The epic misnomer of the small forward.  Giannis Antetokounmpo is almost 7 feet tall!  And, well, plays even smaller at SG sometimes!  At 6’7 myself, as a SF in the NBA I’d be undersized… And I promise you I’ve never been called undersized!  Not even by a spiteful ex!  SF is interesting because it’s your Swiss Army knife.  There will be a lot of reaching and passing when I’m making my SF picks vs. my top 200 for 2014-15 Fantasy Basketball ranks based on roster comp.  You got the ThrAGNOFs, the multi-catters, the %-drainers (cough, Josh Smith)  “Enough with the cough usage the past two days, JB!”  I’ll put this article in the “Not the Best, but Still Readable” Tier.  Below are this year’s SF broken down into tiers (SF as determined by Yahoo position eligibility since 2014-15 RCL Basketball is on Yahoo), along with my mini-blurb and Slim’s projection:

The “Oh, You So SFtudly!” Tier:

1 1 Kevin Durant, OKC SF, PF Less expected than an M. Night Shyamalan twist – apparently his next movie is called “Labor of Love”. The twist? Bruce Willis is actually Kevin Love. And is an alien.
Slim’s Proj: .505/.880/2.2/31.0/7.6/5.0/1.3/0.8/3.5 :38
2 4 LeBron James, CLE SF, PF Disappearing blocks, regressing boards – especially with Love about to join – and arguably the best supporting cast with the best PG he’s played with. Less rock for King!
Slim’s Proj: .550/.750/1.3/25.0/6.4/5.9/1.6/0.4/3.2 :38
3 6 James Harden, HOU SG, SF Started a little rough last year, but with an unbelievable post-ASB slash of 27.7/4.7/7.4/1.9/0.3 shooting 47% from the field with three treys a game, ended up duplicating his 12-13 breakout. Only 24, no Jeremy Lin, I see a new career-high in assists and another elite season.
Slim’s Proj: .450/.860/2.5/26.0/4.9/6.4/1.7/0.4/3.7 :38
4 11 Carmelo Anthony, NYK SF, PF I don’t expect the career highs in boards and blocks to carry over to 14-15, but will be the same elite scorer for Phil J’s triangle.
Slim’s Proj: .455/.830/2.2/27.0/6.8/3.5/1.0/0.5/2.6 :38

The “I’m Gonna Give You More Rainbow Lines than RainbOladipo” Tier:

5 22 Kawhi Leonard, SAS SG, SF I love Kawhi, so fun to watch, but with Pop and Duncan back, I think the rotations and usage will prove frustrating again. Grab him at the turn in 12ers if he’s there, but I’m not reaching earlier.
Slim’s Proj: .490/.810/1.4/15.0/6.8/2.2/1.9/0.8/1.5 :34
6 27 Nicolas Batum, POR SG, SF Safe, reliable, multi-cat goodness. Should replicate 13-14 with relative ease.
Slim’s Proj: .465/.820/2.0/13.5/7.2/5.0/1.0/0.8/2.4 :36

The “Don We Now Our Gay [and Other Nice Multi-Cat/ThrAGNOF SF] Apparel” Tier:

7 34 Rudy Gay, SAC SF, PF The high TOs from a F are annoying, but he’s reliable and durable for what he is.
Slim’s Proj: .445/.790/0.7/19.0/5.5/2.8/1.3/0.6/2.8 :34
8 40 Chandler Parsons, DAL SF, PF Immediately makes me a Mavs fan, but still in a high-powered offense and won’t vault too much in value. I’m hoping his ADP is a round lower.
Slim’s Proj: .470/.750/1.7/15.5/5.6/3.9/1.2/0.4/1.8 :36
9 43 Jabari Parker, MIL SF I’m reaching for the rookie – I think counting stats will be reliable and have a pretty consistent 34ish minute role.
Slim’s Proj: .460/.760/0.7/14.5/7.8/1.0/0.9/0.7/2.8 :30
10 48 Wesley Matthews, POR SG, SF Definition of a safe pick, has played in every game in 4 of his 5 seasons, microscopic TOs, a perfect compliment to a high volume TO PG who doesn’t make enough 3s.
Slim’s Proj: .440/.830/2.4/16.0/3.4/2.4/1.1/0.2/1.4 :34
11 50 Gordon Hayward, UTA SG, SF His shooting from the field has consistently gone down in more minutes, Exum/Burke are not going to help FG% and TOs. Some slumps are going to be tough to bear, but overall slash should be solid.
Slim’s Proj: .430/.820/1.4/18.0/5.2/5.3/1.4/0.5/2.6 :36
12 55 Thaddeus Young, MIN SF, PF Move to Minnesota will hurt his offense, but out-of-position steals help cement his fairly high-floor.
Slim’s Proj: .460/.710/0.9/16.5/6.0/2.1/1.7/0.5/2.0 :34
13 57 Trevor Ariza, HOU SG, SF Big breakout in 13-14 minimized with move to Houston, but 3s with low-TOs should yield another solid season.
Slim’s Proj: .450/.770/1.9/13.0/6.1/2.4/1.6/0.3/1.7 :34
14 58 DeMar DeRozan, TOR SG, SF For as high-volume a scorer he is, TOs very manageable. Improved his multi-catness (well, former lack thereof) by adding a trey and getting up to 4 dimes a game last year.
Slim’s Proj: .430/.820/0.5/23.0/4.1/3.9/0.9/0.3/2.1 :36
15 60 Klay Thompson, GSW SG, SF Poster boy of ThrAGNOF – don’t overpay for high-volume threes and low TOs while he does nothing else special.
Slim’s Proj: .445/.800/2.7/18.0/3.1/2.1/0.9/0.4/1.6 :36
16 61 Andrew Wiggins, MIN SF Uncertain role that seems likely to begin off the bench, upside of the second half keeps him a mid-round reach.
Slim’s Proj: .440/.770/0.9/13.5/4.7/1.2/1.2/0.9/2.4 :30

The “SF That Will Help My Ratios, and then Josh Smith…” Tier:

17 67 Jimmy Butler, CHI SG, SF Shot under 40% last year and should see lower scoring with Rose back. Love his real-life game, 13-14 numbers slightly inflated by 38:39 MPG which is likely to go down a bit.
Slim’s Proj: .420/.770/1.3/14.0/5.2/2.7/2.0/0.6/1.5 :36
18 68 Luol Deng, MIA SF, PF I see a good resurgence in Miami, was having a really big year in Chicago before being awful post-trade. He fits better in South Beach.
Slim’s Proj: .430/.770/0.9/16.0/5.4/2.6/1.0/0.2/1.5 :34
19 75 Josh Smith, DET SF, PF This rank is hoping Stan Van Gundy gets through to him and Smith improves the terrible %s and TOs. If he becomes a sixth man, I think he can maintain big Stl/Blk numbers even in reduced minutes.
Slim’s Proj: .430/.560/0.7/15.0/6.6/3.1/1.2/1.4/2.4 :32
20 76 Kyle Korver, ATL SG, SF Not reaching for the ThrAGNOF, but another year of big minutes, big treys, and no TOs are in store. Plus he’s got sharp, oh so sharp talons.
Slim’s Proj: .470/.920/2.6/12.0/4.0/3.0/0.9/0.3/1.5 :34
21 79 Tyreke Evans, NOP SG, SF While his post-ASB play was astounding, a lot had to do with Jrue Holiday being hurt. He still should be back into a big role as the starting 3.
Slim’s Proj: .450/.770/0.5/17.0/4.8/4.4/1.3/0.4/2.6 :30
22 80 Kevin Martin, MIN SG, SF No more Love makes K-Mart the main offensive threat and should hit a bajillion treys.
Slim’s Proj: .430/.890/1.7/19.0/3.0/1.8/1.0/0.1/1.7 :32
23 81 Giannis Antetokounmpo, MIL SG, SF 1.7:1.7 AST:TO pre-ASB to 2.3:1.5 post showed huge improvement with the ball, going to get a huge starting role, offers upside in all 9 cats. A huge Razzball favorite.
Slim’s Proj: .460/.740/1.0/13.5/6.2/2.4/1.0/1.0/2.2 :32

