Wow, big upset last night as the Pistons beat the Gizz 105-95.  I had “Grizz” typoed but laughed too hard to fix it…

And leading the way in running the Gizz out of Detroit was Reggie Jackson‘s Goromotaro!  Well, not really, 20/20 in Pts/Dimes doesn’t have an official Razzball name…  20 dimes is a double dimebag though!  Wait, no one gets those, it goes up to a quarter…  Can’t really complain that R-Jax didn’t get to 25 assists, but yeah, focus JB!  I wonder what could’ve flared up my ADD!

With my boyfriend Kentavious Caldwell-Pope hitting so many shots (not doing much else though in a 24/0/1/0/0 line), making 10-16 FG and scoring 16 Pts in the 3rd quarter, R-Jax piled up a ton of dimes on jumpers.  In the 3rd alone he had 6 dimes on 20+ foot FGM – 4 to KCP.  Helps when your fellow shooters are hot!  Just ask Stephen Curry how his season is going…  R-Jax has certainly had his ups and downs, and didn’t even have a single assist against the Jazz on Saturday!  I wanna say it was all due to Rudy Gobert, but if he was D-ing up R-Jax then Dante Exum would be on Andre Drummond!  I’m not depending on high-volume dimes here on out, but when R-Jax is in his lows, remember he was a pickup for a lot of his owners. So just thank your lucky stars for last night and enjoy the wave without putting the R-Jax on the pedestal, the underlining message from The 40-Year-Old Virgin.  Or else you let the Gizz win!  Here’s what else went down last night in fantasy basketball action:

Marc Gasol – Whoa, tried to stiff arm Drummo on a full court break and eventually fouled out!  Someone had some cervesas for St. Patty’s in the pregame… Gasol going coast to coast and giving the stiffy was like watching an O lineman in the NFL combine after taking Viagra!  Eh, he still had a great 17/11/6/1/1 game.  With a 3PTM in there!  Whaaaa????  Told you he was drunk!

Beno Udrih – With R-Jax going 20/20, you think the Grizz missed Mike Conley?!  Decent enough line for deepers from Udrih for 9/4/9/0/1 and a trey, but his defense was Ewwwwwwwwwwwdrih!  I’ll be here all night folks!

Tony Allen – At only 17% owned, I feel like ol’ bones T-Money is going under appreciated.  9/5/0/3/0 with a trey last night, boosting on that 2.0 SPG this year.  His low-volume FT% is a little bit of a black eye, but a G with good FG%, Reb and Stl could help a ton of team builds.

Anthony Tolliver – Damn bad players having good games against me in the REL!  15/7/0/1/0 with 4 treys in the start last night.  The Pistons went small with no Greg Monroe, and I’m shocked Tolliver/Caron Butler/Tayshaun Prince did enough to keep Zach Randolph from going ham.  Moose is expected to play tonight, so no ThrAGNOFfin from Tolly.

Alexey Shved – What in the wide world of sports?!  The Poppycockers knocking off the Spurs in OT?!  This beats any cinderella story that could ever happen in the NCAA Tourney!  Speaking of, if you missed it in the open yesterday you can still hop into the Razzball Bracket Pool where the winner gets a spot in the Razzball Elite League.  Shved for 21/3/7/3/0 and a trey, and yeah, definitely must own.  Find a way!

Langston Galloway – Was hot for 10-18 FG (2-5 3PTM) 22/4/4/1/0.  Played an OT-aided 48 minutes and by far his best in a while.  Eh, need to see a trend.

Louis Amundson – Well, the fringy big man stats went to Sweet Lou 2 and not Cole Aldrich, that’s for sure!  12/17/2/0/2 in an absurd game in 31 minutes, but hits the TO hard (3) and is awful at the stripe (2-4).  But as a deep league guy to keep on your watch list for boards and blocks?  Ehhhhhh?  Wait, he’s not Canadian…

Manu Ginobili – I didn’t mention over the weekend he had a bad kankle, and will miss 7-10 days.  Obviously the heart and soul of that Spurs team!  Still shocked they lost…  Spurs only making 3-14 treys will do that!

