Why did you do this to me Jahlil?? I trusted you. I placed my faith in you to turn your career around in Brooklyn. I even criticized the Sixers for not wanting to develop you and what is the return? Three DNP-CDs and a meh 10 points/4 rebounds game in 23 minutes played. I rushed to pick you up everywhere but dropped you in all but one very deep league. Even his coach admitted he is out of shape and that it is going to “take some time to integrate him more into the system”. The vegan diet doesn’t seem to work that well….

I think I support Ron Swanson’s opinion on this matter more…

Thankfully, the rest of last week’s calls were much better than the gentleman above and Marvin Williams, who was also below average. J.J.Barea and Yogi Ferrell continue to hold down the fort until Dennis Smith Jr returns, Taurean Prince had a great week averaging 15.0/3.3/5.0/2.7/0.7/1.0/2.3, Lebron James’s Fg% dropped a bit as predicted, and Andrew Wiggins continues to disappoint so much that he was ranked 264th in per game value for last week.

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Nikola Mirotic: Did you know Nikola Mirotic is fluent in Serbian, Spanish, English, and just recently learned how to speak Greek? Being a native Greek speaker I can assure you they are all as hard as the popular phrase “It’s all Greek to me” suggests. Did you also know that he is ranked 32nd in per game value and is still available in 33% of Yahoo leagues? Now you know, so rush and grab him as he is averaging 20.3/3.0/7.3/0.7/0.5/0.5/1.0 in just 26.2 minutes per game. Even with Lauri Markkanen back from his injury, Miro played 26 minutes and seems to have confidence in his shot, something he sorely lacked at times last year.

Josh Richardson: Things weren’t pretty to start the season for Josh Richardson, as his shot was simply not falling, connecting on just 36.8% from the field. However, he is trending up in December, improving in every statistical category with a great 53.8% shooting percentage and just 1.7 turnovers. So far this month, he is a proud member of the elusive 1/1/1 club with 2.5 threes, 1.3 steals, and 1.1 blocks and is making impatient owners who dropped him during his slump regretful. If you are one of them, there is still a 40% chance to atone for your mistake, as he is available in that many Yahoo leagues.

Alex Len: No one knows what is going on with the Phoenix Suns center rotation so I had to do some reportage and sneaked into their training facilities to find out. The choosing pattern between Tyson Chandler, Greg Monroe and Alex Len seemed completely random with one of them getting a DNP-CD every night and the other two splitting the center position minutes. Their practice was almost over and I hadn’t seen anything to help me understand the situation but then it happened. Jay Triano and his assistant placed two chairs in the center of the court and called the three bigs over. They looked oddly familiar with the situation as they stared at the chairs with focus. Suddenly music started playing and all the dots connected in my mind. So to conclude, the Suns center spot is decided by playing musical chairs, with the loser sitting the next game out. That’s my story and I’m sticking with it! Alex Len is practicing his musical chairs skills with his five year old nephew, so he has won four times in a row and is averaging 11.0/0/11.8/4.0/0.8/2.0/3.0, making him worth a pickup to see if he can keep it up.

Jabari Parker: If your league has an IR-spot you can do worse than stashing him, as he is going through portions of practice and even took part in full-court sessions with Milwaukee’s G League affiliate, the Wisconsin Herd. He is not expected back before February, but if he hits the ground running he will provide two solid months of value for his owners.

Larry Nance Jr: Brook Lopez is expected to miss at least the next three weeks with a sprained right ankle, so both Larry Nance Jr and Julius Randle get a boost. The former has proven that he can be a valuable fantasy asset when given minutes, so if you need out of position steals and rebounding with minimal turnovers, he is worth a long look.He also did this:

Nasty stuff……


Jonas Valanciunas: Let’s start with some facts. Dwayne Casey doesn’t particularly like Jonas Valanciunas. He prefers his big men more mobile than the Luminescent Lithuanian, so he was constantly reducing his playing time, giving minutes to Jakob Poetl, just like last year to Lucas Nogueira. Despite that, JV had a great week against teams that are bad at defending the center position and couldn’t exploit his lack of lateral movement on defense, averaging 26.75 minutes compared to his season average of 21.3. This is the perfect opportunity to sell him for a more consistent player, as his minutes will not continue to be this high with worse matchups coming up and Lucas Nogueira returning to get a small portion of his playing time.


As always let me know in the comments your thoughts and your suggestions about players I have not included and of course all your fantasy related questions!