The “Time to Reach for Your Sleepers and Guys You Like Late” Tier:

24 90 Arron Afflalo, DEN SG, SF Never been a fan, but the Nuggets needed a more consistent wing last year and he’ll be playing with the best PG he’s ever been paired with.
Slim’s Proj: .455/.820/1.7/16.5/3.4/3.3/0.6/0.2/1.9 :34
25 91 Terrence Jones, HOU SF, PF Tremendous breakout last year that should have no issue carrying over. I don’t know why he’s so much lower in other ranks.
Slim’s Proj: .520/.630/0.6/14.0/7.6/1.3/0.9/1.4/1.1 :30
26 95 Lance Stephenson, CHA SG, SF TOs should go down, but so should the boards. Like PBev, nothing exciting but sheer volume should accrue value.
Slim’s Proj: .475/.710/1.2/14.5/7.2/4.2/0.8/0.1/2.6 :36
27 96 Draymond Green, GSW SF #OccupyDraymondGreen! A monster last year in a low-minutes role, has a shot to start the 3 with Iggy off the bench. Multi-cat upside all over the place!
Slim’s Proj: .430/.740/0.9/10.0/6.2/2.7/1.7/0.9/1.4 :28
28 99 Corey Brewer, MIN SG, SF Elite steals guy, knows his game and should start again. I think he’s a great athlete and can surprise with nice boards as well with Love gone.
Slim’s Proj: .450/.710/0.6/11.5/2.6/1.6/1.7/0.4/1.3 :30
29 105 Joe Johnson, BKN SG, SF Had some big spikes when D-Will got hurt, but D-Will will have some injury stretches again…
Slim’s Proj: .440/.820/1.8/14.5/3.3/2.9/0.6/0.1/1.6 :32
30 109 DeMarre Carroll, ATL SF, PF Was a much better player after Horford injury so I won’t reach for value he gave in 13-14.
Slim’s Proj: .465/.770/1.3/11.0/5.6/1.8/1.4/0.3/1.1 :32
31 110 Tobias Harris, ORL SF, PF Acquisition of Frye and selection of Gordon shows non-committal approach, still such a fantasy-friendly player that if he gets the run could surprise.
Slim’s Proj: .475/.800/0.8/17.0/7.2/1.4/1.0/0.6/1.4 :30
32 111 Paul Pierce, WAS SF, PF Age obviously up there, and the Wiz are loaded at SF. A healthy, big-minute season would make this way wrong, but I’m hedging against it.
Slim’s Proj: .440/.820/1.4/13.0/4.4/2.2/1.0/0.3/2.0 :28
33 113 Danilo Gallinari, DEN SF Will be a forgotten name in many draft rooms, still offers a pretty good fantasy line if he’s healthy.
Slim’s Proj: .410/.800/1.6/13.5/4.7/2.2/0.8/0.4/1.4 :28
34 119 Danny Green, SAS SG, SF Took off after the ASB, shooting 6% better and upping treys from 1.5 to 2.6. Pop will make him frustrating, but will end up a value.
Slim’s Proj: .440/.800/2.1/10.0/3.3/1.6/0.9/0.8/1.2 :26
35 121 Andre Iguodala, GSW SG, SF I think he’s going to lead the second unit, losing the starting job to Draymond, then still has to fend off Barnes for minutes.
Slim’s Proj: .460/.660/0.9/10.0/4.4/3.9/1.3/0.3/1.5 :30
36 124 Jeff Green, BOS SG, SF One of the “busts of the year” for 13-14, really nothing indicates he’ll be any better in 14-15.
Slim’s Proj: .425/.800/1.4/15.0/4.5/1.5/0.6/0.6/1.9 :32

