Kris Dunn– 4-32-2-9-4-0-4. Four steals last night and is second in the league in steals per game behind Paul George. If it wasn’t for his poor FT%, he’d be a top 40 player in fantasy. That being said, the Bulls have been way ahead of schedule, especially since Mirotic has returned. I doubt they’ll make any noise in the East this year, but they have some young pieces in place to do so in the near future.  Zach LaVine’s imminent return may put a damper on Dunn’s numbers, but you have to think he’ll maintain a decent role through the end of the season.  Anyway, here’s what else I saw in fantasy hoops last night:

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Justin Holiday– 5-23-3-0-0-0-1. Just when you thought the Holidays were over…

Dirk Nowitzki– 3-19-3-2-1-0-0-0. Dirk is having a mini-renaissance in his 57th year in the league. He’s just consistently efficient. Those guys can definitely help your team.

Dennis Smith Jr.– 2-15-2-7-3-0-5. The Good: 6-for-12 FGs. The Bad: five TOs. The Ugly: 1-for-5 FTs. He’s on the cusp of greatness, but I’m starting to have the feeling next year is going to be his real breakout year. He’s just too raw right now.

Wesley Matthews– 5-24-4-5-1-0-1. He’s having a bit of a bounce-back year from last year, but sadly he’s not much better than Wayne Ellington… Is he better?

John Wall– 3-25-3-9-4-1-4, Wall gonna ball. The 3’s are a nice sign for him.

Bradley Beal– 5-34-5-5-1-0-0. The Beal Deal has been a steal.  Well, considering you probably took him in the second or third round, he’s been exactly what you paid for.

Tyreke Evans– 3-26-5-7-1-0-3. ‘Reke da Villain was definitely a steal on draft day or from the waiver wire. Pickup of the year.

Marc Gasol– 2-17-11-5-0-6-5. Marc had a block party on national television, in what turned out to be a pretty entertaining game. When I first saw who they were showing I was like; “Wizards-Grizzlies!?” And I repeated it like ten times because it’s a funny sounding matchup.

C.J. McCollum-4-20-4-6-3-0-1 on 8-of-13 shooting. Hopefully, this is the start of a hot steak for him because he has been mildly disappointing so far.

Jeremy Lamb– 2-17-5-1-1-0-1. Maintaining his late round value. Definitely a hold in 12ers and beyond.

Brandon Ingram– 1-22-14-4-0-0-1. Lakers lost a terrible game to the Hornets in LA last night.  They looked kind of lost in their last few games. *Double checks* OK they’ve lost nine in a row and 12 of their last 13…Ingram always looks like he’s lost…in space. Seriously, this dude looks like he’s freshly blunted 24/7.

Julius Randle– Got the start and went 15-10-2-0-0-3. I guess it didn’t work out, but solid line for him.

Kyle Kuzma– Came off the bench and only scored four points on 2-of-14 shooting, and you have to wonder if a lingering injury is hampering him.  He does have two blocks in three of his last four, which is a positive. He’s also been calling out the team for not playing hard, so hopefully, he backs his talk up. The Lakers are just a mess right now…

Jonas Valanciunas– 20-13-1-0-1-0. The Lithuanian Jonas Brother had a nice night and has been up and down, but his minutes are low so maybe a sell-high moment.

DeMar DeRozan– 1-20-5-4-2-1-3. Toronto blew out Milwaukee, so the line could have been bigger, but you’ll take it for sure.

Serge Ibaka– 1-21-5-0-1-0-2. Man, his blocks have been dwindling in the past few years.  He’s still putting up good value, because of good percentages, and some 3’s.

Delon Wright- 12-2-7-1-0-0 in 20 mins of action. He might be worth picking up. Hop on the Wright foot and do the bad thing!  I love Austin Powers…

Thon Maker– 10-8-1-0-3-0 in 20 mins. This game got out of hand, but Thon proved what he can do if he gets the minutes. Let me see that Tho-o-o-o-on!

Malcolm Brogdon– 3-19-2-3-0-0-1. He’s so good, but he’s stuck behind Bledsoe and a bunch of other stars in the pecking order on the Bucks. They have so much talent, they don’t even know what to do with it.

Matthew Dellavedova– 1-10-0-7-0-0-1. He’s been back for a few weeks now and getting assists, so if you need that might be worth an add in 12-ers.

