“Champions keep playing until they get it right” (Billie Jean King)

The trade deadline offers weird results, with teams in both fantasy and reality changing rosters. The biggest moves over the past week in the RCLs involved those players that moved in real life; Larry Nance Jr., Jae Crowder, Rodney Hood, George Hill, Emmanuel Mudiay and D.J. Augustin.

I’m happy to announce the creation of a Champions League for next year, which will pit all of this year’s league winners and some Razzball writers against each other. I will keep you all informed as things progress.


Here is how the action went down in Week 17 across our 12 RCL Leagues:

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Experts League: ‘Bron Legacy with the best win this week, jumped to third place. Tarch Tadness remains the overall leader. Andrew Wiggins was traded to Dynasty Deep Dive and Rondae Hollis-Jefferson to ‘Bron Legacy. With a 63.4 % from the line,  Wiggins hurts your team in that category, but should be in the 1+1+1 club in the near future.

Straight Cash Homie: SCH1-Celestial Being, Fenris-77, and SON are battling for the last playoff position. Team GIANT added George Hill, who seems likely to be the starting point guard in Cleveland and has the potential to be a top 80 player. Great add made by Connor’s Cool Team with Dwight Powell, who’s been a fourth-round value the last two weeks.

Straight Cash Homie 2: jasper’s Team lost to BUUNKGANG, thanks to the great week from Kevin Durant and Joel Embiid. Akeem’s Dream Team jumps to third place, while Cronos Black Metal continues to lead. Well done, GOZO Ballin’, by adding Willy Hernangómez, Marcin Gortat, and Mario Hezonja.

Straight Cash Homie 3: Rodmans Peacekeepers continues to lead, while The KAT’s Meow is now in playoff position. SON did a good job adding Dwight Powell, Danny Green, and Marquese Chriss. Vengeful Hoopdies added Dragan Bender, who is averaging 15.4 pts, 2.8 3pts, and 6.8 rebs in the last four games.

Straight Cash Homie 4: Nevitt’s Polyester (3) defeated Matokie Slaughter (2) in a great match. I made one of the most painful moves this season dropping Milos Teodosic for George Hill. Milos has the potential to be a top 60 player but his foot is a concern. SON added Josh Hart, who’s played well enough over the past few weeks to be held until we see how things shake out once the new lineup is in place.

Straight Cash Homie 5: The first four teams lost this week. SON (9) beat Olympic Team (1) 6-3, with three top 20 players this week; Damian Lillard, Nikola Jokic, and Otto Porter. Baetski’s Team (6) defeated NYKnicks  (2) 5-4; Team Ho Wan (7) beat Hals’s Team (3), and Team Blitzball (11) defeated Klark Shark (4). Blitzball, the 11th place team, has been a bit unlucky with great players in Chris Paul, Rudy Gobert, Isaiah Thomas, and Joe Ingles. The active Ala Kings acquired Tristan Thompson, George Hill, and Joe Crowder. SON added Andrew Harrison, who has played well lately averaging 15.0 pts, 1.2 3pts, 50.0 FG%, and 100 % from the line in the last six games.

Straight Cash Homie 6: SON had one of the more impressive victories the past week against the strong team of Evil Empire 8-1.  My Team defeated the solid RJC’s Team. TonyRP 4 continues to be the overall leader with an advantage of 6.5 points.

RAZZblueBALLS: GasOl(d) Anthem and Mamba will fight for first place in the coming weeks. Pass it to the Greek made a mistake dropping Dragan Bender for Tristan Thompson and Tomas Satoransky for Larry Nance JrThe young Europeans will be great players after the All-Star break.

BBQ Mousetrap: More Sonics Please beat my team, TonyRP 3, in a beautiful duel at the top. Durrant me a title acquired Josh Jackson, a must-own player, who over the past seven outings is averaging 19.0 pts, 6.9 rebs, and 1.6 blks. TonyRP 3 added the solid Dwight Powell. More Sonics Please acquired Luke Kornet.

Italy vs Razzball: A massive transaction this week; The Wakefield Case acquired Jrue Holiday, Rudy Gobert and Steven Adams, and IVR-Celestial Being acquired Goran Dragic, Karl-Anthony Towns, and Aaron Gordon.  I added the highly speculative Luke Kornet. He’s the first player in history to record at least four blocks and three 3pts in his NBA debut. If your team needs a miracle, maybe this is your man. Well done The Wakefield Case adding Kyle Anderson, who’s a top 70 value player, with an elite production in steals (1.4 per game), good rebounds (5.8), and field goal (52.2 %).

No Punt IntendedWith the first four teams assured a playoff spot, Newbie (1) defeated basketballsacks (3) 7-2. Surprisingly, Dicks Out 4 Harambe lost against the inactive theena’s Team.

