Happy Belated Holidays everyone!  Not a lot has changed on the waiver wire this week, but here is the updated list, and I’d love to answer your pickup/drop questions below!  Just for the record, the Xmas day games were fabulous this year, and the Richard Jefferson poster made my day.  Ok, without further ado, the updated waiver pickups for the week!

Swishers – These are the guys that should be picked up if you need 3s.  They’re all definite buys in the short term, but they could have upside for minutes down the road as well.  I’m gonna make this easy and list them from most upside to least.

  • Buddy Hield  – His ownership is down to 32%, which seems to be an over reaction.  He can still drain em from Deep. THRAGNOF away!
  • Marco Belinelli – Injured right now, but still a great shooter when healthy.
  • Patrick Patterson – His rebounding is decent, but he’s staying in the shooters section.
  • Allen Crabbe
  • Terrence Ross – A bit of a roller-coaster, but definite upside.
  • *Langston Galloway* – He’s a very risky option, but if he gets minutes, he’ll get treys.
  • *Troy Daniels* – Trying to fight his way back to relevancy – I don’t trust him or his role yet, but if you’re feeling lucky, then give him a shot!

Dishers – These are the guys who are gonna help out your assists.  In my opinion, this is one of the harder categories to get off the wire.

  •  T.J. McConnell  – Ironically, the better assist PG on the Sixers.  He is what he is, but the assists are nice.
  • Matthew Dellavedova – Nothing fancy, but chips in a couple 3s, a steal, and 5-7 assists.  No upside, but very little downside.  He’s been in a slump lately, but the assists and 3s are still there.
  • Patty Mills –  Almost put him under Thragnof, but he’s having a career contract year.   He gets you 2 treys, 48% from the field, and 93% at the line.  Plus, his TOs hover around 1.  Low end production, but all of the percentages are great!  He’s a must own this year in all standard leagues.
  •  Tony Parker  – It’s ironic seeing him lower than Mills.  Add him for assists and not much else.
  •  Brandon Jennings  –  He’s turned into a dime specialist, and it’s probably the best thing for his career.  Grab him for consistent assists, and the occasional shooting outburst.

*Deep League Special*

  • Malcolm Brogdon –  Over 3 assists per game this week, and he’s creeping his way up into 14 team relevance.  He has solid all around upside.  Keep an eye on him!  I wouldn’t recommend an add quite yet, but he looks like a promising player for future years.

Boards and Blocks

  • Lucas Nogueira –  He’s slowed down again, but he’s still going to get some blocks.  Barely holdable in 12ers.
  • Jon Leuer  –  Solid scoring and board guy, with the occasional block.
  • John Henson –  Lots of blocks, and he’s a must own, in my humble opinion. Lots of upside here, and yeah, we’ve been saying that for years.
  • Dorian Finney-Smith  –  It’s a roller coaster for Smith, but keep an eye on him, if you don’t want to own him.
  • Willy Hernangomez  – A deep league add at the moment, but there is potential there.  Unfortunately, the Kicks rotation is quite screwed up.
  • *Kyle O’Quinn* – KOQ is the Yang to Willy’s Yin.  One of them is usually productive, so together they kind of make a really good center.
  • *Jerami Grant* – He’s gettin’ blocks!  Not much value here, but the defensive stats are there.

Thieves – Self explanatory

  • Tony Allen –  He’s back!  Lower end production, but he should be a consistent source of boards and steals while healthy.  Borderline must own at the moment.
  • Thabo Sefolosha – Top 100 on the season, he has put up a sneaky good line.  Good percentages, over 2 steals per game, some boards, some assists, a trey, and low TO rate.  He’s a must own in my opinion.  Thabo is the perfect kind of guy to have as a back end producer, who will help you in multiple categories.
  • Andre Roberson  –  1.3 steals this past week and 1.3 blocks this past week, so I’m sticking him here, but I definitely recommend his low volume line.  Oh, he also puts in the occasional trey.  Not a must own, but a must consider I suppose.
  • P.J. Tucker  – He’s getting minutes, and he’s getting steals, with the occasional outburst.  At only 12% ownership, he’s a very viable streaming option.


That’s a wrap for today folks.  Have a Razzy new year!

