Man, what an epic game in San Antonio!  Marc Gasol hitting a preposterous buzzer-beater to put it in OT, then Tim Duncan makes this rim job to put it into 3OT… Crazy man.  Two things – 1 – Sean Elliott is maybe my favorite commentator in the NBA and B – look at Marco Belinelli just bowl over Courtney Lee in that second highlight…  Strike!  Haven’t see a Lee update for an injury, so stay tuned there…

I guarantee you that Gregg Popovich was fuming like President Snow that this game kept going on, and on, and on and… Kinda like book series that have the final book broken into into two movies.  I mean The Hunger Games: Mockinjay – Part 1…?  I got confused and disinterested once Woody Harrelson stopped drinkin’.  So I guess last night’s Spurs vs. Grizzlies games was San Antonio vs. Memphis – Buzzer-beaters traded: Duncan’s Rim Job – Part 3.  Another huge game from Timmay (excluding the real fluky 5-15 FT) for 23/16/5/2/3.  Rainbow line!  Duncan really hasn’t skipped a beat this year, well except for when he’s benched with a DNP-Rest.  I know it’s hard to believe, but we’re in Week 9 of the season already!  And for H2H leagues that play standard 3-week playoffs (RCL standard), we’re almost halfway through the regular season with playoffs starting Week 21.  A game like last night is only going to make Pop go restier, so if you’re killing it at first or second in your standings, I wouldn’t mind selling high at all.  But there’s a flip side – if you’re 8 or 9 and see Duncan on a team running away with a playoff spot, it’s actually a good time to think about bringing him aboard.  He’ll be frustrating with the DNPs, but could put you over the edge if you’re hanging on the rim.  If you know what I mean…  Here’s what else went down in A Wednesday Night of NBA: OTs Galore – The Return of Hack-a-Shaq: The Revenge:

Thomas Robinson – Hack a T-Rob!  Man, Blazers fans looooooovvvvvveeee him.  As Slim and I mentioned on the Pod, there was no guarantee Chris Kaman would start (and he was awful off the bench – distracted by a wife about to have baby Kaman) as Stotts went to T-Rob.  Huge 29 minutes for 15/16/1/1/1.  His energy is fantastic, but those FT… 5-15… and the Bucks at around the 2:45 mark in 4th started Hack-a-T-Rob.  If you can handle that FT drain and have a schlub to drop, sure go ahead and nab Robinson in 12ers.

Nicolas Batum Took a nasty, nasty fall after Larry Sanders gave him a cheap shot.  I’m done with Colonel Sanders – he’s a never-own for me now.  8/6/6/1/0 and Batum stayed in the game, somehow.  If you’ve been frustrated as a Batum owner, give him some props for staying in after that!

Giannis Antetokounmpo Twisted his ankle, but might’ve survived the swelling of a kankle and play tonight.  Was looking good out there too.  Maybe worth some buy-low offers after Jabari Parker‘s injury will theoretically open a little more consistent PT.

Khris Middleton Milk Duds Jared Dudley started in the Jabari vacancy, but it was Middleton who got hot and played 33 minutes.  17/3/0/3/0 hitting four treys.  The Duchess will be inconsistent, but at least more consistent minutes should be there!

Shelvin Mack – The Cavs hit by The Mack Truck!  Out of control 7-8 FG (6-6 3PTM 4-4 FT) for 24/2/3 in 23 minutes.  He hasn’t done much of anything this year, but while everyone rushed to grab Dennis Schroder with Jeff Teague likely out a few games with a bum hammy, we kinda forgot about Anthony Mackie.  Not much to do with Mack, really no leagues he should be owned, but Schroder for a very solid 10/2/10 in 22 minutes.  One of the fastest dimebags this year!

Al Horford Razzball is his bulletin board material!  20/2/4/0/2 on 10-14 FG.  It’s nice and all, but TWO REBOUNDS?!  The elite-boarding might be in the past…  Still a sell-high…  Although if he grabs 15 boards next time out, I’ll be convinced he reads us…

LeBron James David Blatt compared him to Gordon Gekko in postgame… Ummm…  It was an embarrassing loss, but maybe should’ve gone to another reference!

