Earlier in the season, I was ROFL and LMAO, as LaMarcus Aldridge was struggling with consistency. He’d pop a 37-point game then produce back-to-back 15-pointers. In the month of December, he scored 6 points twice and blessed us with a 7-point outburst. But then, things started to click. The consistency returned and now he is the lede for this world famous blog. Ok, maybe not famous but we are international, so world is appropriate. Shout out to all the homies in other countries.


Over the past seven games, LMA has been a top 20 player. On the season, he’s top 25. Who’s laughing now? Surely not I. Sorry Shirley. Wasn’t talking to you. Anyways, DeMar DeRozan missed yesterday’s game, but regardless, LMA has had a usage rate over 30 over the past seven games and attempting 17.4 shots per game. The efficiency is excellent (53% from the field and 85% from the line). While he won’t provide many threeecolas, LMA averages 23.1 points, 9 boards, 3.6 dimes, 0.6 steals, and 1.9 blocks. LMA with the O!

Here’s what else I saw yesterday:


Buddy Hield


Led the Kings in minutes played (38) and shot attempts. Over the last seven games, My Buddy has been a pal and produced top 30 value.

Iman Shumpert


The Iman was put on the court to separate the believers from the infidels. He plays a ton of minutes (close to 30) but is a low usage player who doesn’t shoot particularly well. Once in a while the Iman will deliver a fantasy relevant game, but more often than not, he will deliver some threeecolas, steals, and a handful of boards and dimes.

De’Aaron Fox


I’m excited for the future prospects of the Kings and Fox, especially if they continue to play at a fast pace. Coming out of college, I was skeptical about his J and, even though the shooting percentage has been bad lately (38% vs 46% earlier in the season), I’m a believer. Fox delivers close to 7 dimes a game, over a steal, and rebounds very well for his size (close to 4).

Willie Cauley-Stein


Willie has been a top 50 player over the past few weeks, primarily due to the rebounds, steals, and 80% free throw shooting. I wouldn’t bank on that continuing, though, as he’s more like a 60% shooter.

Marvin Bagley III


Played 20 minutes off the bench, while Nemanja Bjelica got the start and played 19 minutes. Bagley provides points, boards, and blocks, but the free throw shooting is around 70%. In addition, any upside is capped as long as he and Bjelica split the power forward minutes.

Bogdan Bogdanovic


Played 31 minutes off the bench. BogBog is a top 100 player who provides points, threeecolas, boards, dimes, and steals. He’s also averaging 29 minutes per game.

Patrick Beverley


Got another start and played 36 minutes. The usage is still low and the shooting efficiency has been poor, but Beverley is getting 10 more minutes of run than his season average. As a result, he’s been a 1/1/1 member, been grabbing 8 boards, and dishing out 4 dimes a game. Danilo Gallinari is expected to miss the next few games, so Beverley should continue to see massive minutes.

Montrezl Harrell


Played 29 minutes off the bench. I want to change my name to Sontrezl so bad. Points and boards are what he provides, but the 63% from the line on 5.2 attempts is no bueno.

Lou Williams


Over the past few weeks, Lou has a usage rate of 34 and is grabbing 2 more boards and dishing out 2 more dimes than his season averages. Sweet! He only averages 27 minutes per game and is shooting 38% from the field. Bitter….

Cedi Osman


Over the past four games, Cedi has been a top 50 player, as he’s been shooting 50% from the field. Osman! He’s also been averaging 35.8 minutes, 19.8 points, 3 threeecolas, 5 boards, 2.8 dimes, and 1.5 steals. Double Osman! I’d expect some regression in the shooting efficiency, but something to keep an eye on because he’s so young and maybe has figured some things out.

Ante Zizic


Played 36 minutes. Tristan Thompson is out for at least a few more weeks, so Zizic should continue getting run. Seriously, though, they should let Thompson do his reality TV thing and give Zizic all the run he can handle. Anyways, Zizic has been a top 80 player over the past seven games, providing points, boards, and some blocks.

Collin Sexton


So bad. The opposite of Michael Jackson bad.

