Let’s go it be the Tuesday recap!  I’m not really offended, just talking about this first game:

Holy Offense:  Pacers over Hawks

The score was 157-152 and there was no overtime.  Woulda been a fun game for Jeff Van Gundy to call, talk about lack of defense all game.  Lots of fantasy stuffing here, obviously.

Trae Young finally caught fire and maybe this means he’s good again.  13-17 shooting and chipped in 8 assists.  Up to 39% shooting on 17 shots per game,  really really tough to swallow but I think he’ll be okay.
Just want to remind everyone that Jalen Johnson had 17-7-6 and 3 stocks and my prediction of him was my best on I’ve ever had on Razzball.  Granted it’s been only a year or so.

Is anyone else slightly disappointed in Bruce Brown so far this season?  Not ranked in the top 110 overall and not picking up any extra numbers in Indiana.  Only 13 last night.  I’m now in the camp of he’s a good real life player but fantasy is as boring as another McRib ad.  Why don’t they just keep the thing on the menu?

37-5-16 for Tyrese Halliburton.  I’m so glad the Bulls drafted Patrick Williams over him, those 5 points and 3 boards per game are super fun.

Suns burn Blazers

DeAndre Ayton is shooting 78% in free throws.  He shot zero free throws last night and has less than half a FT per game.  This is my favorite stat of the year and every Blazer game I check this first.  So that’s why the Suns hated the guy!  What a waste.

In case you’re like me and always fall asleep before the West games are done, Malcolm Brogdon is at 17-4-5 and will be traded so monitor that guy.

You know the main guys for the Suns but Grayson Allen is trying to do his Thunder Dan Majerle impression.  He’s always chipping in something.  Yesterday was 6 boards and 5 assists.  He’s my Sun to own after the big two and injured Bradley Beal

Cavs take down Sixers

The Cavs should fire their medical staff.  There’s always a guy out.  Last night was Donovan Mitchell so Darius Garland popped off like the king his is (32-5-8).  Jarrett Allen took his turn with a 26-13 night but no blocks and it’s like he was guarding an MVP or something.

I’m really liking what I see from Craig Porter.  Since it’s in their contract in Cleveland that they can’t play the entire roster and someone gets a night off, he’s getting minutes and producing.  9 assists, the shot comes and goes but he’s a good streamer.

Tobias Harris loves playing without guys with beards.  19-6 and he looks totally different on the court.  Great late round pick and I’d trade for him, it’s for real.

Magic cast a spell on Raptors

What in the name of Mickey and Goofy is going on down there?

Jalen Suggs is one of my favorite players.  He’s always around the ball, 2 steals per game and less than 2 TO which is nice.  18 points in 20 minutes.  Gotta keep rolling him out there.

The Magic have a ten man rotation, only Paolo Banchero (31 and the new Carmelo Anthony) and Franz Wagner get over 30, so their kinda hit and miss with the rest, but what a story the Magic are in the early season.

It’s time to get off of Gary Trent, Jr, but don’t tell his dad cuz that dude is scary.  Plantar fasciitis kills a guard.  Only 3 last night and I hate that he might just not be good this year.

Lakers take it easy over Jazz

One big blowout so Lakers didn’t get the minutes.  The only thing I checked was Cam Reddish. He played five minutes with a sore groin.  My hero.  Keep an eye on that and move on if he’s missing time,  not on his groin you sickos.  His injury status.

Nothing new for the Jazz really as it got out of hand early and Omar Yurtseven got to double digit scoring,  this is when the article needs to end.

By the way, I watched this live from my couch last night.


Vive basketball!