.  

Draymond Green (9,600) is needed to carry more of the load with Curry, Barnes and Ezeli injured.  On a site like DK that has double/double and triple double bonus he has more value.  Green had his 5th TD of the year last game.  

Cody Zeller (5,000) and Marvin Williams (4,700) are also options with Big Al Jefferson out injured.



Andre Drummond (9,400) is the top priced option and never a bad choice.  I’m more inclined to save $1,600 and go with DeAndre Jordan (7,800) that has a super matchup vs. the 76ers.  Yeah there is a chance of a blowout but they are going to need Jordan to do some of the damage to get to that point in the game.  The Clips don’t have Blake Griffin and never really had a SF.

Karl-Anthony Towns (7,000) keeps putting up big games and his price barely rises.  The center position being under priced on DK is a good thing because rostering two centers on DK is a play most people are reluctant to do.  KAT has a price around 35 DK points.  In his last 10 games he is averaging around 39 DK points and that’s just a floor.

To save money take a look at Lavoy Allen (3,900) if Ian Mahinmi remains out and Jeff Withey (3,900) if Derrick Favors is out.  


Don’t forget to check twitter for any late scratches and player news.  As always you can catch me on twitter @realdaddybigs or leave a comment below. Good luck this weekend in your games.

  1. stumlu says:

    I need some waiver help…

    Jennings, Devin Booker, Zeller, Marcus Morris, Crabbe, Larkin

    I got 3 spots… Who would you choose?


    • Afro says:

      @stumlu: Booker, Morris and Larkin in my humble opinion…

      • danb

        danb says:

        @Afro: im going to disagree with Booker. He is nothing but a jumper shooter. Doesn’t really give you the accounting stats you need for fantasy. Yeah there will be games he nuts but those will be few and far between.

  2. danb

    danb says:

    U don’t want Jennings unless he gets traded. Larkin, Zeller and Crabbe as long as the injured starts are out

  3. Kostas says:

    Hello and happy new year!!I am in a 11 team 9 cat league and was offered reggie for my hayward…how do you rate the trade?

    • danb

      danb says:

      @Kostas: I’m not doing that deal

  4. Michael says:


    what do you think larry nance jr as a flier on waiver. I am short of rebounds right now

    • danb

      danb says:

      @Michael: don’t like him or trust his coach to give him the minutes

  5. Dan says:

    12 team 9 cat h2h

    Last week I lost Bledsoe, and this week I lost Jack. Hurting for PGs now as the only one left is John Wall and about to pick Barea off the wire. Couldn’t pick up Larkin due to move constraints after streaming. Sitting in first place but only by 2 games. Do you think it’s worth burning my #1 waiver claim on Darren Collison? I need assists and steals.

    Current team:
    Wall, Matt Barnes, Casspi, Giannis, Marc Gasol, Drummond, DeAndre, Tjones, TJ Warren, Bazemore, Gary Harris (Streamed in), Barea (Just dropped Jack)

    Other possible wire pgs: jameer, smart, beverley, lawson, brooks?

    • danb

      danb says:

      @Dan: you should of picked up Nelson awhile ago. You need to go after Shane Larkin. You know he going to be there all year. Also you can drop T Jones

  6. Billay says:

    Hey Dan

    Was watching the Brooklyn game, saw Jack go down, immediately picked up Larkin for Gibson. I didn’t need a point guard, but I thought it was a good move either way. I decided to trade one of my PGs in a 2 for 1 and use Larkin to replace the PG I trade.

    It actually ended up being a 3 for 1. Eventually, I traded:

    Paul George + Dragic + T Jones FOR Durant.

    PG to Durant obvious upgrade. Larkin hopefully can somewhat make up for the Dragon. T Jones was a drop candidate anyway because I don’t have time for stashes.

    Essentially, I got rid of PG-13, Dragic, T Jones, and Gibson and got Durant and Larkin.

    What do you think about it?

    (Side question if you are willing to answer: If you were to try to guess Larkins averages in all 9 cats given his new role, what would you guess?)

  7. Billay says:

    Oh and thanks! Haha.

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