Kevin Love Almost sat out with flu-like symptons, but gutted it out to be a part of that 127-98 travesty.  Mama love needs to make him some chicken soup!  That sentence sounds like some sort of weird milf come-on…

Goran Dragic He’s the man.  20/3/8/1/0 on 8-17 shooting after missing two games.  Looked fantastic out there in the portions I watched.

Alex Len Another start, and was decent enough for 10/4/1/1/1 on 5-6 FG.  But all of that in only 19 minutes.  At one point, the Suns were running Dragic, Eric Bledsoe, Isaiah Thomas, Gerald Green and P.J. Tucker.  No joke.  Tucker was gaurding Al Jefferson… It was so weird…  Hornacek is so in love with guards he’ll play 5 at a time!

Lance Stephenson – Remember early on when I said he was a must-sell?  The Hornets can’t get rid of him fast enough.  Took two more treys and I yelled at the TV.  Missed them both, but there was no need to include this sentence…

Rajon Rondo The trade rumors are swirling like a clogged toilet!  In that they’re not moving that fast and who knows if anything will end up going through…  Mavericks and Rockets are banging on the door.  I’m going to go 100% against-type here…  I usually say I don’t react to trade rumors until they’re through, and I usually say Marcus Smart isn’t that great for fantasy.  But if you need PG depth in a 12er, I could see worse stashes.  Sat out last night with minor Achilles soreness, so the window is still there.  C’s sound like they’re done with Rajon.  Even though he went 13/7/15 last night…

Kelly Olynyk 15/6/1/1/2 is pretty solid, especially hitting two treys AND Tyler Zeller playing well as the starter (4-5 FG 10/7/0/1/2).  I’m starting to buy in a little more on Mr. Nazareth.

Evan Fournier The Virgin couldn’t hit a trey!  First time this year without a triple, with a streak of 32 games I think it was dating back to last year.  Still goes 13/2/4/2/0 and continues to be a pleasant surprise.

Josh Smith – Plays only 19 minutes as he didn’t get off the bench after sitting down very early in the 3rd quarter with his 4th foul.  The 5-21 Pistons just are so frustrating…  Let’s hope he gets dealt to the Kings, which has been a rumor.

Jodie Meeks – A big reason I haven’t been able to buy Meeks, those darned Pistons.  Only 20 minutes of 9/2/0/0/0 shooting 2-8 with a trey.

Andre Drummond Was playing like a beast, so fortunately Stan Van realized he needed to keep him in.  Only Piston to play over 29 minutes going for 41.  19/24/1/4/3.  Better late than never!

Chandler Parsons – What back issue?!  Missed a couple, returned Tuesday, then kills it in the second game of a back-to-back for 32/7/2/2/0 on 10-17 shooting with four treys and 8-9 FT.  Better late than never!

Devin Harris – Still by far the PG to own on Dallas.  Unless they get Rondo!  8/3/9/3/0 with two treys.  Loved having him for this game in one of my RCLs; he’s out there everywhere!  Rather Harris over Jose Calderon.  Said it on the Pod yesterday and feel even better with it after last night.

Rudy Gobert The battle of Slim’s teams!  Although Jazz ended up making it a trouncing…  Gobert still had some value with Derrick Favors (33 minutes of 11/6/1/1/ – just good seeing play that kind of run off the kankle) back, going 6/9/1/1/2 in 19 minutes.  Unfortunately it’s not enough minutes for him to stay relevant…  It’s time for a French Revolution to get him playing!

Dwyane Wade – Partying like it’s 2010!  Seriously, hadn’t scored 42 points since 2010…  The rest of the Heat scored 45.  Yikes.

Chris Andersen – Birdman started, and couldn’t get a block…  6/9/0/1/0, but with all these injuries, might keep starting.

Mason Plumlee Tearing apart the Luminescent Lithuanian!  23/8/2/0/2 on 9-13 shooting.  He has the ugliest FT stroke I thing I’ve ever seen.  It’s this confidence lacking, weird, ball-slipping-out-of-his-hand approach…  I thought Dookies were smart!  5-11 from the stripe.

Zach Randolph – Goromotaro!  Helps when you play 48 minutes in the 3OT game, but still…  21/21/1/2/0.  Dubdubs, or in this case, a dubdubdubdub is all he does.

