With further ado, wait, without further ado, here’s some random disconnected thoughts about last night in the NBA.

Wizards take down the Celtics

I’m really not worried about the Celtics.  Jayson Tatum is healthy and put up 28 points on 19 shots, 9 boards, and 5 assists.  Keep enjoying the first round value.

Robert Williams has been a huge letdown this year.  Only 15 minutes last night, zero shots taken and 4 rebounds.  I’m probably never going to draft him again.  Why not, oh spiteful one?  Has he besmirched your fantasy sensibilities?  No, I don’t like the knee he has, that’s all.

For the Wizards and Bradley Beal, it’s never good when your name gets picked up by TMZ like this and he might just not play anymore.  Wizards are three back of the ten spot and I’m predicting tank city.  Hard to imagine an optimistic Wizards fan, isn’t it?

Hawks over Cavs

It’s always interesting when a new coach comes in midseason who isn’t an interim.  Quin Snyder has that street cred, though, and the Hawks are looking a little better.

The rotation has been trimmed to eight, youngsters like AJ Griffin and Jalen Johnson had the DNP-CD last night.  The Hawks are squarely in the play in seeding frenzy, so don’t expect much run for the young kids going forward.  Actually, the Cavs only played eight guys also.  I’m thinking coaches got together over a pregame spread and agreed to only use the eight guys.  Maybe they get bored in the long grind of an NBA season and tried to spice it up a bit?

Oh, Dejounte Murray had 29 points in his highest scoring outburst since Snyder came in.  I should also mention Donovan Mitchell and his zesty 44-5-5.  Wait, zesty means what now?

Raptors are warm blooded and feel the Heat

Another eight-man rotation for Toronto?  If you haven’t noticed, and there are many reasons you shouldn’t notice any of these non title contenders, the Raptors, Heat, Bulls, and Hawks are pretty much locked into the 7-10 play in matchups.  All of these teams will be playing their starters as if it were the real playoffs trying to get the home game.  None of this REALLY matters, but it’s nice of them to not tank.

Jakob Poeltl just has bad matchups for himself.  Bam Adebayo is clearly one of them.  2 points, only 22 minutes for the new Jonas Valanciunas.  But the Raptors won, and seem to be playing well at the moment, so run the rest of them out there.  Poetl too, he still had 10 boards and a block to help you out.

Are the Hornets better without LaMelo?

It’s interesting, is LaMelo really not good in real life?

PJ Washington went nuts for 43-6-5 and, while that’s bonkers, it is following up from a 21 point and 28 point game.  He’s a restricted free agent and I’m looking for him to keep chucking it up there to get the bag.

Shai Gilgeous-Alexander missed this one.  In a big game, a winnable game needed for playoff seeding, he sits.  I think I just won’t be able to take the risk on him next year at the cost it’ll take to get him.  Also, I’m in the fantasy playoffs against my 13 year old daughter and she talks a lot of junk.  Takes after her mom, for sure.  And Shai sat and I’m losing so I don’t like him right now.

Grizzlies over Spunky Funky Magic

Ja Morant sat with a sore thigh and I’m sad I didn’t get to write a joke about him popping off.

There we go, Luke Kennard!  4 threes and he is getting minutes, providing much needed shooting.  This is no fluke either, as the Nard Dog in the last eight games had 4, 4, 10 (!!!!!), 3, 2, 4, 4, 4 three-pointers made.  He’s regularly getting his 25 minutes and clearly has the green light and open shots to help you down the stretch.

Just watch Paolo Banchero, as the guy can just make the right plays.  24-11-5, and he’s a fantasy stalwart for years to come.  I’m going to reach for him in the second or third next season.

Warriors over Pellies

Let’s give Klay Thompson some credit.  After that horrendous run of injury luck, Klay has set a career high for 3s this season.  Kudos to those of you who bought into him and also to Klay himself.  What a great feel good story he’s been this year.

My favorite player, Jonathan Kuminga, is starting!  13 points, 4 boards, and constant activity for this future star.  If you can somehow get him in a dynasty do it.  He’s the real thing.

Only one more Tuesday left in the Association!  Thanks again for reading.