Man, at this rate Rudy Gobert might cost me a 2nd round pick!

Rudy Gobert, the interior trance from France, the reason who is Parisian, the… the…” OK I’m out of boxer intro phrases.  He’s just really redonk good, going 19/22/2/0/4, just one point from a Goro!  And you can’t even say “just one more made FT” as he made all 3 of em!  8-11 FG, 3-3 FT, only one TO, and the Gobi desert has claimed the lives of another opposing frontline!

We all knew he’d be good, but I don’t think too many people thought he’d be this good.  Of those waiver-wire-added big men that have found their way to fantasy glory this year, I think it’s easily becoming Gobert as the front runner in 2015-16 Fantasy drafts.  You could say, he’s already working his way into my #1 sleeper glory hole.  Here’s what else went down last night in fantasy basketball action:

Khris Middleton The Duchess misses so muchess!  After a red hot stretch, Middletit hit only 6-21 from the field in 45 OT-aided minutes.  Made 3-5 from deep though!  Maybe should’ve ditched those layups for more treys!  Still goes 18/4/1/1/0 in a good line.

Michael Carter-Williams – Whoa, look at MCW making FT FTW!  Well, they lost, and I used way too many acronyms.  Hit 12-15 from the stripe in a saucy 28/8/4/4/0 line making 8-20 from the field and “only” 3 TO.  We’ll take it!

Ersan Ilyasova – Just keeps on growing!  I think I can make him a Six-foot-two Turkey!  19/10/2/1/0 with no TO and a trey hitting 8-13.  Only 2-4 FT though, and 3 for his last 7 at the stripe spread across the last 5 games.  At least the volume is doin’ nada to ya!

Ian Mahinmi – “Mahin-Mi?!  Mahin-You!”  8/10/2/1/4 making all 4 FG.  Has his issues with FT (only 0-1 last night, but is atrocious), however Roy Hibbert has a sore elbow and it could cost him a few more.  The second half collapse is making Roy lonely!

Rodney Stuckey – Playing like a monster.  After taking the lead a couple days ago in the Daily Notes, 37 minutes off the bench last night for 25/6/6/1/0 on 8-17 FG and 8-10 FT.  Mmmm, high volume FT!  I want it to Stuckey all over my squad!

Beno Udrih – Well, Memphis benched everyone and they lost by everything.  Shocker!  Beno got 26 muinutes as the starter for Mike Conley going a very boring 8/2/5.  Nick Calathes was worse, with a pulling-your-hair-out worthy 1-9 FG 1-2 FT and 4/7/3 with 2 TO.  The Grizz B team gets an F.

Jeff Green Wow, so you would’ve expected some upside, BUT NO!  He’s terrible!  Told ya!  8/6/3/1/0 with 2 TO shooting 3-8 from the field in 22 awful minutes.  Remember this game?!  What happened to THAT Jeff Green?!?!?!

Marcin Gortat – Looked like a Forty foot Pole!  Well, playing against the Grizz B team can do that…  22/9/2/3/3 in a rainbow with no TO.

Drew Gooden – Got the start for Nene (personal) and went 13/5/3/1/0 hitting 4-9 FG and 5-6 FT.  Not bad for a 70-year-old!  If he gets another start, could be a nice deeper streamer.

Ramon Sessions – Also benefited from some junky junk time for 9/6/6.  At least he has a tad of something left in the tank!

Corey Brewer – Taking over the Rockets!  Best scorer on the team!  Mini-Beard is now Major-Beard!  25/5/0/1/0 making 10-15 FG.  What a pickup that’s been for Houston.

Gordon Hayward Oh man, I thought Slim was about to take him for 30 points on the questionable tag, and he woulda been close!  Although we both missed the obvious one…  Anyway, 29/4/7/1/1 hitting 10-17 FG (3-4 3PTM 6-10 FT) and showing no lingering effects of his back strain.  Except maybe at the FT line.  Back locked up on him when he had to stand still!

Rodney Hood – Whoa, supplanting Mr. Fundamental!  33 minutes of 20/1/2/1/0 making 3 treys for a career best in Pts.  Yeah, he’s up to 12-team ThrAGNOFfable right now!

