Sex.  Money.  Power.  Forwards.  Yes, it’s time to tier up the PF, who I’m sure are having plenty of sex and have plenty of money out there… Just ask Larry Sanders!  A lot of your PF are also going to have that sweet, sweet C of eligibility as well, making fantasy teams – especially in Yahoo/RCLs – pretty easy to manage on the front line.  No more reaching for Joel Przybilla!  Or Primoz Brezec!  Ah, memory lane…  Overall ranks come from Razzball’s top 200 for 2014-15 Fantasy Basketball, and below are this year’s PF broken down into tiers (PF as determined by Yahoo position eligibility since 2014-15 RCL Basketball is on Yahoo), along with my mini-blurb and Slim’s projection:

The “Front-Running MVPs of the NBA” Tier:

1 1 Kevin Durant, OKC SF, PF Less expected than an M. Night Shyamalan twist – apparently his next movie is called “Labor of Love”. The twist? Bruce Willis is actually Kevin Love. And is an alien.
Slim’s Proj: .505/.880/2.2/31.0/7.6/5.0/1.3/0.8/3.5 :38
2 2 Anthony Davis, NOP PF, C Very legit chance of going 20/10 with a rainbow line. Well, we can dream and he could be really close. As close as his brows!
Slim’s Proj: .510/.780/0.4/23.5/9.8/1.8/1.5/3.0/1.9 :38
3 4 LeBron James, CLE SF, PF Disappearing blocks, regressing boards – especially with Love joining – and arguably the best supporting cast with the best PG he’s played with. Less rock for King!
Slim’s Proj: .550/.750/1.3/25.0/6.4/5.9/1.6/0.4/3.2 :38

The “I’m stoked to get Ibaka Late in the First Round and Pass on Melo Even Though No One Else Seems To!” Tier:

4 7 Serge Ibaka, OKC PF, C Iblocka! Plus he should take another baby step forward in FG%, Pts, treys… There’s really nothing not to like.
Slim’s Proj: .525/.770/0.6/17.0/9.3/1.2/0.5/3.0/1.5 :34
5 8 Kevin Love, CLE PF, C With LeBron and Varejao cutting into his boards, Kyrie will also slash his points and treys. Still a multi-cat contributor, but not the top-5 stud while in Minny.
Slim’s Proj: .465/.820/2.3/21.0/11.2/2.6/0.7/0.4/2.1 :36
6 11 Carmelo Anthony, NYK SF, PF I don’t expect the career highs in boards and blocks to carry over to 14-15, but will be the same elite scorer for Phil J’s triangle.
Slim’s Proj: .455/.830/2.2/27.0/6.8/3.5/1.0/0.5/2.6 :38

The “Ridiculous, Unrelenting, You’ll-Get-Swept-Up-in-it-Too Run on Big Men” Tier:

7 12 DeMarcus Cousins, SAC PF, C Finally put it all together last year, and should once again set a career mark in scoring with IT2 replaced by Collison.
Slim’s Proj: .490/.740/0/24.0/12.0/3.0/1.6/1.3/3.5 :34
8 13 Paul Millsap, ATL PF, C A bit of a reach, but his best month of scoring/treys in 13-14 was with Horford on the court, and will continue to develop the perimeter game with Horford establishing the paint.
Slim’s Proj: .465/.740/1.0/19.0/8.7/3.1/1.8/1.0/2.5 :36
9 14 Al Horford, ATL PF, C Was having a career season until the pec injury. Same argument as Millsap – another perimeter threat will help Horford down low.
Slim’s Proj: .540/.720/0/18.0/8.9/3.0/1.0/1.3/2.2 :34
10 15 LaMarcus Aldridge, POR PF, C The FG% from a big is no fun, but a sneaky multi-cat contributor.
Slim’s Proj: .455/.810/0/22.0/9.8/2.5/0.9/0.9/1.9 :36
11 16 Al Jefferson, CHA PF, C Had an unreal run in the second half of 13-14, going 25.2/11.4/2.3/1/1 from Jan. 14 to the end of the year. Plantar fascia seems to be a non-issue.
Slim’s Proj: .490/.730/0/20.0/10.0/2.0/1.0/1.0/1.7 :34
12 17 Dirk Nowitzki, DAL PF, C The age is the question, but I don’t see much of a fall off. That said, boards are trending down.
Slim’s Proj: .475/.880/1.4/21.0/6.2/2.6/0.9/0.6/1.5 :34
13 18 Blake Griffin, LAC PF, C A breakout last year, I think he replicates his 13-14. But why in the name of Mutumbo can this guy not block more shots?!
Slim’s Proj: .530/.720/0/24.0/9.4/4.0/1.2/0.6/2.7 :36