Kristaps Porzingis– 1-15-7-1-1-3-2 on 5-of-14 FGs as the Knicks lost to the Heat. Kristaps has been on a downswing lately and might be worth a buy-low, or teams have just figured out that to beat the Knicks, all they need to do is stop Prozingis. I believe he’ll be better once Hardaway comes back.

Courtney Lee– 1-24-3-1-2-0-4. It’s Courtney! It’s Courtney!

Michael Beasley– Beas-Mode went 1-20-10-2-2-0-2. Left with a twisted ankle in OT, but returned and should be fine for the next game. Worth an add in 12-ers.

Tyler Johnson– Bounced back from an illness going 2-16-2-4-4-1-0. Has been worth holding onto in 12-ers and possibly a last guy on the bench in 10-ers or at least a streaming option.  As long as you can live with the one horrible game in every five…

Josh Richardson– AKA A$AP Rocky went 1-18-1-2-3-1-1. He’s been much improved this year. Nothing to say, but kudos on drafting.

Wayne Ellington– 6-24-4-0-1-0-1. Why do I bench him on Fridays? I feel like I’m always writing about him going off as he seems to have a big game every Friday. Heads up DFS players! He should be owned in 12-ers at least until Waiters comes back, and perhaps after.

Karl-Anthony Towns– 1-25-23-1-0-2-0-1. It seems like he hasn’t quite broken out yet on the year, and Jimmy Butler could be a hindrance to his value, but he’s still ranked number six overall.

Marcus Smart– 18-3-3-1-0-0. He’s a Smart Guy!

Terry Rozier– 2-14-9-1-0-0-1. Boston has the best back-up backcourt in basketball.

Andre Drummond– Returned from injury and went 10-8-5-1-0-2 and 1-of-1 FTs.  Not bad, for first game back. He should be better soon.

Ben Simmons– 19-4-9-2-2-4. Keeps doing it, ROY candidate, even though he sat out his first year. I  know certain NBA announcers that think he should not be eligible. I can’t really comment, but he’s a hell of a first year player in my book.

J.J. Redick– 3-21-2-3-0-0-0. He’s consistently solid. A very safe pick, if that’s your thing. 3’s and won’t really hurt you anywhere.

Joel Embiid– 1-23-9-0-0-1-1.

Tyler Ulis– 8-1-6-3-0-3. Not a huge line, but got 35 minutes, and might be getting a try-out for those that want to see what he can do as the starter for the Suns.  I had high hopes for him going into the year based on the end of last year, but he hasn’t really panned out. Worth monitoring if he’s getting the minutes though.

Alex Len– He’s probably droppable in 12-ers. I know I did… 10 and 5 in 15 minutes is not cutting it.

Marquese Chriss– 12-7-1-2-1-4. He got 32 minutes, but only shot 6-of-17 from the field. He’s probably doomed to be Inefficient NBA player, but he’s getting some minutes if you’re punting some Cats, like I did when I was 10 and they called me a sociopath…

Kawhi Leonard- 1-21-3-3-4-3-1. My Gawhd…Once he’s fully unleashed, look out. Ka-whi didn’t I buy-low?

Bryn Forbes– 2-16-3-1-3-0-2. Turn it up! Bryn the Noise!

Pau Gasol– 2-15-7-0-0-0-2. Just wanted to mention him as a guy who is quietly having a nice season even though he got devalued on draft day for being a) old and b) on the Spurs.  I think he’s holding nice value even though he might have his rest days.

Derrick Favors– 14-10-1-0-3-2. If only he could keep the blocks up consistently. I don’t think he holds huge value once Gobert comes back. Might be ownable in 12ers, but not much upside. The best thing that can happen to him is if he gets traded.

Jamal Murray– 6-26-6-3-0-0-1. You gotta love this guy. Shooting 92.4% from the line on the year. And averaging over 16 points. Steal.

Trey Lyles– Another Nugget holding great value: 4-26-7-1-2-0-0. Has been absolutely slaying lately, scoring double digits in his last ten games, and over 15 in nine of his last ten. Trey Bay-Bay!

That about wraps her up! It was a huge slate of games last night, so I definitely couldn’t get to everyone in depth, but as always leave a question in the comments section!

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