Alec Burks


I don’t know what bugs me more; the fact that I could spell Alec Burks Alek Burcs and it sounds the same or that he struggles to shoot 40% from the field? Don’t mind me, though, he’s starting and getting minutes if you’re into that sort of thing. Over the past seven games, he’s been a top 225 player.

Matthew Dellavedova



Jordan Clarkson


Clarkson is the main guy off the bench and garners a usage rate in the 27-28 range. He’s a scorer and won’t provide the D. When asked why? He replied, “I save the D for the chicks” as he winked at the camera and smiled.

The Cavs are 29th in offensive pace. Why? Just let the kids go and do their thing. Whatever, I hope Dan Gilbert doesn’t get lucky for a third time and gets the right to select Zion WilliamSON.

Lauri Markkanen


Top 40 player for fantasy. Points, rebounds, and 3.6 threeecolas (over the past seven games) are lovely. He does contribute some blocks and steals, but still a tick under 1. I’m confident he can improve upon that number. The shooting efficiency isn’t great as well, around 43%, and I also expect that to improve as his career moves forward. The usage rate is only 23, though, and he doesn’t dish out any dimes. This may be delusional and break Brent’s heart, but I do think the Bulls become Markkanen’s team. He’s got that dog in him and seems to have the mental makeup of a leader. Time will tell.

Robin Lopez


Got the start and played 26 minutes in order to match up to Zizic. Bobby Portis will likely start when the matchup isn’t as physically imposing.

Zach LaVine


Over the past seven games, LaVine has been a top 140 player, primarily due to shooting 40% from the field. He has a usage rate of 28, which sometimes ticks up to over 30, and he provides points, threeecolas, boards, dimes, and steals. Just no blocks.

Wayne Selden


Got the start and played 38 minutes. Selden is a capable offensive weapon and should get plenty of run for as long as Chandler Hutchinson is out (2-4 weeks).

Giannis Antetokounmpo


Does everything. Blah, blah, blah, except for threeecolas. I really hope that Coach Budenholzer took my advice and drew up some Olympic handball plays for G. I’m sure he’s just keeping them in the back pocket for the playoffs. What a Giannis! I’ll see myself out now.

Khris Middleton


Middleton has been a top 135 player over the past few weeks. The boards and dimes are there, but the steals, field goal attempts, usage, points, and threeecolas have all decreased. I still think Khris warms it up. Yes, I’m a stubborn mule. Hee haw.

Brook Lopez


Top 25 player over the past six games. When there’s any debate about evolution, just present them Brook Lopez’s career arc. Mic drop.

Malcolm Brogdon


Top 50 player, which makes sense because that’s right smack in the middle.

Paul George


Played a team-high 38 minutes. By George, I think he’s got it. Top 5 player for fantasy.

Russell Westbrook


Yawn, just another night with Westbrook messing around. Exhibit 32423 why trip-dubs are overrated, though. Westbrook has been a top 65 player over the past seven games, despite averaging a trip-dub, because of the lack of blocks and 37% shooting from the field and 70% from the line.

Terrance Ferguson


Top 75 player over the past four games. A 3-and-D player who plays 30 minutes a night on a team that plays at the fourth-fastest pace in the league. Ferguson just looks so comfortable in his role now.

Dennis Schroder


Played 28 minutes off the bench. If you need dimes and threeecolas, the Dennis could be man, but more often than not, he will just be a menace because he doesn’t get consistent minutes and shoots poorly from the field.

Aaron Gordon


Played a whopping 40 minutes. Top 90 player on the season. It’s kind of crazy that his usage rate is only at 21. He has all the physical ability to be a force in the league, but something’s missing. Maybe it’s age, as he’s still only 23 years old. At what point am I not allowed to use the age thing? 26?

Nikola Vucevic


An UFA after this season, someone is gonna get paid.

Evan Fournier


It’s been rough season for Fournier, as he’s barely a top 200 player. He’s getting the minutes, but the shooting efficiency has been poor. I still think he heats up at some point, but I have no issues dropping him, just depends for who. Or is it whom? I’ll go with whom since it has who in it already.