The “I Think in My First Update of the Rankings I’m Moving Bosh and Drummond Up” Tier:

14 28 Chris Bosh, MIA PF, C LeBron gone gives the perennial high-floor option a high-ceiling as well. Expansion of a perimeter game and more shots his way should yield another top-30 season.
Slim’s Proj: .495/.820/0.7/18.0/7.4/2.2/0.9/1.0/1.9 :34
15 29 Nikola Vucevic, ORL PF, C Has always been underrated, should have another 1+ 5-cat line with his minutes bouncing back up and terrific %s.
Slim’s Proj: .510/.770/0/16.0/11.8/1.9/1.0/1.0/2.0 :34
16 33 Joakim Noah, CHI PF, C Had a career season without Rose, obvious regression to hit and lengthy track record of lingering injuries scares me.
Slim’s Proj: .490/.740/0/12.0/10.4/3.8/1.2/1.6/2.1 :34
17 34 Rudy Gay, SAC SF, PF The high TOs from a F are annoying, but he’s reliable and durable for what he is.
Slim’s Proj: .445/.790/0.7/19.0/5.5/2.8/1.3/0.6/2.8 :34
18 36 Andre Drummond, DET PF, C Stan Van Gundy to emphasis rotations for defensive efficiency, FT% could have him losing some late minutes, but the output was mammothian last year and should be again in 14-15. A lot of people are reaching, but I’m not getting him close to top 20.
Slim’s Proj: .600/.440/0/14.5/12.9/0.5/1.4/1.7/1.5 :34

The “I Can’t Believe I Didn’t Get Favors OR Noel in My First RCL Draft!” Tier:

19 40 Chandler Parsons, DAL SF, PF Immediately makes me a Mavs fan, but still in a high-powered offense and won’t vault too much in value. I’m hoping his ADP is a round lower.
Slim’s Proj: .470/.750/1.7/15.5/5.6/3.9/1.2/0.4/1.8 :36
20 41 Derrick Favors, UTA PF, C So, so underrated. Shot 52.2% from the field last year, and with a terrible supporting cast, was creating his own post opportunities. Played only 30 MPG last year, will get expanded if he can cut down the fouls and boost the board and blocks.
Slim’s Proj: .505/.690/0/16.0/9.6/1.4/1.1/1.8/2.0 :34
21 49 Pau Gasol, CHI PF, C FG% should jump back up on a better team, out-of-position dimes are huge, chips in blocks still as well… Not much to not like other than injury risk.
Slim’s Proj: .500/.750/0/16.0/8.4/2.9/0.4/1.3/1.8 :30
22 51 Nerlens Noel, PHI PF, C This should put him on all of my teams. Immense upside, more polished offensive game than he gets credit for – the probable minutes limitation does make it a gamble.
Slim’s Proj: .510/.680/0/10.5/7.4/1.3/1.5/2.6/1.9 :28
23 53 Tim Duncan, SAS PF, C Despite losing minutes and a racking up a couple DNPs, finished top-40 last year.
Slim’s Proj: .480/.740/0/14.0/8.9/2.5/0.5/1.5/1.8 :28
24 54 Dwight Howard, HOU PF, C FT shooting kills him in 9-cat, would be near elite in non-FT/non-TO leagues. Ultimate league settings-variable pick.
Slim’s Proj: .580/.550/0/18.0/11.9/1.6/0.9/1.9/2.9 :34
25 55 Thaddeus Young, MIN SF, PF Move to Minnesota will hurt his offense, but out-of-position steals help cement his fairly high-floor.
Slim’s Proj: .460/.710/0.9/16.5/6.0/2.1/1.7/0.5/2.0 :34

The “Mostly Boring Vets, Except the Always Exciting Manimal!” Tier:

26 59 David Lee, GSW PF, C Boring Pts/Reb guy, solid %s and high-floor keep him top-60.
Slim’s Proj: .510/.780/0/17.0/8.9/2.4/0.7/0.3/2.1 :30
27 62 Ryan Anderson, NOP PF, C Out-of-position treys with virtually no TOs makes him a good pair with the bigger name PGs, while spinal injury last year is scary, I think he’ll bounce back and be healthy.
Slim’s Proj: .430/.850/2.4/15.0/6.2/1.0/0.4/0.3/0.9 :28
28 68 Luol Deng, MIA SF, PF I see a good resurgence in Miami, was having a really big year in Chicago before being awful post-trade. He fits better in South Beach.
Slim’s Proj: .430/.770/0.9/16.0/5.4/2.6/1.0/0.2/1.5 :34
29 72 Kenneth Faried, DEN PF Slim has him two rounds earlier, I just don’t see enough consistency beyond Pts/Reb. Bad FT% doesn’t help either despite post-ASB improvements. Don’t overreach based on USA play.
Slim’s Proj: .540/.700/0/19.0/10.4/1.6/1.1/0.9/2.3 :32
30 74 David West, IND PF Somebody has to score for the Pacers, and West was so underrated last year with a 46th overall finish. Should be an easy value target in the mids.
Slim’s Proj: .480/.790/0/15.5/7.2/2.8/0.8/0.8/1.9 :30
32 75 Josh Smith, DET SF, PF This rank is hoping Stan Van Gundy gets through to him and Smith improves the terrible %s and TOs. If he becomes a sixth man, I think he can maintain big Stl/Blk numbers even in reduced minutes.
Slim’s Proj: .430/.560/0.7/15.0/6.6/3.1/1.2/1.4/2.4 :32
33 77 Greg Monroe, DET PF, C Jennings and Smoove and their inefficiencies hurt his 13-14 campaign, Stan Van should help make the team efficient again and Monroe can bounce back.
Slim’s Proj: .490/.680/0/16.5/9.6/2.4/1.2/0.7/1.8 :34

The “Time to Reach for Your Sleepers – Do You Know the Muppet Man?!?!??!” Tier:

34 83 Larry Sanders, MIL PF, C So hard to rank, so hard to like as a person, but upside is still there and his contract means he’s going to at least get a shot. Henson might start, however Sanders was still a monster in 12-13 at 27 MPG. I’m not reaching; that said, not explicitly passing either.
Slim’s Proj: .490/.560/0/9.0/8.1/1.1/0.9/2.3/1.2 :28
35 84 Markieff Morris, PHO PF, C Per-36 26/11.3/3.4/1.6/1.4 with 0.8 treys a game last year, and looking at a role close to those minutes. Sleeper patrol!
Slim’s Proj: .480/.790/0.8/17.0/6.8/2.2/1.0/0.9/2.2 :34
36 85 Channing Frye, ORL PF, C His former teammate is going to be an out-of-position ThrAGNOF king in Orlando where no one else is a perimeter threat.
Slim’s Proj: .430/.810/2.0/11.0/5.6/1.2/0.7/0.8/1.0 :30
37 91 Terrence Jones, HOU SF, PF Tremendous breakout last year that should have no issue carrying over. I don’t know why he’s so much lower in other ranks.
Slim’s Proj: .520/.630/0.6/14.0/7.6/1.3/0.9/1.4/1.1 :30
38 92 Zach Randolph, MEM PF, C Consistency! And Pts/Reb! And that’s it…
Slim’s Proj: .465/.750/0/16.0/9.4/2.3/0.7/0.3/2.1 :32
39 93 Taj Gibson, CHI PF, C Durable, and even as a 6th man should get to 30 minutes especially behind brittle bigs. Underrated blocker.
Slim’s Proj: .490/.730/0/14.0/7.2/1.2/0.5/1.5/1.8 :30
40 101 John Henson, MIL PF, C Early news is he’ll get the first shot to start, and in 23 starts last year 13.3/8.5/2/0.5/2. Poor man’s FT-punt big! If news hold he starts, will move 10-20 up.
Slim’s Proj: .530/.530/0/12.0/7.9/1.7/ 0.7/1.7/1.7 :28

The “There’s Still Some Sleeper and Consistency Value for Your Last Pick” Tier:

41 104 Spencer Hawes, LAC PF, C A revelation last year, should still get must-own minutes as Clips’ 6th man.
Slim’s Proj: .465/.770/1.4/11.5/7.4/2.3/0.4/1.0/1.7 :28
42 108 Jared Sullinger, BOS PF, C 13.9/9/1.8/0.5/0.8 with 0.8 treys in 44 starts last year, in 29:33 a game. Markieff Morris-lite.
Slim’s Proj: .440/.780/1.0/15.0/8.4/1.8/0.6/0.7/1.9 :30
43 109 DeMarre Carroll, ATL SF, PF Was a much better player after Horford injury so I won’t reach for value he gave in 13-14.
Slim’s Proj: .465/.770/1.3/11.0/5.6/1.8/1.4/0.3/1.1 :32
44 110 Tobias Harris, ORL SF, PF Acquisition of Frye and selection of Gordon shows non-committal approach, still such a fantasy-friendly player that if he gets the run could surprise.
Slim’s Proj: .475/.800/0.8/17.0/7.2/1.4/1.0/0.6/1.4 :30
45 111 Paul Pierce, WAS SF, PF Age obviously up there, and the Wiz are loaded at SF. A healthy, big-minute season would make this way wrong, but I’m hedging against it.
Slim’s Proj: .440/.820/1.4/13.0/4.4/2.2/1.0/0.3/2.0 :28
46 114 Amir Johnson, TOR PF, C Lingering ankle issue and Raptors PF depth scare me.
Slim’s Proj: .560/.680/0.3/12.0/7.6/1.6/0.9/1.4/1.7 :30
47 116 Josh McRoberts, MIA PF, C Should repeat 13-14 numbers – overall value last year inflated a bit by low TO. Solid plug-n-play for across the board stats.
Slim’s Proj: .440/.730/1.3/10.0/5.6/3.9/0.8/0.6/1.1 :30
48 117 Jordan Hill, LAL PF, C 13/8.9/0.8/0.5/1.1 in 32 starts last year, but still in under 25 minutes a game. Per-36s look great, needs the conistsnt run.
Slim’s Proj: .530/.720/0/14.0/8.3/0.9/0.7/1.4/1.6 :28
49 123 Mason Plumlee, BKN PF, C Could shoot way up for me if news is encouraging on his 14-15 role, per-36s in rookie year were very solid.
Slim’s Proj: .550/.650/0/13.5/8.3/1.3/1.0/1.2/2.1 :28
50 125 Anderson Varejao, CLE PF, C Big rebounds and not too much else in a sub-30 MPG role, does sneak in a steal a game for you from a big.
Slim’s Proj: .500/.670/0/8.0/9.2/2.0/1.0/0.6/1.1 :26
51 126 Nene Hilario, WAS PF, C Worth a reach if punting FT or TO, would be higher if he wasn’t so old and injury prone.
Slim’s Proj: .500/.660/0/13.0/5.8/2.6/1.1/0.8/1.9 :28
52 131 Omer Asik, NOP PF, C Beyond boards and a block a game, doesn’t do too much and won’t get huge minutes. FT drain a bugaboo too.
Slim’s Proj: .540/.600/0/9.0/10.2/0.5/0.5/1.2/1.8 :28
53 134 Andrea Bargnani, NYK PF, C 13.7/5.3/1.1/0.3/1.3 with 0.7 treys and only 1.3 TOs in 23 starts last year, and a good fit for the Triangle offense. There’s upside there, even if it’s hard to believe…
Slim’s Proj: .430/.820/0.8/13.0/4.6/0.9/0.4/0.8/1.4 :28
54 136 Miles Plumlee, PHO PF, C Completely fell off when the calendar turned to 2014, but for a late source of blocks, Frye let go will open up more minutes.
Slim’s Proj: .510/.580/0/9.0/8.0/ 0.6/0.6/1.2/1.4 :26

The “I Hope I’m Only Dabbling this Low if I’m in a Deep League or Have a Sleeper I’m Reaching For in the Last Round” Tier:

55 142 Brandan Wright, DAL PF, C Not too much depth behind Dirk and Tyson, and both are way up there in age giving Wright a shot at more than expected minutes.
Slim’s Proj: .600/.700/0/10.5/4.9/0.7/0.7/1.1/0.8 :22
56 146 Marcus Morris, PHO PF Some minutes are opened up with Frye gone, will be a surprising bottom-end contributor with treys from a PF.
Slim’s Proj: .445/.750/1.5/11.0/4.3/1.3/1.0/0.3/1.3 :26
57 148 Ersan Ilyasova, MIL SF, PF Looked downright awful last year, but was top 50 in 12-13 and came into last year with a bum ankle. Won’t be me seeing if he can bounce back though…
Slim’s Proj: .430/.820/0.5/11.5/6.1/1.1/0.7/0.2/1.0 :24
58 154 Mirza Teletovic, BKN SF, PF Huge vacancy of minutes with only grandpa-KG there at the 4, per-36 averaged 3.5 treys last year.
Slim’s Proj: .430/.710/2.2/11.5/4.1/1.0/0.5/0.4/0.9 :24
59 162 Marvin Williams, CHA SF, PF Off his best per-36 season, by far his best perimeter output, and should get big minutes.
Slim’s Proj: .440/.780/1.2/8.5/4.7/1.1/0.7/0.4/0.8 :24
60 167 Boris Diaw, SAS PF, C Late source of out-of-position assists, giving you 2.8 a game last year from a center.
Slim’s Proj: .510/.720/0.5/8.5/4.1/2.8/0.6/0.4/1.5 :24
61 170 Khris Middleton, MIL SF, PF Finished 75th last year in total value, was durable for 82 games, is versatile enough to play backup to the 2, 3 and 4.
Slim’s Proj: .450/.830/0.7/8.0/2.9/1.3/0.9/0.2/0.9 :24
62 171 James Johnson, TOR SF, PF Listed as a SF reserve could make him really interesting since Terrence Ross is a question mark at best as a starter, per-36s last year were redonk.
Slim’s Proj: .450/.730/0.3/7.5/4.2/1.8/0.9/1.0/1.3 :20
63 172 Chris Andersen, MIA PF, C A surprise value last year, should have similar numbers with maybe a few extra minutes.
Slim’s Proj: .560/.680/0/7.0/6.6/0.2/0.5/1.7/0.9 :22
64 174 Carlos Boozer, LAL PF, C Even though he only scores and boards, starting minutes should be there.
Slim’s Proj: .480/.730/0/14.0/8.5/1.7/0.7/0.3/2.1 :28
65 179 Kris Humphries, WAS PF, C Backup PF/C minutes galore, with both guys ahead of him old and injury-prone. Solid when given run last year.
Slim’s Proj: .500/.800/0/10.0/6.6/1.0/0.5/1.0/1.0 :24
66 181 Ryan Kelly, LAL PF Even though there’s a ton of depth at PF on the Lakers, he’s the only one that can stretch the floor.
Slim’s Proj: .430/.820/0.7/7.5/3.4/1.5/0.5/0.6/0.8 :18
67 184 Luis Scola, IND PF, C Hibbert could continue to be awful, Mahinmi is hurt, there’s just no depth on that front line.
Slim’s Proj: .470/.750/0/8.0/5.2/1.2/0.3/0.2/1.4 :20
68 187 Jason Smith, NYK PF, C Late-round flyer for some boards and a block, should see some decent minutes behind Dalembert.
Slim’s Proj: .460/.770/0/8.0/4.8/0.6/0.3/0.9/0.9 :20
69 192 Hollis Thompson, PHI SF, PF Treys and steals upside if he indeed starts, right now is lightly penciled in.
Slim’s Proj: .450/.740/1.3/8.0/3.6/1.3/0.9/0.2/1.1 :28
70 193 Mike Scott, ATL PF Can back up the 3 and 4, might take some injuries to really hit on upside, but deep ball threat should keep him usable in deep leagues all year.
Slim’s Proj: .470/.780/1.0/11.0/3.8/1.1/0.5/0.1/1.2 :22
71 194 Jeff Adrien, HOU SF, PF Post-ASB was 10.5/7.6/1.1/0.6/0.8 in only 24:25 MPG last year – with little 3/4 depth in Houston, could play those minutes again in 14-15.
Slim’s Proj: .490/.660/0/9.5/7.1/ 0.8/0.6/0.7/1.1 :22
72 197 Donatas Motiejunas, HOU SF, PF Even though he’s not listed as a C on Yahoo, is the only C behind Dwight and could be a sneaky value for out-of-position treys.
Slim’s Proj: .440/.620/0.5/8.0/4.9/0.8/0.5/0.4/1.2 :20
73 199 Julius Randle, LAL PF Another Laker I’m passing on, has to fend off a lot of guys for minutes and is only a scorer/boarder.
Slim’s Proj: .460/.700/0/12.0/7.3/1.2/0.5/0.6/2.2 :26


Hopefully my ranks don’t make you go “PFfffffft!”  As in, have flatulence I guess… With 73 guys in my top 200 PF eligible, I think I’ll throw out a gander that PF is the deepest position this year.  In my RCL draft I got Markieff and Henson late, with both being my favorite late round picks.  I hope you like how we did the position breakdown this year, as always shoot your thoughts below and happy PFfffffff-ting!

  1. Mike says:

    I like Payne as a 6th man in Atlanta. His scoring, rebounding, passing and shot blocking well help him get minutes. Harris in Denver has to many players ahead of him. I like Middleton and Scola for one of my last picks. My 1st round pick I would pass on Davis because of injury.

    • JB Gilpin

      JB Gilpin says:

      @Mike: Yeah I did too in the draft, and I’m 100% guilty of overweighing summer ball, but he looked god awful. Plus Mike Scott then got signed for a few more years to play some swing 4. Definitely would rather have Payne over Harris too though. Right there with you for KMid or Scola since I am very, VERY down on Hibbert. Scola West might struggle to cover the 5s, but I think it’s possible. I’m not as worried about Davis’ injuries, he’s so young and most of the time missed last year was a fluke broken hand. Don’t think that’s anything to worry about chronically. No that he’s got 2 years under his belt, I think he’s ready to have a full season workload. Plus adding Asik to bang with the big bigs is gonna help.