Dynasty Deep Dive: Pete Reyes’s Team is doing a great job lately with two consecutive 8-1 victories. Jimmy Butler, DeMar DeRozan, and Dirk Nowitzki are top 25 players over the last two weeks. Evil Empire added Josh Jackson, in addition to D.J. Augustin.


Name: ELITE (Dynasty Deep Dive)
Key players: J.Ingles (3.5 3pts/ 18.0 pts/ 1.3 stls)

S.Curry (19.3 pts/ 7.0 asts/ 100 FT%)

C.Capela (17.5 pts/ 13.8 rebs/ 3.0 blks)

T.Satoransky (60.6 FG%/ 1.8 3pts/1.8 stls)


1 Pikachu Straight Cash Homie 98-53-2
2 More Sonics Please BBQ Mousetrap 97-52-4
3 Newbie No Punt Intended 98-53-2
4 Dicks Out 4 Harambe No Punt Intended 98-54-1
5 TonyRP 4 Straight Cash Homie 6 97-56-0
6 Stuck in Saigon 2 Italy vs Razzball 95-54-4
7 Rodmans Peacekeepers Straight Cash Homie 3 96-56-1
8 get picky with it Straight Cash Homie 4 95-55-3
9 Tarch Tadness Experts League 96-57-0
10 Durrant me a Title BBQ Mousetrap 93-56-4
11 Cronos Black Metal Straight Cash Homie 2 92-57-4
12 Big Baller Brand Dynasty Deep Dive 93-58-2
13 Vengeful Hoopdies Straight Cash Homie 3 92-59-2
14 TonyRP 3 BBQ Mousetrap 92-59-2
15 Chicaghiamo Addosso Italy vs Razzball 91-59-3
16 Matokie Slaughter Straight Cash Homie 4 89-58-6
17 basketballsacks No Punt Intended 91-60-2
18 TonyRP 5 Dynasty Deep Dive 91-60-2
19 jasper’s Team Straight Cash Homie 2 91-61-1
20 Olympic Team Straight Cash Homie 5 88-59-6


Week 1  gesiot’s Team Italy vs Razzball
Week 2  basketballsacks No Punt Intended
Week 3  GasOl(d) Anthem RAZZblueBALLS
Week 4  TonyRP 4 Straight Cash Homie 6
Week 5  ! Italy vs Razzball
Week 6  Cronos Black Metal Straight Cash Homie 2
Week 7  Pikachu Straight Cash Homie
Week 8  Pikachu Straight Cash Homie
Week 9  Pikachu Straight Cash Homie
Week 10  Pikachu Straight Cash Homie
Week 11  Pikachu Straight Cash Homie
Week 12  Evil Empire Straight Cash Homie 6
Week 13  Evil Empire Straight Cash Homie 6
Week 14  Dicks Out 4 Harambe No Punt Intended
Week 15  More Sonics Please BBQ Mousetrap
Week 16  Dicks Out 4 Harambe No Punt Intended
Week 17  Pikachu Straight Cash Homie


Week 1  gesiot’s Team Italy vs Razzball
Week 2  Slack-Jawed Daps Straight Cash Homie 2
Week 3  The Wakefield Case Italy vs Razzball
Week 4  The Wakefield Case (2) Italy vs Razzball
Week 5  Newbie No Punt Intended
Week 6  Evil Empire Straight Cash Homie 6
Week 7  TonyRP 5 Dynasty Deep Dive
Week 8  Stuck in Saigon RAZZblueBALLS
Week 9  Newbie (2) No Punt Intended
Week 10  Durrant me a Title BBQ Mousetrap
Week 11  Newbie (3) No Punt Intended
Week 12  TonyRP 5 (2) Dynasty Deep Dive
Week 13  GasOl(d) Anthem RAZZblueBALLS
Week 14  Durrant me a Title (2) BBQ Mousetrap
Week 15  Steph Infection BBQ Mousetrap
Week 16  Akeem’s Dream Team Straight Cash Homie 2
Week 17  ELITE Dynasty Deep Dive















Thanks for playing and good luck.

  1. Wen says:

    Hi Tony, I have a really tough decision to make and need your help. I don’t know what to do when Rondae Hollis-Jefferson comes back and I am torn. Would you drop any one of the following or you just cut Rondae? No particular needs or position required. Thanks for your advice!

    Bogdan Bogdanovic
    George Hill
    Reggie Bullock
    Courtney Lee
    Robin Lopez
    Dewayne Dedmon
    DeMarre Carroll
    Bobby Portis

  2. I would drop Reggie Bullock. Rondae is a top 75 fantasy player when is healthy.

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