Michael Carter-Williams – Back from the kankle, and look at that!  No TO!  And a near rainbow!  Drop the confetti!  Oh, but only 6/2/4/1/2 hitting 2-12 from the field…

Khris Middleton Damn, sure played like Middleboob last night!  The Duchess Kate Middletit for 4/4/2/0/1 hitting only 2-14 from the field and committing 4 TO.  I blame the creepy Pelicans mascot!  Maybe Tyreke Evans put on some war paint to look just like it.

Quincy Pondexter – Ya know, Slim hates the Lone Ranger but sometimes he can hit some buckets!  And do a little bit of e’rythang!  18/7/2 last night with 5 treys, and before last night’s deep league usable line, since February he’s 8.8/2.5/1.7/0.3/0.6 with 1.4 3PTM a game in 19 games with under a TO per, all of which will go up after last night.  I’m not saying he’s 12er must-own at all, but he’s turning into a G Patrick Patterson minus a few boards.

Omer Asik – What a weird game, Q-Pon takes 13 shots, Asik nearly goes rainbow for 16/11/3/1/2 and Anthony Davis shoots only 6-18 for a “pedestrian” 20/12/4/1/3 line.  And they only scored 85 and won by one!  Well, only 10 bench points on 3-17 bench shooting will do that (cough, Norris Cole sucks, cough!).

Victor Oladipo – You friggin’ kidding me?!  VO makes my pre-season rank look dumb (well, beofre he broke his face), then steps up when I say he’s a sell-high, then scores only 29 when I need him for 30!!!!!!  You’re dead to me, Dipo, RainbOladipo is now DEADODIPO!  At least Slim’s middleboob only scored 4…

Tobias Harris Ughhhhh, another night another kankle…  Tried to play in the 2nd half after hurting it in the 1st, but couldn’t get through it.  On top of the Magic’s bad playoff sched, now we got kankles!  Rough ending for T-Hair.

Donatas Motiejunas – Played pretty well last night (understatement!) for 23/7/4 with a couple of treys, and things are going to get mad muddy when Dwight Howard gets back.  Dwight is still 10-14 days out, but that means he could crash the D-Mo or T-Jones train in the finals.  What a schlub that Howard!  Not Superman, Schlubman!

Corey Brewer – Man, he’s an under-the-radar move of the year regarding mid-season trades.  13/13/3/1/0 with a trey.  Maybe it’s a sign my Milwaukee Brewers are gonna be ballin’ too!

Kemba Walker – Still wallowing on the bench with only 24 minutes, but playing aggressive with the 7-8 FT.  15/3/2/1/0 with 3 TO, and kinda as I warned, it’s still Mo Williams starting and facilitating!  The ageless Mo for 18/4/8/1/0 in 35 minutes.  Maybe my cold shoulders to Kemba stashes won’t look so wrong!  Even if Kemba is still playing just well enough for must-owndom with upside…

Al Jefferson – Second game back from that scary sounding calf pop, and was solid for 21/6/2/0/1 hitting 9-19 FG.  Man, a vet big coming off an injury and having to face Rudy Gobert and DeAndre Jordan in back-to-back games right away?!  No thank you!

Matt Barnes – Sat with hamstring soreness, I’m guessing because he got a big tattoo on it.  No real winners if the hammy issue persists, even if the NBA’s worst player Nate Robinson can upchuck 12 points a night like yesterday.  He’s worse than Rolo!  That’s how deep the hate goes!


Streamers/Cheap Daily League Picks:

Zaza Pachulia (13% owned) – The ownership percent is staggering to me!  He’s got dubdubs in 3 of the past 4, 17-18 FT in that stretch and usually chips in a few dimes.  Sure the blocks aren’t really there and he’s a jump shooter which hurts FG%, but this is the night to use him against the Spurs.  Look what Sweet Lou 2 did!

Justin Holiday (5% owned) – With Klay Thompson down at least a week, a lot of commenters asked about Holiday as an add over options I liked better, but for tonight as a stream, I think he’s worth a twirl if you need some Pts/ThrAGNOF upside.


I hope two days in to your H2H Week 1 playoff matchups you’re all crushing it, and we’ll see you tomorrow Razzball Nation!