“Just play. Have fun. Enjoy the game.” (Michael Jordan)


With the trade deadline, leagues can change in a flash. Boban Marjanovic can be an example of that, from an irrelevant place in Detroit, he can be a top 50 guy with the Los Angeles Clippers. On the other side, one of the great surprises this season, Tyreke Evans, a top 30 fantasy player, is a trade candidate and his value is likely to drop in a big way. Others like Willy Hernangómez, Marcus Smart, Lou Williams, and DeAndre Jordan are in the same situation.


Here is how the action went down in Week 12 across our 12 RCL Leagues:

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Experts League: In a high-level duel at the top, Tarch Tadness defeated Dynasty Deep Dive. This allowed Dreams Killers to take over second place. It’s too soon to drop Tyreke Evans but Krishna Ligas thought different. A few days later Tarch Tadness acquired him off the waiver wire. Averaging 19.5 pts, 5.0 rebs, and 5.0 asts, it’s unlikely that he can reach those numbers in Boston or Philadelphia.

Straight Cash Homie: It seems that Pikachu only knows how to win, with the latest victory over Osama Razz2. He has won 15 out of 16 this season. Team GIANT added Boban MarjanovicThis season without turnovers, he’s a top 40 fantasy player in per 36 min, averaging 24.8 pts and 12.0 rebs.

Straight Cash Homie 2: Great work this week by porno4mumu defeating the strong Slack-Jawed Daps 8-1. In a strange week in terms of fantasy value, Akeem’s Dream Team was one  of the best teams of the week. He has seven top 25 players this week: Nikola Jokic, Nicolas Batum, Victor OladipoAl Horford, Kristaps Porzingis, Will Barton, and Clint Capela. Simply brutal.  porno4mumu added Spencer Dinwiddie, who is a fourth-round player without FG%. Well done by jarper’s Team adding Caris LeVert and Taurean Prince.

Straight Cash Homie 3: Surprisingly Vengeful Hoopdies (2nd) lost against Come Back (11th) 4-5. Rodmans Peacekeekerps is now the overall leader after winning 8-1. Onions! added the undervalued Joe Ingles, a fifth-round value who is averaging 10.1 pts, 2.3 3pts, 4.0 rebs, 4.1 asts, and 1.1 stls this season.

Straight Cash Homie 4: get picky with it and Matokie Slaughter shattered their rivals, and they are firm candidates to meet in the semi-finals. TonyRP, my team, added Willy Hernangomez in hopes of a trade at the deadline. Per 36 min this season, he averages 17.0 pts, 10.3 rebs, 1.1 .stls, and 0.9 blks, a must-own player if he’s traded. SON added Boban Marjanovic for Bismack Biyombo.

Straight Cash Homie 5: Olympic Team (1st) defeated Hals’s Team (2nd) 8-1. I expected something a lot more exciting, but this was There Will Be Blood 2. Hals’s Team drafted well, with LeBron James and DeMarcus Cousins in the first two rounds. Perfect. Add Kevin Love and Tyreke Evans and it’s easy to see that luck was not on his side. SON added Wayne Selden Jr. and Boban Marjanovic.

Straight Cash Homie 6Great win by RJC’s Team over Evil Empire. That allowed me to reach the top of the table with a tight win against SON. Sky’s The Limit still wants the playoff spot and won 6-3 against Freak Squad.

RAZZblueBALLS: If you want emotion, this is your league. We have ten teams that can reach first place. Matokie Slaughter destroyed the number one team, Mamba, and is now only one point out of the playoff position. GasOl(d) Anthem acquired the rookie Josh JacksonOver the last two weeks, he is averaging 15.3 pts, 5.0 rebs, and 0.9 stls.

BBQ Mousetrap: A beautiful match between Steph Infection and More Sonics Please which ended up tied at 4-4. Durrant me a Title had a solid week defeating the LA Lakers. I acquired Marquese Chriss and Boban Marjanovic for my team, TonyRP 3Steph Infection dropped Greg Monroe and added Jarrett Allen.

Italy vs Razzball: I don’t know how, but my bludgeoned TonyRP 2 won, in a very tight match against the leader, Stuck in Saigon 2. In a high-level duel at the top, The Wakefield Case won 5-4 versus !. Chicaghiamo Adosso also had a great performance winning 8-0 over Theo’s Injured Team. Bow to the Brow added Milos Teodosic and then dropped him for Dwayne Wade.