 Alexey Shved – The Moscow stats-cow!  The Russian concussion!  Ok, enough with the rhymes…  14/11/6 with a trey and only 1 TO.  A ton of Knicks had usable fantasy lines!  They might even be a .500 team if they played the Lakers all 82!

Tim Hardaway Jr. – Came off the bench, but got his ThrAGNOFfy self all hot and went 22/3/2 with 5 treys.  “It’s gettin’ hot in hurr, so make all your shots be threes!”  Thanks Nelly.

Cleanthony Early – Mr. Clean!  As in, keeping your ratios clean!  11/3/0/0/2 on 4-6 FG (1-1 3PTM 2-2 FT).  Eh, he’s still learning and made it work vs. the atrocious Lakers.

Jordan Hill – Ya know, this line looks about right!  19/10/1/0/1 hitting 8-14 FG (and added a 3PTM for good measure!) and this could be about what we expect.  As long as he’s burying the mid-range.  And they let him play at least 29 minutes.  Which they didn’t even do last night…

Kyrie Irving Whoa, JB!  Way to bury the lead!  Kyrie was just unreal for a season’s-best 57 burger!  20-32 FG (7-7 3PTM 10-10 FT) 57/3/5/4/0 with only 2 TO.  And the Cavs had no business staying in this game!  Spurs all but had it locked up before some missed freebies and a nutso 3, from Kryie, to put it in OT…  Oops, I said no more rhymes!  This was unanimously the game of the year so far.  So much fun.

LeBron James – Lebron+Kyrie for 88 Pts last night.  Sheesh.  31/5/7/2/1 from BronBron to not be overshadowed.  Or over widow peaked.

Kevin Love Got benched a lot down the stretch in favor of… Are you ready for this… James Jones?!  WTF Blatt?!  Maybe he was told to make this game stay interesting for ratings…  Anyway, Love for 33 minutes for 8/5/2/0/0 on only 2-10 shooting.  Yikes.  Curse of Slim’s 30-Point Challenge pick!

Kawhi Leonard Oh man, he’s going to be kicking himself hardcore for missing those two FT late.  Missed the icing on the cake!  It was an un-iced cake!  So like, Angel food?  24/9/7/1/1 hitting 9-14 FG with those 5-8 FT.  Someone’s gonna have to do extra reps in practice tomorrow!

Tim Duncan – The ageless wonder!  18/11/8/1/4 hitting 7-11 FG after hyper-extending his elbow two days ago.  “He’s more machine now, than man.”

Danny Green – The stroke is sweet!  The cats, elite!  Dammit, I don’t know what’s with the rhyyming today!!!!  Maybe I’m thinking in St. Patty’s limericks in preparation…  Anyway, 24/4/1/2/4 hitting 5 treys.  Hopefully you bought low and have a bye week, so you can chug immense amounts of Guinness on Tuesday!

Tony Parker – Man, just a few weeks ago he was looking like an E on the tank.  But 19+ points in 6 of 7, 23+ in 4 straight, and still chipping in some dimes.  31/5/6 last night, but only 1-3 FT?!  The Spurs missing too many freebies!  Definitely pushing me towards extra Jamseon.


Streamers/Cheap Daily League Picks:

Ray McCallum (9% owned) – Still struggling to shoot a basketball, but had 9 AST to 0 TO last time out and gets to lick his chops against the Sixers.  A squad Aaron Brooks looked like Derrick Rose against.  And I’m talking healthy Rose, not gimpy Rose!

Marvin Williams (10% owned) – Sounds like Al Jefferson dodged a long-term injury with his calf, and Cody Zeller is close with the shoulder, but both will be out tonight leaving a lot of big man minutes for Marvin.  And it’s a dream matchup against the Bulls, who you’d imagine would play a ton of Nikola Mirotic at the 4 to match up (especially if Joakim Noah sits one more) and No Minutes Mirotic is also No D Mirotic.  Pumped for this one.


I hope everyone is having a solid week heading into the H2H playoffs, and we’ll catch you next Monday to get ready for the fantasy postseason!