Kenneth Faried


Played 36 minutes. The Manimal is going to continue being a force for the Rockets, as long as Clint Capela is out. He will provide points, boards, D stats, and high field goal percentage. The free throw shooting is atrocious, though.

Chris Paul


Returned from injury and played 25 minutes. I’d imagine the Rockets bring him back slowly, but 25 minutes is a good sign in his first game back.

James Harden



Yes, I am entertained.

Austin Rivers


Played 21 minutes. His value is toast with Paul back. Cry me a Rivers.

Derrick Favors


I guess 1’s are wild. Favors is a points, boards, and blocks player, but the free throw shooting (65%) is low and, most importantly, he just doesn’t receive the run (averaging 23 minutes on the season).

Ricky Rubio


Played 30 minutes in his fourth game back from injury. The prior three games, Rubio had received 23, 24, and 14 minutes. He’s now ready….to drive you crazy.

Donovan Mitchell


Even with the return of Rubio, Mitchell has had a usage rate of 37 while averaging 25.7 shots per game!!! Who’s he think he is? James Harden. Checks Harden’s numbers. 29 shots per game and 46 usage rate. Nevermind.

Andrew Wiggins


Played a team-high 38 minutes. With all the injuries the Timberwolves have in the backcourt, Point Wiggins has been unleashed. With that said, bleeeeeccchhhhhh. He’s been a top 300 player over the past three games, averaging 36 minutes, 20.3 points, 1 threeecola, 9.3 boards, 2.7 dimes, and 1 steal. He’s shot 35% from the field and 62% from the line, though, all while having a usage rate over 30.

Karl-Anthony Towns


meow…..SMMFDH! I’m not a huge KAT fan from a real-life perspective, as I’m not sure he has that dog to carry a team to the title, but he’s a beast, especially from a fantasy perspective. He’s the best player on the Timberwolves, yet the offense doesn’t run through him all the time.

Jerryd Bayless


Got another start and played 37 minutes. Will continue to get run as long as Jeff Teague, Derrick Rose, and Tyus Jones are out. Man, talk about the stars aligning. Do I smell some Nancy Kerrigan-shenanigans here?

Luol Deng


Deng! He’s still in the league?

Trevor Ariza


Played a team-high 42 minutes. Top 50 player over the past two weeks. Ariza contributes in everything except for blocks, and the field goal percentage isn’t always great.

Thomas Bryant


Played 30 minutes. Ian Mahinmi (thumb) didn’t play, so that provided more run for Bryant.

Tomas Satoransky


Played 37 minutes and continues to start. Over the past five games, he’s been a top 30 player! I keep expecting the good times to end, but this Tomas the Dime Engine continues chugging along. Choo choo!!!!

Otto Porter Jr.


Played 28 minutes. He continues coming off the bench, but that’s okay because the usage rate is over 22. The main issue has been the shooting efficiency. I continue to believe, but as stated earlier, I’m a stubborn donkey. Or was it mule? Anyways, hee haw.

Derrick White


Top 60 player over the past seven games. The usage rate is low at 15.8, but 31.2 minutes, 13 points, 1 threeecola, 4.3 boards, 4.1 dimes, 1.3 steals, and 0.7 blocks more than make up for it. He’s also shooting 61% from the field and 73% from the line.

Bryn Forbes


Won’t provide the D, but if you need threeecolas with a handful of boards and dimes, then Forbes is money.

Davis Bertans


Played 28 minutes off the bench. A big man that can shoot, Bertans has been a top 65 player over the past five games, on the strength of 3.2 threeecolas and 4.6 boards.

Hassan Whiteside


Got the start but only played 24 minutes. Bam Adebayo played 19 minutes. If only Spoelstra would give Whiteside more minutes, but maybe he’s looking out for our environment, as Mt. Whiteside explosions cause havoc to our world.

Wayne Ellington


Got the start and played 31 minutes. Shrug emoji. The Heat are one of the most difficult teams to figure out from a rotation/minutes perspective.

Dwayne Wade


April 9, 2019.