    • Slim

      Slim says:

      @Mike: I see a fair amount of talk about the Brow being an injury risk but I don’t know. I talked about it with Curry a few weeks back and look how he’s turned out the past 2 years. The Brow is just too young for me to give him the ‘injury prone’ label.

  2. Drez says:

    Looks good.

    What do you think about Favors for my Rubio in a keeper? Might be able to swap 1sts to move up in a few spots in the draft too (would probably grab Payton to cover the loss of Rubio).


    • JB Gilpin

      JB Gilpin says:

      @Drez: Thanks man! Assuming you’re getting Payton, I’m weighing it Favors and Payton for Rubio and I’m totally for it. Even Favors straight up for Rubio assuming you can keep Favors in a pretty deep keeper for a while, I might do too since I think we’re seeing Rubio’s peak (maybe a little better in his future), yet Favors could really go off. Any time!

    • Slim

      Slim says:

      @Drez: It’s close. If you get Elfrid to make up for the loss then you pulled off season winning type of trade.

      • Drez says:

        Perfect. Thanks guys!

  3. Ryan says:

    So I was writing here the other day about the two keepers Lebron Westbrook or Wall and lose rounds 1 2 or 3 depending on who I keep, that is the order. So I’m glad to hear I’m not crazy for considering losing lebron but Richo brought up a good point about the possibility of the remaining first rounders actually being third rounders after keepers. So I have to wonder wether it would be better to have the two point guards and own assists or to keep Lebron for his multi cat. Westbrook helps by adding rebounds also and wall has great assists numbers for a third round pick, I’m pretty sure that whoever I put back will not be there for me to draft considering one team drafted Rose first round last year. I’m curious as to what cats you think I should try to own with my choices. 12 team 10 cat h2h. Thanks for any and all input.

    • Slim

      Slim says:

      @Ryan: I don’t necessarily agree that the 1st round will be 3rd rounders. If the guys with the top 5 picks are keeping a 1st rounder then you get LeBron back by default, right?

      The question comes down to #6 pick plus Westbrook vs LeBron plus #19 pick? There is zero chance of getting Westbrook back at #19. I agree this is a really tough choice but I feel like the difference between #6 pick vs #19 pick will make up the difference between LeBron and Westbrook. I can’t really come up with a number to back that up since I don’t know who is being kept in what rounds.

  4. SMLV1 says:

    Hows this Auto-Draft team look? Where am I weak?

    PG – C. Paul
    SG – Leonard
    G – G. Dragic
    SF – N. Young
    PF – Noel
    F – T. Gibson
    C – A. Johnson
    C – Sullinger
    Util – Kobe
    Util – Chalmers
    BN – Lin
    BN – Nash
    BN – J. Jack

    12 Team Standard League

    • Slim

      Slim says:

      @SMLV1: It’s pretty solid. A little shy of high end bigs. I like how you have good FG% smalls though. Should help a lot. I think you’re over thinking things with all those lakers. I would think Nash doesn’t stand a prayer of playing 25 minutes and he can absolutely go for an upside big. I’m not a fan of nick young but you might need his points. With Paul, Dragic, Chalmers, and Lin I think Jack is overkill. He doesn’t do much and you don’t need his assists at all. I’d look for another upside gamble for him too. Any position, more boards/blocks would be nice to see.

    • JB Gilpin

      JB Gilpin says:

      @SMLV1: Yup that was my thought too, a little light on bigs. Gibson should give you pretty consistent numbers and I love Nerlens, but I don’t know if Amir + Sully will be enough to flank those guys. Maybe look to the wire for JaVale McGee, Brandan Wright, Rudy Gobert, guys like that.

  5. SMLV1 says:

    Find a way to add any of these Centers? Gorgui Dieng or Javale McGee? or Both? or Hold?

    PG – Irving
    SG – Harden
    G – W. Matthews
    SF – K. Martin
    PF – Al Jefferson
    F – G. Green
    C – Kanter
    C – M. Morris
    Util – Chalmers
    Util – Beverley
    BN – A. Gordon – PF
    BN – J. Randle – PF
    BN – Henson – PF, C

    • Slim

      Slim says:

      @SMLV1: Unless this is a keeper I’d lose Gordon and Randle for both. …even in a keeper I’d take Dieng over Randle. I don’t see Gordon getting any minutes early and I don’t think he’s ownable. Randle might get minutes but I don’t like what he bring to fantasy. I think you’re short shot blocking which both of those 2 you don’t have are definitely better at. The only other question mark I see is Gerald Green. I know he had some nice run last year but I think that was mostly due to injuries and that team just got a whole lot deeper with IT2 coming aboard. I’m willing to bet there’s better out there. Although with Tucker missing the 1st couple of games Green should start off strong, but then fade to 20 minutes or so.