The “I Really Hope I Only End Up with One of These Guys Or Else I’ll Be Ashamed Like that Time I Stayed at the Bar Too Late and Ended Up in Bed with Swaggy P” Tier:

37 127 Manu Ginobili, SAS SG, SF Finished 98th in under 23 minutes a game last year, should come close to repeat but game-to-game will be maddening to own.
Slim’s Proj: .450/.840/1.4/12.5/3.1/4.1/0.9/0.2/2.0 :24
38 128 P.J. Tucker, PHO SG, SF A little regression in value and minutes likely, already missing three games to suspension and isn’t exactly a special player.
Slim’s Proj: .440/.770/1.0/10.0/6.6/1.7/1.3/0.3/1.3 :30
39 130 J.R. Smith, NYK SG, SF Career-high assists last year with horrible Felton at PG, those will go down, treys to regress, never been a JR fan.
Slim’s Proj: .420/.720/2.5/15.5/3.8/2.6/1.0/0.2/1.5 :32
40 133 Gerald Green, PHO SG, SF I just don’t see the minutes, and pre-ranks of him top 100 are outrageous. Should hit some treys for you, but not a guy you’ll have on your roster all year.
Slim’s Proj: .440/.830/1.8/12.0/2.4/0.8/0.6/0.2/1.4 :22
41 135 Matt Barnes, LAC SF Like McBob, a low upside stat-stuffer late. Big 2nd half aided by no Redick who I think has a big year.
Slim’s Proj: .450/.740/1.2/9.0/4.6/1.8/0.8/0.4/1.1 :26
42 140 Terrence Ross, TOR SG, SF Young with upside like the ridiculous 51-pointer, but still raw and lacks in most cats right now. Worth the lottery pick at this point.
Slim’s Proj: .430/.810/2.3/13.0/3.4/1.2/1.0/0.4/1.4 :30
43 145 Marco Belinelli, SAS SG, SF A roster filler with no upside, does offer low TOs with more than a trey to fill out your minutes.
Slim’s Proj: .440/.830/1.4/10.5/2.7/2.2/0.6/0.1/1.1 :24
44 147 C.J. Miles, IND SG, SF Deep source of treys and steals, especially if he wins the starting 3 role over Solomon Hill.
Slim’s Proj: .420/.810/1.5/12.5/2.7/1.9/1.0/0.3/1.2 :28
45 148 Ersan Ilyasova, MIL SF, PF Looked downright awful last year, but was top 50 in 12-13 and came into last year with a bum ankle. Won’t be me seeing if he can bounce back though…
  Slim’s Proj: .430/.820/0.5/11.5/6.1/1.1/0.7/0.2/1.0 :24
46 150 K.J. McDaniels, PHI SF A good shot to take the 3 role, still uncertain minutes though… That said, a block+ from your wing is great upside.
  Slim’s Proj: .430/.770/0.8/12.5/5.6/1.4/1.0/1.2/1.7 :30
47 151 Wilson Chandler, DEN SG, SF Wasted a big opportunity last year, Gallinari to take a ton of minutes away.
  Slim’s Proj: .430/.760/1.6/12.5/4.6/1.7/0.7/0.6/1.2 :28
48 154 Mirza Teletovic, BKN SF, PF Huge vacancy of minutes with only grandpa-KG there at the 4, per-36 averaged 3.5 treys last year.
Slim’s Proj: .430/.710/2.2/11.5/4.1/1.0/0.5/0.4/0.9 :24
49 156 Vince Carter, MEM SG, SF Three year deal shows commitment, easily could start and play 30 minutes at the 3.
Slim’s Proj: .410/.820/1.7/11.0/3.3/2.4/0.7/0.4/1.3 :24
50 160 Doug McDermott, CHI SF Told he’ll need to jack up treys and could start at the 3. Not going to do much besides 3s/Pts though…