Kevin Knox


Fool’s gold? Knox has been outside the top 300. Over the past two weeks, he’s shooting 25% from the field and 54% from the line.

Tim Hardaway Jr.


He’s been crapping out lately, but still jacking up shot. The table will warm up. That’s what the dealers always tell me when I walk by.

Trey Burke


Uno….Dos….Trey!!! Played 23 minutes. With Emmanuel Mudiay out, Burke has been the main beneficiary, logging 23 and 33 minutes. We know he can score, as he had a four-game stretch in December when he scored 29, 19, 31, and 24 points. The question is what will Coach Fizdale do? Keep rolling him out there until new information tells you otherwise.

Mario Hezonja


Played 30 minutes off the bench. No idea what Fizdale is going to do there but….Knox has been playing like shit, but he’s a part of the future. On the other hand, Knox has been playing like shit, but Hezonja has been playing better but is only signed to a one-year deal. Are the Knicks “Tryin’ or Not Tryin’ for Zion?”

Kawhi Leonard


I. Am. Not. A. Robot. See. I. Missed. A. Free. Throw. Ha. Ha.

Serge Ibaka


My beloved Iblocka is back!!! Hallelujah!!! 1’s and 11’s were a popular item on the menu yesterday.

Kyle Lowry


It’s all there for Lowry, as he contributes across the board. He just doesn’t shoot enough. Usage rate is 20. Maybe the 35% shooting is the culprit, which makes him not a jerk, which is a good thing for real basketball, not for fantasy.

Luka Doncic


I told y’all the trip-dubs would start flowing like manna from the heavens for the Israelites on their journey across the Sinai. HalleLuka indeed!

Dorian Finney-Smith


Played 28 minutes off the bench. Over the past six games, DFS has been a top 75 player, averaging 24 minutes, 9.8 points, 1.7 threeecolas, 5 boards, 1 dime, 1.5 steals, and 0.5 blocks.

Mikal Bridges


Played a team-high 37 minutes. Bridges is a low usage player who derives much of his value from the D stats. Over the past eight games, he’s been a top 75 player, averaging 30.7 minutes, 8.6 points, 1.4 threeecolas, 3.8 boards, 1.5 steals, and 0.8 blocks.

Elie Okobo


Got the start but only played 22 minutes. Don’t be an Okobo.

Dragan Bender


With DeAndre Ayton out, Bender got another start but only played 13 minutes. I don’t drink but I’ll join you at the bar for a Bender.

Richaun Holmes


Played 27 minutes off the bench. Bender had value for a few games because both Ayton and Holmes were out. When one or both are playing, though, just go to the bar instead of utilizing Bender.

Kelly Oubre Jr.


Played 31 minutes off the bench. Top 80 player over the past eight games. The shooting percentage isn’t great (41%), but he’s garnering a 25 usage rate and contributing across the board.

Michael Beasley


Got the start and played 26 minutes because both LeBron James and Kyle Kuzma were out. I respect the hustle, as whatever situation Beasley is placed in, he’s going to chuck up shots.

Brandon Ingram


The physical gifts are apparent and he has good awareness for the game. But that free throw shooting. Geez. Anyways, he’s still only 21 years old and growing both physically and mentally. Ingram has the potential to be a contributer across the board. It may not happen this season from a fantasy perspective though, especially when LeBron does return.

Ivica Zubac


Got the start and played 35 minutes. Zupac!!!! Tyson Chandler DNP-CD and JaVale McGee only played 11 minutes. Zubac had been a top 65 player over the past six games while averaging 22 minutes per game. If he’s going to be “The Guy” and get over 30 minutes, then…..I’m not sure my heart can handle it. Points, boards, blocks, with excellent percentages are what he provides.

Rajon Rondo


Played a team-high 42 minutes. Rondo is going to deliver the dimes on a nightly basis, but has the ability to mess around as well. He’s going to be the guy until Lonzo Ball returns.

Kentavious Caldwell-Pope


Got the start and played 36 minutes. Has started the last six games for the Lakers and put up top 115 value. Points, threeecolas, boards, and steals are what he provides.