  1. BILL BLAST says:

    Please let me know how I did ?

    My team – 12 team – H2H

    Wall, D’angelo Russell, George Hill, Lin, Seth Curry
    Lebron, Bogdanovic, CJ Miles, PJ Tucker (about to drop him)
    Ersan, Dwight Howard, Deandre Jordan, Miles Turner, Plumlee, Tyson Chandler

    Just traded Jordan for Isaiah Thomas…

    Thoughts ?

    • Adam

      Adam says:

      @BILL BLAST: Hmmm, I don’t think it’s a great move, since you already have Howard and Lebron to drain your FT% – I think Jordan fits that build better. The value is fair though, and I get your problem with the injury prone PGs, so my thoughts would be meh. It’s just a tough spot. I’d think about moving Howard if you can find a way to make up for the loss in boards and blocks.

  2. Brent

    TheFantasyDick says:

    My team in 15 team roto league (no TO category):

    G – Schroder
    G – Jrue Holiday
    G – DeRozan
    F – Barton
    F – Covington
    F – M. Kidd-Gilchrist
    C – Marc Gasol
    C – Anthony Davis (traded Westbrook for him about a week ago)
    UT – K. O’Quinn
    UT – Seth Curry
    BN – Blake Griffin
    BN – Chandler Parsons
    BN – Barea

    Available – Sefolosha, Tony Allen, Nogueira, Lamb, Rivers, Snell, Bogut, Speights, Brogdon, Capela, Henson, Troy Daniels, Temple, Ennis, Gerald Green, Galloway, Abrines, J. Anderson

    I am 13th in FG% (why I traded Westbrook for Davis), 11th in 3’s, 2nd in points, 1st in assists, 5th in boards and blocks, 7th in FT% and Steals

    Who would you drop and pick-up if anyone?



    • Brent

      TheFantasyDick says:


      Also, Khris Middleton is available, but no IR spot and I’m already keeping Parsons, Barea and Griffin hoping for something….Is Middleton worth a stash if Barea comes back and Parsons picks it up….

    • Adam

      Adam says:

      @TheFantasyDick: Sorry man, looks like you got stuck in the spam filter

      Hmmm – I’d probably drop MKG for Sefolosha, Barea for Henson, and probably covington for Tony Allen – That’d help with your boards, blocks, FG% and steals – Not stashing Middleton

  3. Brent

    TheFantasyDick says:

    Another question for another league (12 team roto, no TO category, no positions, all Utility):

    Are any of these guys worth holding on to:

    Tim Frazier
    JaMychal Green

    Available: Evan Turner, Patterson, Lamb, Snell, J. Anderson, Kaminsky, Abrines, Amir Johnson, Harrison, Galloway, Frye, Mack, Mozgov, Gerald Green, Dellavedova, Ennis, Parker, Ish Smith, Willy Hernangomez



    • Brent

      TheFantasyDick says:


      Sam Dekker is available as well

    • Adam

      Adam says:

      @TheFantasyDick: Patterson for COQ – otherwise, I’d hold

  4. Tyler says:

    In a 10 teamer punting pts and FT

    Availabe FA: Mirotic, thabo, henson, harrell, mkg, winslow, roberson, Len, aminu, smart, okafor, tucker, mkg, jrich, biyombo, t.allen, curry, powell, bogut, redick, ellis, parsons, bazemore, knight, patterson, mills, noah, mudiay, tucker, delly, frye, sergio, lawson, mcconnell

    Could drop RoLo and Nog for any of them


    What do you think?

    • Adam

      Adam says:

      @Tyler: Drop Nog for Henson, Rolo for Allen, and Covington for Mills – Also consider Mudiay and Jrich, but those are the three I like most based on the punts I think.

      • Tyler says:

        @Adam: dont you think biyombo fits better with punt FT and pts?

        • Tyler says:

          @Tyler: jamychal also available

        • Adam

          Adam says:

          @Tyler: I don’t mind him at all, just not a lot of upside.

          Hmmmm I like Jamychal, but not sure who I’d swap him for.

  5. Tyler says:

    Trade Lowry + LouWill/Dragic for Westbrook?

    • Adam

      Adam says:

      @Tyler: Nope, I’d hold the Lowry side.

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