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We’re back with the Razzball Hoops’ all-in-one, frequently updated, hopefully mostly right, let’s do this Rubio!, is this a run on sentence?, fantasy basketball ranks!

Below is our official Razzball Basketball top 200, which we’ll be updating all through the offseason, training camp, preseason, and up until the final night before 2015-16 tips off.  With each player, I give a small blurb on my thoughts, list Yahoo position eligibility (since this is where we’ll be playing our RCL leagues), and Slim gives his 9-cat projection along with projected minutes played.  Alas, Slim and I don’t agree on everything!  So if you see a projection that seems out-of-whack with where a player is ranked, we’ve probably argued the point on the Podcast…  But we also love all of your questions/comments/disbelief at ranks.  We answer any and all of your comments, so if you play in different formats, have keeper questions, salary cap quandaries, or want to be the one to break a piece of news, the comment thread on this running post will be our hub for all fantasy hoops thoughts!

So without any further [James Michael Mc]Adoo, here’s our one stop shop for the 2015-16 Fantasy Basketball Rankings:

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Razzball Hoops’ ultimate draft day tool is here!  Well, actually whoever sniped Myles Turner before I could get him in my first RCL draft is the ultimate draft day tool!  Slim’s projections in a sortable spreadsheet is back, and a huge thanks to Slim for all of his statistical Nostradamus-ing and Rudy for all of the… um… Excel-lent sort-ing…  See what I did there?!  These guys should’ve been the stars of CBS’s Numb3rs!  I actually have no clue what that show was about, but if it was about fantasy basketball I’ll sure feel dumb…  Rudy helped us get all of Slim’s projections in the Official Top 200 back into interactive mode, and he’s probably ready for a month off from math with baseball wrapping up.  I can’t wait to see his charcoal drawings from his month away in Amish country!  Anyway, here’s Slim’s 15-16 projections to utilize on draft day, and be sure to put them to test in the 2015-16 Razzball Basketball Commenter Leagues.  Plenty of leagues open with October drafts, so sign up today!

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Auction drafts are chess, snake drafts are checkers!  Pretty sure Denzel in Training Day agrees!

Nothing beats a good auction draft.  Yes, they can be long, hard, and full of Kaman, but they also ensure you can get players you like as long as you’re willing to pony up the dough.  Luckily this year has more parity across the first round, and you can spread your bets accordingly.  Pre-Kevin Durant injury last year, it was back-to-back seasons of paying a ridiculous premium for the Slim Reaper since he was safe (ugh, I guess not really!) and so much better than the field.  Now there’s a case to be made for any of the big 3 as #1 overall, I’ve heard KD even enter the discussion that high, some like DeMarcus Cousins over some of the PG, some don’t like John Wall as a first-rounder, etc. etc. etc.  So while I do like the stars-and-scrubs philosophy, I don’t think I have to overpay too much unlike the past two seasons where I had KD in the high-$90s.  However, I will note there’s a steep dropoff for me outside the top-10.  And you’ll notice a bevy of guys at $1-$2.  I’ll go in hoping to get two elites, a few mids, and a lot of dollar guys where I see value.

A big luxury of auction drafts is it’s much easier to maintain a team strategy.  I don’t love punting in snakes, as guys that fit your build can be picked before you.  But in an auction, you can build more efficiently and accurately.  You can also punt positions – I would be all for getting two elite PG and having 3-4 $1-$2 high-upside bigs and hope I hit on one or two to flank some mid-range guys.

And one obligatory final note – I know I am high on Andrew Wiggins this year, so obviously if he hits $23 with only one team left bidding, don’t suddenly climb it with one bid from $23 to $39 willy-nilly!  These suggested auction values are a framework for my ranks, and the price I’d go if drafting with 11 other mes.  Ugh, horrifying, it’d be like having an auction draft in the “Malkovich, Malkovich, Malkovich!” scene!

Values are based on Yahoo standard line-ups (PG, SG, G, SF, PF, F, C, C, UTIL, UTIL, BN, BN, BN) and 12-team leagues (RCL size – and we need more leagues!  Commish one now!) with a $200 budget:

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Bring the powah!  In one of the more shiftiest of positions in the NBA, we now embrace the stretch-4 as if small ball is the cure-all for everything in the NBA, and have thrown out the twin towers philosophy.  No more Monroe and Drummond and 800 pounds worth of NBA center clogging the paint!  The NBA is getting more versatile, and I think we’re seeing it more with all the ways a PF can help you in fantasy.  Dimes from LeBron, treys from like half of em, a lot of rainbow line threats…  It’s as variant as Johnny Depp’s characters in Tim Burton movies!  Oh wait, they’re all weird/bumbly/creepy, that’s completely wrong…  It’s as variant as nationalities in the NBA!  Love that FIBA had so many NBA players participating, so fun…  Anyway, the point is (if there ever was a point to this open), that PF can fit a lot of builds, and can band-aid some stats late, so it’s not a positional necessity.  I might have made up a completely new term there…  Here’s the top PF for the 2015-16 Fantasy Basketball season:

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The big wings!  Not to be confused with the big wigs.  Not to be confused with the big Whigs.  No William Henry Harrison here!  We got history jokes!  Continuing our week of tiers, which I think is probably in the 2nd tier of preseason weeks of content, it’s time to group our small forwards.  Certainly a misnomer since guys like Giannis are 7-feet, and the multi-cat guys certainly aren’t small in production.  I’m certainly small in interesting opens!  Intro-ing these tiers articles is tough!  I lump this intro in the “Undraftable in 12ers” Tier.  Here’s the top SF for the 2015-16 Fantasy Basketball season:

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Ah, the poor poor SG for fantasy…  Often the ThrAGNOFfiest of the wings – the empty cat specialist scorer, the waiver wire player who scores 30 points and everyone grabs them then they’re terrible again for a few weeks…  Lookin’ at you C.J. Miles!  Luckily Yahoo is pretty slutty with their position eligibility, slapping two positions on most players and keeping SG from being the barren wasteland it could otherwise become.  I’m hoping at least one of my SG eligible guys is actually more a PG, as the PG runs hit you harder than lunch at Chipotle.  I MISS JON STEWART!  Here’s the top SG for the 2015-16 Fantasy Basketball season:

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It’s time for tiers!  And with PG, it’s top-tiers or fears.  It’s top tier or Britney Spears!  Top tier or…  Or…  Eh I got nothing for a PG who rhymes with that…  Top tier or your team takes it in the rear!  Yes, PG is rife with a precipitous falloff after the first class, with a dive off a cliff that is like the third act of The Abyss.  Underrated movie!  Ed Harris is the man.  And sure, I guess some omniscient underwater aliens (…are they aliens?) could do enough to resurrect your team from the depths, but I’m not going to pass on the top end guys and hope for a deus ex machina ending.  Well, the ending wasn’t quite deus ex machina, but it wasn’t the best…  And I doubt waiting and relying on Rondo or the rookies will result in any sort of happy ending…  Poor phrasing!  Here’s the top PG for the 2015-16 Fantasy Basketball season, and we’ll be putting together positional tiers based on Yahoo position eligibility every day this week:

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[Reposting to the top with Updating Rankings as of October 22nd!

This will be the final ranks we put out before the season starts, so cross your fingers these look good when we reflect on them at the end of the year!]

Here it is, folks!  Below is our official Razzball Basketball top 200, which we’ll be updating through the preseason, listed with Yahoo position eligibility and accompanied by a small blurb for my reasonings.  Which isn’t a word?!  What if I have more than one reasoning!?

And as an extra step up from last year, Slim has included his projection for each player.  All in this one, easy to use list!  Slim and I see eye-to-eye on most things fantasy hoops, but he’ll of course have some differences of opinion.  So if you see a Slim projection that looks variant from my rank, you’ll know why!  And as always, we’re both always hitting up the comments and can [attempt to] explain our reasonings… There it is again!  I want it plural, dammit!  Here’s our one stop shop for our 2014-15 Fantasy Basketball Rankings:

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Several have asked.  The path; fraught with peril.  The excruciating man hours; soul breaking.  But we got it together!  And well, I didn’t do that much work to be honest…  Everyone that uses the Official Razzball Top 200 on draft day with these sortable stats by Slim’s projections, be sure to thank Curtis and Rudy!  And Slim did the heavy lifting using his maths!  Curtis helped put together the stats, then Rudy with his wizardry made this look spiffy and easily sortable.  We’re such a community!  Need some steals late?  BOOM!  Mario Chalmers and Corey Brewer are still on the board.  If you have any questions let us know, and be sure if this helped you at all, thank Curtis and Rudy in the comments, and of course Slim for his hard work using his abacus!

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Buy low!  Sell high!  Somehow make millions off frozen orange juice futures by short selling them that still sorta confuses me!

Yessir, auction values are here!  And just like how I talked about approaching auctions last year, get your wallets wide open for KD (also look at my blurb for the final $1 pick… Haha – still my thoughts exactly!).  First off – unless you are fortunate enough to have Kevin Durant as a keeper or luck into a randomized first overall pick, you’re not going to get him.  So in an auction setting, I imagine the bidding to be frantic.  However, I think he’s worth the ridiculous premium I have him listed for.  Maybe by fortune of having the greatest fantasy editor job in the world, I have done so much work with rankings that I feel I can round out a stars-and-scrubs team spending half my budget on Durant.

As with all fantasy auction drafts, have a few guys on your radar, but have an open mind.  Value can come at any time for any player.  I also want to note, some of these values mean I’m getting a guy in all auctions, even if it’s at a price much lower than the values I have them listed for.  Michael Carter-Williams is the obvious guy there.  He’s averaging an $8 buy on Yahoo.  I’m not saying “if the bid is at $7, bid $38 on MCW!”  It’s just how I would have listed projected auction values using my ranks to give you an idea of how high or how low I would be in an auction setting.  So what my $38 is saying is, “buy MCW in all leagues!”

Sorry if I’m a little slow with your awesome comments this week, but I’m back full force this weekend with a new Pod with Slim next week as well.

Values are based on Yahoo standard line-up (PG, SG, G, SF, PF, F, C, C, UTIL, UTIL, BN, BN, BN) and 12-team leagues (RCL size – and we need more leagues!  Commish one now!) with a $200 budget:

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