Slim’s Proj: .430/.860/1.6/ 9.5/3.2/1.3/0.2/0.1/1.4 :20
51 161 Nick Young, LAL SG, SF Sure he was 93rd last year, but hits treys with not too bad TOs (=metrics-friendly) and will get a lot less shots with Kobe back.
  Slim’s Proj: .420/.830/1.4/12.5/2.2/1.2/0.6/0.2/1.2 :24
52 162 Marvin Williams, CHA SF, PF Off his best per-36 season, by far his best perimeter output, and should get big minutes.
  Slim’s Proj: .440/.780/1.2/8.5/4.7/1.1/0.7/0.4/0.8 :24
53 169 Rodney Hood, UTA SF Sneaky ThrAGNOF upside, the Jazz have a serious lack of other perimeter shooters.
  Slim’s Proj: .410/.810/1.2/7.5/3.0/1.2/0.5/0.1/0.9 :20
54 170 Khris Middleton, MIL SF, PF Finished 75th last year in total value, was durable for 82 games, is versatile enough to play backup to the 2, 3 and 4.
  Slim’s Proj: .450/.830/0.7/8.0/2.9/1.3/0.9/0.2/0.9 :24
55 171 James Johnson, TOR SF, PF Listed as a SF reserve could make him really interesting since Terrence Ross is a question mark at best as a starter, per-36s last year were redonk.
  Slim’s Proj: .450/.730/0.3/7.5/4.2/1.8/0.9/1.0/1.3 :20
56 176 Tony Snell, CHI SG, SF Like Dieng, one of the select few that I’ll rank high without a decent minutes outlook. I like the talent too much.
Slim’s Proj: .420/.790/1.3/9.0/3.1/2.0/0.7/0.3/0.7 :22
57 182 Evan Turner, BOS SG, SF In a minutes crunch on a crowded rotations-based team, but could do something useful.
  Slim’s Proj: .420/.760/0.3/7.5/3.1/2.2/0.4/0.1/1.3 :20
58 186 Tony Allen, MEM SG, SF A late source of steals and that’s about it, a no-upside deep league play.
  Slim’s Proj: .480/.720/0.2/9.5/3.9/1.6/1.4/0.4/1.3 :26
59 189 Iman Shumpert, NYK SG, SF Offers you a steal and a trey, and that’s about it. Tough compeition for minutes against emerging Timmay J.
  Slim’s Proj: .400/.760/1.1/9.0/3.8/2.3/1.4/0.2/1.1 :28
60 190 Mike Dunleavy, CHI SG, SF McDermott (probably) stealing the starting role hurts, as does how good I think Snell is going to be. A role player with no upside.
  Slim’s Proj: .440/.820/1.4/10.5/4.1/2.0/0.7/0.4/1.2 :28
61 192 Hollis Thompson, PHI SF, PF Treys and steals upside if he indeed starts, right now is lightly penciled in.
  Slim’s Proj: .450/.740/1.3/8.0/3.6/1.3/0.9/0.2/1.1 :28
62 194 Jeff Adrien, HOU SF, PF Post-ASB was 10.5/7.6/1.1/0.6/0.8 in only 24:25 MPG last year – with little 3/4 depth in Houston, could play those minutes again in 14-15.
Slim’s Proj: .490/.660/0/9.5/7.1/ 0.8/0.6/0.7/1.1 :22
63 197 Donatas Motiejunas, HOU SF, PF Even though he’s not listed as a C on Yahoo, is the only C behind Dwight and could be a sneaky value for out-of-position treys.
Slim’s Proj: .440/.620/0.5/8.0/4.9/0.8/0.5/0.4/1.2 :20
64 198 Wes Johnson, LAL SG, SF Minutes crunch to take a major toll on his 13-14 breakout numbers.
Slim’s Proj: .420/.780/1.1/8.5/4.1/1.4/0.9/0.8/1.0 :26
65 200 James Ennis, MIA SF Heat lack youth and explosiveness at backup wing, summer league sure opened some eyes.
Slim’s Proj: .450/.770/1.0/7.0/3.2/0.9/0.7/0.5/1.1 :20