Mike Conley So money.  14/8/10 in a near trip-dub.  Sometimes boring is good on draft day!

Vince Carter – Season-high 18 points and decade-high 41 minutes.  18/3/3/0/0 with 5 treys, but Tony Allen had to sit with a pirate patch, so nothing much to see here.

Danny Green 52 minutes!!!!  Rainbow line!!!!  Seven 3s!!!!  Wild game.  25/7/3/2/5 and continuing to kill it.  The #Occupy D Greens have been huge this year!

Manu Ginobili – 21/8/8 in a near tripdub, playing 41 minutes!  That’s close to double his MPG…  The Spurs play again Friday, and wouldn’t be surprised at all if he’s sat again.

Boris Diaw – Yet another beneficiary of this marathon game.  “Is it safe????”  17/13/5 with three treys.  “Diawwwwwwww!”

Cory Joseph Kept getting subbed in-and-out of the OTs like a yoyo!  8/6/5/1/0 and holding his own for deep-league usability while Tony Parker is out.

James Harden One night, two OT games!  Great video… Beard had a rough 4th quarter, but otherwise dominated for 41/4/10/2/0 and 18-21 FT.  I hope there’s a steakhouse in Houston with a menu item called “Seared The Beard”.

Patrick Beverley Is a god amongst mere mortals.  12/12/5/3/0 all with no TO.  Plus 6-6 FT after entering the game at 54% from the line (total small-sample fluke though…  But ESPN tried to make it sound like he’s a bad FT shooter even after two 80% FT seasons to start his career!).  I’ve heard he’s still out there in some leagues….  Gimme!

Dwight Howard Was questionable, but ended up playing on the bum knee for 24/16/1/0/4.  10-15 FT too!  The ESPN broadcast proceeded to show him make 8 of 10 during shootaround…  Sure because that’s the same!  I’ve been really ESPN ranty, I need to calm it down… 4 more TO and was 8-17 FT the game before.  Back-to-back 3+ block games since the injury looks saucy and all – still a sell-high.

Kenneth Faried – Back into the starting line-up, and the Nuggets had no clue what to do with Dwight.  Timofey Mozgov got into foul trouble quick, as did Jusuf Nurkic.  So at times it was Manimal vs. Superman in the greatest comic book/Syfy movie idea ever.  11/11/2/0/0 for Faried including a massive putback dunk late in the 4th, but had a bone-headed TO late.

Ty Lawson – The Denver Dispenserer!   Dispensery-er?  Anyway, dimebag with 16 assists and played 47 minutes.  Given 5 OT minutes in there, but those kankle koncerns are well in yesteryear.

Danilo Gallinari At one point he was legit Mugatu “that Galo is so hot right now!”  Was 4-5 with three treys, but ended 4-8.  26 decent minutes of 16/2/2/1/0 with four treys and 4-5 FT, but with Wilson Chandler still playing great (23 Pts 5 treys), it’ll be tough for Galo to volleyball him out of the line-up.

Lavoy Allen – Whoa, Lavoy ya Boy!  12/14/2/0/3 in 31 minutes off the bench and shows why I liked him!  This is still mostly a fluke though, as Roy Hibbert looked like 2nd-half 13-14 Hibbert against DeAndre Jordan last night (DJ for 15/23).  Only 16 minutes for Hibby, but the days ahead should be more shibby.


Streamers/DraftKings Picks:

Nikola Mirotic (13% owned) – Maybe-minutes-Mirotic!  The Bulls are up against the laughing stock of the NBA in the Knicks, so there is all the reason to sit Joakim Noah one more game (although he said he’ll return tonight, but ya never know), and to sit Taj Gibson who is on the injury report with a kankle.  And either way, even if both play you’d imagine Tibs would pull them out when this gets out of hand.  “Run em into the ground, Niiiiiikoooooollllaaaa!  Speaking of, my voice sounds like The Exorcist during a projectile vomit spray, I could use a Ricola…”

Khris Middleton (16% owned) – Back-to-back K-Midd picks!  Solid last night, and may have even more upside if the Bucks sit the Alphabet off his ankle roll.  Put up 28.75 points on DraftKings on my winning team last night!  Played in a $1 contest and upped it to $3, lobster is on me!


Thanks for reading everyone, and we’ll see you tomorrow bright and early!