      I would also like to see one more PG. Assists are too low to win regularly.

    • JB Gilpin

      JB Gilpin says:

      @SMLV1: Yeah I’m dropping both as well!

  6. Slim

    Slim says:

    I’m currently doing mock draft #2… Pick #11..

    1) Wall (passed on Ibaka hoping to get him next, but the guy at the turn took him and Lillard)
    2) Cousins
    Those 2 work for me…

    3)Lawson (Millsap was taken two picks earlier), Drummond gone, DJ gone.
    2 PGs, 2 bigs. Upside, youth, slight injury concern with Lawson. I like the way this is going.

    5)Faried (yum) Hayward/Favors/Oladipo gone.
    6)Teague (PGs are done)
    3 bigs/ 3 PGs. Who’s my wing gonna be?

    7)Tyreke Evans (I little injury concern but I like him alot as the starting 3, TJones gone)
    8)Markieff Morris (I know you’re shocked)
    Still need another wing. An upside PG. An upside shotblocker. Lots of 3s.

    9)Antetok (ummm… ok sure)
    10)Beverley (3s and steals. Just what I needed)
    there 2 wings. Beverley is SG elig. I need shotblocking and more 3s… I already know who I want.

    12)Ross (maybe this should have been Draymond.)
    Yep that’s what I wanted…

    13)KJ McDaniels (Draymond was gone.)


    PG Wall
    SG Tyreke
    G Lawson
    SF Antetok
    PF Faried
    F Markieff
    C Cousins
    C Vucevic
    UT Teague
    UT Beverley
    BN Henson
    BN Ross
    BN KJ McDaniels

    So what cha think? Strengths? Weaknesses?

    • MAC says:

      same strategy as mine. same players as well that i like. get 3 pgs and 3 bigs in the 1st 6 rounds. though targeting hayward at the 5 6 round turn with that draft position and get the third pg at the 7 8 turn with collison in mind. and another big there. could have reached for another pg/sg in knight with the 7th pick. was he still avail? how about the eighth? no more nyc bigs left like valanciunas? maybe could have gotten kieff at 9 10 turn. blks should b the weakspot, as well as threes. but yeah, 3s r for streaming.

      • JB Gilpin

        JB Gilpin says:

        @Slim: Love Wall Cuz. Wow Anteok in the 9th?!?!?!?! Went friggin 72 in RCL. Ugh. Really effing balanced team, so you know I like it! Really not much I can fault except you don’t have enough treys, which you know you can get by ThrAGNOFfin. @MAC: is on it too!

        • MAC says:

          @JB Gilpin: @Slim:
          haha! i like all the picks, except tyreke and maybe vucevic. could have reached for favors at 4th round. since u need the blks more than vuc rebounding with cousins already there. also, magic has like 2 games in week 22 or 23. i think. anyway, i do like vuc, but with the sched in the playoffs in mind i might just reach favors in the 4th especially if i get cousins or griffin as my top bigs. but if i get ibaka, its definitely vuc at that range

          • Slim

            Slim says:

            @MAC: I’m trying not to talk too much about schedules yet since someone reading this might have a different schedule. But yeah Orlando with 2 games in the Semis in the RCL means I won’t own any (maybe Elfrid since he’s so late). 2 games in the finals for Cleveland means I won’t be drafting any of them either. So yeah swap Vuc for Favors. FT% will be a problem…

            I know Tyreke isn’t a sexy name but I think he’s going to be reliable for across the board production. Late 7th was pick #84. I guess there were a few more options. I should look into the #75-100 wings and find a few I like. I wasn’t too impressed during the draft.

            • Slim

              Slim says:

              @Slim: If TJones was there in the 7th I would have taken him.

              Waiting till late 9th for Markieff feels so risky to me. Maybe I’m higher than most on him but I think no way should he fall out of the top 100 picks.

              • MAC says:

                so slim, you have tjones higher than markieff? yup, i agree that late 9 is definitely risky for the tjones/markieff pick. definitely targeting them early 8 if valanciunas not avail already. for me, he is the last big i like before grabbing the 2.

                • Slim

                  Slim says:

                  @MAC: They are neck and neck for me. Right around #75 ranked. I think Markieff is safer but Jones has more upside.

                  I’m not really looking at Valanciunas. He’s ok and there’s some upside but I have a tough time believing he’s anything more than I projected, which is kind of boring.