No Punt Intended: Dicks Out 4 Harambe is the first team to mathematically reach the playoffs. basketballsacks acquired Boban Marjanovic, who was a DNP-CD on Saturday. Doc Rivers said he’s not ready to unleash Boban just yet. If he plays 20 minutes, top 80 value can be a reality. The Bad Bandidos added Jarrett Allen, who is averaging 16.0 pts and 82.6 FG% over the past week.

Dynasty Deep Dive: Big Baller Brand 8-1, TonyRP 5 7-2, and Peter Reyes’s Team 8-1 are the top three teams in the league. Bareaking Bad continues winning with six wins out of seven. Great months from Hassan Whiteside, James Harden, and Khris Middleton helped him. DunkercornApocalypse acquired Boban Marjanovic.


Name: Akeem’s Dream Team (Straight Cash Homie 2)
Key players: N. Batum (21.3 pts / 4.0 3pts / 7.0 rebs)

W. Barton (18.0 pts / 2.3 stls / 2.3 3pts)

N. Jokic (21.3 pts / 10.0 rebs / 8.0 asts)

C. Capela (13.3 pts /11.7 rebs / 3.3 blks)


1 Dicks Out 4 Harambe No Punt Intended 94-49-1
2 More Sonics Please BBQ Mousetrap 92-49-3
3 Pikachu Straight Cash Homie 92-50-2
4 Newbie No Punt Intended 91-51-2
5 get picky with it Straight Cash Homie 4 90-51-3
6 Tarch Tadness Experts League 91-53
7 Rodmans Peacekeepers Straight Cash Homie 3 90-53-1
8 Stuck in Saigon 2 Italy vs Razzball 89-52-3
9 TonyRP 4 Straight Cash Homie 6 90-54
10 basketballsacks No Punt Intended 89-53-2
11 Evil Empire Straight Cash Homie 6 88-53-3
12 TonyRP 3 BBQ Mousetrap 89-54-1
13 Durrant me a Title BBQ Mousetrap 87-53-4
14 Big Baller Brand Dynasty Deep Dive 88-54-2
15 Cronos Black Metal Straight Cash Homie 2 87-54-3
16 ! Italy vs Razzball 87-54-3
17 Matokie Slaughter Straight Cash Homie 4 85-53-6
18 Olympic Team Straight Cash Homie 5 85-53-6
19 jasper’s Team Straight Cash Homie 2 87-56-1
20 TonyRP 5 Dynasty Deep Dive 86-56-2


Week 1  gesiot’s Team Italy vs Razzball
Week 2  basketballsacks No Punt Intended
Week 3  GasOl(d) Anthem RAZZblueBALLS
Week 4  TonyRP 4 Straight Cash Homie 6
Week 5  ! Italy vs Razzball
Week 6  Cronos Black Metal Straight Cash Homie 2
Week 7  Pikachu Straight Cash Homie
Week 8  Pikachu Straight Cash Homie
Week 9  Pikachu Straight Cash Homie
Week 10  Pikachu Straight Cash Homie
Week 11  Pikachu Straight Cash Homie
Week 12  Evil Empire Straight Cash Homie 6
Week 13  Evil Empire Straight Cash Homie 6
Week 14  Dicks Out 4 Harambe No Punt Intended
Week 15  More Sonics Please BBQ Mousetrap
Week 16  Dicks Out 4 Harambe No Punt Intended


Week 1  gesiot’s Team Italy vs Razzball
Week 2  Slack-Jawed Daps Straight Cash Homie 2
Week 3  The Wakefield Case Italy vs Razzball
Week 4  The Wakefield Case (2) Italy vs Razzball
Week 5  Newbie No Punt Intended
Week 6  Evil Empire Straight Cash Homie 6
Week 7  TonyRP 5 Dynasty Deep Dive
Week 8  Stuck in Saigon RAZZblueBALLS
Week 9  Newbie (2) No Punt Intended
Week 10  Durrant me a Title BBQ Mousetrap
Week 11  Newbie (3) No Punt Intended
Week 12  TonyRP 5 (2) Dynasty Deep Dive
Week 13  GasOl(d) Anthem RAZZblueBALLS
Week 14  Durrant me a Title (2) BBQ Mousetrap
Week 15  Steph Infection BBQ Mousetrap
Week 16  Akeem’s Dream Team Straight Cash Homie 2














Thanks for playing and good luck.