And there’s your SF tiers!  I gotta tell ya, the “Reach for your Sleepers” tier has all sorts of names available in the late rounds that have great upside.  I love Draymond Green and think Gallinari might be a little under drafted (although he went pretty high in my first RCL draft), then Jeff Green and Tobias Harris are still out there until your final picks if you like them for bounce back upside (me not as much…).  I hope you like how we did the position breakdown this year, as always shoot your thoughts below may your SF be SFtudly!

  1. A Hill O' Beans says:

    What kind of numbers do you see for a guy like Otto Porter this year? I’m presuming he gets some run behind Pierce (20 MPG if he plays well) and I see him fitting in that final tier pretty nicely.

    • JB Gilpin

      JB Gilpin says:

      @A Hill O’ Beans: Ehhh, 20 minutes is definitely the high end, I could see Glen Rice Jr. also being in the backup 2/3 mix as well. Porter would’ve made top 205, he was a few of the names just out, I just don’t see too much upside, even for as old he is Pierce is over 71 games 6 of 7 years, and 61 when he didn’t do that. Something like 8/4/1/0.5/0.2 or something I’m not too big on him this yr.

    • Slim

      Slim says:

      @A Hill O’ Beans: At the end of the last batch of rankings I had Porter as a guy who just missed top 200. I agree with the 20 min and I like what I saw in Summer League, but where were the steals?!?! In the REL for $9 or whatever it was, no question he’s a keeper. He’ll be starting at the 3 next year, I’m pretty sure.

  2. SMLV1 says:

    Missed my Auction Draft. Heres what I ended up with.

    PG – Irving
    SG – Harden
    G – W. Matthews
    SF – K. Martin
    PF – Al Jefferson
    F – G. Green
    C – Kanter
    C – M. Morris
    Util – Chalmers
    Util – Beverley
    BN – A. Gordon – PF
    BN – J. Randle – PF
    BN – J. Jack – PG/SG


    On the waiver wire –

    Henson, T. Ross, Smart, V. Carter, Bargnani, G. Henderson, Stoudamire, McDermott, W. Johnson, Splitter, Ma. Plumlee, Hickson, Hardaway, Augustin, Middleton, B. Wright, Dunleavy, Barnes, Benett, Stouskas, Marion, D.Green and Wroten among others.

    • JB Gilpin

      JB Gilpin says:

      @SMLV1: Defffffffffffffff get Henson. I think you’ve got way too many 3s, and definitely need big men so Henson is a must add. Kanter, Gordon, Randle and Jack are all pretty expendable to try to get big men stats (I know Kanter is a big man who starts, but he’s not really a blocker). No one is really to big a name to trade, maybe Wesley Matthews for a big? Probably could get the best haul. Maybe try to trade Gerald Green for a lower tier big, I think he’s gonna be tough to own in less minutes. Hope that helps!

  3. Kevin says:

    Is Andrew Wiggins missing?

    • JB Gilpin

      JB Gilpin says:

      @Kevin: Hmmm he is missing… I wonder if I accidentally had him SG only at first… Fixing now, thanks for noticing!

      • Richo says:

        @JB Gilpin: Anteto missing too!

        • JB Gilpin

          JB Gilpin says:

          @Richo: HAHAHAHA, so totally true story, when you look at him on Yahoo, his name is so long it covers SF!!! LIke in the player pool it says SG { } for the news note. You can barely see the comma if you look close, which I obviously didn’t hahahaha. That made my day… I’ll make the fix tomo hahaha.

        • JB Gilpin

          JB Gilpin says:

          @Richo: Got it that way on the overall ranks too lol

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