                  I agree that AST/BLK/STL are absolutely 1/2/3 in importance (order is debatable but I like yours). Everything else is way down the list, especially in the 1st half of the draft.

                  • MAC says:

                    tnx! i do like tjones a bit more than kieff. regardng jonas, yeah i agree. either way, il be happy getting 1 of the three at 8th round as my 4th big. the reason there that il be looking at jv, is that there is still a chance i can get 1 of tjones and kieff at 9th. though its a risk and depends on the league.

              • MAC says:

                i wouldnt mind the ft prob with the cousins favors pairing. im more focused on getting blks. as ft is the least category i focus with 3s and pts. the core categories i like are assts blks stls fg reb in that order.

  7. Boom Shakalaka says:

    Im finding it difficult to set up a game plan if you end up having to take either Love or Melo in the first round. With Love moving to the Cav’s is see his value being very much like melo except Love grabbing more boards and Melo in points.Neither give you an advantage in blocks, steals or assist but are above average in the rest. How are you filling in your roaster with your first 6 picks if your had to take one of them?

    Dont get me wrong their both obviously 1st round players but its wrong pass on Love and Melo for Wall or Cousins?

    • Slim

      Slim says:

      @Boom Shakalaka: My top 12 go in this order (without taking into account playoff schedules)…

      Durant, Brow, Curry, LeBron, Harden, Paul, Wall, Westbrook, Ibaka, Cousins, Melo, Love

      I think that means there is no scenario I actually draft either Melo or Love and really its because of what you mentioned. They are high end contributors but only in the categories that I feel are the easiest to find anywhere in the draft.

      I have put zero thought on who to pair Love with. I think we can expect the kind of fall off Bosh had when he went to the Heat. Not that Love will match his stats, but more like the percent falloff of each category for Bosh is what I’m expecting from Love. Melo is a little better but since I see him as a player to look for at the turn or even early in the 2nd there’s just no way he’s going to be there that late. And honestly I’m good with that. Considering I’ve seen most places calling Love and Melo #s 7 and 8 I’m pretty sure I’m not going to be left being forced to choose between these 2.

      If I had Melo I’d want one of the many early 2nd round bigs, then go back to back PGs in the 3rd and 4th, focusing on steals.

      If I had Love I’d probably still want an early 2nd big, focusing on blocks and FG% then back to back PGs in the 3rd and 4th, once again focusing on steals. Although I would strongly consider punting FG% or blocks with Love.

      • MAC says:

        i agree, no way im getting both or even 1 of them. my top 10 is almost th same as slim kd ad lbron curry harden paul westy wall cousins ibaka. and my worst case scenario is picking 12 with ibaka left. il pair him up with griffin. or much worse is none of my top ten, il go punt ft route with griff drummond. and thats very rare since ive been doing mocks.

        • Boom Shakalaka says:


          Its funny I just did a 10 team mock draft and grabbed Ibaka with the 7th pick and the room went CRAZY saying he’s not worth that high of a pick. I told them that unless my second pick is the 12th or 13th there no chance of me getting him in the sencond round but they just didnt get it… Like who else can you grab that gives you 3 blks a game and wont hurt your FT%???

          PS is anyone else finding Wall going late in their drafts. I had one draft where I got as my 13th pick? crazy talk!!!

          • JB Gilpin

            JB Gilpin says:

            @Boom Shakalaka: Ibaka is gonna be a beat! Yeah no one likes Wall, thinking last year was the ceiling I guess… People gonna miss out!

            • MAC says:

              @JB Gilpin:
              yup, its still often that i get wall or even westy in mocks at the 10-12 pick range. and with that ibaka can be had at the turn.

  8. CTMN says:

    Power forward is so loaded this year! I think between the first and second rounders, the 4th-6th rounders, and the later sleepers like Kieff/T-Jones/Henson, power forward is the most loaded position, even more than PG. PG is a really top heavy but shallow position, that’s why I agree with your strategy to get them early.
    Also, pretty much all the PFs I would take are all center eligible. For guys that I’d want, only Faried, David West, and the PF-eligible small forwards (Kd, LeBron, Melo, Tobias Harris) aren’t eligible at C. I think that makes everyone pretty much set on centres, like you said – don’t need to reach for the backup centres! The only non PF I would take at C is probably Marc Gasol, I have him high like you do, even a bit higher.

    • JB Gilpin

      JB Gilpin says:

      @CTMN: Definitely! And yeah PG is nice early on, but dries up so fast. Yahoo is going to make position eligibility a non-concern this year like you said, almost everyone is dual-elig. And PF hits that sweet spot of SF/PF PF/C. Yeah Gasol is due for a nice bounceback, glad we both like him!

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